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Ferrum Network is an ultra low-cap DeFI project empowering individuals with world class financial products that will run on Ferrum’s DAG-based interoperability network.


Ferrum’s interoperability network can connect to nearly any blockchain and works natively with fiat currencies. It’s like the Lightning Network, but for every blockchain.

Ferrum Network already has a live app in Africa with thousands of users and 100s of merchants (First Kudi ), as well as early FRM utility through its token bridge, Smart Staking and Social Mining.

In Q1, Ferrum will launch the revolutionary UniFyre Wallet with in-app staking, “Link Drops”, and decentralized private key backup. In a few weeks, Ferrum will release version 2.0 of its staking mechanism with some of the highest rewards in the industry.

Token Utility

All Ferrum Network products will run on the DAG network and use FRM as gas. Every time a transaction occurs, it will require a small amount of FRM be spent and burned. Therefore, when fully scaled, thousands of FRM will be spent and burned daily through their African users alone. 

They presently have early FRM utilities such as community rewards through Social Mining (https://community.ferrum.network), token fee for using the Token Bridge, staking for FRM, and FRM rewards within the Kudi app.







Token Metrics and Chart

All investor unlocks are over, yet FRM still has a low circulating supply. Half of FRM is ERC-20 FRM and the other half is BEP-2 FRM. FRM will slowly be migrated over to main net tokens once the main net launches in 2020.


Circulating Supply: 115,531,410

Max Supply: 331,718,749

FRM Price (as of 20/1/20): $.01

Market Cap: $1,159,925


FRM is listed on Bitmax.io, Binance DEX, IDEX, and Eterbase, with more exchanges coming in 2020.

Social Media

Telegram - http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter  - http://twitter.ferrum.network

Medium - http://medium.ferrum.network

YouTube - http://youtube.ferrum.network