Welcome to the Deeper Network Live AMA with TGH, we would like to thank the team for coming and sharing info with us on the new project!

Great to have you here tell us about deeper network, so lets start off with what you guys are building, please give us a short introduction into your vision and where your heading!

Phase 1 of our project was focused on building our decentralized private network (dpn or dvpn) as well as the enterprise grade level security our Deeper Connect hardware offers. We've already sold 10,000+ units around the world which means we have nodes currently running around the world as we speak. Here's a link to our device which is currently selling on Best Buy, Amazon, Indiegogo:

You broke quite a few records already right?

As some of you already know, we are completing phase 2 of our project which is moving into the mainnet launch. We are built on polkadot. Yes, let me send you an article which talked about our record breaking raise.

So, now with the mainnet launch, we are going to be kicking off the blockchain features of our product which includes mining of DPR tokens, as well as web 3.0 gateway!

It's very impressive how you've builT all that with 1mil in funding. As you probably know yourself, we had a ton of projects raising tens of millions and not being able to build anything with it!

So please introduce us to the team and give us an insight into their experience and where their all from?

So ok, about our team.

Our headquarters are in Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley). Most of our team members are in the US and Vancouver, Canada. We also have team members in Taiwan and China.

Our CEO Russell, based in CA, used to be the Chief engineer at Intel heading up R&D focusing on OS development and security. He led the development of the cloud firewall at Palo Alto Networks and started Deeper Network in late 2017. Our CTO Chao, used to work at Amazon as one of the machine learning scientists. He turned his research to blockchain and consensus algorithms which led him to become interested in developing a decentralized storage system from scratch. He was one of the main developers of the Harmony public chain and served as their protocol architect, until he joined Deeper Network as CTO. Cheryl Liu, our CMO was the founder of a blockchain consulting company which helped blockchain projects such as TRON and Quantum come to of its age.Me, VP of Marketing, I used to be a core member of CoinMarketCap heading up their global community and partnerships. Now I’m at Deeper Network because it’s one of those projects that has so much promise and so happy to be a part of this project!

3) Please talk us through the problems the internet is facing right now that Deeper is planning to solve? We've already heard about some of the core solutions, but how does Deeper Network provide users with extra Security and privacy etc, what other core benefits will users gain by using Deeper Network?

Yeah, as we all know all the concerns about censorship and privacy that seems to be only getting worse and worse. We have the solution to that. With our decentralized private network, users are the client and their own server. No more centralized VPN crap. No monthly fees, annual payments to use other centralized services,Instead, users in the Deeper Network create our own Deeper Network Decentralized Private Network which is currently allowing us to side step any geo censorship, great chinese firewall for instance and with everyone working from home and owning crypto and having sensitive data on their networks, our 7 layer firewall which is built into the Deeper Connect will protect everything on the network. It's plug and play and uses the first unlockable OS called AtomOS to control and protect against hacking, trackers, malware, leakage of data. built in are also features families will appreicate like parental control, ad block, etc

You can access all the data of what's been going on, on your network.

Our mining feature works in that it allows users to share their unused bandwidth to the network in return for DPR tokens. People can also purchase bandwidth to speed up their speeds via DPR as well, this is all done through our Proof of Credit consensus algorithm and our Deeper Connect only uses 15w of power. That's less than 1% of a bitcoin asics miner, fyi, mining is fair and everyone who participates in the network can take part.

We are really interested in how Deeper utilizes the blockchain itself, if we’re not mistaken there are two layers! The top layer consists of hundreds of validator nodes like any other blockchain, but the bottom layer, also called the deeper layer, consists of millions of deeper devices! How does the Deeper network utilize the second layer and whats its main purpose?

That's right, even though we won the Substrate Build, builder's program's grant for web 3.0 to build vital infrastructure for Polkadot, the Deeper Chain itself is located on the the 2nd layer. The second layer consists of deeper connect devices, the Deeper Connect Units. These devices form a p2p network where they sharing bandwidth to earn DPR token. At the same time, users and their devices can accumulate credit scores when earning DPR tokens. With enough credit score, a device can delegate its credit score to validators on layer 1 to participate in consensus. In return, it will earn block rewards according to its credit score. This way, the user will be incentivized to participate the mining process and the more devices will join the deeper layer and the more secure of the Deeper blockchain network. Incentivization is important but there's tons of other way to use DPR tokens we can talk about later. So people buy the Deeper Connect for the DPN. Others buy it for the Enterprise Grade Security. Now people are buying for the mining and staking rewards. People in the near future will be buying for the access to Web 3.0.

Please give us a run down of the tokenomics and sales metrics, why should investors hold DPR?What incentives does your token reward investors with and what's the usecase of the token?

Sure, here's our public sales landing page which shows the tokenmetrics of our project. The public sales starts on Monday!!!

All team and mining are locked, we're in this for the long haul, can somebody say Unicorn?

So, you probably know that crypto investors are always on the lookout for instant gratification and that little dopamine kick - what partnerships and listings can we look forward to short term, give us some reasons to buy DPR!

We're working on a bunch more

Those are definitely some interesting partnerships!

We would like to thank the deeper team for coming to TGH and sharing information on the project, for more information check out the links below!

Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

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