HackenAI $HAI Q&A / AMA

Welcome to the HackanAI - $HAI Q&A with The Gem Hunters

We would like to thank the HackenAI team for coming to The Gem Hunters and kindly sharing information on the project with our community. Before commencing our pre-set questions which will be followed by public engagement we would like to share some basic information on the project to give people a better idea before the Q&A begins.

Hacken is a cyber-security suite which is made up of four projects under one umbrella

https://hacken.ai Is a cyber-security suite, designed to improve personal security with a simple, interactive tool. This Includes educational programs on the main cyber-security topics including Account Management, Anti-Phishing, Privacy and many more. Serving as anintroductory journey to HackenAI, users will learn how to stay secured and get to know the essential basics about all things cyber-security locally and on the web.

https://hacken.io which is a premier cyber-security consulting company with an essential focus on crypto

https://hackenproof.com/ a crowdsourced cyber-security testing platform, made to run custom-tailored bug bounty programs to secure business and assets.

https://cer.live/ which actively performs security reviews according to its internal methodology for 250+ crypto-exchanges. Main components of CERtification are third party reports on crypto-exchanges’ external cybersecurity assessment procedures and validation of the exchange crypto balances.

Q1. The Gem Hunters are big fans of Coingecko, we use it often to research and carefully examination projects. So upon hearing about your co-operation, we are naturally interested and would love to hear more about your working partnership with them.

1.1. Could you please explain to us what the Coingecko trust score is?

1.2. What is your part in the creation of the Trust score?

1.1. Coingecko trust score is the best balanced cryptocurrency ranking at the moment, It’s not been long since we were to evaluate cryptocurrency exchanges by there fake volume. Then there was an era of similar web data that also can be manipulated. Coingecko was always searching for objective answers to complicated questions, for example: what exchanges can traders trust their funds? I dont think the trust score is about an exchange race, like Who is first and who is second. It is about “trust” - can we safely send our crypto to those exchanges and relay on them.

1.2. First time I met Bobby in person at Binance conf in feb 2019. At that time I was already drafting DATA alliance document for coinmarketcap and had some exclusivity limitation for our research data at CER.live.

We always had long discussions with Bobby, for example, how can the crypto world be improved? We shared a similar vision! Once CER.live limitations on CMC exclusivity finished, we started to actively discuss potential cooperation with Coingecko. The first step was BtC and ETH cold wallet rankings, but we did face few complexities with data accuracy and most people involved in crypto didn’t really understand that information.

Q2. Hacken already has multiple working products one of them is HackenAI, which is also available in the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore and consists of many different features. We would love to hear more about the different exciting functionalities of that product, but first please tell us why you decided to create such a product, which is quite different from most other products in the crypto space.

So we have built a successful B2B cybersecurity company, its now the market leader in blockchain security and hat was our focus! Unfortunately it didn’t help much for HoN tokenomics, me personally I am huge fan of alternative finance

and alternative company’s shareholding/stakeholding equity structure. We didn’t see how in B2B it is achievable, So our decision was to start focusing on B2C market and to solve the problem of users that we know the best - cybersecurity

We wanted and we created unique utility for HAI token and Hacken club membership that allows us to build dependency between userbase grow and demand in HAI We have released an app in May and We have passed through difficult period of bug fixes. Now we enter the period of polishing the user experience and user acquisition, so to be ready to expand soon. HAI token will play the key role in this expansion I am absolutely sure that success of crypto project lays in B2C and when it solves real problems like cybersecurity- it is a pleasure to spend endless hours at work creating this product.

Q3. Another feature of HackenAI is the so called Darknet monitoring, please explain to us what this feature does and how you gather the information

We have created the biggest breaches database in the world - 13 bln records

and It was difficult but fun. We keep increasing it by around 3 new breaches everyday. So imagine you are a hacker, if you want hack someone, the first place where you will go is to the darknet. To search your victims emails if it was included in some breach and find out the password. Once you find it - then you try to insert to victims other account. Unfortunately 70% of people reuses their passwords and if they don’t use 2fa, which is also usually the case. Then to hack this person is 5 min job. Our service DarkNet nonitoringhas the biggest database in the world and we timely inform our users of his or his family accounts are at danger. You can try now and check if your password is in our breaches database (Hacken.ai/darknetmon) We will have pretty fun competitions soon Whoever has most breaches, will win some prizes

Whoever tests more friends and invites - will receive protect a friend award and also some prizes, Lots of room for creativity. We will start all this marketing stuff soon.

Q4. We understand that you have just released a feature called CERtified which monitors the security standards of crypto exchanges. Can you give us some more details on how and why this is being implemented and what effects it will have on investors using this service?

With this release, CEOs of cryptocurrency exchanges who didn’t invest much in their security will suddenly find out that they are in the bottom of the ranking

and they would start investing in cybersec. If we prevent at least one hack (we will never know about it) than our mission is achieved and if we speak about impact on HAI, then Yes it was part of the plan for token promotion. Exchanges will have an option to get our security services in exchange for HAI listing and im talking about every exchange of course, Tier 2 and above :)

Q5. A part of HackenAI is also educational content like the CyberBootCamp. Could you please give us some information on its content and the gamification features that are built into that

Cyberbootcamp was built with tree main thoughts in mind:

- it should cover as much cyber threats as possible

- it shouldn’t be to complicated

- it should be interactive and gamification

We do reward user with achievements and NFT collectibles once they finish the modules and this is actually area of our next focus. We will start speaking more and more about NFT collectibles and how they can be used. There is huge room of potential engagement in it, we also pla series of short and simplified cartoons with mascot HAI they will put as adds in social media’s. We have big plans and we always dream big - and as you can see we know how to reach our dreams!

Q6. But this is not all HackenAI has in store for its users. A few exciting featuresare yet to be integrated! Please tell us about the up and coming features of HackenAI and if you have an ETA on their launch dates

So we have around 6 features that we want to develop, Unfortunately we need to prioritize. I would love to do everything at the same time, but this is impossible.

Our decision is to focus on feature that will drastically increase user retention and daily engagement and of course will help us to give additional security to our users. It is about software and hardware 2fa solution, users will be able to start using HackenAi instead inconvinient google authenticator and will have a chance to connect amazing hardware devices to enhance their security and user experience to a next level. I personally use only hardware 2fa and I swear it saves time and adds security. I really want to share this experience its our users, I want to open the cards a bit, first 900 devices are already produced and waiting it’s Hacken Club members at the warehouse!

Those devices can be: credit cards (crypto hardware wallets), key chains, hand bracelets. We are creating SDK that any producer will be able to integrate into his device and immediately add value to it, this will be start of HackenAI journey to be something bigger than just B2B. We are aiming to be be B2B2C amazon for cybersecurity products and we will provide are correct community’s with the best verified solutions

Q7. As always our final TGH question is about possible new exchange listings. We know that you can't speak about anything that's not finalized yet due do NDA, but maybe you can give us a hint or let us and the investors know, if that's something that is on the list.

We do negotiate listing with all our clients and this is a hint!

We do have very powerful tool now www.Hackenproof.com Follow this project!

Tomorrow will be the first day after this important milestone reached, New

listings will become priority now and only tire 2 and above!

To view the entire live AMA use the following link https://t.me/TheGemHuntersTG/149703

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