Welcome to the TOSDIS LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for sharing information on the project with our community.

We would love you to give us an introduction of TosDis and what you're aiming to achieve?

TosDis is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a variety of white label DeFi products. TosDis offers an Efficient and systematic environment for the world of DeFi.

TosDis is what its name is, "The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution''. We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-aService, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced swapping DEX using the liquid staking mechanism.

TosDis Liquid staking Protocol is designed to secure and power DeFi Ecosystem by utilizing any digital asset's inherent value at stake, such as POS Coins. TosDis Protocol helps provide liquidity to staked assets through staking derivatives allowing participants to utilize their staked assets in the world of DeFi to trade, lend, or borrow in a trust-less manner.

Tosdis is what we call it DeFi as a service. We are offering a range of projects which are not just a short term hype products. We are offering products that are going to be used by literally every crypto project in the future. This is not a usual PnD project where you get Yield farming for a month and the project is dead after that. lol

Could you now please give us an introduction of the team behind the project and tell us what their backgrounds are?

Hi everyone, My name is Ryan. I am a software engineer since early 2000s and entered blockchain space in 2014 to be precise. I have been managing remote teams around the globe and have built numerous DeFi projects in the past few years. Personally, I love to work on JS Stack, but i play around with python as well. Blockchain is a pretty excited thing to work on and solidity is my favourite language for this. I am a team player and known for completing milestones in time.

Sure, I am Marketing lead at Tosdis as well as Tosdis foundation member. I have been in the crypto space for last 3 years whereas in the marketing field for the past 5 years. I run my own marketing agency. I am an experienced digital marketing expert, hardworking, self-motivated individual, and well versed in providing assistance, support, coordination, and executing global digital marketing campaigns. A dedicated, loyal, and dependable person with a vibrant, upbeat personality and possess excellent communication skills.

I am the founder of the 313 Agency, which is a marketing agency. I have been running it for the past 2 and a half years. I have worked both with Crypto and non crypto projects. All of my other projects have been in stealth mode where me and my team have provided assistance with regard to Marketing, management, Influencers etc. This is my FIRST full time public project.

I am Mamoon Yousaf, CEO and Founding member of TosDis Finance. With years of global experience in business in a wide range of industries, I have successfully grown start-up companies and added value to existing companies. I would say Decentralized finance is the future, and I have been a silent investor of many successful crypto projects since 2015. Crypto is an emerging market where I see much potential from a business point of view, and TosDis is my part to play in the world of Defi.

I would like to give some technical introduction about Tosdis.

Ofcourse we were about to ask more indepth questions but go ahead!

TosDis is what its name is, "The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution''. We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-aService, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced DEX.

TosDis aims to provide Staking and savings solutions to allow users to stake different ERC-20 tokens and later expand to include tokens from other blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, etc., providing cross-chain tokens staking on our decentralized platform. TosDis will make it possible for any PoW and PoS project to create a staking pool of their tokens for their communities to provide staking as a service in a decentralized way. These solutions come under our protocol Easystake. Easystake will be a decentralized protocol for issuing Staking and savings solutions as services that are based on smart contracts.

One of the primary objectives of TosDis is to let users to earn rewards from staking without locking their crypto-assets; initially, liquid staking will be available for Ethereum without the restriction to deposit a minimum of 32 Eth. Users can stake a small amount of Eth in a secure and decentralized manner with no risk of losing as a software failure, malicious third-parties, and market volatility.

Apart from this, TosDis will have a decentralized swapping protocol called TosDex and an Incubator for new and upcoming innovative projects. TosDex comes intending to offer the lowest fee among dex protocols and the best returns for the liquidity providers, including a smart contract-based P2P, low fee, non-custodial, collateralized borrowing, and lending protocol. Lend, borrow assets in a trust-less manner directly with the 2nd party with zero involvement of a third party.

Well we wanted to go over the products of which you're going to develop, there's quite a few right?

Yes, a couple of them. Lets go ahead with them 🙂

Staking as a service is common nowadays but you're going to combine it with so called Liquid staking. What exactly is Liquid Staking and how do you make use of it?

