Matic launched in 2017 with a mission to prepare ethereum infrastructure for mass adoption and they have already achieved a lot on that journey! They implimented two popular scaling architectures, Matic POS chain and Plasma chains, onboarded 80 + applications, powered 5 million + transactions for 200,000 user addresses as well a securing 55 million dollars of users funds! Matic stated that along the way they have learnt a lot and with those findings they were inspired to create Polygon. Polygon is a modular framework that extends the scope of the Matic platform and transforms it into a swiss army knife for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, in additionm to the currently implemented Matic POS chain and Plasma chains, Polygon will offer other major scaling architectures, such as ZK roll ups, optimistic roll ups, interchange communication protocols, bleeding edge security and data avaliability solutions and more.

With Polygon, Ethereum becomes a fully-fledged powerful multi-chain system aka internet of blockchains. In this new Paradigm the Matic token will play an increasingly important role, securing the system and enabling governance, to make this ambitious plan a reality, the current Matic leadership and team will be augmented with Ethereums top researchers and developers and some of the biggest names from the Ethereum community. Polygon is a Layer 2 solution for ETH, it aims to solve Ethereum's high gas cost/Slow transaction issue, transactions are almost instant and even cheaper than the BSC Network. To use the Polygon network you need a wallet that supports it, the best So far is Metamask!


Go to your settings to add the network and enter these details

Once on the Polygon Network, use the bridge located in the matic web wallet

To transfer your ERC-20 tokens to the Polygon network Your address wont change, it will be the same as your Etherum address You need $MATIC to use as gas on the network, Gas is unbelievably cheap so just a few dollars of $MATIC should last a few months

QUICKSWAP The most popular DEX for the Polygon Network

Functions identically to UniSwap / PanCakeSwap, just connect and your ready to swap

Thanks for reading and we hope this helped, for further research check out content below:



What is Polygon?:

How To Transfer Funds/Coins From Ethereum Network to Polygon/Matic Network and Use Quickswap:

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