Flourishing Capital Live AMA

Welcome to the Flourishing Capital Live AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on the new project with our community.

1) Some might remember, that Will attended our Barter Trade AMA and also gave a brief introduction into Flourishing Capital. Still we would still like to have another introduction of what Flourishing Capital actually is and does for those who weren't here back then please?

Absolutely, Flourishing Capital is a live platform operating right now, making profits for our clients! Flourishing AI (or FAI for short) is a first of its kind platform which makes crypto investing simple and smart for investors by leveraging AI powered risk managed high frequency trading to dynamically adapt portfolio strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets. Flourishing Capital AI™ is live on Telegram at https://t.me/flourishingcapital

It was created by @GhaleonCDX and myself (Eric) The reason we created it, was, in a word: trust and performance. there are lots of bots out there. But most of them trade for users on dated algorithms, or example, most of them us technical analysis, trying to determine trading bands to buy low and sell high. But unltimately, that's jsut a total guessing game. Their are a few problems with trading platforms right now. First, they profit in bull markets (easy) but can't protect coins and tokens in bear markets (much harder) They work on models assuming the future will resemble the past. As we've seen with the BTC spike recently, that may be true, but maybe not. Bad model. they also assume infinite liquidity, which is a huge mistake costing users a lot of money, Finally, most of them can't rebalance a portfolio in real time. All massive problems, FAI is different: this is a DeFi platform which performs deep analysis on the blockchain of every wallet it can see, so before the March crash, FAI's artificial intelligence saw the crash coming and exit our users out before that happened. it did so gracefully and in parts as to not create a bear run. That's a big deal!

During the current BTC bull run, it put our users in BTC quickly when it saw lots of money moving to BTC (Pyapal, and others moving in) even before the announcement. So this artifical intelligence sees way more, and is a platform for both trading and much more as we'll se e today. Yes you' guys are right.. who has time to manage this much data? FAI can. It analyzes massive amounts of book data and acts in fractions of a second

You can see it allows you to set strategy (cautious, moderate, aggressive), and allows you to blacklist certain tokens you don't want to buy.

BitcoinW (https://bitcoin.org/)

bittrex:USD-BTC (https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=USD-BTC) TV (https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=BITTREX:BTCUSD&interval=240) $18,351/$18,364 (0.045%)

Macro: neutral Trend: strongbear

Buywall: 301689.34 @ $18,225 0.69%

Sellwall: 305554.93 @ $18,459 0.52%

BuyPressure: 39% Near 47% (12%-92%) whalebuy:0

USD Price Stability: -99%

BTC Correlation: 100%

MarketCap: $339887.494mil

Underlying Value: $18,390 (fit: 8, accuracy: 100.0%)

MA 18: $18,522 -> $18,510

MA 9d: $18,009

MA 20d: $18,009

Support: $17,926 -2.3% ascending

Resistance: $19,443 ascending

Next 4 Hours Prediction: $18,413

50%c: $18,254-$18,835 R: 3.2%

70%c: $18,148-$18,877 R: 4.0%

95%c: $17,936-$18,960 R: 5.7%

Low(d): $0 High(d): $0 Pump(4h): none

Low(m): $16,578 2020/11/17 04:00:00 -9.7%

High(m): $18,974 2020/11/21 00:00:00 3.3%

GBTC fair price: $21.112 - $23.866

As you can see our bot is already working and live right now! See that above? ^ That is what the AI sees. This is information you can use right now, right here on TGH chat. I want to stress this isn't a whitepaper, not an idea. This is a live platform making money right now. You can even control it through Telegram. This is just the publically accessible interface that doesn't require any account and is entirely free to use.

