1) Please give us some information on Meliora, what are you guys setting out to achieve and how did you come up with the idea?

At Meliora, we’re trying to build a trading platform where no one needs anything but a wallet in these times when issues such as tax, regulation are on the agenda. Meliora will utilize atomic swaps in Meli-Wallet through Hashed TimeLock Contracts. Current risks and problems of CEXs and DEXs will be not an issue in our platform. Traders’ coins, tokens never leave their wallet till the transaction is executed so it provides trustless security. When a trader wants to sell a coin for a token on an exchange should execute several trades to get the target token like coin to BTC and then BTC to the target token. However, in our cross-chain platform, traders can swap all kind of cryptocurrencies against each other.

2) Please give us some information on the team, their backgrounds and how you all met?

(Theo) I’m the project lead of Meliora. I have been into crypto since 2015. I have been an ambassador for 2 different projects for more than 2 years. I organized and ran regional campaigns for the projects. I have experienced a lot about crypto space in those 2 years. Apart from crypto, I have been teaching adults for more than 12 years. That’s all I can say for now 😊

AdHoc is the lead developer of the project. He is employed by a private blockchain solutions company. He is a web and smart contract developer. Proficient in Python, Solidity, Rust and performance optimization. We have known each other for about 3 years.

James is another developer in our team and competent in Web3, Dapps and HTLC. He has written up thesis on Atomic swaps and currently working at a University as an IT engineer. I met James at a seminar last year.

3) Now can we get a better understanding of the industry your targeting, tell us about that industry and what advantages does Meliora have against competitors?

Cross-chain is a much needed and desired technology as all blockchains stand as an isolated island. There have been some project trying to bring this to the masses, and some of them have already achieved but as Crosschain is still its infancy, they could not solve the adaptability problem. Keeping this in mind, we want to create better utilities for MORA on the platform. We believe that competitors have failed to place their tokens at the heart of their platforms.

4) Could we get a better understanding on the token itself, what kind of token are you issuing, what use case will it hold and how will it work within the Meliora Ecosystem?

MORA will be an ERC20 token till our platform is live. In fact, there will always be a certain amount of ERC20 MORA in existence for trading purposes. MORA will provide fee discount to traders on the platform. Apart from this, MORA holders will share a certain amount of the revenue generated on the platform. As a governance token, it will also enable users voting right. Therefore, MORA holders will shape the future of the ecosystem. Furthermore, we offer holders passive income opportunity, they will stake their tokens and earn up to 90% APY.

5) Now we know about the project and token, please enlighten us to why investors should invest their money, what perks do they get for investing and what incentives will new buyers and holders alike receive?

Our staking platform will go live a few days after TGE, so MORA holders will increase their holdings by staking. We have 3 staking tiers offering 50%, 70%, and 90% APY. After platform launch, holders will get fee discount on their trades and get their share from the platform revenue. I believe investing in projects at early stage is always a good idea. Our roadmap can be found on our website:

6) We hear your about to kick off the public sale, could you run through the sales metrics and tokenomics to give us a better idea, what is the hard cap and initial market cap?

Yes, Public Sale starts on 25th March at 17:00 UTC. It will take place on safuinvestments decentralized launch platform. Here is the link:

Details about the Public Sale:

Public Sale Hard Cap: 380 ETH

Token Price: 4000 MORA per ETH (0.00025 ETH)

Uniswap Listing Price: 3453 MORA per ETH (0.0002895)

Total Token Supply: 5500000 MORA

Initial Circulating Supply: 2375000 (43% of total supply upon Uniswap listing)

Market cap at launch: 680 ETH

For further details, here is our medium article:

Project Socials:





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