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Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Welcome to UniBright ($UBT) Hosted by The Gem Hunters

We would like to thank the UniBright team for coming to The Gem Hunters and kindly sharing information on the project with our community, visiting today is Jack Wiering (community manager) and Ruud Huisman (Networking manager)

Before commencing to our pre-set questions which will be followed by public engagement we would like to share some basic information on the project to give people an idea of what UniBright is.

What is Unibright?

Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. We turn ideas into businesses, and improve processes with the help of blockchain technology.

We develop enterprise applications, invest in start ups, build process modelling tools and create a 360° ecosystem around tokenized assets.

UniBright Token Stats:

Market Cap - $2,791,026

Max supply – 150,000,000

Circulating Supply - 136,500,000

1) What is the Unibright "no-nonsense deliverable," as far as a blockchain integration, within a company, that will help develop and monetize an online business platform? How specifically does this or any Unibright deliverable assist in the creation, management and execution of deliverables within a company? How can nibright assist specifically to develop both goods and/or services and that will help in the blockchain technology?

First you have to understand that Unibright is a software company that has been around since 20 years, as http://www.spo.de/. The founders (Marten and Stefan) are ERP consultants, and have a lot of experience in this field, having clients like Siemens, Samsung, Shell and Unilever. They even developed their own ERP system. This is the field of Integration, which is their speciality.

I can best explain this from the field in what will happen if you have something that you might think we can help you with. At the current time we have lots of resources available (developers) at our disposal at any (almost) time, and these developers work for us, and all have different qualities.Our strategy is to put these team to work in scrums. (example from a May 2018 post https://medium.com/@UnibrightIO/our-current-work-and-a-unibright-future-af82a0bbea14)

Now let’s say you want to develop and monetize your own business platform. You can see that Unibright can help you in many areas, consulting, help you start up your own company, blockchain related or not. (Please see the packages we offer on our website)

First it starts with a talk. Our prices are incredibly cheap right now, if you pay your package in UBT tokens (nice detail : we value the token for those packages at $0,14, meaning with the price of the UBT token right now ($0,018) you can get a discount of about 80% if you pay in tokens. That means a “Deep Dive Workshop” with 2 x 2hr workshop and a 4 page concept for next steps is only 20.000UBT (currently $320, 2500 euro if you pay in fiat) right now.

Then, if you like the idea, we can continue and develop the platform, including integration. (first help you design the architecture)

IMPORTANT for token holders: Those tokens will be locked in a smart contract and NEVER see an exchange again. They’re locked in the framework.

This is an extra use case for the UBT token. If we help you build a blockchain application, we will build it on the UBT framework, set you up with a predefined template, so you can design smart contracts yourself without even knowing a single line of code. All you need to know is your own company’s workflow and Bob’s your uncle.

That makes every use case very easy to do (for example if you have a template for Batch Tracing) it’s very easy to start again with each product. It would be very time consuming if you have do bananas first, then fish, then oranges. To have a template for this is very easy to work with. And it’s all integrated into your ERP system (Like SAP or Oracle) so you don’t have to choose a new IT environment.

And on our easy to use monitoring tools on the dashboard you can follow the whole process on the blockchain.

2) Describe Unibright frameworks in detail so folks can try to visualize what "blockchain integration" within their companies may really look like in the near future and moving forward?

Imagine you log into your SAP. Your Unibright tools are integrated into SAP. Much of the data you need for your smart contract is in SAP and we have already made the right connections for you template.

Then you start designing your workflow, drag & drop in the Unibright Workflow Designer and then active it, publish it on the blockchain on the Lifecycle Manager. Next step is the monitoring of the ongoing process on the Unibright Explorer, and the Connector will connect off-chain systems (like ERP systems, like SAP) to blockchains. In this way everything is integrated into your IT environment.

3) There are many partial solutions when it comes to tokenization. At unibright your vision is a regulatory compliant 360° security token platform. What does tokenization of a real-world asset mean and how does the platform work?

See it as an end to end STO platform. Let’s say you are a real estate company and you want to tokenize assets. You ask Unibright to integrate Unibright Freequity into your IT system.

From here you can easily tokenize your own real estate, start trading the tokens and basically follow the entire process. There is no third party involved to do it for you. Everything is based on no code, and you are in charge, from beginning to ...wherever you want to be in the future.

We also have a very interesting liquidity solution, which does not exist anywhere else on the STO market.

