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Welcome to the NFT Company live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s start off with some introduction. Please be so kind as to introduce yourself to the community? Please tell us about your experience and work in the Crypto field!

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes! So I’m one of five team members of NFT Company. We’ll be talking a little more about the company later, but I’ve been active in the crypto space since 2016 and have worked on blockchain teams at Fortune 500 companies and well known blockchain startups. Then decided to join NFT Co. earlier this year to start building out our new product, I’ll talk about the rest of our team a little later, but we all have pretty deep experience in the crypto space, especially across NFTs and DeFi.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s talk about the project in depth .Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : NFT Company believes in a world where people interact with the blockchain ecosystem in a much more user friendly way than the complexities that exist today through NFTs, That sounds like a pretty lofty goal, so I’ll give some background. We were actually super early when it comes to NFTs. We started the company in 2019 and have funding from Binance Labs. The first version of our product that demoed in 2019 was a gasless, no wallet required NFT minting platform. But we have since pivoted though due to the large number of NFT minting apps out there today . More recently we think the future of crypto relies upon programmable NFTs that provide utility for almost any use case (e.g. interacting with your favorite DeFi protocol). We are creating programmed NFTs, developing a product to manage them all in one place, and enabling the marketplace for people to buy, sell, and create their own.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years.What makes NFT Company stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the programmable NFTs, and could you run us through how it actually works?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yeah there are a couple different things that make NFT Co. different from other platforms. One is that there isn’t another company that’s creating programmable NFTs or a marketplace of programmable NFTs. We’re enabling those in the crypto ecosystem to interact in brand new ways . I’ll give an example, Take a protocol like PoolTogether. A no loss lottery is a great idea, but to participate in PoolTogether, firstly a person needs to know such a thing exists (discoverability problem), install a browser extension wallet (UX problem), get some crypto in it (UX problem), understand the different pools available and how the protocol works (know-how problem) and finally execute a series of transactions (UX problem). All this can be neatly abstracted away by an NFT that is programmed to work with the PoolTogether protocol. Similarly there are a lot of lending and borrowing protocols that have different UIs, but similar functionality. The goal is to bring that all together and have a user manage everything in the same place . And on top of that, we’re building a marketplace of NFTs that will allow users to easily sell, buy, and create their own programmable NFTs.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team . How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : The core team is 5 people at the moment. We have two front end developers, a back end developer, designer, and me on product / marketing. Backgrounds are from Google, Apple, and ConsenSys, as well as other crypto startups. The founder of the company is Adi Kancherla who has been working on crypto startups since 2017 after working on distributed systems at Google. Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : You mentioned about Binance Labs, how have they helped you in the development of the project? Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes! They’ve been super helpful. They gave us our initial funding in 2019 .The Binance Labs network has also been great. So many people and projects working together. It’s helping us develop a lot faster And will help us grow with partnerships upon our initial launch.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Right now NFTs are mostly considered as digital art. How are developers and creators going to benefit from your project apart from creating NFTs?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : First is through the different types of NFTs that can be created through the platform. We’re creating the librarie and tools that are going to enable others not just to create art, but programmable NFTs for their own use cases and protocols. Second is that in addition to creating, selling, and buying NFTs, developers and creators will be able to benefit from the success of the platform through our token and tokenomics. I can’t say too much on this yet, but there will be incentives for those who use our marketplace.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : You have not launched your token yet. What is the reason behind that? Do you have any plans to incorporate NFTs as a major transaction medium into the NFT Company ecosystem?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : The token will be launched in conjunction with the NFT Co. marketplace in the next few weeks, which will be used in fee collection / fee distribution and as a governance token. For the second part, there will be an NFT Co. programmed NFT that will be part of the ecosystem. We’re currently building this functionality as well and you’ll be able to complete certain activities within the marketplace.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell us about your Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward. Who will be the major Audience that you are focusing on? Do you have any strategies to attract non Crypto traditional investors?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes, so here are the next big milestones:

  • We’re going to launch the marketplace and token in the next few weeks

  • We’ll then launch our programmable NFTs and first use cases following that.

  • Throughout the end of 2021, we’ll be focused on building out more and more programmable NFT use cases.

Right now we’re focused on two main custmomer groups: Right now we’re focused on two main custmomer groups: DeFi protocol users & NFT collectors. As we grow, we plan to target groups that are less familiar with DeFi and crypto, but want to start off with those already invested in the space. For more information on NFT Company refer to the links below :

  • Website :

  • Twitter :

  • Discord :

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