Welcome to the VersoView LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

To get everyone on the same page we would like you to explain in simple terms what VersoView is actually all about and what 'PER' stands for please?

Thank you for hosting us today, my name is Alex Moody, Director of Operations at VersoView. VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform hosting branded DeFi ecosystems. Brands, businesses, educational partners and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded social tokens within the VersoView ecosystem. PER stands for Publish. Engage. Reward – the lifecycle of Publishing 3.0. Publishing, reader engagement and the methods of rewarding that engagement is what VersoView is designed to disrupt.

I'll elaborate on that too ....

Steve Peaple, Cheif Product Officer, We are building an ecosystem containing two primary products at this point, with room for expansion.

1. VersoView is a patent-pending AI tool that digitalises publications in matters of minutes, instead of needing to have a whole team that works on it around the clock. Nothing like this exists right now, it will save significant time and resources. But it's more than that. Our tool has been designed from scratch to be easy to use and converts a publication into a beautiful digital version (and audio version). Think ONE click, this ensures everything works (personalised ads, quality of pictures, page numbers, copyright licencing, and all the elements which makes a publication great)... phone, tablet, laptop and e-readers.

2. It's also a social media platform that revolves around social tokens and engagement. We offer a decentralised place for companies, writers and readers to get rewarded for their contributions.Right now, with privacy an enormous issue, we aim to fix this. So once convertesd rom one click what's next? Once converted, it's possible for readers to interact with content, interact with other users and create content themselves around the publications. A niche community is created.

Finally, in context, VersoView is in effect mixing some of the best of SaaS and leading tech including; Medium (think: reader experience, commenting, sharing); Wix (approach to publishing, plug-in APIs), Google (ads, monetization and analytics); Patreon (approach to supporting communities); and more – in a privacy protected way, all in one place.

You guys are really some of the best we've had at explaining a project in "simple terms" Its much appreciated that your putting effort to help us understand this easily

we sort of have this standard first 2 questions of what is the project and who are the team its probably the most important questions, so if we are done with that answer we would also like to know who the team behind the project is and what their backgrounds are?

Sure, thank you Bit_Shaman and the @TheGemHuntersTG community for hosting us today. I’m Julian Jordan, CEO at VersoView. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since the early days of the internet in the 1990s, and I’ve been involved in blockchain since 2017. I’ve opened and run eight figure businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and I’ve been involved in publishing both traditional and digital for over 25 years.

No your mark whalberg you liar!

Thats not how i look right now 😂 its 3am and thats my day job!

Sorry Mark didnt realise it was so late for you!

My Co founder and business partner of 25 years Steve Peaple CPO is here, along with Alex Moody Director of Operations, Robbert van der Vleuten Director of Marketing and Tommo our community manager. Our CFO is Col Werner and we have a heavyweight team of advisors, Gerald Aburrow, former Vice President International Operations, Warner Bros International. Ajay Bandhu. Former Head of Personal Banking Central Europe, HSBC

Thats actually a better CV than the real mark lol

You can also get more in depth bios on our website along with pictures of our ugly mugs

By the way did you guys manage to onboard any of your Agency Fish clients to use VersoView?

yes indeed, as one of our pre-launch pioneer clients, we are currently working with a major international five-star hotel brand. More on this, and other clients will be revealed later. We are well connected and have consistently had exceptional responses so far. we cant name names at this point 😁

Not many projects are doing what you're aiming for - who do you personally see as your main competitor and how do you stand out compared to them?

Thank you, an excellent question. Our competition overlaps in a number of areas, but there’s no one in our specific space. A lot do a bit, nobody does it all and we have the real world connections to make this work. Apple. Adobe, Medium, Facebook, digital page-turners like issuu, joomag, pug pig, and many more. VersoView stands out as we know from experience what the bulk of companies, brands and publishers want, and at what price point. Clients want their content to look beautiful, to be easily readable, shareable, and to be able to engage & reward their communities.

Staking is a hot topic and something to reward supporters and long term believers. Do you have any plans to offer staking to your community?