And with the implementation of the liquidity-backed exchange, this platform would be in a first-mover position offering the first fully-integrated environment for issuing and trading security tokens.

Also pay attention to our custody solution. We have a surprise there too.

Please read our blog here if you’re interested. Every section will be deeply explained in the coming months.

4) Do you have any plans to decrease the size of your supply, if so how would you plan on achieving this?

Great question : As said above, our supply is ever decreasing. All the tokens used in smart contracts (the tokens used in the UBT framework and the tokens used for packages) will be locked in smart contracts and will NOT be sold on the market. This makes for an ever decreasing supply. We reached our first goal of 5% tokens locked in the framework in the end of 2019. 7,500,000 UBT were locked.

This means that every clients who buys UBT tokens for, is decreasing our supply.

5) You have long term plans and long term goals, what is your multi-year plan going forward?

Our long term goal: For those who remember DOS computers, they know how the times were. You turned on your personal computer and all you saw was a black screen with


What to do? You had to know what to do to start working. This is how the blockchain world works. It’s all in code, and people with coding skills make smart contracts.

But then came Microsoft, with the first system that was visually understandable. Everyone can work on that PC.

Unibright solves a HUGE problem in the future. This means that your entire company can know write smart contracts, monitor the blockchain, and this is all within their own IT environment.

Blockchain for the masses. And it doesn’t matter which blockchain comes out on top. We integrate it! Like we did with Ethereum, EOS, NEM, Hyperledger and Libra.

6) Transparency in the crypto industry plays a huge factor in the progression of the project and also allows the community to trust that the developers and team are continuing to build. How do you show that you are a transparent team?

I completely agree with this. And Unibright also finds this very important.

In the past period, CTO Stefan has given an update every week about what is going on. This is sometimes quite difficult because we believe that we can only share things if this is 100 percent certain. Not as usual, an announcement of an announcement.

Sometimes you want to shout something from the rooftops, but then this is not possible yet. This is of course also in the interest of the community.

In the B2B world, trust is a great asset and you shouldn't harm it. Just as good as to your community.

We are very transparent and I think you can see this in how we communicate with our community and to the outside in our blog posts. We are very sure that we have a strong product.

We follow a strategy that focuses on the adoption of blockchain technology within companies in the coming years.

we place great importance on integrity within unibright. Sometimes we just can't tell things, but then assume that this has a business interest.

7) Who are the team & founders? What is their Experience? What makes them special?

There is a lot of information about our founders. Check it out on the worldwideweb I would say. I also did this in the past when I was in the community myself 😉.

Marten & Stefan have known each other for a long time. After their studies (20 years ago) they started doing business together. A golden combination.

with spo.de they have a successful consultancy & software integration company for customized ERP integration, mainly focused on SAP integrations. Just look on the website for the portfolio of this company.

They saw blockchain as the "new" innovation that perfectly matched their way of thinking and knowledge. Then the idea of Unibright came into being. So Unibright is a spinoff of the existing company & platform.

Then they looked around for other acquaintances to set up Unibright. Because of their large network they can use a lot of expertise in many areas.

Ruud and I have been around for over a year now and we are mainly busy with the community (social media, PR, ambassadors, first contact in new leads, partnerships). We have daily contact with each other and this is going great! Everyone knows why we all spend so much time in Unibright. Because it gives us so much energy and because we believe in it!

8) What kind of connections & partnerships do Unibright have that will help make them stand out and be a success?

our partners are listed on our website.

In addition, you can see on the website spo.de who all belong to the customer base of our founders.

This does not automatically mean that all of these are Unibright customers, but they do know what we deliver. This is a customer-oriented and well-functioning integration.

To highlight a two.

The partnership with Digital Assets https://www.digitalasset.com/ is one that we are proud of. They are very impressed with our product and our decisiveness and knowledge. They in turn also have a great product that fits us perfectly. We have various plans for the future to expand our collaboration.

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is a great platform where a lot is happening in the field of technical innovation. A perfect platform to show us and to assist in the adoption of blockchain technology within enterprises. What we are going to do in concrete terms, we cannot yet say, you will have to be patient for this. But it certainly promises a lot of good for us and the EEA 😎.

9) DeFi is set to take over in 2020, how does Unibright intend to be part of this movement?

I think for us it is tokenization and Security Tokens.

With Freequity we tackle that as follows:

- Software-driven solutions for guarenteed liquidty

- Working on compliant STO platform

- Developing custody solutions like e.g. MultiSig-Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Deep Dive on unibright.finance

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