I think staking is common but as a service is not so common. There are a couple of companies offering it which are doing very well right now but I think we are going to do it slightly better. Just like how Uniswap is; open for all. We will doing staking-as-a-service to anyone and everyone. Without barriers and restrictions in a truly decentralized and premissionless Manner. This is further attached directly to the utility and deflation of our token DIS. Each time revenue is earned from the staking service; 45% of it is automatically burned by the contract by market buying DIS tokens, 45% is distributed to the DIS Liquidity staker, 10% goes to the Tosdis foundation. Now let me explain what liquid staking is.

Where do you see the benefits of liquid staking compared to the usual staking methods?

What is liquid staking and how it works.

As you all know, withdrawals are not available on Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 and allows staking amounts divisible by 32 ETH only. Therefore, there is a certain possibility that some users will not be able to afford self-staking because of the 32 ETH threshold. Hence, users would need to use some sort of exchange staking or pass on the staking altogether.

Liquid staking comes forth with a solution that solves these drawbacks and lets users get involved in staking with as little amount as possible. TosDis offers a balance of risk, reward, and сonvenience. It allows users to trade staked ether while keeping intact the decentralized nature of the Ethereum network. TosDis is a more flexible and more friendly solution than self-staking or exchange staking. With TosDis, you can stake any number of tokens you possess and earn rewards even on small deposits. Users can deposit their ether in TosDis smart contracts and receive dETH ( a tokenized version of staked ether) in return.

Now to answer how do we connect liquid staking with SaaS, As TosDis’s whole ecosystem revolves around yield farming and maximizing rewards for our user base, users have the opportunity to maximize their profits by utilizing their received derivatives. There are multiple ways in which users can multiply their income on the TosDis ecosystem. We are developing many protocols and connecting them with each other using DIS token, increasing DIS’s utility to a whole new level and creating an economic circle that benefits the entire ecosystem. To utilize the derivatives, users can create or contribute to the existing dETH pool on uniswap and receive LP token in return, and earn liquidity provider fees as well. Users can stake that LP token in an LP-token staking pool on TosDis and earn DIS token as rewards, which in turn can be staked in the DIS pool or lend it in the native lending protocol on the TosDis network.

Amazing timing with eth 2.0 coming up

Liquid staking in short is what allows you make your staked assets liquid!!

What exactly is your 'liquidity farming as a service' product?

TosDis Yield farming as a service concept takes the staking service one step forward by offering Yield farming and liquidity mining to every ERC20 (initially) project in the market. Making these new and advanced technologies accessible to all the present and upcoming projects at cheap and affordable prices while also removing the barrier of development time and costs.

There will be pools on TosDis that will require LP token of certain liquidity pools on uniswap. Users who want to yield farm will provide liquidity in a certain liquidity pool on uniswap and get uniswap LP token in return. Users will stake that LP token on TosDis and earn the mentioned rewards on the pool, maximizing his returns. This will help projects increase their liquidity on uniswap, while users will be able to yield farm on their investments. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Same goes for derivatives token liquidity mining. To utilize the derivatives, users can create or contribute to the existing dETH pool on uniswap and receive LP token in return, and earn liquidity provider fees as well. Users can stake that LP token in an LP-token staking pool on TosDis and earn DIS token as rewards, which in turn can be staked in the DIS pool or lend it in the native lending protocol on the TosDis network.

Actual workflow of YaaS and derivatives liquidity mining is illustrated in charts on DIS Paper where users can get a better idea about how the process will work.

This is a product that you're going to have right off the gate?

Its ready and already audited by Hacken. We will have one more Audit by Open zeppelin before we go live post sale.

Two more exciting features that you have coming along the road are you TosDex and your Peer-to-Peer lending and borrowing platform. What differentiates both from existing platforms? When can we expect to see these platforms go live?

The Advanced DEX feature of TosDis is the next step in our vision for a fully decentralized exchange and financial services platform. The first objective is to bring us to an equal footing with our centralized counterparts. The goal is to be able to support advanced order types upon launch (such as stop-loss or take-profit orders), which are currently too expensive to implement within the smart contracts of ERC-20-compatible blockchains. TOSDEX will also support full order books on cross-chain markets and offers the trading of tokens across different blockchains along with multiple order types such as limit, market, and stop orders. We will offer a simpler and quicker settlement process for cross-chain trades.

