Welcome to the TIMERS.NETWORK LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on their new project with our community.

Q1. Ok to get thing's started why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, your experience and what brought you to create Timers and the vision behind it?

I’m Leonardo, CVO of TIMERS and have been working on several tech projects as chief visionary officer and adviser. I started out on a university level as a specialist for developing and planning Digital Media. As an Entrepreneur there are always ideas floating around and TIMERS has been one of my favorites for many years now. Sometimes you need the right people and circumstances to do it and with blockchain and due to the social developments recently we are now convinced that the time is ripe. They say, Nothing Is More Powerful Than an Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Our vision in a nutshell: We believe, that every person has an intrinsic value and a set of skills that will be needed. So, for the first time in history, a human's intrinsic time value is being used as a currency for trading. With IPM accounts as a digital-tokenized form of this time, we will provide an application driven IPM ecosystem (the Forum), e.g. for local and global marketplaces.

Q2) Could you give us more information about the other team members running this project ? Especially Sunshine the supervisor!?

Our ‘top dogs’ have been working in multiple positions and on various projects as entrepreneurs in the past. Most of the core members have been in the industry for 15 years or more. We have vast experience in different areas like media / web / digital currency development / marketing / social science / game theory and even futurology. In addition, we feature advisors that belong to the very best mathematicians and product managers in the industry - helping us to translate the 'numbers behind human value creation' into the IPM token as a store of value… and then, there’s Sunshine. You might think she sleeps all day, but then suddenly there are strange signs on your monitor... HDHIDOEOOOENW/§...

How did they get there? Who wrote them?! Is such a thing even possible? You decide. No, seriously, when the ‘supervisor’ finally likes the result of a hard day’s work, it looks like that...

Q3) Funny stuff , So what can you tell us about the IPM Token and it's interesting tokenomics?

The TIMERS token starts as an ERC20 based token and is a representation of your intrinsic time value itself. The abbreviation IPM stands for Income/Per/Minute. It becomes the basis for all transactions within our ecosystem, can be traded on exchanges and used as a store of value. In case of a ‘store of value’ argument – IPM is not a stable coin. New tokens will be minted on demand and demand only. To counter deflationary pressure a ‘Proof Of Value Creation’ comes into play instead. There’s no fiat-backing and no minting/burning to keep a certain ration to fiat money. Of course, there’s also no pressure on the price by miners needing to dump tokens.

Q4) So we believe IPM already has a competitor , this idea of , our Time Has Value , reminds me quite a bit about , Decentr , and their PDV ( Personal Data Value) system. Could you give us some insight into , do you believe they are competition and the differences between the two systems?

The fact that there should be tokens striving to be a store of value is an idea that we share, but other than that, it’s totally different. There you have >Data vs Time< and we believe that only time is money. One concept is trying to tackle the ‘problem of data mining’ so to speak, hence creating a vehicle to store your personal value, but our concept is more rooted in ‘real life’ and geared towards the idea and applications (on- and offline) based on time itself… or to put it this way: It is the one currency that is digital and analog at the same time and it is the only currency leading to a state of financial freedom. (It’s like BTC you need, but time you’ve already got)

Q5) Great to hear how they differ , Your application has peeked my interest , could you give our audience a brief description of it and the processes going on within the application ?

as already mentioned, TIMERS is creating an application driven IPM ecosystem (the Forum, described in more detail over here https://medium.com/timers/why-the-timers-forum-and-ipm-token-will-forever-change-the-way-you-think-about-time-245560c8251e) for local and global trade. It’s basically a marketplace where all sorts of goods and services can be purchased, offered or used according to your needs and your very own skills. It will be inspired by award winning UX design, that lets you connect to other people easily. We will provide a programming interface / API – allowing developers to create multiple applications based around IPM time accounts to go beyond marketplaces. On top, we will offer 'sustainable incentives' to earn a ‘Basic Income’ through a process called TVM.

Q6) I'm sure quite a few will be interested in using that application , What else does the team have in the RoadMap , Possibly some alternate usecases?

There’s more to it and it depends on how other parties will interact with us and the upcoming application – the possibilities are endless in the sense of IPM based accounts becoming an ecosystem of ecosystems. We briefly mentioned the changing social structures and landscape of the near future. In our synopsis it’s called a time shift within a 4th industrial revolution and TIMERS has the potential to become a government-approved solution to the changing job market needs and a currency derivate widely accepted. Yes, then there’s our TVM process, short for 'timed verification minting'. It’s the creation of IPM triggered by an expanding user base and designed to yield sustainable income. At first, as a bonus depending on the size of the amount of IPM you already own and its final iteration based on a dedicated activity tracking system measuring value creation through your engagement in skill, goods, services and forum-based social activities.

Q7) Speaking of the future, where do you see Timers in a year from now after some short term goals have been met and the longevity of the project?

To cut it short, there’s the App running, the start of a TimeChain just around the corner and a job-market situation longing for future proof ideas like time becoming a form of cash… a happy cat looking over our marketing campaign.

Q8) so last question from us, is there any special information or possible sneak peaks you could give our audience here today?

You know what, here’s somewhat of a special sneak peek. We actually spoke to a brave person, moving through cyberspace and time and known only by the name Time Traveler. He has returned to our realm, sharing glimpses of our future…

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