VersoRewards Staking V1 powered by Ferrum Network launches tomorrow! You can get all the details and participate in this first staking round in any of the three token pools via this link:

In addition, everyone who participates for the full duration of this staking round will be whitelisted for the corresponding VersoRewards Perks tier once the platform launches.

Great to see some incentives and rewards for loyal holders, we honestly need to see more of it

For sure, more details on Perks will follow in the coming weeks, but we wanted to award the earliest supporters right away!

$VVT is your native token - could you please share the tokenomics with us and tell us what the actual usecase of $VVT is?

$VVT is the deflationary currency that fuels the VersoView ecosystem. VVT is used for payments within the ecosystem and acts as a staking mechanism for minting branded social tokens and rewarding engagement. Social tokens are used within communities built around publications, corporate reports, educational material, brands or product stories. VersoView uses deflationary mechanisms tied directly to corporate revenues, to offset token emissions generated by the VersoRewards Staking program. We have a huge supply, but little of it will hit the circulating supply.

This graphic explains it

So, we would like to know you're strategy on two sides of one medal - for one getting publishers, brands etc. on board to use VersoView. On the other side bringing in consumers / a userbase to VersoView and combine both sides?

I’m happy to answer this, not as long as my first answer, but there’s meat on the bones. Julian and I have 25 years of publishing experience, well technically 50 as there’s two of us.We know what our client base desires, and at what price point. It does not exist right now. The choice is free ‘flip-books’ with a very poor user experience, or $spend tens of thousands to millions on $services, $software and $staff. So the choice companies have now is either ‘experience-light’ or ‘resource-heavy’. Our clients want – for a Saas-style small monthly fee – an alternative to flip-books; complete inventory control; their own branded App in which to house it; subscriber management; readers interacting with content; content to be shareable.

To that massive base we’re adding many extra desirable, sticky layers such as social tokens and user rewards. So what about bringing in clients and onboarding? We know there is an appetite for brands and publications to switch when a better alternative arrives – you can literally see companies jump from one format to another. So we know we can onboard them. But jumping platforms leaves an issue of split inventory across those platforms. VersoView’s solution ensures complete, single-source inventory control. So expanding the userbase becomes seamless. The vast number of publications and brands will already have large user bases. When we onboard them their users will follow automatically This can go fast, if a big company moves from their current platform to ours, we can easily see 10.. 15… 50,000 people migrate in a heartbeat. There is nothing on the market that will compare to our platform. I know that's along answer but there's so much to tell.

We like how the team have already been working together for 25 years and ran 8 digit companies, really good sign of you guys can already work together!

Could you also please describe how you are going to generate profits?

Sure, I'll take that one; haven't properly introduced myself (been around the chat for a wee while though); I'm Tommo, community manager for VersoView. VersoView revenues are primarily based around two core elements, subscription fees from the partners who utilize our platform, and advertising revenues generated from the content those partners produce. Usage is needed for this, but thats a near guarantee. It's well thought out, and these lads have the real world connections needed to make this work.

When can we expect to see the product go live and how do you plan to fund the project until then?

Ill forward our roadmap after this message; it targets the Alpha release of VersoView during Q2 of 2021, with the live beta release and enterprise onboarding beginning in Q3.

Julian and Steve started building VersoView in 2019 and have self-funded development since the beginning. There's sufficient capital to continue self-funding until the launch of the platform. We opted not to hold a large venture capital fundraise - we don't like the idea of new investors getting major unlocks dumped on them. We launched $VVT following a small friends and family raise and listed the token on Uniswap at the same price. No odd discounts.

We do have tokens allocated to supporting specific aspects of the business over the next several years and will share those details with the community as they come about, however we don't project any extra tokens besides the 40m on the market for the first 6 months. We listed early december 2020 :)

ah so did you not have a raise? Small friends and family raise :) details are public, should I type them out? We used all the funds we raised for legal, token minting and the Locked LP We have over $200,000 locked in the Uniswap LP through the end of 2021

Massive respect guys, building it, all pretty much self funded and even coming up for the liquidity. We hav'nt seen this much, we certainly do look forward to following the process of $VVT and we are definitely grabbing a bag after this AMA. Thanks for coming again guys, its been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to keeping upto date, once again, cheers!

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