With TosDex, we aim to provide ease and convenience of CEX in a decentralized manner. For efficient, fast, and secure interoperability across chains, we are planning to use Polkadot’s para-chains capability. Using the Substrates framework, It will be far easier and secure to create a custom blockchain and connect our chain to Polkadot and get interoperability and security from day one. This will enable users to exchange their assets across supported chains with the lowest costs and zero hassle.

For TosDis Barter, We have planned a highly efficient, and secure P2P lending model built on Blockchain Technology. Barter is a new-generation p2p lending platform that runs on Ethereum-based Smart Contracts to create a safe and efficient environment where borrowers worldwide have fast and convenient access to loans, and lenders can find high-yield investment opportunities.

As explained above in Yield farming as a service model, Barter will make sure users earn the maximum yields from their funds. Once TosDex is developed, we plan to initialize the liquidity mining program on TosDex through which we will attract liquidity for operations of the lending protocol. This feature will be provided for providing liquidity on uniswap DIS pool so users can multiply their earnings without any wait for the lending protocol launch. 10% of the earned interest fee from the lending protocol will also be burned by the TosDis foundation to support the deflationary mechanism. In short, the TosDis lending protocol usage will maximize the benefits for both the TosDis ecosystem and end-users.

TosDex and Barter are still under research, and there are many features planned which will be disclosed in the coming weeks. Lunch date for these features and more information will be added to the whitepaper’s upcoming versions about the TosDis lending protocol and other under-development features. Development for this is suppose to commence in late Q1 2021.

Looking forward to those. Sounds like you're really aiming for a huge defi ecosystem.

Now let's move on to the $DIS token - could you please drop us the token metrics and give us some information of what's the actual usecase of the $DIS token is going to be?

Indeed. That's what TosDis means; The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution.

Madeleine Nilsson, [07.01.21 16:46]

[In reply to Pandah Sama | TGH]

DIS token supply is set at 100,000. DIS will be burned until 50% of the supply remains. Detailed token metrics can be viewed at

As for the use case of DIS token, We have created a token utility model that is deflationary and extremely rewarding for end-users. Below you can read the listed token utility, but there is a lot more to come in TosDis finance and there will be a much higher usage of DIS token inside and outside of the platform in the coming future.

Utility benefits for Holders :

• 45% or less (depending on governance) of all Platform fees paid by listed projects is distributed to DIS Holders.

• Yield Farming benefits for DIS holders.

• Monthly Airdrops of other projects token for DIS holders.

• Staking rewards for DIS holders

• Liquidity mining for Tosdis liquidity pools and rewards paid out in Tosdis tokens.

Tosdis Token Deflationary Utility :

• 45% or more of All Staking fees paid by projects goes into burning DIS tokens.

• 45% or more of all fees/commission earned from liquid staking goes into burning DIS tokens.

• 25% of the total revenue earned from the Lending and borrowing fees goes into burning DIS tokens.

Here is the complete token Economics. There is a small allocation dedicated to Tosdis Foundation and Marketing which is further vested into time locked contracts.

Before we open the chat for possible community questions we would like to give you the chance and drop some last words. Maybe give us an brief short to mid term outlook or a little hint of what's to come 😁

I would suggest the community to read our whitepaper carefully to understand how our whole platform is interconnected with DIS token utility integrated into each and every feature of TosDis ecosystem. There are multiple ways users can yield farm their investments and automatically support DIS token and TosDis ecosystem as a whole.

A lot is coming up in nex few weeks. These include our fair public offering, EasyStake launch and a lot of partnership announcements. There are many more features to come in TosDis ecosystem as this is just the beginning. We will accelerate the development as soon as we are out of token sale phase, including huge focus on partnerships that will support TosDis. Massive marketing campaign is underway and will pick up more pace every coming day.

We Love to see projects which understand the importance of marketing in crypto! Great AMA guys we hope to see more of you and cant wait to see whats coming next, thanks to all who attended!

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