Welcome to the Arianee Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to welcome the team, in particular @LucJodet, who is going to share some information with us today on the project!

To start of this AMA lets give the audience a brief description of what ARIANEE actually is and what you guys have set out to achieve?

Of course, Arianee is the standard for product digital identity. We use NFTs to bring physical products in the digital realm and enable new features such as 1 click insurance, instant resale, digital closet and anonymous clienteling.

We managed to gather a consortium with some of the best brands in the luxury and fashion industry who are already either using the protocol or participating in its development and governance (full list here: They are all either testing, building on helping to develop the protocol. Several brands including Breilting and Vacheron Constantin, but also more up-and-coming brands such as RSVP or Satoshi Studio are already live on the protocol delivering Arianee certificates to their customers.

Now please give us an insight to who the team is behind ARIANEE ? What is their experience and tell us about yourself please Luc?

The founders are repeat entrepreneurs with several exits (Teads, Vestiaire Collective) and experience both in the tech industry and Luxury/fashion industry.

We were a fairly large group of co-founders (7!!!) but that really enabled us to bring our respective expertise and experience from Emmanuelle who was head of digital communication at Omega, to Alex who co-founded Vestiaire Collective as CTO and built the tech infrastructure from 0 to $100+M sales over 7 years to Frédéric who built the adtech comapny Teads from 0 to a 400M€ exit 4 years ago.

ARIANEE Prides itself on building perpetual relationships between brands and owners , and it states that ownership is augmented and groundbreaking feature's are added , What does augmented mean?

The digital identies we create for luxury products are like a passport. They are the key that enables enables new services such as instant resell quotes, 1-click insurance, digital closets, in game virtualization and many many more.

Breilting for instance uses the Arianee certificate as a the entry point for their eWarranty program, Ba&Sh uses it as an entry point for their second hand resale platform.

In addition, one of the most interesting carasteristic of what we are building is anonymous clienteling. Because the certificates are NFTs, there is no need to record personal information, the way brands get in touch with you is because you can prove that you own a product. To go back to the Breilting example, when you reach out to their customer service via the arianee certificate, you start chating with a customer service without givng any info(no email, invoice, or anything). They do speak to you because they know that you are an actual owner of one of their product via the Arianee certificate. We really think that reducing the amount of personal information your share is the way of the future and many brands are really looking to push anonymous clienteling.

That approach wouldve helped Ledger!

Indeed! Fred wrote a op-ed about the hack:

but I guess you already knew that 🙂 You do your research!

I think they only got hacked once but it’s the (sour) gift that keeps on giving. Many people receive threats via mail at their home stating that people know that they have a ledger at home…and people are suing Ledger back for damage.

With us now having a better understanding of Augmented Ownership , What are some of these groundbreaking feature's that are added?

I mentionned 1 click insurance, anonymous clienteling, seemless resale experience.

But some of the more advanced features I am intersted in is how we can use the composability of blockchain solutions to use the digital passports in other protocols.

For instance I am really interestd in the idea of being able to wear your pair of sneakers both in the real world and in virtual worlds such as fortnite or Decentrland

I am also really interested in how a real world asset such as a Rolex Daytona or a Birkin Bag which actually gain value over time, could be used as collateral on lending protocols such as MakerDAO or AAVE, etc...

Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native $ARIA20 Token and what are some of it's usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the $ARIA20 Token?

The ARIA20 is used for two main purpose:

- Staking to reserve your brand identity. This is a way for us to verify that a user is serious when they claim to be Chanel, Rokex of another brand,

- Paying for the core features of the protocol which can only be paid on chain: Generating the product passport, Adding an event to the product passport (events could be servicing your products, attending a sporting competition,etc…), sending a message to the product and by ricochet to the current product owner.

for more info on the token you can visit:

ARIANEE is open source and open service , Open Source does attract developers as stated on your website , But what additions or improvements does the team beleive developers can add to ARIANEE?

More feature! We are really interested in how people can use the base of products which are added to arianee to create new services. Some of the use cases I talked about before are not developped yet and anybody can build them! It is time to get started. We have ~200k luxury products certfied on chain at the moment but this number shoud reach ~2M by the end of the year.

And on that note what marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project?

We started the project almonst 4 years ago in late 2017. Since then our marketing plan has been almost entirely geared towards luxury and fashion executives. WE were working hard to build the tech and convince brands to use the tech. Brands are pushing the passports to their clients but now that we have now a critical mass of brands, we are just starting to reach out to the Crypto, tech and Hypebeast communites to make them discover wht the solution can do. So far only limited amount of brands already deliver Arianee certificates but we have a massive pipeline coming online throuhg out 2021. And if your favorite brand does not already deliver Arianee passports, they might soon 😉

Lastly can we talk about the Arianee roadmap, what have you guys been working on, hows the progress and what can we look forward to in the near and distant future?

The protocol launched in June 2019 so the base layer of the digital identity is pretty settled. Now a big part of what we are looking into is the how to operate in a world where layer 2s are becoming more an dmore attractive but no single one is a clear winner. In other words: how do we become a multi-chain protocol. At the moment we are exploring several chains including Lukso, Matic and xDAI. It’s a major endeavour as keeping data integrity between different side chain while maintainin a sufficient level of decentralization is not easy.

We are also in talks with some DeFi protocols but I can’t say more just yet…

We at TGH would like to thank the Arianee team for coming to TGH today and sharing information on the project with our community. For further Research check out the links below:




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