welcome to the second PAID Network Live AMA With the gem hunters, aptly named "Start The Ignition" for reasons we will find out soon :) We would like to thank Kyle and the team for visiting and sharing information with our community today, $PAID has been one of the most successful projects weve ever had the pleasure of calling a gem here at TGH!

So welcome back to TGH Kyle Chasse, as always it’s a pleasure for us to welcome one of our gem CEO’s, especially after the run $PAID has had recently! We have a lot of VERY happy investors! Most of us here are already invested in paid since our last AMA where we got a brief introduction to the project and team (if you want to see that visit

1. Now straight into the AMA, we understand the basic concept of PAID as stated above, but what we would love to know first of all. Your currently building the world’s first borderless SMART agreement toolkit for all business models and you’ve choose to build this on the Polkadot Netowork. First of all tell us about the SMART Agreement DApps you guys are building and how are they going to revolutionize how businesses carry out agreements? What features will they boast and what benefits are there to incentivize investors?

let's dive in to it! I love you guys!

We love you too!!

we can't tell you how much we love all of your support, truly humbling!

You should see our guys, they are going crazy right now for PAID

So first of all thank you all for being part of this journey with us!

PAID Network seeks to redefine the current business contract, litigation, and settlement process by providing a simple, attorney-free, and cost-friendly DApp for users and businesses to ensure they #GetPAID. Leveraging Plasm to operate on both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, SMART Agreements built through smart contracts execute DeFi transactions and business agreements seamlessly, making business exponentially more efficient.

The PAID tech team has been working for the past several months to deliver the PAID MVP, designed to serve initially as DocuSign on-chain which is in private beta. With our easy-to-use UI, users can quickly create, review and execute important business agreements, including advisory agreements, MNDAs, and SAFTs, to list a few, and can easily send them to their business counterparties for signatures. PAID’s initial product release allows users to save time and money on legal costs, by showcasing a series of predefined traditional agreement templates. These agreements are drafted by one of the industry’s most trusted and respected lawyers, Ryan Williams of Ashbury Legal, who has represented companies such as Binance and Ripple.

We are amazed at the sophistication of the usecase PAID boasts, it potentially is never ending and surely it will grow with crypto and blockchain technology!

We are really excited to be tackling one of the most inefficient problem in the world that i know of!

So what are the benefits of building the PAID Network on the Polkadot Network compared to for example, the Ethereum Network?

At PAID Network we are building a product that aims to disrupt billions of transactions per year. We are concentrated on achieving that goal, and to do so means having the right foundation. We believe that Polkadot provides us with the infrastructure on top of which to build and are excited to be working in conjunction with a number of Polkadot based projects to make this a reality. The speed & scalability, interoperability, and ecosystem of Polkadot are of great importance for us in the long run.

And the polkadot ecosystem is just getting started, PAID will grow with it right?

100% especially since we ar going for our own parachain!

Damn this is insane!

Since our last AMA you have delivered lots of news, the most ground breaking possibly is the introduction of Ignition which is a public auction platform. Can you give us an insight into how this works and what the plans are as a whole, lots of our investors have either got involved already or are super curious!

we are extremely excited about this and working extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure that we deliver the best projects to our community.. Master Ventures (PAID's parent company) has an amazing track record of sourcing the best deals and now we plan to deliver that to PAID token holders.

Ignition is the founding block of our PAID Network’s full DAICO, which is projected to come to market in Q3 2021. Ignition will enable PAID token holders to take part in public and private swaps for Tier-1 projects. In addition, the large community supporting PAID Network will provide an audience for the up-and-coming projects, and the established network of social media influencers who have supported PAID during their growth will provide an avenue for new projects to reach their potential users. PAID token holders will be incentivized to hold each project’s tokens after launch, as it will increase their chances of being able to participate in the launch of future projects. We’ve created a system that rewards PAID holders for holding PAID, as well as rewarding them for holding the tokens of each project launched.

Can see how hard your working, price is doing back flips right now, people are noticing 👏👏👏

Thank you, myself and the whole team has been working our butts off!

