GameFi Live AMA

Welcome to the GameFi live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Alex/admin@GameFi : I’m Alex. Doctor of economics, former investment director of asset management company and senior executive of listed company. I’ve rich experience in blockchain, financial investment and project management.We started GameFi Protocol project in March 2021. I‘m CAO (Chief Architecture Officer) of GameFi Protocol.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Alex/admin@GameFi : From March 2021 to June 2021, GameFi ushered in an explosive period. The number of daily active wallets for blockchain games increased from 51,000 to 375,000, an increase of more than 600%, and the number is still expanding. An excellent GameFi is often a complex game ecosystem, involving different public chains, wallets, single or multiple token systems, game rules, and token economic models (Tokenomics), etc. Professional players need to evaluate GameFi’s security and P2E mode in combination with the above factors, and then profit by investing in digital assets in order to participate in the game. For most ordinary players, they are limited by their own professionalism and limited time, and it is often difficult to compete with professional players in GameFi, so that the input and output are not ideal and this even causes them losses. Therefore, we started GameFi Protocol project in March 2021. We hope to build GameFi Protocol and the Platform, so that everyone who lacks time and professional skills can play and earn. We believe that GameFi Protocol, as the entrance to the Metaverse, is an important carrier for humans’ future social, entertainment and even work, and a new digital world in which everyone will participate. We’ll become a Metaverse aggregate platform and trading platform that everyone can play and earn.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team.How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our team has rich experience in game development and project operation, and strong execution. Currently about 20 members. The core members of the team include: Jess CEO ,Early investor in cryptocurrency, founder of HC Capital.Hatched Kishu, Tokau and many other blockchain projects with a market value of more than 1.5 billion US dollars.A senior community builder and manager.Ying CTO, In-depth Internet of Things enthusiast, the earliest domestic Internet of Things R&D practitioner.Head of INT China, Apache Mynewt code contributor.Alex CAO(me) Jeb CPO, Internet product expert, Blockchain believers and practitioners.Proficient in business architectureLeading multiple blockchain deposit system projects. We are also in the form of distributed office, but our work efficiency is good.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but still it is in early stages. What makes GameFi stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the first global Gamefi aggregation platform and could you run us through how it actually works?

Alex/admin@GameFi : This is a good question.GameFi Protocol is the first GameFi mining pool protocol. It aims to build a GameFi aggregation platform to provide users with a low-threshold way to invest in GameFi. In addition to the basic services of game guilds, GameFi Protocol also has a variety of innovative revenue models such as Machine gun pool,farming (liquidity mining), and Gamelist(IGO),which provide users with a wealth of value capture methods. Gamelist: The GameFi Protocol encourages outstanding GameFi teams to launch projects on Gamelist.NFT: Users can freely trade game NFT assets and get rewards.Gswap: The GameFi Protocol can help GFI holders to obtain free GFI token rewards through stake GFI or Forth in GSwap. Users can also conduct trading, farming (liquidity mining), and launchpools(Free launch of GameFi project)in GSwap.Gminer: The GameFi Protocol can help most ordinary player users who lack professionalism and limited time, as well as users who are interested in GameFi, through GMiner to efficiently configure users’ digital assets into different GameFi, and cooperate with professional players to obtain maximum benefits.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As you are creating a DeFi NFT game, with all the hacks happening at crypto space, how will you assure the stakeholders the trustworthiness of your platform?Can you explain about the “The DAO implements a democratic system of 1 vote/1 GFI” ?

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our project has passed certik’s audit.We will also establish a Risk Protection Fund to respond to emergencies.And we have also established a developer alliance: reward developers who participate in the GameFi protocol ecosystem-GameFi explorers, GameFi professional players, code contributors, bug miners, etc. The main purpose of the GameFi Protocol Bug Bounty program is to prevent the loss of user funds by focusing on smart contracts, websites and applications. The GameFi Protocol supports GFI holders to form DAO spontaneously in order to carry out the community governance of the GameFi Protocol. The DAO implements a democratic system of 1 vote/1 GFI. The DAO can be decided by voting on: 1.The rule setting of each function of Gamelist, NFT, GSwap, GMiner, 2.GMiner project’s admittance into/rejection from the pool, 3.Whether the Gamelist project should be online, 4.Whether the new gameplay of Lottery/Grab bag should be online, 5.Revision and improvement of GFI certificate economics, 6.The strategic planning of the GameFi.Protocol, 7.More modifications and improvements of rules.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The Crypto Market is still small when compared to traditional markets.Who are the major investors of GameFi? How do you plan to attract the non Crypto users, the traditional investors?

Alex/admin@GameFi : We have received equity financing from Forth Ecological Foundation, IPFS Ecological Foundation, and Evolution, as well as cryptocurrency financing from institutions such as Waterdrip, Bitrise, ChainVC, K24, Gamma, Bitwhale, R8 BLOCK, etc. As a gamefi aggregation platform, we will authorize many high-quality games to launch(IGO) on the platform. So the games launched(IGO) on our platform are not only reward based games, but also games with high playability.At present, the track is still in the blue ocean.So we have received strong support from several listed game companies and will jointly launch the popular Gamefi. And investment institutions and industrial capital provide sufficient funds for project development.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token,How can we maintain GFI price appreciation, while keeping the barrier of entry low?How does it all get incorporated into the GameFi ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Alex/admin@GameFi : GFI is the driving force behind the GameFi Protocol ecosystem:1.GFI can be staked in GSWAP to get GFI token as a reward.2.GFI can be used to purchase NFT, and participate in trading, farming, and launchpools.3.Users who participate in NFT transactions will receive GFI as a reward.4.Users can invest GFI, Forth, ETH, USDT or other tokens in different pools within GMiner to obtain GFI and Game/DeFi tokens.5.Users can use GFI to buy Lottery/Grab bag, and get bonus after winning.6.GFI will also be used to reward GameFi explorers, GameFi game guilds, code contributors, and bug bounty providers.Of course, GFI is also an important tool for GameFi Protocol community governance. GFI mainly achieves deflation through repurchase and burning, which have the following sources: 1.GMiner fund’s participation in the income of Game/DeFi projects, 2.GSWAP Tx fees, 3.Lottery/Grab bag revenue, 4.Game List(IGO)income . In general, the holding value of GFI lies in the fixed amount, continuous repurchase and a wide range of application scenarios.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.Please tell us about your Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our plan is to launch pancakeswap on September 15th. Q2 2021 Build a core team, Set the project positioning, Determine the economic model . Q3 2021:The official website, White paper, GSWAP Farming, GSwap Stake, GMiner,Game List(IGO), Referral System. Q4 2021: GSwap trading, GSwap Launchpools, Lottery/Grab bag, Launch Bug Bounty. Q1 2022: GFP-DAO, Expand GameFi Explorer , Expand GameFi Game Guild.

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