Welcome to the GATHER NETWORK LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on their new project with our community.

1) Ok to kick things off could you give us a brief overview of Gather Network?

For sure, from time to time I will also include Images - as it is easier to understand and better than text.

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads, provides businesses & developers to access cheap and reliable processing power.

Gather Online (Layer 0) allows web & mobile developers to monetize from their users processing power. Gather Network (Layer1) is the protocol layer, a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain, where stakeholders are incentivized to maintain transparency and security. Gather Cloud (Layer 2) provides affordable processing power to enterprises and developers. Gather Enterprise provides consultancy services and tooling for developers, businesses and crypto networks.

2) So what is crypto mining with a web browser?

It’s a new way to monetize websites that can be an addition to or replace monetizing a site with display advertising. It enables websites to earn from users who simply browse a site with our code embedded in it to mine cryptocurrencies with their Idle processing power, using a CPU or GPU.

3) What is the main use-case for Gather and What problems does it solve?

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For the first time in history we have developed a powerful new technology that allows web and mobile developers earn money through processing power contributions. Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate reliable revenue streams without having to rely on Ads. One that is not reliant on ads, one that is reliable and rewarding. While making Cloud markets cheaper and fairer. Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet by allowing publishers to monetize without ads and by providing businesses & developers access to affordable and reliable processing power.

4) Looking from the website it seems Gather Network has a number of different solutions, could you talk us through the different solutions and how they can be adopted?

Reggie - Gather Founder, [13.09.20 19:17]

Four dimensions to Gather, where Gather Network is connecting our solutions:

Gather Online

Scalable and Predictable Revenue. We allow web and mobile developers monetize from end-user processing power

Gather Enterprise

Reliable Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services and proprietary tooling for web developers, businesses, and crypto networks

Gather Cloud

Affordable Processing Power

We keep the cost of processing power economical for enterprises while providing developers the benefits of Proof Of Work grade security without the effort of sourcing miners. All of this powered by $GTH

5) What unique technology does Gather use to separate it from its competitors, and could you give us some details about the Gather Block.

First and foremost, Gather Online is oriented to change the way of web/app monetization, Providing websites and applications an alternate form of monetization, one that is not reliant on Ads, is a paradigm shift. There is no other competitor utilizing the processing power provided by websites and applications for building a better ecosystem, as we plan with Gather Cloud: Gather Cloud will allow PoW blockchain developers to deploy blockchains ( Child chains Via Merged Mining ) without the need to source miners or build a community first.

6) How does GTH work as a utility token for the network and how does it benefit both the network and holders?

GTH’s value is derived from being as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem along with providing holders the opportunity to vote on the future of Gather. The specific features that use $GTH as a medium of exchange include:

1) Gas Fees and network interactions charges, settlement and processing power related charges for the Gather Cloud, and Settlement of Gather Online Rewards.

2) Providing a financial incentive to nodes to act honestly.

3) Entitling Staking holders with the right to participate in the governance and future of the Gather ecosystem

7) Could you tell us a little bit about your roadmap going forward, how do you plan onboarding users and gaining more adoption for Gather?

Both for Gather Online and Gather Cloud, we will continue building new relationships with publishers, enterprises and PoW blockchain developers.

We already have around 200 publishing partners via Early Adopters Program so far, including names like ThePioneer (India’s oldest newspaper), TheDailyChain (a crypto news site) and Metalyfe (a new web browser). We will be running campaigns to raise the awareness of Gather Online as we get closer to the mainnet launch but in the meantime we will carry on and bring more partners with our B2B marketing efforts.

We’re currently testing Gather Cloud with Godrej Industries ($4B+ turnover) and we got ASAP Industries on board for the enterprise side. As part of our B2B business development efforts, we will also continue adding new enterprises.

Again for Gather Cloud, we are also building new connections with the other PoW blockchain teams where we can use their algorithms as part of our Merged Mining concept. For example, LUX chain is our first partner on this front.

It would be worthwhile to also mention about our Ambassador programs here where you can see on our website. These programs split into 4 groups, aiming to spread the reach for: Community, Gather Online, Gather Cloud-Enterprises and Gather Cloud-PoW Blockchain Developers.

8) Is there a lock in or vesting schedule for the team in terms of allocation/tokens?

9) If you had the chance to skip forward 5 years and see the impact Gather has made, what would you like to have seen achieved and where would Gather Network be in terms of adoption and user base?

I would like to see Gather being a household name, less ads all around and our technology being adopted by many. For specifics, and as per our mixed method growth model ( based on top down and bottom ) we predict 2B sessions in a year, and over 130 child chains. Note we do not say websites, as the relevant metric is sessions/visits. However these numbers can change

10) To finish please tell us about the profit structure of Gather

Gather generates revenue from all layers of the network, which includes publishers/websites/applications at the start and enterprises using gather cloud at the top. Gather will charge a commission to websites/publishers/applications using the Gather technology. The processing power generated from the websites, is then redirected to child chains through merge mining and/or enterprises on gather cloud.

Hash rate leased out to child chains to increase their security will be lower than market price. Enterprises that are using Gather cloud will also be charged at a discount to market rate (determined by google/AWS rates) for the processing power used by them.

The majority of this revenue will be redistributed back to the publishers with Gather keeping a small portion as the commission, and thus keeping profit linked directly to growth of the network. This creates a positive feedback loop where increased publishers using Gather online means more processing power can be redistributed through Gather cloud which in turn increases the revenue of Gather online users, attracting more customers to gather online leading to more processing power and so on.

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