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Q1) - Good day, why don't we start off with what is Mammoth Corp?

Great day in fact, very happy to answer some Mammoth questions. Mammoth Corp is a team with BIG ideas and goals. We are a group of individuals who value the principles of decentralization, transparency, and bringing true value to the space. We started out with our ETH gaming platform called and are slowly expanding our reach into additional markets and niches within the DeFi space. I for one am very excited about our future as we grow into those additional markets and continue to build and offer more and more services through our planned network of dapps.

Q2) - So who are the team and what are their backgrounds?

Our team is anonymous, and will stay that way. This is an important value for us as well and we want to set a standard to follow for anonymous teams out there, through our transparent and decentralized focused projects. You need not trust individuals when you can bypass that through decentralization, we are learning to trust the code. By using trustless applications, whether I or anybody else goes away, all contracts are still available, open sourced, and accessible by anybody with a wallet and able to call a function. This is truly something valuable, and we are seeking to add more every day through our development.

A little about myself, I have a corporate/management background from before I entered the crypto space in late 2016/early 2017. I spent some time investing/trading/gaming through the years in various dapps and networks while building a strong working knowledge of dapp models and management practices within the space. Over the past 3 years I've built up a crypto specific resume working with various projects in moderation, management, and consultancy roles. I also met my business partner @tszunami around this time, though we did not begin working together until later in my career here.

Tszunami comes from a business ownership and management background, he has also designed tokenomics models for hundreds of projects over the years. He really has a great understanding of macroeconomics as showcased through our project tokenomic designs. In our daily talks I'm always impressed by his thought process and how we come to idea conception points through those talks. So to summarize, he is an idea machine which we then slowly shape and mold into a concept and model through our combined experience in the space.

Between us, we handle all management and development aspects of Mammoth Corp. Our technical development team is also semi-anon, but very well known in the space and a great resume of past projects to reference. I am truly blessed to have such a great team backing Mammoth and it's one I know I will have the pleasure of working with for quite a long time on into the future.

Q3) - The team is building quite the ecosystem and before we get to the different tokens, why did Mammoth decide to release a full fledged ecosystem instead of a more traditional slower development considering Mammoth is only 2-3 month old?

Great question! Through our combined experience in investing, trading, playing dapps over the years, we really have a strong understanding of how token models work, and also what makes them fail. There are numerous examples to point out, but ecosystems often start with one coin and then end up needing to incorporate other tokens into the ecosystem later, sometimes at the detriment of liquidity or inflation. By looking deeper into our ecosystem, you'll see that each token itself stands alone and has specific use while also complimenting each other and contributing to each others ecosystems. If anything I think it is amazing we have built such a great ecosystem in such a short period of time, and really this is only the beginning of those plans.

Q4) - So since this project is crypto related, and Mammoth has 3 tokens in its gaming project so far and developing a 4th token now, why don't you tell us in detail about Mammoth Game's tokens: ATIS, VTIS, and MCAP? We will get to the 4th in just a bit.

To summarize them in a few lines each:

ATIS - Our primary Mammoth Games ecosystem token; very low starting supply of 1,000,000 ATIS, 1% deflationary, with profit sharing through staking, paying out ETH dividends from the platform's earnings every two days. As more games and other dapps are developed through Mammoth, those will additonally provide revenue streams into ATIS' ETH drip.

VTIS - The secondary gaming token in our ecosystem, VTIS will be obtained through a series of gaming contracts, airdrops, raffles, supply drip, and hourglass contracts. The ETH raised through VTIS is redistributed through ATIS staking divs and a small portion towards Mammoth's Capital Fund portfolio. VTIS will also be required for entry into Mammoth's 3rd and final token which is MCAP.

MCAP - Mammoth Capital Fund Token, represents a unique portion of Mammoth's ecosystem. It is its very own investment portfolio that is tokenized and backed by 100,000 ATIS at minimum. Several pieces of the Mammoth ecosystem will feed into MCAP's portfolio, and ETH raised in the first round of the token sale will be utilized and invested in other cryptocurrency projects, partner tokens, and other viable investment vehicles in order to add additional value and backing to Mammoth's core project. There will only be a limited supply of MCAP ever available, adding to its scarcity and value through its backing assets.

Q5) - Are there plans to add more coins to the ecosystem or will it stay at four for a while?

Great question, and I can understand the potential concern from investors surrounding a team making numerous tokens which can potentially harm the project as I mentioned earlier. What is great about our ecosystem is each coin has a specific use and compliments the others in that system. Now, our fourth token, this one will in spirit be a seperate project and development and not a gaming project. Run by the same well known team and leaders, but in a totally different sector of the space. So, to answer, I don't see an immediate need to create a new coin for any of our current ecosystems being planned and developed, but I also don't see the team stopping development in the greater DeFi space, and future projects are already being considered and planned for the larger Mammoth Network we are building. Remember I mentioned we think BIG?

