TGH December Newsletter 2019

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The Gem Hunters New December Newsletter 2019

December 2019 Events Champion - Stijn Dijkstra

For the last year we have seen many ups and downs, literally! Theirs been lots of market manipulation, price trickery and we also saw the volume of all markets dwindle to lows that haven’t been seen for years. But this is all part of the cycle and the main thing is that we understand, adjust and adapt to the ever changing markets. Things will pick up and when you do, we will all be thankful for our own strength in persistence.

We have a feeling that 2020 is going to be that special year we have all been waiting for! The year the market truly turns bullish on a monumental, catastrophic, game changing level. First of all our team have been working day and night to create a new website for our community, so please keep tabs as you can find all the most upto date news and upcoming events.

We recommend that people make the most of what time is left to accumulate the most proven projects! Because once the market truly turns around, you may never get another chance to buy these gems at such a low price! We have huge plans for upcoming year with more dedicated content, including monthly newsletters, more consistent updates, podcasts, youtube videos, competitions and give aways! We have new highly motivated, highly driven, dedicated team members who are going to help us all become more consistently driven, well educated, profitable investors and traders!

To start the year off we are excited to announce Q&A's with 2 very special projects that would like to share with The Gem Hunters what their plans and goals are for 2020! On the 8th of January we are proud to host the Unibright ($UBT) team On the 15th we will be hosting a second Q&A with the Conceal ($CCX) team exclusively only at The Gem Hunters, put your diarys so you dont miss these events as both projects are hot right now!

We will have new events competitions scheduled to start later this month!

Congratulations to the top 3 winners of Archies Archery who won in total $100.

Please dont forget a new champions league has started so the top 10 competitors of the last 2 games and the next 12 games will be entered and the winners of that event will win even bigger prizes, upto $500!

Dont forget to join and stay updated by following our announcements channel -

Lastly a message from our quotes king @nelsonrodbig

Happy start of the year group ..... "May you never miss a dream to fight for, a project to accomplish, something to learn, a place to go, and someone to love." ..... Greetings and have a successful 2020 family

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