Welcome to the Alien Worlds Live AMA wih The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

So let's start off with a brief explanation of what AlienWorlds is actually all about, give us a rundown on the project please!

One way to view Alien Worlds is that it is a simulation of a new future where Humans have had to leave earth and set up on Alien worlds. In this new reality we have competing planets and everything its tokenised, using blockchain tech in NFT form. This includes the tools people use to the minions their add to their crew to the land they mine. The first thing people are mine for the provable rare Trilium which forms the basis of the economy.

Alien Worlds is DAOs and defi in space – Planets competing and battling for their daily share of our fungible ERC-20 token which is allocated daily. Deploy your NFTs – which have on-chain attributes that help you to mine better – to mine on lands on any of the 6 Planets. So you can play-to-earn or own-to-earn within minutes, with no crypto, in Alien Worlds. The game is live on our website, go to "Play and Earn"

It also aims to solve some of the big issues with Blockchain gaming, our onboarding is free and we have feeless transactions which really take down the barriers.

Sounds really cool. Sandbox also has that play to earn model

In the simplist form you simply press a mine button but in the more complex forms you will be able to take over planets and decide tokenomics and incentives and build new things. It's supported on desktop for now but many people are using their mobiles just fine. There is fairly weighty tech preventing bots from taking over - an innovative proof of work requirement in mining (all running behind the scenes)

The Proof of work does actually make it harder to use of lower end Mobiles. The proof of work mechanism is here - users aren't even aware it's happening, but it does mean some older phones struggle a bit. It's important for us to limit bot armies and benefiit real users.

We would love to get a better insight of who's the team behind AlienWorlds and what their backgrounds are?

My name is Rob Allen, I've been involved in implementing cutting edge technology projects for over 25 years and have been full time on Crypto projects for over 3 years. I successfully managed the eosDAC airdrop and conversion between chains. I've also run game servers on niche platforms. Michael Yeates cannot make todayy but he has been a very key person on many blockchain projects over the past 3 to 4 years and is a real alpha techie. Pramod is one of our key game designers who has a masters in video game design and has been working with us for over 3 years.

We have worked together for a number of years - on creating eosDAC, which was a viral 2018 airdop which seemed to help propel EOS to greater success, and is still one of the world's biggest DAOs which we are all still involved with.

Our co-founder and lead dev, Michael Yeates, is very well known in DPOS circles and was instrumental in chain launch. I come from a corporate finance background - investment banking and private equity for over a decade - before realising I wanted to focus on creating decentralised systems that benefit everyone, in contradistinction to centralised banking and finance.

We have a partnership wiith an Indian Game studio called Sixpep who have done a lot of the UI you currently see

Wow thats great that you already have a game studio and also good to have a team that already worked together for some time 👌

yes, and it also means some of the software being used in Alien Worlds is mature - in daily use for about 3 years. So we've worked out the kinks (especially in the Planetary DAO software) also helps to explain how we've been able to cover a lot of ground quickly - we recycled some ideas and coding from before, innovating, improving and reapplying to this gaming context. It's been a blast and continues to be.

So, let's say I wanted to play AlienWorlds would I be able to without buying anything? how would I get started?

Just get a free wax cloud wallet from and then go to - we will give you a free avatar and shovel. Go here and sign into your WAX Cloud Wallet. we're out of beta now :) but only just! So Rob is forgiven :)

Oh yes - use the play subdomain now. Lol - but this speaks to the fact that we've only just come out of beta but are already the 4th biggest blockchain game... but more on that later. Probably helps to read a bit on the website and join the telegram/discord - there are lots of friendly people. So you go there, and sign in with your WAX Cloud Wallet, you don't need any crypto or anything else to start. We give you basic mining tools and an avatar to start. You can buy better NFTs that may help you to pursue a different mining strategy - for example some NFTs increase your Trilium payout, some increase your NFT payouts, and some decrease the time between mines. So you can start with what we give you but you can also level up, and try different strategies.

(guys, don't forget to head to our TG, and post #helloalienworlds with your WAX account, and you'll be entered into a draw for an NFT pack and TLM)

There are different factions and planets so some may appeal more than others.

