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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The Gem Hunters January newsletter – 13/01/2019

Current Events Champion - Tommy Vercetti

In our last newsletter, we predicted that 2020 was going to be a special year for everyone actively involved, invested and associated with the crypto markets. We are still highly anticipating a great year for crypto, because as history has proven time and time again, market sentiments cycle and repeat their trends over and over without fail.

To put things simply, cycles span across all aspects of our lives. They come in many different forms and range from the very short term, like the life cycle of an insect, to the cycle of evolution which takes millions of years to make even the tiniest of changes. It does not matter to which market we are referring. They all go through the same cyclical stages, because they all have one thing in common, human involvement. As a result of optimism, impatience, excitement, overconfidence, denial, regret, fear, panic, despair, hope, relief and many more emotional biases, most investors and traders fail to recognize that markets are cyclical, or simply cannot control their emotions when the need is greatest.

But in this case we are referring to Bitcoin and the low cap markets. The Gem Hunters of all people, fully understand the potential of the low cap market when it’s performing at its height. With the bitcoin halving in 4 months, people’s emotions are greatly affected, causing huge amounts of excitement and overconfidence. This in turn is leading to a very bullish scenario causing the markets to be more predictable and complete new cycles earlier. This will eventually have extraordinary impacts on the best projects within the low cap markets.

That is why we are strongly advising people to buy the most proven, fundamentally strong projects with the most highly transparent teams that are working extremely hard and delivering tangible products. Because the market conditions are due to change very soon with bitcoin having nearing and its subsequent ascent to the stratosphere, the low cap market will explode. Leading the low cap rally will be the best of the best projects. So, we once again strongly advise people to buy these projects whilst they are rock bottom and not receiving the attention that they will receive once the markets explode.

Conceal Network ($CCX)

Market cap - 750K

Supply – 5,000,000

General Info

CCX is a decentralized Bank with private transactions & encrypted Self-destructing messaging services that operate on the blockchain. The project is just over 2 years old with a proven experienced team who have delivered consistently throughout those 2 years proving they are fully capable of managing and running a successful project. CCX has a tiny supply which is constantly decreasing due to locked and lost coins with 35% already locked, all its waiting for is exposure from new exchange listing and marketing which will lead to further more demand decreasing the supply even more, leading to huge price rallies, which we have seen 3 consecutive times in 15 months, each time the price consolidates it makes higher lows, showing very positive signs of inevitable growth leading to huge returns on long term investments

Short Term Catalysts

-AMA event at The Gem Hunters with the founder and lead dev of the project, where lots of info, plans, goals and short term catalysts will be shared exclusively

-Hard fork (1 week ago) - recalculation of interest rates, increasing them while they don't affect the inflation. Emissions stay the same and distribution will be better since before you had to acquire 50k ccx to get maximum interest whilst now it's 20k ccx

-Deposits on cloud & mobile

-Cloud & mobile short term messages

-Conceal ID

-Multi-Signature wallets


Market Cap – 800k

Supply - 1,718,830,806.03544

General Info

Sentivate is a hybrid web (centralized focused but enhanced by decentralized components) built to be a viable & realistic replacement for the modern web. The network is designed to go beyond the capabilities that any solely centralized or decentralized network could offer. Sentivate addresses the following issues directly: bandwidth crisis, outdated protocols, broken DNS, lack of accountability, lack of identity, reactive security, Domain rules, and web categorization. The team are currently ahead on its promised roadmap goals, proving that they are actually working and are meeting all targets. Sentivate is a fully fledged business that has a group of professionals and inspiring characters such as Tom Marchi (co-founder and developer) who has inspired many people with his knowledge and motivation that he places into the project and Lew Knopp (co-founder) who is an ex Navy Seal, which in itself gives us a basic indication to a degree, the kind of motivated, hard working, proven people that are working on the project itself .

Short Term Catalysts

-Introduction of Multiple new advisors in the next few months

-Business re-forming in Singapore

-Preparing to futher establish the company in Wyoming

-Road map is ahead of schedule

-New Exchange listings on the horizon

BitCash ($BITC)

Market Cap – 200k

Supply – 25,904,578

General Info

BitCash combines the power of blockchain with the features of banking to create the worlds most useable cryptocurrency. By combining the advantages of cryptocurrency (speed, privacy, decentralization, low fees) with traditional fiat banking systems (transaction records, account names, electronic statements, accounting software integration) BitCash is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency designed to facilitate real world trade between consumers and merchants with a goal of becoming the world’s most used cryptocurrency. The founder and lead developer Christian Kassler is a proven and experienced developer vouched for by many big personalities and other highly experienced crypto entrepreneurs who come into contact with him and his work. He also has a small team of highly engaged and talented researchers, advisors and modearators who all mesh very well as a team that is highly driven with real goals that so far has delivered.

Short term catalysts

- Long term chain protection integration

- Partnership(s) with other cryptocurrency coins/projects

- Addition of use case to donate BitCash Dollars to various charities

- Rolling out updated PeerQ platform

- Addition of Premium Accounts for PeerQ

- Sponsoring of blockchain conferences

- Speak at Blockchain Events

- Import transactions into various accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero

- Increase volunteers/team size by 3+

- BitCash integrated and accepted across at least 20 online stores/exchanges

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