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We would like to kick this AMA off with a introduction of what Superbid is actually all about and what you're trying to achieve and could you give an example, who you would consider a competitor from the traditional business world?

Great question. I love this question and we'd love to share details on this. is a social-auction app that connects influencers with their fans. Through our platform influencers, celebrities and content creators will be able to easily auction off virtual and physical items as well as experiences, e.g. users will be able to bid for an hour of playing Fortnite with your favorite Twitch Streamer, bid for a video editing course on YouTube with your favorite Streamer etc.

We are also entering the NFT space, so users will be able to auction off NFT items as well, yes, I said that right. We are going to be implementing NFTs on our platform, so that influencers / users can auction off more than just tangible items and experiences. We have already collected $250K + worth of art which we will convert to digital artwork and auction off on SuperBid. So one of our main goals is onboarding inflencers who will not only become our long term promoters but also will auction off items on the app when launched.

So far, we have Natalia Janoszchek - our first celebrity and big promoter of superbid. She’s going to be a long term partner of SuperBid and is constantly making posts about us on her instagram and on twitter. She’s actually a true member of our team. Holds an MBA and is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and expanding a business. She’ll be bringing along many more celebrities as well…

Here is some info on natalia:

We might have a surprise for you in a bit regarding this subject ^ 🙂

In the meantime, she wanted to share this message with you all!

To finish, our platform will not only be accesible to celebrities (like Natalia) and influecners. Small micro and nano influencers will be able to spin up auctions as well. In fact, you don't need to be an influencer at all. If there is demand for a certain experience or item (tangible or non-tangible such as an NFT), you can spin up an auction on the platform. So while we are an "influencer" centric platform, this is not the extent of our auctioner base.

And to add, there are no direct competitors to SuperBid that we are aware of. The closest competitor to SuperBid from the traditional business world is Cameo, which was recently given a $1B valuation according to Bloomberg. SuperBid will have much more extensive capabilities than this, with our goal being to capture the same level of serious influencers, celebrities, artists, etc. as Cameo has a $1B valuation.... just let that sink in! As we obtain more influecners and promoters, We are currently sitting around $3M market cap!

Thank you natalia, your certainly one of the most glamorous guests we've had feature live at TGH!

Could you please also give us some information on the team behind the project and what their backgrounds are?

Our project was founded by Wojciech Sobczuk and Patrick Gajda. Wojciech, our CTO, built the first social network in Poland backed by Intel Capital, available before Facebook (over 2 million users). He also built (the solution used by H&M and over 100 talent agencies, acquired in 2015). He is now the CTO at VentureDevs (over 150 developers) and a member of the Forbes special Technology Counsel. Patrick, our CEO, is president of Escape Velocity (a space technology company also based in Luxembourg/Poland), is on the executive board of Venture Devs, and is also a member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network). The two entrepreneurs decided to start a social media / influencer based crypto project - SuperBid.

Since VentureDevs is run by Wojciech and Patrick, we will utilize their developers to build the application. In fact, these efforts are well underway. I myself am the company's COO. I am a Systems Engineer by trade, with an extensive background in risk management, program management, systems architecture development and analysis, and change control. I specialize in resolving cross-functional issues between highly technical teams, and have experience working on very complex aerospace systems.

Kinga is our CMO, she has extensive experience in managing marketing campaigns and promotions for early stage companies and startups

Jacob is one of our marketing managers responsible for community engagement, daily marketing tasks and strategic planning. And we have many more roles which we are currently trialing people for, as we are looking to expand the team signifcantly over the next few months.

Wow quite the resumes and experiences 👏

And continuing to build the team, even better

And another nice update from Natalia ❤️

If you like to see exactly what I do in my life and why I’m the first one to join Superbid check this out;)

Let's say I'm completely new to Superbid - how exactly is the process setting up a auction and can everyone do it or do you have to be sort of a certified influencer to do it? You've already mentioned that basically everyone can start campaigns, but are there actually no restrictions?

Yes. As I mentioned, anyone can set up an auction. At the beginning, obviously we will have to select which influencers are able to auction off what. We want to grow into a reputable and popular app, and the way to do that will be through very exclusive selections of who we want to partner with and who we are better off to collaborate with in the future. Setting up an auction will be simple - you’ll simply select the type of auction (physical object, if so, what type; digital asset / NFT, if so, what type; experience, if so, what type), set your initial bidding price, and launch the auction. These details are being worked out as we develop the product, so all of this stuff is going to be defined closer to our initial alpha testing phase scheduled to begin in May.

We will reserve the rights for determining exacly which items are auctioned on the platform at the begining, becuase we don't want someone auctioning off an RPG or something.

Would someone who's not familiar with crypto and blockchain be able to start a auction / bid on something?

Great question. Absolutely. Actually, the whole idea behind the app which we are trying to create will initially require no understanding of blockchain or crypto. We understand that many inflecners who partner with us may not be involved in this space, and that many of there fans may not be involved in crypto either. As these are our customers, we will be focusing on making the blockchain related aspects all occur in the background.