An example of our big data being collected behind the scenes the bot is analyzing, The goal is to help both pros and new hodlers. See here is the thing.. if newbs get REKT, then they leave the community. That's not good for them and not good for you as members of the crypto community. We want new people to join, right? This will help them trade with "pro level" information. That's just not possible anywhere else, check this out, interested in stocks too? what about Greyscale GBTC vs BTC itself

GBTC (https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=GBTC&interval=D) ST (https://stocktwits.com/symbol/GBTC) MW (https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/GBTC) Daily Analysis

Market is currently open

Last Price: 21.24 (quote 15m delayed)

Trend: neutral

Underlying Value: $19.997 (fit: 7, err: 0.0%)

MA 18: $17.029 -> $17.308

Support: $17.859 -15.9% ascending

Resistance: $21.225 ascending

Daily Prediction: $20.297

50%c: $19.894-$21.299 R: 7.1%

70%c: $19.757-$21.404 R: 8.3%

95%c: $19.482-$21.613 R: 10.9%

Low(d): $20.600 High(d): $21.390

Low(m): $10.000 2020/09/30 13:30:00 -52.9%

High(m): $20.740 2020/11/18 14:30:00

Media Sentiment: 100.0%

Media Buzz: 157%

Stocktwits Request Failed

Analyst Buy Rating:-333.3% weight:-7 opinions:6

SPX Weighted Correlation: 0%

SPX Dump Multiple: Unknown

BTC Weighted Correlation: 38%

2020/11/23 Bitcoin Bull Run to Start in January 2021, PlanB Expects BTC Price to Hit $100K in One Year (https://www.coinspeaker.com/bitcoin-bull-2021-planb-100k/)

2020/11/23 Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Takes a Breath between $17,700 and $18,800 Price Range (https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-btc-price-prediction-november-23-2020)

2020/11/22 Bodoland People's Front Founding Member Biswajit Daimary, Gen Secy Emmanuel Mosahary Join BJP (https://www.news18.com/news/politics/bodoland-peoples-front-founding-member-biswajit-daimary-gen-secy-emmanuel-mosahary-join-bjp-3106145.html)

2020/11/21 Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Is in a Deadlock as It Is Range-Bound Between $18,400and $18,800 (https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-btc-price-prediction-november-21-2020-2)

2020/11/21 What Happens When Bitcoin [BTC] Enters "Price Discovery Mode"? (https://coingape.com/what-is-bitcoin-btc-price-discovery/)

2020/11/21 Bitcoin (BTC) Inches Closer to $19,000 Today Moving Past $350B Market Cap (https://www.coinspeaker.com/bitcoin-btc-closer-19k-market-cap/)

2020/11/20 Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Breaches $18,500, Ready for the Next Move on the Upside (https://insidebitcoins.com/news/bitcoin-btc-price-prediction-november-20-2020)

Over Resistance Line,

BTC Premium: 15.6%,BTC fair price $17,841-$19,116

2) Ok so who's the team behind it and what are their backgrounds?

Sure, I'm Eric a serial entrepreneur, sales leader, internet technology veteran, and crypto enthusiast. @GhaleonCDX and I have worked together for over 10 years. began programming at the University of Texas, pioneering online student testing prior to widespread software as a service adoption in the late 1990’s. He moved on to technology sales leadership roles at fast growth silicon valley startups in addition to name you know like Oracle, JP Morgan, and Google.

I'm Will and i taught myself to program video games at 11 and have been programming ever since. This is my 4th startup now, previously I started Andrograde which was the first virtual currency powered social casual game website in 2008 then RubyCoins which was an international enterprise billing platform in 2010. This was acquired by PayPal which as many know is now driving a lot of crypto interest/prices lately. After that I founded an eSports company named Wicked Fun and raised about $5mil traditionally from angels/TenCent. I originally created the bot to manage my own crypto holdings because at the time there was nothing available to properly manage portfolions of crypto.

3) Can you please guide us through some of your key features and explain them to us in an as easy to understand manner as possible?

