Welcome to the Passive Income LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on the project with our community.

lets talk about what Passive.Income is and give us a little introduction to the project, so that everyone is on the same page

Thank you very much, I really appreciate this chance to tell you what our vision means. We won't disappoint you. We thought it was a great idea to make people earn in crypto without further action needed other then buying and wanted to improve on that idea. There are people that are confident on staking and farming or other earning structures but there also are people that are not confident on doing that. We believe in earning in crypto without any hindrance or limitations so anyone can join, regardless of their investment strategy.

So we’ve already had some controversy over whether this is officially an anon or none anon project, can you expand on what the situationis and who is the team behind the project and what are their backgrounds?

The plan is to become non anon after presale. Let me explain why I chose this approach later on in this AMA, i hope the video helps with that! So after pre sale our identity will be revealed cause of legal sides. We are a team of 7, from 3 different continents!

Before we continue could you give us the token metrics for PSI please

Our total supply will be 50.000 PSI, Initially minted.

5% is given to people that have done voluntary work for us to get the project started.

20% is used for pre sale, pre sale is done with,

We are the third project doing a fully unilock pre sale.

15% will be added to uniswap and LOCKED forever.

4% will go into the BLACK HOLE 🕳

This adress key will be burned 🔥 and the black hole we deflated the token supply.

35% will be locked away for future development, later on the ama I explain this further.

10% team tokens ( released over a period of 3 years)

1% reserve( in case of Emergencies)

10% for marketing purposes. Ask me about it! 😁

Okay so what's the marketing purposes? 😜

We will use 5% of this to reward our liquidity providers.

When people add liquidity to the pool they will receive a percentage of tokens back that they put in, to make this more attractive.

We will keep 5% aside for a future airdrop, something similar to the airdrop that uniswap did.

We've seen many bad actors launching their projects on Uniswap, why should investors trust you?

Unfortunately there are institutions in this world that prevent or make innovation in crypto space difficult and help bad actors doing their exit scams and rugg pulls this way. Politics and burocracy prevents projects and teams to disclose themselfes with being hunted as a result if you do disclose. Bad actors take advantage of it by hiding behind these laws and rules and succeed because of it. I think politics needs to ease on crypto laws and rules so that these bad actors can be disabled and legit projects can realy thrive.

People can trust PSI because we will lock liquidity forever and make ourselfes known soon. Also we will be transparent about on all matters regarding the project like code, plans and any other aspect. Finaly we also want to do an audit and ask informal auditors like InfoYieldDefi and waronruggs to check our repository on GitHub meanwhile.

We would like to thank Bjorn for attending and sharing some brief information on the project, we hope Passive income is a success and that the team follows through with their promises to the investors!

The above is for informational purposes only and financial advice.

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