Thats also a great question. I was a bit into crypto but still it was like a black magic. Superbid will make crypto more available for regular people and thats one of the reasons I decided to join Superbid.

Can you share some details on your marketing approach? What are you planning to do, both to onboard normal users, but especially influencers?

Yes. Our marketing approach is 4 tiered. 1 - focus on gamer / sports market, 2 - focus on beauty / model / acting market, 3 - focus on music market, 4 - focus on community engagement and calculated pre-planned promotions. As we partner with new influencers, our framework is standard. 1 - determine 2 way value that we may provide eachother and 2 - determine the most effecitve influencer specific marketing campaign which we can launch. We are partnering with the best promoters in the world i.e. inflecners with hunderds of thousands of followers. So as we form partnerships, not only do they provide us with items and experiences to auction off. They also provide us with extensive promotions, posts on all social media channels, etc.

This is probably the most developed marketing plan I've read in a long time haha

So in summary, we are utilizing our influencer partnerships, company partnerships, internal marketing, and crypto related partnerships to propell this project forward from a marketing standpoint.

On to the next question, we've seen that you have done a Zoom community update! Is that something you do regularly and how important is transparency and communication with the community for you?

Yes, these zoom meetings are going to be regular! Obviously considering we do these zoom calls and are not anonymous, we value transparency and communication a great amount. It is extremely important that our community is engaged with us and aware of our progress! We post weekly updates for our community, hold zoom meetings, post polls in our telegram which lead to actionable updates, create shared google documents with strategic plans and our tokenomics strategy which our community can add to, edit, and provide feedback on. Since day one we have been EXTREMELY active in our community telegram constantly looking for feedback from our investors and believers as well as engaging the community. Our initial draft of the tokenomics plan was created based on feedback from our community, and the 90% token burn was as well. The community wanted to gain more confidence and trust in our team, so we also went ahead and locked the majority of team tokens in trust swap smart contracts. Recently we took a poll of the biggest reasons why people in our community do not invest or are hesitant to invest more. Based on the results from this poll, we defined our highest priority strategic goals, and the tasks necessary to meet those goals, and shared them in a presentation during our last live zoom. Here is a link to those goals:

We look forward to the next zoom and will keep you all in the loop when we do this. kinga will make sure of it 🙂

Speaking of investing, what is actually the usecase of your native token and what is its role within your ecosystem?

Everything is in a state of flux, because we are a startup and coming up with new ideas every day. We have tons of good ideas about how we want to fully utilize the capabilities of blockchain to boost efficiency on our app. To start, the $SUPERBID token will be used to power the financial ecosystem of the fully blockchain integrated version of our app.

What does this mean?

Our initial concept and idea is this (it could change as we progress) - transactions on the final version of the app will be conducted with SuperBid “points” which can be purchased on the app. Our idea is to peg the value of “points” to a percentage of the SuperBid token itself. Points will be used for bidding on auctions and raffles within the app. The reason why we want to utilize points is to attract the mainstream - instead of requiring extensive knowledge of how to acquire cryptocurrencies in general, we want a user to be able to purchase “point” packages with their credit cards. For example, I can sign up for a $10 package which will get me 100 “points'', or a 50$ package which might get me 600 “points”. Our idea is points will be associated with the token supply itself. Our app will be the perfect application of blockchain considering the amount of users that we want to attract and amount of transactions that will be conducted in micropayments out to auctioneers / influencers when a bid is placed or raffle made.

Furthermore, we are thinking about incorporating some cool features such as gamifying the app.

For example, if you hold a certain amount of points and for a certain amount of time, you might be placed in a higher bracket which could give you bonus points or priority in making bids (as a user) / being seen by fans (as an influencer). We like to think of this kind of as a google ad network where the higher bracket which you are in, the higher likelihood you have of winning an auction or going viral within the app, if you are an influencer, as i mentioned, we are working on implementing staking mechanisms through our own superbid staking portal.

This became a priority after we took a poll and realized that our community was in need of such a capability. We are also going to be using the token for governance eventually, when we actually have things to govern.

For the last question, how is the roadmap coming along and what updates can we expect in the near future?

Great question. roadmap is going. fast. cranking out tasks nonstop. we've established an excellent framework for management using our project management tool and are exeucting to that plan. We can expect an on-time release of the testable version of the alpha, as well as significant marketing efforts. We are expanding our team and are already considering two additional employees that are currently in “trial” phases. You can expect more influencers joining our team as well. We have some exciting news TBA on this front. Working on staking, working on strategic partnerships, We had a call with Trubify this morning.

I spoke with their CEO and team. Venturedevs helped build their product. We are going to working together on the music front going forward. They bring us artists, we bring them artists, referal fees will be a huge incentive for us to cross polinate as much as possible. So you can expect more details about this partnership over the next week or so.

We would like to kindly thank the Superbid team for coming today, it was certainly an experience for us to have an actual celebrity live in our community and we are intrigued by the project you guys are building!

For more information on Superbird use the links below!

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