Q6) - This is a really great and unique ecosystem being built up, now this fourth token is a bit more interesting, and looks to be very similar to a recently launched token and I believe the best way to put is a LID Protocol version 2.0? Tell us about LOCK token, what you aim to accomplish with it, and how is it similar or in some aspects better than LID?

Huge questions! I am very excited to talk about our latest project, SherLOCK Security, represented by LOCK token of which we have our presale rounds starting on Sept, 5th. In some ways yes you could say we are picking up a very strong foundation model like LIDs and really picking apart the process to make it more efficient and of course safer for everyone. Mammoth's inception centered around the many rugs and scams we have experienced and the vision was to bring value through honest development/growth, initially through our gaming platform. LOCK quickly grew from concept to fleshed out idea almost overnight, and since then we have been working hard to really bring our best and adding much needed additional layered solutions on top of what is currently being offered in the decentralized security market. Daily conversations occur about how we should tackle and solve these issues and I really think these are needed changes to the model and space. The more we set these standards and hold developers to them, the safer we can keep our wallets from rugs and dirty developers.

Q7) - I'm sure LOCK will grow to become a great competitor and possibly better than LID, even. How will you partner with other projects and make sure they don't cause problems for LOCK like the MYX issue for LID?

There's a few things we are looking to add to the process to solve issues exactly like the one that occurred with MYX Network. The issue was two-fold, a developer with a known history of rugs and dirty development practices, was allowed to be licensed and two things could have been done to catch that, in my opinion. A simple review of the contract would have found it was a direct clone of one of his past projects, with a few edits to tokenomics. Second, there was additional vetting that could have occurred, through the use of 3rd party scam review services which LOCK token will be utilizing as part of its comprehensive review process for potential dapps on its launchpad. From the moment of conception to the presale and on into development, Mammoth is looking for ways to streamline efficiency and create additional security for both the project and investors or end-users, through diligent review from multiple sources and vectors.

Q8) - So Mammoth has a gaming platform, and are now launching a security services platform as well. Is that a bit strange or how and why did you decide to create multiple projects in different crypto areas?

Ultimately we are see ourselves as decentralized entrepreneurs, if you will. Adding value for our investors should not, and will not, ever stop just because we finish completing a project. So no, not at all; on the contrary in fact, I think finishing a project is merely a stepping stone on into greater building phases. Much like an investment portfolio, we are looking to diversify our development across multiple crypto spaces and continue adapting along with the ever growing space. DeFi makes incredible advances every day and we are very interested in staying as relevant as possible in our development along with those advances. That, and decentralized security services are in very high demand right now, there only being several of these projects out there aside from our own in this small niche. We as a team and a collective community of investors, will alway seek to add value to our products through adaptable use-case and continued expansion into new developing fields with lucrative market shares.

Q9) - What is your long term goal for this project or rather where do you see Mammoth in a year or two?

First, in terms of goals I am envisioning a much more robust Mammoth ecosystem where ATIS stakers are profiting from Mammoth's various gaming revenue streams, VTIS players are earning gaming tokens through Mammoths various in house games and swapping them for MCAP. MCAP investors are busy making DAO decisions through use of their MCAP tokens to vote on how Mammoth allocates its investment funds. LOCK token will take a position possibly even larger than Mammoth's footprint, providing services to the greater blockchain network and now helping ensure both investor and project security through sound business strategy and decentralized, trustless practices. And... there are other projects in the works I can't yet speak on...

All I can say is I see a very bright future for Mammoth and its investors. We are committed to long term, honest, and steady growth through viable and valuable use case for our tokens and their economies.

Q10) - As this is an exclusive AMA and we don't have the community here live to ask questions is there anything the team would like to add as Important information or just a short piece of your mind?

Shout out to all the OG Mammoth's who told us to 'shut up and take their money', without them it wouldn't be possible and I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to lead. The amount of support has been humbling and overwhelming in our short development time so far. For new or potential investors, I encourage a look into our ecosystem and its value adds through sound tokenomics and popular working models. Our principles will always be a driving factor in our motivation to make this space great: decentralization, diversity, community driven participation, and transparency are all held in very high regard by our team and we will always raise our own bar to adapt to the growing space. These principles will always be staples of the Mammoth product lines we are building. Mammoth is powerful, Mammoth is driven, Mammoth is BIG.

A big thank you to everyone for their time and support as we grow even larger and stronger. Until the next AMA Mammoths, we keep building!

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