Welcome to the Morpheus Labs Live AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for coming to TGH and sharing information on $MITX with the community!

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here. Our CTO @bruceluy and CIO @dorelb will be taking on the AMA!

Its a massive honor once again guys to host such an outstanding project at TGH!

Now a lot of us have obviously heard of Morpheus Labs as you guys have been around for years, but for anyone who isn’t familiar would you kindly give us all a brief recap and introduction into this amazing project?

Thanks, let me intro Morpheus Labs and our project Morpheus Labs SEED, Morpheus Labs is a Blockchain company based in Singapore. We have created a product called “Morpheus Labs SEED”, a BPaaS (Blockchain Platform as a Service), blockchain agnostic platform, aiming to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real world (companies, devs, students), to fast track Blockchain Adoption in the real world.

As SEED platform is blockchain agnostic we are integrating and partnering with a lot of blockchains Ethereum, Vechain, EOS, NEO, Waves, Wanchain, Tomochain, CPChain, NEM, NULS, ICON, Nervos, Hyperledger, ProximaX and many more. Furthermore, we are working closely and integrating with giants like Huawei and more to establish our second unique capability after agnosticism that is multi-cloud.

Morpheus Labs has been featured by the Singapore Government as an Enterprise and Business blockchain solution provider in 2019 and 2020, along with those technology giants (

Last but not least, for convenience, communities sometimes also refer our project or our platform as MITX, the same as the name of our utility token.

So we would love to get to know more about the team that’s behind $MITX as its got to be one of the most experienced teams we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting. Weve read the story of how Pei-Han and the founding team were in a Starbucks cafe in Singapore discussing the potential of blockchain technology which eventually gave birth to $MITX We love real stories from real people, it proves how real the project is! Please enlighten us with some details on the experience and backgrounds of some of the key team members and the journey has been so far?

Thanks. I'm Bruce, CTO and cofounder of Morpheus Labs, in software development and technology innovation for more than 20 years. Before Morpheus Labs, was with IBM Singapore for more than 10 years as a lead technology architect. From 2016 to 2017, when working with IBM, implemented a blockchain solution using HyperLedger for a world leading bank, that was the first kind of solution in the APAC region. In the years in Morpheus Labs, together with other co-founders and fellow colleagues, created a leading blockchain service platform, established partnerships with most of the significant blockchain protocol and solution providers. Now, apart from helping customers adopt the platform and blockchain technologies, I’m also focusing on on-boarding new promising technologies into the MITx ecosystem.

I am Dorel , the Co-founder and CIO and I have more than 18 years of experience in Technology Transformation in the Banking & Financial Sector, I have plenty of interdisciplinary mix of technical and business skills. As an IT industry leader in driving organisations towards the adoption of an enterprise solution to scale their businesses, I spearheaded IT initiatives & Implementation totalizing €2B Budget, risk analysis and cost optimisation resulting in remarkable savings, and successfully implemented multi-million dollar projects, some of them were for Amundi Pioneer (ex. Pioneer Investments), National Commercial Bank, Central Bank of Libya, HypoVereinsbank and UniCredit Group. And I became passionate about blockchain back in 2016.

What im finding is all the older projects have far more experienced teams over newer projects and all the projects that have survived 3-4 years have insane teams.

Correct @BiT_SHaMaN 👍 . We spend thousands of hours in planning and our boots on the ground experience let us know what , why and how for the blockchain adoption into business . Like DeFi or other business networks.

Thanks for the introductions, now that we now have a brief understanding of the project itself and know you guys better, we would love to get more of an understanding of the industry Morpheus Labs is targeting, we understand your focused on building, developing and implementing innovative solutions for energy trading, What industries are you targeting and how big of an opportunity do investors have putting their money on $MITX?

Pei-Han is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in business development and fundraising. Being a business veteran, he managed to expand his previous company with conglomerates in the emerging market. His involvement in start-ups varied across industries that enabled him to expand the previous businesses rapidly with his network and resources. Then he co-founded Morpheus Labs with Dorel & myself, which is one of the fastest-growing low-code, one-stop blockchain application development platform in the market today.

The Morpheus Labs SEED platform is designed for users to implement innovative blockchain solutions across industries. Different industries have been progressing at different pace in adoption of blockchain technology. We see that Financial Services, FinTech, Energy, Supply Chain have explored and adopted blockchain to optimize business processes or create new business opportunities.

Currently, most successful use cases are those new businesses leveraging decentralized capabilities of blockchain, such as various DeFi solutions, NFT solutions, asset tokenizations. In addition, we also see many people still cannot differentiate between Bitcoin and Blockchain, awareness and basic education are fundamental for wider adoption of blockchain. Our focus at the moment are Education, Financial Services and FinTech, Supply Chain industries, furthermore, we will get more involved in supporting decentralized businesses.

