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The Gem Hunters is one of the oldest, most active, highly respected crypto communities. You can find our social community on telegram : http://t.me/TheGemHuntersTG


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Discover HOW To Invest & Trade Cryptocurrencies

  • Understand Bitcoin

  • Learn About Blockchains

  • Discover Smart Contracts

  • Discover Different Alt-Coins

  • Learn How To Research Investments

  • Wallets & Security

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Technical Analysis

  • Learn How To Invest & Trade

Learning Crypto Premium

Starting for completely FREE you can get involved in our Premium Service. From just £10 per month we offer one of the most competitive subscriptions in the entire Cryptocurrency space.


We have even included access to The Hitman trading indicator within the subscription which you can use as a trading aid.

Daily Market Analysis

Every day new video content is uploaded onto Telegram and every Monday into the portal giving you a fresh update within the market.

Online Content Portal

Our platform is jam packed with content. We currently have 18 lessons online with a full library of Mob Mondays, Additional Course Content & Live Zoom replays.

Continued Learning + Support

1 on 1 support, Telegram announcements with news & trading signals via video, keeping you ahead of the pack to help you to achieve success.

Hitman Indicator

Works with a combination of indicators to show a change in momentum, giving you the perfect alert to tell you when the market is either bullish or bearish. From today, you will not longer miss profits in the market with The Hitman.