Obee Network ($OBEE) LIVE AMA

Welcome to the Obee Network LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to thank the team for sharing information on their new project with our community.

Q1) So to kick thing's off, why don't we start off with what is OBEE?


Okay, I am honored to introduce Obee Network to everyone! Obee Network is a content social platform based on contribution mining. The team is committed to the first social product for ordinary users to enter the blockchain. Using the contribution rule algorithm, after accurate calculation, give users Token rewards. We give benefits to users. This may not be possible with social products such as facebook and twitter. As long as you contribute to our platform, the revenue should be yours. I feel that this should be the concept of defi, decentralization. The nature of the application.

Q2) Who is the team behind OBEE and what are some of their background's?

Our team mainly has two co-sponsors, one is I am mainly responsible for marketing these, and the other co-founder is mainly responsible for operations, as well as product development and operation and maintenance. He He is a master of computer science from Peking University. In addition, we currently have 4 front-end and back-end developers, 2 operation managers, and a UI designer. Our domestic team is already well known by everyone. We have 8 part-time volunteers at home and abroad. In addition to the main overseas telegram communities, we have also opened up markets in Indonesia, Arabia, and Vietnam. Now we are developing rapidly in internationalization.

Q3) 'OBEE' Can be a difficult concept to understand for some, How would you describe it to someone who has no idea what it is?

This question is very good. Our white paper has a positioning for our product: the first social product dedicated to ordinary users entering the blockchain. So please register our products! https://www.obee.vip/

Log in to the homepage, the above function points are clear at a glance, timeline, blog, group, merchandise market, game, these functions are very fun, when you use our products, we will give you benefits according to the incentive formula on the white paper. Create an article and blog now, you will get 10 OBEE, comments will get 4 OBEE, likes will get 1 OBEE, daily ordinary users will get an OBEE limit of 60 OBEE, and member users will get an OBEE limit of 500 OBEE. Once your OBEE reaches the withdrawal limit, Can be extracted freely.

Q4) The subscription function of OBEE Network has different privileges in 4 levels. If you become a subscriber, how much benefit will it bring to users?

Very good question, I also look forward to answering this question today. As I said in the third question, at present, our ordinary registered users can get 60 OBEE per day, and member users can get up to 500 OBEE per day. Our four kinds of subscribers are equivalent to holding currency to earn interest, but the length of the currency holding time and the discount are normal. This is about the price of our four members.

The first three types of subscribers can be obtained through upgrade purchases, and the fourth type of subscribers only need to pledge 200,000 OBEE, and the pledged OBEE can be retrieved at any time. For example: a user upgrades to the first type of star subscriber, then he needs to transfer👉🏻

0xC3d77Cc7A31BB66eFc3EA6E34571A27152F2448D to this address to transfer 8000 OBEE, then after becoming a star member, he can get up to 500 OBEE by posting articles, likes, and comments every day. If it takes one month, he will get at most 15,000 OBEE and net income of 7,000 OBEE. This income is also considerable now.

Q5) How does OBEE Network plan to bring new members to the network with marketing?

Users who have used our products know that the number of our users is growing very fast. Users in many countries are using our products. The key is to bring happiness to users when using our products. I have seen many users enjoy our products. Sometimes they also recommend their friends to use our products. It is worth noting that if other friends register and upgrade to become friends of subscribers through your link, then you will get 10% feedback. For example: A user registered through your link and upgraded to a subscriber. Since the current price of advanced membership is 22000 OBEE, then you will get 2200 OBEE, and this profit will be yours. In addition, our activities are held quite frequently. We will hold at least 3 ama and other activities almost every month. We have always implemented this feature and it will help more users understand To our project. we are now recruiting capable community leaders in each country. If we can become our community leader, the profit will be very good. Moreover, the revenue of community leader will not be capped. You can earn as much as you have the ability. . Through the community plan, several countries are already very interested in our project and our products, and they are very happy to play.

Q6) How will OBEE Network appeal to traders? And What are some plan's to attract them, as well as increase liquidity

Just like the question above, we will hold several events every month to let more investors know about our project. But there is a core of the core, our project is quite creative, we give the benefits to users. Using a sentence from a friend in the Arab community said to us: "it is DEFI's strongest OBEE project.", I feel this is indeed the case. It is no exaggeration to say that we have made it to the ground. Many friends who play Uniswap know that if you inject liquidity on Uniswap, you will be rewarded with the transaction fee for that transaction, but the transaction fee is three thousandths and is not very high. If you come to the OBEE/ETH trading pair for liquidity, we will give an additional five-thousandth of the amount of OBEE injected, and a five-thousandth reward. If you inject 15 ETH or more of ETH, we will inject it for ten days each time. An additional reward of 12000 OBEE is given. For more details about liquidity reward rules, you can check this article:


Q7)- What is OBEE's exchange listing plan's is a cex on the table or will it be primarily dex only ?

We have been online on Uniswap before, but we are not limited to dex. Similarly, allow me to introduce the current token distribution and circulation of OBEE. OBEE has its own token economic model, which you can check through this link.


The current situation of token circulation is as follows:

OBEE supply: 12 billion yuan

Uniswap circulation: 7 million OBEE

Hoo circulation: 6 million OBEE

Nrc20 OBEE circulation: 4 million OBEE

Total circulation: 33 million OBEE

Contract address: 0x3678d8CC9Eb08875A3720f34c1C8d1e1B31F5A11

Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x11972cfbc3065da1238d1f34181ae6a726b1c651

Hoo: https://hoo.com/spot/obee-usdt

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/obee-network

Our real circulation is very low. Uniswap, hoo, nrc20, and holding OBEE are actually very small, and we mainly prove that mining produces uncirculated OBEE through contributions. OBEE emissions are currently very slow. According to Incentive method calculation, the current Obee Network incentive platform will output 18,000 OBEE per day through contribution mining

Some time ago, many foreign friends asked me when we will go online. My answer is that we will go online at an appropriate time. Now, it’s time for everyone to look forward to it. I can tell you now that we will launch the hoo exchange at 9:00 UTC on September 28, and we will not be limited to just one exchange. Friends will be in some big centralization See OBEE on the exchange.

Q8)-How does the OBEE Platform compare to other networking platforms?

Let me talk about the main feature of OBEE compared to other decentralized network platforms!

First: Obee Network is a landed product, which may not be available in many products.

Second: OBEE's economic incentive model is not available in many projects. It will very well strengthen the liquidity of OBEE.

Third: The hard work of the OBEE team is also not possessed by many teams.

We have these three characteristics, our hearts will be extremely strong, are we still afraid of setbacks and failures? We will make more efforts to make Obee Network a great project💪🏻

Q9)- To round thing's up does the team have anything to add?

I am very happy to be able to share the story about OBEE with you today. If you have any questions about Obee Network, you can ask me, I also really want to answer the Obee Network project with you, and look forward to everyone becoming Obee Network’s One member.

Please head over to our telegram for any more info - https://t.me/ObeeNetwork

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