There are a lot of people staking to planet Kavian so it gets a lot of rewards but you also have to compete against more people. Sometimes the path less trodden is better.

Different landowners are also offering incentives to mine on their land - it's cool to see the community really running with this. You can see this action on our Discord

We will soon have a mechanism that allows landowners and planets to give away their own NFTs to people mining and some planet candidates are planning on trying to link up with other games

A project of the scale of AlienWorlds surely isn't cheap to develop and maintain - how are you going to monetize the game and fund further development and maintenance?

This is alluded to at the bottom here

We ran 4 successful sell-out NFT sales last autumn so that's been helpful

And we plan to welcome in new players through a Player Onboarding Trilium Sale - we can't share many details yet but you'll be the first to know when we do. We have a huge amount of plans for how to increase activity and interplay through thye NFTs. This NFT sale approach is fairly scalable. Another wonderful element is our community is very loyal - many of them know us from eosDAC, so they are really pitching in and we have a whole layer of lieutenants helping us to build this out organically. We've been gratified with the huge organic growth we've experienced so far -

The player onboarding is very important. As Trilium is the key currency we want to make sure there is enough in explorers hands. In some ways the decentralised nature of Alien Worlds helps scale the project without as large costs as a centralised project

It's been amazing to see but we're already the 10th largest dapp in the world by # users and the fourth biggest blockchain game

Having the community building and growing with us helps enrich the whole platform. Each planet has their own token which potentially could take off on a life of it's own. Everyone wants to take over a planet - lots of competition! NFTs are the building blocks. So everything is an NFT including the land on planets.

So you can see some of our packs here

There are 6 types at present - Land, Avatars, Tools, Weapons, Minions and Artifacts - each one has a bunch of different attributes and has different functionality

There are 6 levels of rarirty and 4 levels of Shine so there are hundreds of different NFT templates around. Those booster packs are triggering. Getting childhood flashbacks ripping these off in anticipation of something good haha. We have a cool opening sequence where a spaceship comes and blows them up. NFTs in our metaverse are more than just collectibles - they have attributes which help you in mining, and in time fighting and other quests and activities. You can also shine cards up by combining 4 with a TLM fee to get a brand new NFT with better stats.

There's an XDimension card with slightly different properties

We are pushing the boundaries so some NFTs will actually have mutable attributes so your minion may be low on health after a fight and need a healing artifact.

And land is a special kind of NFT which allows you to earn TLM by letting people mine on your land for a commission

This interaction between different NFTs is something which we are only just scratching the surface of.

We really like the depth of the game. So many aspects to it

This interaction between different NFTs is something which we are only just scratching the surface of.

Yes, people have commented on the depth. In fact here the writer comments that the "audacity is staggering"

Land is very special to Alien Worlds and we have a special land roadmap for that.

But we seem to be executing against the vision and we are committed to doing that 100%

We also see that linking up with outside projects is often a win win - we had a cool collab with decentraland and have done colllabs with the Horrrors, Kogs and Dark country

As a Player in AlienWorlds you're able to basically earn tokens while you're playing. Sort of an play-to-earn model. Could you guide us through the possibilities of how a player would be able to start earning tokens? Does it require a certain initial investment?

No investment is needed - totally free to start. Of course, if you do decide to buy some items or packs you will be able to optimise your gameplay. That said, I do believe that a determined person could easily build up from nothing. To start with they would need to mine a lot with their shovel and try to get extra tools through mining or trading with other players. Then they can start to get a reasonable amount of TLM and stake it to a planet. They could make themselves useful to a planet or seek the best incentives and competitions to maximise their holdings.

No initial investment. As a new player, you can simply go to and use the avatar and tools we give you, and mine on land owned by others (the system automatically pays them their commission). But if you want to develop a more sophisticated strategy you can acquire different NFTs, some which give you more Trilium mining power, others which give more NFT mining strength, some which decrease the delay, and over time you can develop your own strategy and the right NFTs to fit that.

