Q1) To start the AMA off tell us a bit about what otbTRADE is ?

otbTRADE is a P2P DEX exchange with simple, community driven goals. otbTRADE was formed in 2019 and initially launched on IOST chain where it currently remains the most active DEX by volume (there are not many on IOST). As a DEX, the goal is to provide a comfortable and easy-to-use interface across all chains that OTB launches on. There are a number of utility cases as well, paired with a sustainable and scalable tokenomic model.

Q2) Great explanation, and who is the team behind otbTRADE and what are their backgrounds?

A little note about theam, both CEO and CTO have provided KYC to Sherlock Security as part of the partnership. Not only will $LOCK team be taking care of OTBC token and team ETH escrow, but provide ongoing consultation and support as OTB launches off of their launchpad and begin ETH development. We have a small grassroots team who consist of the following:

CEO - Dean aka OTB ADMIN

CTO - Sony aka OTB Nerd

Community Manager - Angela aka Goodie2Shoes

Escrow/Business Development - Tagami aka Tagami-San

The team met each other in the greater cryptocurrency dapp space, and came together with like minded thought regarding the development of a truly community focused DEX platform that became otbTRADE.

Q3) otbTRADE has a Partnership with SherLock Security who we also have recently had an AMA with. What does this partnership mean for otbTRADE?

A few great things, as mentioned above LOCK team will be securing our team tokens and ETH raised under escrow, so we can fully assure our community and new investors we are serious and have no bad intentions. There is absolutely no way for us to rug with LOCK in control of the launch. Included with the escrow service and partnership, LOCK will continue to support us as we grow and develop, allowing OTB access to their resources and knowledge to help build the best DEX for our users. OTB and LOCK teams are the perfect as they both share the same principles and values when it comes to blockchain development.

Q4) All raised funds from the OTBC token sale are locked in escrow, please explain to our audience what this means and the benefits for investors?

LOCK team provides an interesting service for us and the space, they are here to help provide confidence and security to our investors. Even before our sale had started, our eOTBC tokens were minted and delivered to LOCKs team escrow wallet, so we have ZERO control over any OTBC. They will manage the token sale, distribution, and also help us with consultation and development for the project into the future. We appreciate having another experienced team helping us navigate through the complex ETH ecosystem that grows and changes daily.

Q5) Tell us a bit about the tokenomics of the native eOTBC Coin, and its utility features?

OTBC has a very unique tokenomic model that uses recycling as part of its utiity. Being a DEX, OTBC can be seen as similar in many ways to what BNB is for Binance, except with even more use-case supporting it. There is a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens and this will remain static across all token chains the DEX goes live on. Currently there are about 1.6m tokens in circulation on IOST chain, and another possible 2.5m converting over to the eOTBC version for launch on ETH and Uniswap liquidity provision. This leaves a total un-minted supply of 79,878,849.

The un-minted supply is only made available through OTBC Staking contracts which will be used on any Proof-of-Stake blockchain OTB launches on. Tokens can also be recycled back to the contract for a discount on trade fees within the exchange. Trade fees are distributed in a few ways which benefit users as well, having an inhouse lottery for all traders on the DEX, and OTBC token buy back from team portion of trade fees. OTB also has a liquidity protocol in beta-testing that will operate in tandem with the order book, creating a hybrid AMM/order book DEX which is quite popular right now as evidenced by the large amounts of volume on AMM DEX's like Uniswap and a few others.

Q6) You mentioned Binance, that's quite a large company and exchange. With so many trading platforms out there, can you tell us why trading on OTB DEX is better than another DEX or even a large CEX platform like Binance?

On the DEX vs DEX question, that is easy. Find another DEX with as much community focus, utility, and give back to the community. The trader Lottery is a unique feature not utilized in any other DEX or CEX out there. Any trader on OTB earns a ticket for a chance to win a portion of the trade fees. This is done at no additional cost or effort, just one of the ways OTB gives back to its community. The team's goal is to provide a safe and simple method for users to trade their assets without hefty restriction or requirements. CEX trading is going out of favor for easier DEX options, and let's not forget the new changes that have come with Uniswap and Automatic Market Making becoming a popular trading model. OTB uses both in tandem with each other, which gives the user additional options they don't have on either traditional CEX or DEX.

Q7) What Marketing does OTB have lined up to attract and educate new Investors?

In additional to the usual media channels that everyone is familiar with, OTB plans to make a physical presence at Cryptocurrency conferences like the one hosted in Las Vegas every year. Using it's marketing budget, the team will actively seek out traders and partners both through digital media and at physical conferences where we can promote the product and educate our users on the benfits of DEX trading.

OTB will also develop an education portal for the website, providing simple, easy to understand cryptocurrency lessons ranging from basic entry level subjects up to more complex models such as the liquidity farm. The teams vision focuses on an easy P2P trading experience for all users of any experience level and the education portal will help to bring more adoption as we teach the community how to participate from the ground level up.

Q8) Does otbTRADE have a roadmap? Where does the team see the project in a year from now?

otbTRADE has a simple roadmap within our WP, a DEX is pretty straightforward in it's value proposition. Trade fees from the platform and distributed in a decentralized manner, and the token is a key utility piece within the DEX's economy, making it essential and ensuring it's value. OTB is adapting to the changes that DeFi space brings, being the first DEX on ETH to offer a variation of the Uniswap 'standard' AMM protocol, by including and utilizing an order book that works together with the AMM. In addition to staking already offered by OTB, we are also expanding into the latest DeFi farm models as well, which fit very seamlessly into our already very DeFi focused DEX platform. Traders and holders will have a variety of ways to utilize their OTB both on the platform and with 3rd party partners like Surf.finance, which is launching soon.

Q9) otbTRADE is an interesting name for a DEX. What does the name otbTRADE mean to your team and why?

OTB stands for 'outside-the-box' thinking, and it encompasses our model and approach to dapp space. The recycling model and current operating platform was designed independently by the team without support or outside help. The unique recycling model is designed to focus on the user and bring them the most benefit, while remaining a viable utility to the economy. Our AMM actually provides better yields than Uniswap in beta testing and will be available on any ETH/token pair you can imagine when ETH DEX goes live. This will be game changing, a DEX with both an AMM and order book, with better LP yields and cheaper trading fees on the book. What is there not to love about OTB?

Q10) Great answers, OTB sounds like it will be making some waves soon! Is there any last things you want to share with the community before we end the AMA?

Yes, and that is our community will always come first. We believe in the values of decentralization and grassroots development. OTB was started with a simple goal in mind, easy trading experience for any user of any education level. By promoting mass adoption through ease of use, OTB helps the everyday user trade more effectively and safely by using the DEX's trustless protocols. There are multiple ways to realize value on the platform, not just by trading, but staking and farming as well. There will be a new AMM DEX on ETH soon, and it will turn heads. The team has taken the time and effort to launch build a working product FIRST, and it has proofed out nicely in production. Now the only thing left is proper expansion to more chains. More chains = more volume and value for our users.

Instead of going with the same old clone model, why not think 'outside the box' and trade with OTB!

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