From a geolocation perspective, we see that Singapore and SouthEast Asia are very open to business solutions on blockchain technology. On the other hand, blockchain has penetrated the public consciousness in China, and it has a great hold in mining, investing, and research. The state is openly funding blockchain initiatives, both within the government and private companies.

Some of our key partners have an Immersed network in China and hence this is also one of the potential markets that we are collaborating with.

With more blockchain adoption in conventional businesses, and growth in new decentralized businesses, the more demands and opportunities will be there for Morpheus Labs SEED and MITX.

We're really interested in know more about how businesses are leveraging blockchain

Now that we have a broader understanding of the industry your involved in, we would love some more in-depth information on the actual tech that you guys have been developing over the last few years, what have you achieved so far and how far have you come since 2018?

Anyone can do check out our technical roadmap:

We have integrated various blockchain protocols into SEED, constantly upgrade our development tools and building use cases on blockchain technology.

We are the only low-code end-to-end platform for both developers and enterprise clients to build and deploy blockchain-based solutions. The one-stop, low code development platform includes the AppLibrary where customizable industrial solutions are listed and showcased to the public. We just launched our AppLibrary 2.0 last November.

Its amazing what you have achieved in so little time and lowering entry barriers and difficulty of integration is a huge step, bigger than most think. so the question now is, what are you currently working on at this moment and going forward what are some of the targets and plans, what can we investors look forward to seeing in the future?

While developing new features for SEED itself, e.g. support Cross-Cloud, adding new development tools, adding more dApps in App Library, we are also in talks with more blockchain protocol and solution partners and we are evolving our current business model to be able to grow the “MITx ecosystem”, expanding it out from the current SEED platform so that MITx can potentially be used in more use cases.

I have few more points to elaborate:

a) Enterprise — Industrial implementation tighter collaboration with blockchain partners in cross-promotion and campaigns to promote their solutions within Morpheus Labs SEED platform to the public. Joint marketing efforts with industry partners and leaders in promoting implementation via SEED platform.

b) Education outreach - Working with education partners in educating students and professionals to learn the complex environment of blockchain, giving them a head start to blockchain development and propelling them into the talent-hungry blockchain development world.

c) Enterprise outreach - Working with key partners (e.g. system integrators) to reach out to their client base

d) Cross Cloud - to have SEED to run on major clouds, e.g. currently on AWS, working to implement it on Huawei Cloud, and next other major cloud providers to help reach more potential customer base.

Realistically, we hope to have as many big clouds and blockchains connected to us, where companies, students and developers can ‘use’ the platform. We focus on building the tools to develop on blockchains, while we let blockchain companies focus on improving their blockchain.

Integrating a blockchain based invoice and payment solution provider to use and incorporate it into SEED platform; integrating a cross chain solution to provide interoperability in SEED; Adding domain specific solution building blocks to support developing DeFi and NFT solutions; Spin off new projects to develop new dApps using MITx as utility tokens.

We also know your attending the Huawei webinar which is absolutely huge! What will this mean for Morpheus Labs, what will you be presenting to the world and how will this benefit the project and investors alike? Will this bring much needed recognition and exposure?

Our CEO, is not here , he will be sharing about Blockchain on Cloud: Technology for the next generation. To learn more, sign up to attend the webinar online if you are able to make it! Here’s the link for registration:

It is important to remind that the he accelerator program has its strategy itself to connect business networks, provide marketing support and mentorship to accelerate our growth. Being in the top 15 amongst more Than 500 startups globally is a great opportunity for us to gain direct access to many respectable mentors in various areas of the business. This is the time for Morpheus Labs to seek greater market validation and set foot in the emerging technology market. Getting the attention of these players would have long-term significance and may come in handy for Morpheus Labs in the near future. Whether it may be collaborations, future funding, or even becoming our customers may no longer seem a long-shot after we had been part of this program.

The collaboration with the Huawei team (of senior positions) has started. We see that there is a lot of synergy between us to move forward in the blockchain space.

I will give some keys :

a) Blockchain is one of the key national strategies for China & SG

b) To increase product offering to customers

c) ML has also shared the roadmap of SEED with the Huawei team

Morpheus Labs has recently listed on Kucoin, congratulations, this is obviously another step towards the recognition and mainstream adoption, but how will $MITX benefit from listing top teir exchanges?

Yes, listing MITx on Kucoin is a step towards increasing recognition and awareness for MITx in various communities, and this will help in wider adoption of MITx in a bigger ecosystem. With MITx from listing on top tier exchanges, it will provide more reliable financial resources for Morpheus Labs to achieve planned milestones for SEED and help further develop and expand the MITx ecosystem. MITx token holders will benefit from more token demand in the healthy MITx tokenomics, please refer to our current MITx tokenomics. We will further evolve MITx tokenomics based on the SEED milestone and new business and product development plan.

Link to tokenomics:

For more information on Morpheus Labs ($MITX) use the links below!




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