Q1. To get things rolling we would like you to give us a brief introduction of OpenPredict

A1. OpenPredict is the first DeFi protocol to turn live predictions into liquid assets.

This is the first solution to provide deep hedging and insurance on any asset, smart contract or event. OpenPredict brings predictive options in an open format, expanding the breadth and innovative quota of products in the DeFi market

Q2. Please give us more information on your revolutionary DeFi protocol and what the tri-smart contract system does

A2. Well, basically, the protocol works by generating a tri-smart contract system for every event. The first contract acts as an escrow for the ‘predictors’ and the other two mint tokens that represent the correct predictors (‘o’ tokens) and the incorrect ones (‘io’ tokens). Both tokens are event specific and have an initial price of $100, but it can change as the event goes on. These minted tokens are event specific and can change in value. The main focus of the OpenPredict protocol is risk hedging for traders, insurance against protocol failures through default swaps, and highly leveraged trading for assets with limited order book depth (or even those with no order book, such as unlisted assets). However, as the protocol will be open, it can be used to launch predictions on virtually anything.

Q3. Is there anyone within the cryptocurrency space who is aiming to achieve something similar to OpenPredict?

A3. We don’t believe anyone has achieved what are trying to achieve. Opyn and Nexus do offer options against steep drops in the value of assets and insurance, which, to some degree, is similar to what the OpenPredict protocol offers, however, with OPT we allow users to have full control over the customization and others to participate freely. The protocol is open which means the possibilities are practically limitless.

Q4. Staking, yield farming and overall high interest rates, are extremely important to most investors within the cryptocurrency space at this moment. Will OpenPredict offer any of it?

A4. We do offer a wide array of benefits for OPT holders and stakers in the form of fees and discounts. Many of our products will offer notable discounts to people who use the OPT token, additionally, the escrow fee, as well as minting fees, will go directly to OPT stakers.

Q5. What is the usecase of the $OPT token?

A5. Minting Fee: For each OpenPredict event, all participants pay a 1% minting fee, which is used to buyback OPT from the market, and then burn them. This fee is discounted if the minting address holds OPT.

Escrow Maintenance Fee: At the point of pool distribution to the token holders that won the event, 1% is deducted prior to distribution. This Escrow Maintenance Fee is distributed to OPT stakers. This fee is discounted if the minting address holds OPT.

oSwap Discounts: oSwap trading fees are 0.15%, but this only applies if the traders hold OPT tokens. If fees are paid without using OPT tokens, the fee is 0.2%. This 25% discount incentivizes active predictors to constantly hold OPT.

TrustPredict Maintenance Fee: TrustPredict will charge a trustless escrow fee of 0.5% for predictions that are shorter than 3 months, and 1% for predictions that are longer than 3 months. If the prediction fee is paid in OPT tokens, the fee receives a 50% discount.

Q6. Your community has been growing rapidly and I assume the sale is going to be oversubscribed similar to the likes of $ORN.

So let's dive into some if the key sale metrics for investors.

6.1 What is the hardcap for the sale?

6.2Were there different sale rounds and if so what is the price per token in each round?

6.3 What is going to be the initial circulating supply at listing?

A6. We certainly received even more interest than what happened with ORN. We were heavily oversubscribed and a lot of people participated in all sales.

There are only 9.9 million OPT tokens and we are issuing 2,500,000 for our token sale which represents 25.25% of the total supply. The hardcap of the sale is $250,000 with a token price of $0.1 in all phases. We did have 5 different sales but the price per token has always been $0.1.

The initial circulation will consist of 40% of the tokens sold in the sale which will be unlocked on the first day. Additionally, 5% of the total supply is also unlocked on day 1 for Uniswap listing and to provide liquidity and dedicated to early liquidity incentives.

Q7. The sale is happening through the launchpad of DAO Maker, which has the best best track record within the space. just recently DAO Maker made everyone turn their heads, after the $ORN token price appreciated by more than 70x within one month.

With $ORN you used a self developed fund raising form, the so called Dyco. The first public sale round for $OPT is happening through the also self developed SHO.

Please give us some information on how the SHO works.

A7. The idea behind the SHO (Strong Holder Offering) is to have strong investors backing up the OPT coin. Only investors who held ORN can participate in the SHO, these are investors that did not sell their coins early which means they are extremely beneficial for OPT and to maintain a stable token economy.

Q8. We have heard that no VCs, Pools etc. were allowed for the Openpredict sale. In fact not even single allocations of a few thousand dollar per person. What was your intention behind that approach?

A8. Yes, that’s true, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join and at the same time acquire only high-quality investors that we know will help the OPT ecosystem grow. While VCs and large investors are great for raising money, we feel like our hardcap of $250,000 is more than enough, we are not greedy, we are here for the long-term, the coins that the team holds are locked for 1 year and then unlocked over the next year.

Q9. Since we mentioned OpenPredict in our community a few days ago, we've been getting numerous DMs with questions about when and where it is available.

Can you give any details one the listing of the $OPT token?

A9. We are glad to hear that and we plan to list the OPT token as early as we finalize all the current sales. While we can’t give you an exact date, it will be really soon as we already have the Uniswap listing ready.

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