Walletreum Exclusive AMA

Q1)- To start thing's off tell us a bit about the Walletreum project .

The idea behind the walletreum was to build such a platform that secures users’ funds in a bear market. Then we started research & development on ALGON and started our journey towards Walletreum.Walletreum is an innovative and efficient crypto-asset management tool for a real-world application with Lending, Borrowing (Safe Credit), WALT Farming, OFF-Chain swapping with Zero fee (Inter-platform), and Solution to price depreciation for both lenders and borrowers in a bear market with the help of “ALGON'' developed by Walletreum. Buy, sell, store, and pay with cryptocurrency whenever you want in banks or your non-custodial wallets. We want to ensure that people can conveniently use their digital assets for financial freedom in any part of the world.

Q2)- How about some information about the team behind this Walletreum ? For a start the team is public, something rare in crypto these days .

We are a group of passionate people who teamed up on a single idea, which is, to create a sustainable system that provides financial freedom to general public. There is no point in staying anonymous when you are being honest and true to yourself and everyone. Also, our investors have all the right to know about people they are investing in.

Q3)- Now let's get to the coin , what can you tell us about $WALT Token and some of the tokenomics ?

WALT is the platform’s utility token that provides additional benefits to our users. WALT holders will be able to enjoy a number of benefits explained on our website. We carefully designed our token economics to support the project in the long term. You can check token economics on the homepage of our website in full detail.

Q4)- I find it interesting that the team tokens and company reserve tokens (combined 27%) are vested for such a long time , while it's great for investor's confidence and longevity , it's a rather long time especially in the crypto space , what was the team's reasoning behind this ?

The reason for vesting tokens for such a long time was indeed to gain the confidence of our investors that we are here to stay. Also, we have raised enough funds to continue our project development for a long time, and there will surely be profits from Walletreum platform to support the project further on. So Yes, it is a pretty long time for vesting funds, but we are sure we won’t need those funds anytime sooner.

Q5)- Walletreum recently announced a Ferrum Network (One of TGH's most coveted picks) listing and staking partnership. Also Walletreum will be one of the first to utilize their SwapDrop's

What was the reason behind this partnership and how will this help Walletreum reach new heights , on top of that will native staking become available in the Walletreum application's when released and would there be any difference ?

Partnership with Ferrum Network was indeed a great step that we took after hours of long discussions on weather we should go that way or not. The reason behind this partnership was to bring WALT staking to our users as early as possible which would support the project greatly. Native staking was planned in early 2021 but now users will be able to benefit from staking WALT very soon due to this partnership with Ferrum Network. We still have plans for launching our Native staking, but this decision is subject to change because we will be observing how well staking is working with Ferrum network and if we see that we need to launch our own Staking platform then we would surely do that.

Q6)- Your Algon AI is an important component in the Walletreum Ecosystem , With it's key feature being that it allows users to make money even if their staked coin's drop in value . How does the Algon AI system work in a more detailed explanation ? ALGON automates rebalancing when crypto is bullish. It automatically buys BTC and trades Altcoins against BTC. On the other hand, when crypto markets are bearish, It sells BTC to Stable coins and converts existing altcoin trades to stable coin pairs. ALGON calculates how to do all the conversions based on current market stats, historical data, take any short positions, and keep learning over time and become more efficient automatically.

Q7)- Another key feature is the Borrowing/Lending feature's of Walletreum , How does Walletreum differ Itself from similar offerings in this area and why should investor's use it ?

Our main feature ALGON differentiates Lending/Borrowing from other platforms. Walletreum has connected the lenders and borrowers with ALGON to maximize the benefit in any market scenario in an automated way. Lenders lend the money to ALGON, and ALGON will return the lent amount with interest. On the other hand, the borrower takes the loan from the ALGON, pays interest to ALGON, and ALGON will repay the crypto-asset minus interest. ALGON will play the role of fund manager for both lenders and borrowers and secure the crypto assets of both price depreciation in bear markets.

Q8)- A great feature is Zero Swap that eliminates high gas costs that plague the crypto space right now by providing free swaps. How is Walletreum able to achieve this without taking a heavy financial impact ?

All the swapping will happen in the internal pools of the platform with virtual asset-backed tokens. Swapping will be against WALT token only. Users can keep swapping their assets inside the platform based on the current prices that Walletreum fetches from multiple oracles. However, when you go back On-Chain, you will have to pay the blockchain network costs as usual. Walletreum saves tons of gas fees for a high number of swaps.

Q9)- The RoadMap shows that Walletreum has been in development for quite some time , has the changes in the crypto space altered the team's plan's in anyway over the last few years ?

Not at all. We believed in our idea and have been consistent in the execution phase. There have been notable changes in crypto space but these changes did not have any negative affect on our project.

Q10)- As we do not have our live audience with us to ask any additional questions is there any information that the team would like to share , possibly some new plans going forward short term?

After the end of sales we have increased our dev team a bit and after the product launch there will be a good number of passionate team members that will join us for our future developments. First off, we will try to complete the rest of the features in our road map as early as possible. We will also be investing a lot in R&D to get new ideas about how we can improve our platform and what other features and what other gaps there are to fill in the market. To be precise, we are not here to compete with any of the big boys in the market, rather we want to support this amazing blockchain technology and play our part while it is still growing and taking our the world.


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