We saw one of your tweets @CACrypto where you've mentioned that one of the ama winners got 20$ worth of tokens and they are now 3.3k or so. This is truly amazing! PAID changed many live's already that's for sure!

i've got a lot of messages about how we have changed so many people's lives and that is the best feeling in the world!

You just mentioned that Paid Network and Master Ventures have joined forces to create FUEL, a full service crypto incubator, iv personally spent a lot of time researching Master Ventures and im blown away by the sheer amount of connections and possibilities this introduces into the PAID eco-system. But im sure youll do a far better job than me explaining how crucial of a role Master Ventures is going to play in the future establishment of PAID and all of us investors! Please enlighten us!

FUEL will leverage Master Ventures’ years of advisory and incubation expertise in the blockchain space, gaining access to its global network of investors who have supported some of the biggest projects, including Coinbase and Kraken. Combining Master Ventures’ experience with PAID’s strategic marketing resources, FUEL IDO projects will receive wide-scale exposure from over 50 of the top crypto influencers and key opinion leaders in the blockchain industry across Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, TikTok and Reddit, gaining access to their 1.4 million followers on these platforms. FUEL will supercharge Ignition projects by opening market access, building a project community, raising funds and building an investor and influencer network, as well as assisting in the construction of tokenomic models. From the same team that grew Elrond and Ultra, every new project incubated by FUEL will have the resources it needs to perform exceptionally.

So basically FUEL is a moon machine!

By the way wilst we’re on the subject, the current allocation size to enter the Ignition platform is 10,000 $PAID. Lots of our investors are asking if this will be split up, reduced or re-worked in future?

Right didn't expect the value of $PAID to go up so quickly so 10k was the initial threshold because at the public sale that was only $420, lol. We are finalizing the details at the moment, we will share more details on the working of ignition within a few days. We are considering a tiered system, to allow access for those PAID token holders who do not have 10,000 tokens in their wallet. We want this to be accessible for our community members, and will take the necessary steps to ensure that happens. Right now we are thinking that the min will be 2,500 PAID tokens and have several tiers, the higher the tier, the more tokens you can purchase.

You guys have secured lots of new partnerships over the last couple of weeks, we can see a mile away how hard your working and it reflects on the price of $PAID well! One main partnership announcement that you made a few days ago was with Bridge Mutual (BMI) which is a blockchain-based decentralized insurance application that allows users to insure each other. Could you give us a run down on how PAID and Bridge Mutual will benefit from this partnership.

haha for sure, funny story is Mike, CEO of Bridge used to be part of the Master Ventures team as legal when i was just getting started, so we go way back!

The new partnership with Bridge Mutual is one of great importance for PAID Network, as it will allow PAID’s users to secure their business agreements through Bridge Mutual’s decentralized and discretionary insurance application. Lastly, those providing insurance to the PAID Network’s contracts will also be rewarded in PAID tokens (in addition to BMI and DAI) as an additional incentive through Bridge Mutual’s shield mining program.

Sounds like the perfect fit and who doesn't like some additional incentives on top 😏

blockchain is all about incentives

It doesn’t take a genius to see how fast $PAID is moving and how many eyes are taking notice, so we are going to ask, When Binance? Haha, but no seriously, we fully expect that top exchanges are already taking an interest, can we expect top teir exchange listings this year?

hahahhahahahah, one sec

Our community has been manifesting this!

Disclaimer, we have made no claims of any such things, but we have been in talks with Tier 1 exchanges for quite some time and things are moving along in a positive direction ....

Lastly when can we expect the first Ignition public sale and what kind of type of projects can we expect to list?

We are delighted to share we are already in discussions with many Tier-1 projects, who we will be announcing soon! I cannot comment on exact dates at this point, but we should have something ready for the community within the next few weeks. let me just say they will be on the same level as precedence that Master Ventures expects from projects and you can expect at least 2 announcements within the next week!

Its unreal how fast you guys move and we know how hard youre working and we appreciate it.

I appreciate you guys, thanks so much TGH!

For more information on PAID NETWORK check out the links below!

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