Q1 First of all we would like you guys to introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your backgrounds.

"Jasin" - Hi there and thanks for the warm welcome, its a pleasure to meet you guys!

Jasin, Founder and CEO of Nova Mining, has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2014. In 2017, he independently founded his private cryptocurrency farm with more than 700 GPUs connected to Ethereum mining for personal usage. Guided by his passion for cryptocurrencies, he co-founded Nova Mining to make mining and cryptocurrencies available for everyone.

"Dmitry" - My name is Dmitry and i am the COO and Co-Founder of Nova Mining

Before we started to work on the project together with Jasin, i has studied cryptocurrencies since 2015 and has fully entered the industry since 2017, providing various services to crypto projects, such as consultation, strategy and business-plan development. Now my versatile experience will be directed to Nova Mining and it’s global community.

Q2 The project name 'Nova Mining' might already be self explanatory, but nonetheless we would love to get a pitch of the project.

After the growth of mining back in 2017, we realized the potential of distributed economy and new financial technologies, that might overcome the existing ones in near future. Since this time, we started to research and develop the concept, in which users can get access to such thing as mining, but without the complexity in inputs including equipment acquisition and maintenance. During these 3 years, we have been modifying the concept and product the way it will be more accessible and simple.

So after all this time we glad to present you the Nova Mining, that combining decentralized approach, simplicity in user experience and revenue-based model, that will provide the positive feedback loop.

Q3 The most crucial part of your ecosystem is going to be the farm. Could you give us some more information on the mining farm?

Mining farm functional is crucial for Nova Mining Ecosystem, because it generating revenue not only for token holders, but to the project itself to grow and expand Into larger and better growing decentralized ecosystem for not only NMT Token holders, but for other crypto users as well.

Q4 Did you raise funds in a private sale round to cover the costs of hardware and running operations to this date?

We personally funded the necessary parts of the project to make some sort of MVP for the community and future investors and to make sure our projections and experience are enough to expand the capabilities of the Nova Mining.

Q5 What are the benefits for holder of the native $NMT token?

The holders of NMT token will receive a list of benefits:

- Staking Platform with ETH Rewards

- Ability to use NMT in Multi-Tiered Incentivization Programs

- Participation in Nova Mining Governance System

Actually, we are already developing some new features, but they are NDA for now:)

Q6 The crypto currency space can be quite shady at times. How can you assure your token holder, that they get a fair share according to their holdings?

Our goal is to provide the transparency in rewards distribution according different blockchains. For now we mine ETH, so distribution will be made fully on-chain through the Vault.

We plan to expand our mining to other majors like BTC. In this case, we will provide the interface for BTC distrubition rate and then will be converting rewards to ETH, so users will be up to claim them directly from Vault.

Q7 Please tell us more about the ecosystem around Nova Mining.

We want to make Nova Ecosystem be more than just a tokenized mining - decentralized governance with proposals from community, grants for community-made applications, expansion of Mining part through partners and much more!

Q8 You are already running profitable mining operations, but what is your goal after you've raised funds and how much dividends can your community expect?

Yes, we have launched a mini-farm of 200 GPUs that provides around 20-25 ETH monthly so our plan after presale is to buy equipment and to raise these rewards up to 100-150+ ETH, distributed between NMT Stakers on weekly basis.

Q9 Asides from Ethereum, are you also going to mine other token?

Our main focus will be on the "self-proclaimed" king of cryptocurrencies - BTC, so major part of funds raised in presale will be dedicated to ASICs equipment.

Q10 Could you break down the use of the pre-sale funds for us please.

The funds collected in presale will be distributed as per our initial plan:

Liquidity Lock: 60% (1 year lock)

Mining Equipment Acquisition: 33%

Team: 7%

This will make our team stronger, farm more efficient and, of course, users comfortable with listings and rewards!

Q11 What are the best sources to find out more about Nova Mining?

You want to know more about us and we are happy about it!

Here are the links that you will find useful:

Telegram Announcements: @nmt_ann



We are waiting for your questions in our warm chat - @nmtofficial!

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