Additionally, there is the Planet DAO element - which is proving to be hugely popular with our community even before Planet DAO elections have opened up. So with the Trilium you earn through mining, you can stake TLM to any or multiple of our 6 Planet DAOs. When you stake TLM you get the Planetary DAO token back, which tracks your voting power on that Planet. If you are powerful on a Planet you could either become a Custodian or vote for the Custodians of that Planet, and impact that Planet's policies about how to spend its daily allocation of TLM. So in this way the Planetary DAOs will be battling to attract stakers, creating better incentives, their own UIs perhaps, their own NFTs, or defi rewards, to encourage gamers to stake to their Planets. DAOs battling in space :) If you go to our Discord you can see various factions are already forming on the different Planets.

Lot's of the quests and events dynamics are about trying to give everyone a chance to increase their position. It's an amazing competitive dynamic. This is a fun element too, and will prove very popular.

Wow, so now we have even more depth in the game

Yes, we wanted to attract people with different skills and different commitment levels. So casual users can come in and mine occasionally; landowners can build up an empire of land to earn commission; and people who have earned significant TLM may want to impact Planetary DAO governance. So you can move on up through the layers, It's actually great for communities to come together, Maybe group together and get some communal land. Or all focus on the same planet and try to improve it for benefits for alll

That's an important point - we are having discussions to onboard significant communities, which can all stake to a Planet together, and then benefit from the TLM returns. This adds to our users, increases the use cases of TLM, whilst creating bridges to the outside world.

On this, you can see the different Planets and what the community is talking about around them in our Discord - each Planet has a channel

Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri and Veles

Your $TLM token is a crucial part of the ecosystem. Could you go into detail on what it's actual usecase is?

While there are continual emissions of TLM there are also loads of demand mechanics designed. For starters you will need to use TLM to shine NFTs to their next levels. Then you need TLM to terraform land and improv its rating, You will also need it to heal minions and weapons after battles and quests/events will require TLM at some stages.

TLM is used to stake to Planets to take control of Planets

To shine up NFTs - combine four NFTs to create a more powerful NFT

To terraform land - improve land and change its attributes and profitability

As an entrance fee to the fighting game (upcoming) - where you can battle with your NFT cards esp minions and weapons

As a requirement to participate in quests - which allow you to improve your position within the game

In time, we expect Planets to require TLM for many Planetary activities, so Planet DAOs are key to how the tokenomics evolve also

So are BIG reasons you need to have TLM

One of the biggest uses is the staking for governance power which is neccessary for anyone with megalomaniacal ambitions.

For some of these uses the TLM will be burned to reduce the overall supply

Is AlienWorlds as a game in its final stage now, or can we expect a expansion of the game with new features and aspects etc. getting added to it in the future?

I think you can check out the star route on the website to see trhat there is lots planned.

Obviouslly we will need to think about how to hide some Gems for the Gem Hunters to find! Also, The whole decentralised nature and the big incentive pools we have mean that there could be a lot of unexpected development above and beyond the plans/ expectations. I know one community member is super keen to try to link up an ARK server. no we're just at the beginning

On our website you can see the Star Route which outlines our future plans

And Rob mentioned our land roadmap which talks about how how we plan to develop the functionality of land

Additionally, onboarding more users is a huge focus of the team, so we will be looking to add IP to our portfolio, create deals to onboard large external communities (at the right pace to ensure existing community is kept happy) and also ensure Trilium is owned by everyone who needs it. These efforts are geared toward expanding the metaverse

Additionally as we've already seen, users themselves are innovating a ton of stuff - our community has even created multiple websites about the game to talk strategy and share data. So this decentralised growth is also powerful given the incentives we've baked into the core game design.

Yes, modding into Ark and Minecraft servers is something we're looking into

We really think AlienWorlds has the potential to go mainstream and bring in fresh blood into crypto!

We are welcoming a lot of newcomers into our community that's for sure - and we're very friendly.

Feel free to ask any questions in our TG

We would like to thank the Alien Worlds team for attending the AMA and sharing information on the project, we are really excited and plan to create accounts and check out the gamified side to the project and look forward to following its progress!

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