TGH February Newsletter 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The Gem Hunters February Newsletter – 03/02/2020

Current Events Champion – Tommy Vercetti

To start the month off we have a new Games competition in which the top 3 players are eligiable to win the following.

1st Place - 100 $CCX

2nd Place - 600 $BITC

3rd Place - 30000 $SNTVT

Please also note a champions league started at the begenning of this year and after februarys league finishishes the top 10 from each competition will go into that champions league, 12 competitions in total, making it one year of games, taking us to November. The top 3 winners of that league will recieve even bigger prizes of upto $500.

General News

January has been a very eventful month for crypto, Bitcoin rallied from $6800 to $9600! We also witnessed a surging hash rate, which has recently gone parabolic and made new all time highs. Due recent mining difficulty adjustments leading to miners solving the remaining blocks quicker than expected, we could actually see the halving happen in April! Which is leading to even more FOMO and hype! You can keep an eye on the progress of the Bitcoin halving here -

But we witnessed Etherum make even bigger gains with a 36% rise in January alone! To add to that, the number of ether tokens held by all ETH mining pools is back near its all time high of 1.69 million! So the trends seem to have flipped bullish as we suggested in our previous updates! Which brings much needed positive news for the rest of the market, as it waits in anticipation for Bitcoin to break its ATH! As stated previously, once this happens, the rest of the market will pick up rapidly and follow suit leading to many patient investors becoming the next crypto OG’s!

We still strongly advise people to buy the most proven, fundamentally strong projects with the most highly transparent teams that are working extremely hard and delivering tangible products. Because of the recent hype and green market we are on course and heading into what looks like a confirmed bullrun which will as stated above, lead to the market exploding into a highly bullih sentiment, so without stating the obvious too much, now would be the time to buy, prior to that happening.

We had a very eventful New year at The Gem Hunters, with multiple successful Q&A's, we kicked off with $UBT - Unibright, which was a highly engaged event with lots of questions and conversations which opened up lots of interest and since our the price has surged over 650%, so congratulations to those who are invested.

Conceal Network Q&A

Secondly we hosted $CCX - Conceal network, in which we were joined by the founder and lead developer who shared exclusive information never before revealed with our community and went on to conduct one of our longest and most indepth Q&A's to date! With once again much community engagement and positive action!

You can find the Conceal Q&A here

Bitcoin Incognito Q&A

We also hosted $XBI - Bitcoin incognito towards the end of Jan which we were delighted to hear about how the team is working behind the scenes and picking up the project after a long harsh bear market. Congratulations to @rooie1971 and @CryptoBallmer who received Masternode giveaways during the event.

You can find the XBI Q&A here

News from our partners

$BITC - Bitcash - Coach crypto went live this week with the crypto campfire podcast to share information and upcoming news on BitCash, its definitely worth a listen as it gives people a well rounded understanding of the project as well as what is in store of it in the upcoming year! - Q1 2020 roadmap has an abundance of work and news on the horizon and with the project holding up and so much work having been delivered during a bear market, we have high expectations for what is now a tiny project we predict will be huge in 2020! #DEFI

$CCX - Hard fork and wallet updates have been carried out successfully and the team move to release even more wallet updates this week. After a successful Q&A we saw more intrest flow in and other large influencers taking note and sharing the fundementals and ambitions of the project, another tiny project at only 600k mc which has huge fundementals going into 2020. #DEFI #PRIVACY

$SNTVT - The Universal Web Inc has been filed in Wyoming with a second up coming in Singapore. The Universal Web Inc will be the development branch and provide greater flexibility which is now mandatory for things like exchanges for US based companies. The Singapore listing will set the stage for the listings to commence after. Sentivate’s various international sites will be launching this week along with new designs.

Since the company is now formed into a C-corp they are pursuing funding strictly for Sentivate related operations Exchanges > Marketing > Development in that order. A new deck will also follow which includes the new Team and titles.

See the full February Update here-


Ferrum Network is an ultra low-cap DeFI project empowering individuals with world class financial products that will run on Ferrum’s DAG-based interoperability network.

Ferrum’s interoperability network can connect to nearly any blockchain and works natively with fiat currencies. It’s like the Lightning Network, but for every blockchain.

Ferrum Network already has a live app in Africa with thousands of users and 100's of merchants (First Kudi), as well as early FRM utility through its token bridge, Smart Staking and Social Mining.

In Q1, Ferrum will launch the revolutionary UniFyre Wallet with in-app staking, “Link Drops”, and decentralized private key backup. In a few weeks, Ferrum will release version 2.0 of its staking mechanism with some of the highest rewards in the industry.

Token Utility

All Ferrum Network products will run on the DAG network and use FRM as gas. Every time a transaction occurs, it will require a small amount of FRM be spent and burned. Therefore, when fully scaled, thousands of FRM will be spent and burned daily through their African users alone. 

They presently have early FRM utilities such as community rewards through Social Mining (, token fee for using the Token Bridge, staking for FRM, and FRM rewards within the Kudi app.

Token Metrics and Chart

All investor unlocks are over, yet FRM still has a low circulating supply. Half of FRM is ERC-20 FRM and the other half is BEP-2 FRM. FRM will slowly be migrated over to main net tokens once the main net launches in 2020.

Circulating Supply: 115,531,410

Max Supply: 331,718,749

FRM Price (as of 20/1/20): $.01

Market Cap: $1,159,925


FRM is listed on, Binance DEX, IDEX, and Eterbase, with more exchanges coming in 2020.

Social Media

Telegram -

Twitter  -

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