Our ability to manage a portfolio and profit during bull and bear runs in a risk adjusted way is miles ahead of other bots. Also that we have a turnkey solution that doesn't require configuring off the bat. All of this ^ based on blockchain real time analysis. massive amounts of data. You just can't get this anywhere else! it's live trading many accounts on multiple exchanges and has been for a while. Well it's been in production for almost two years now, enabling a small community. We feel it's ready for wide adoption given how it's performed this year!

4) Many people think running a trading bot is quite dangerous. Is it hard to set them up properly as a user and how easy is it to get rekt?

It's super easy to set up if you're on Binance, Bittrex or BarterTrade, but more importantly, our community has not gotten rekt at all, because of the deep blockchain analysis, you can join the community right now and join the chat. Feel free to ask them. How's that for transparency! They all work the same, except this one. Most are scams sadly. Many bots are outright scams it's true or they don't have good fundamentals or historical data to them

5) Most are just hodling their Crypto, why would you suggest trading bot over hodl?

hodling coins that you believe in isn't really a way to manage risk and market exposure. What happens if you have an emergency and your favorite coin has dropped 70%? High frequency trading is the best way to manage risk which markets are fundamentally uncertainas well as deal with large accounts/volume. Our bot doesn't trade on emotions, it uses logic and risk management all the time in volatile markets that is especially important. One of the key things that has allowed us to profit in bear markets is our ability to rebase trades in real time. For example our bot can buy btc when it's underpriced then buy alts from that btc then sell the alt to usdt and knows the converted profits in any base all the time.

6) Okay so you have this amazing bot which seems to work - why aren't you just using it yourself then? Why are you sharing it?

Great question, and I completely asked myself the same. It's an important question to ask any platform like this. Full transparency: we can probably profit by keeping this to ourselves. But then the community doesn't get larger, more transparent, more reliable. That's bad for everyone. In the long term, making this widespread brings reliable info. It's good for us and for you. Long term versus short term thinking. We like long term thinking here :) Once you're run a few startups liek @GhaleonCDX and I have, you want to give back. We hope this is a huge giveback to a community who's done much for us

7) what is the usecases for your native token?

The FAI token is used for subscription fees. We have a user community in place right now how'll be using this to receive platform trading services. Exchanges using us provide fees in FAI as well (and there are more exchanges and DExes coming very soon) Their are more economic use cases coming :)

8) Barter Trade is well known amongst our members and as far as we know you are partnered with them. Please give us more information regarding that partnership

We have a great partnership in place with Barter Trade - they're the first to integrate Flourishing AI directly into the exchange!The primary benefit to you in using BarterTrade is zero subscription fees and control right from the exchange UI. (Of course Binance and Bittrex fees are really reaonsable)

9) Your token sale is about to launch, and we would like to get some more information about it.

- What is the softcap / hardcap

- what is the price per token

- how many tokens are being sold

- when are you looking to list the token

- what's the initial expected marketcap at listing

This is of course in our whitepaper in the tokenomics section at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1auMvU3pHcKfYpt6VbGRS_5vbxAutzVmh/view

hardcap: $800k, we don't have a softcap in our public sale

price per token: 5 cents/FAI

16million FAI being sold

Our public sale of course is tomorrow and the direct link will be announced on our telegram channel

We will be listing on uniswap/bartertrade/bittrex shortly afterward. Specific date not set in stone, depends really on how fast we crank it out.

initial market cap $1.5mil (30mil circulating supply @ 5 cents)

10) what are your plans for the future? Any special updates we can look out for on the development side?

Their is a LOT planned, this could be a whole AMA in itself, so we have a lot of infrastructure built up that integrates directly into exchanges and the blockchain as well as deep relanships with some exchanges. We saw that there is this evolving split in the crypto community and we believe there is a big opportunity to create a way to bridge DeFi and centralized exchanges. So that each of these sides can take on attributes of the other side, DEXes could support complex order types. Centralized exchanges could support liquidity mining user hard wallets.

TGH would like to thank the Flourishing Capital team for a well rounded AMA and would like to wish them luck moving forward, we will be following the progress!

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