Welcome to the BONDLY LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on their new project with our community. its a pleasure to have you here, we are intrigued to find out more about NFT's and how you implement them into the Bondly ecosystem.

Thanks so much! So I am assuming your group here is familiar with NFTs then?

Yea many people don't really understand how much NFTs can be

Sure! so NFT or Non Fungible Tokens are seen right now as just being a ;thing' . To many its art or digital merch

ok you may as well roll with this and give us a good explination on what NFT's are

Companies like The Sandbox are starting to push boundaries with their LAND sale which is coming out soon. Many of the original properties they had listed for pennies are now valued at $20k+++

Non Fungible Token is really an indvidually unique blockchain token that gives the wallet holder exclusive ownership of that asset. Unlike LINK where every token is basically the same and you only care about the quantity.

Every NFT is unique in itself, so when people publish art as an NFT that means that specfiic piece is only owned by you.

The thing is Art and even Digital Lands are just the start to this revolution, because its easy to comprehend your CryptoKitty being an NFT, but within 9 months NFT could be running your whole online profile.

Instead of an NFT being an Item an NFT becomes your digitial identity, so your youtube account you use an NFT to login rather than a simple username and password. Why does this matter? Because theres a HUGE HUGE market that's forming around digital business sales (outside of crypto) for things like Instagram and Youtube accounts, so for example how many of you know this insta account -

Well it was recently sold for a huge amount to a major media company, if you go on the page you might thing "ok this is just stolen memes, whats the big deal" well to Warner media it was $110m of a big deal.

My partner Harry , Bondly COO , and I have been buying and selling digital businesses like Daquan over the past 2 years and we know this market is over $74B right now. But what many don't realize is that trading these as assets is completely possible with NFT. So NFT would be the trustless way to transfer ownership of Daquan to another party and this is coming in the next 9 months.

So where does Bondly fit in? So we are a NFT selling platform built exactly for this!?

We took our experience selling these assets and built a smart contract based solution to do exact whats needed, what we wish we had this whole time. We are starting on Ethereum but moving to Polkadot which will be our home. Sorry that's a bit long but hopefully its clearer now what market we are addressing and what our product is designed to do.

It's surely a massive market and NFTs are so much more than people see on the surface

Totally! we are just starting to see Utility Based NFT start to come out, so within 9 months if you wanted to sell us The Gem Hunters, you could easily wrap this channel in an NFT and put it on Bondly to sell. We would provide you expected valuation metrics of what we think its worth as well as connect you with our buyers.

So we know youve just covered a lot of it, but can you give us a brief description of what BONDLY is?

Yes for sure , so Bondly is the next generation ECommerce platform built for selling NFT and digital goods. We take the best aspects of our competition, Stripe for ease of integration, Paypal for features, Bitpay for use of crypto, and combine it into one platform built for any marketplace. But its entirely Smart Contract driven and DeFi native. My background is I’ve spent the past 15 years of my career in Financial services , like Citi, Santander, HSBC, and realized : Banks suck and making apps for them sucks, even worse.

Crypto provides a way for us to recreate many of the products and services that we like about banking, without the limitations. This is why we’re so excited about Bondly, because we are building the tools to empower the next generation of financial products.

TLDR : I’m old AF and ready to create financial disruption

from another ama ^

So our team is loaded with the best aspects in all categories : SC development, ECommerce, Social Media, Gaming, Data Science etc and more to develop our product.

So Moving on can you give our community some information on the tokenomics and token use case?

Yes for sure , so we are adding utility to $BONDLY our native token everyday, just recently we announced the Bondly Collectible Card Game which will use $BONDLY for participants to enter gaming tournaments where they can win huge prizes!

But even this isn't our major Utility, the core function of the token is to use to strengthen our network and provide liquidity for our crosschain OTC and DEX products. For every marketplace who uses our product , they don't have to pay us to integrate. Actually they just have to stake tokens ( earning more $BONDLY) in order to use our product.

You’ve just introduced the Bondly Collectible Card Game (BCCG) can you give us an insight into how this exciting new NFT based card game works?

Yes so just to start, I am a gamer and I know that talking about the next gen of NFT is super difficult for anyone to get. So our R&D team decided that we would contribute to the innovation by creating a game (using much of the tech we already had) to help this learning process. So for everyone who buys a Card in our cardgame, its not just a piece of a game, its actually 6 utilities you are getting at once.

so you get free use of our product BSwap, special staking opportunities , access to our VIP club, optional entry into a fanart contest (with high rewards), an airdrop to let folks buy their first 10 tournament entries and most importantly the MOST AMAZING ART.

So we hired a group of professional manga and animé artists to help us design cards with personas that would represent our products. Each of the characters on the cards is one of our products and represents what that product can do in a fun way.

The Bondly CEO, Brandon Smith (YOU) stated that: “One day your car, your watch, your house, and even your Youtube account will be NFT’ed.” NFT’s certainly have taken over lately can you expand on how fast you can see them becoming as popular as stated above?

Yes for sure, so definitely your car and your dog will be an NFT, the power of having trustless ownership of any asset is amazing and when people catch on that NFT = Identity nothing will stop it. Oh BTW not joking about Dog, this is actually the next step for when people "microchip" their dog. NFT is actually the best way to track ownership of the animal and be able to find in case they get lost. But anyways, to get back on track :)

The reason why all "Putting your house on blockchain" projects have not gotten much reception is that theres many many stakeholders that are insuring they remain relevant in the process. If you could just NFT your house and sell it on Bondly no questions asked, we cut out 5 middlemen. Eventually the viability of this will overpower the current 'rent-seekers" and we will get there, but in the meantime , digital assets like this Telegram channel are way closer and still super high value.

So for an investor whos interested in your cards, how much can they expect to pay for NFT’s and will cards have different values?

Ah so let me clarify, we want you guys to buy our BCCG cards because you're interested in the game and you see our vision, also getting free use of our products. We won't talk about valuation as we see this as being part of our game. But our request from our community when we asked them was to make the barrier a bit higher for the first edition and then this group would be considered the BCCG elite. So every card we sell on Monday will cost 0.5 ETH. Theres no difference in prices , you can vote with your wallet which series you like the best and then we will be able to further finance cool NFT in that space. For example, we already are talking to a studio about making a short form Animé from the sets, and your fans picking which set they like will help us determine that. But keep in mind, these Animé episodes will not just be promotional tools, they will also be NFT Cards that you can use in game similar to all the others.

To finish off can we be cheeky and ask, are their any juicy upcoming catalysts such as partnerships and can we expect a marketing campaign to start soon?

Totally!! So we have 2 major crypto related partnerships that we will announce over the next few weeks. These are with major projects in the space that you all know, and these partnerships are exclusive with Bondly, they get this vision of a new digital economy and they want to work with us to get there togther! Then also theres going to be a HUGE HUGE number of other projects who we announce that are going to be integrating with us and vice versa.

TGH would like to kindly thank Brandon and the Bondly team and community for spending so much time and effort to explain what Bondly is and how they intend to take over the NFT market! We will be following the progress of Bondly, launch date is 08th December 2020! Stay tuned for more info on Bondly!

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