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January 5th 2021

Welcome to the FOLLOW SWAPS LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

Let's start off with an introduction of what FollowSwaps is actually all about?

Follow Swaps is a copy trading bot (it does not make trading decisions). Copy trading is a pretty popular form of trading, and I've found eToro for normal markets to be an excellent copy trading platform. We can provide a similar service in a crazy crypto/Uniswap space. We have copy trading (when "donor" transaction was already successful) and front-run option (which is more expensive and not needed for everyone, which allows you to make a trade before the "donor" wallet you're following). P.S I would like to tell you about moral aspects using the front run feature in my final speech, hopefully, if I am allowed.

There are 3 core members and also people we outsource. The main Dev is very experienced. He has been coding for a long time and also made copy trading bots/other bots for Binance and BitMEX for private customers in the past. All of us have been involved with crypto since 2017.

Where do you see the benefit in running a bot such as yours compared to manually trading?

A lot of people are unsuccessful when it comes to trading, some due to lack of knowledge, others because they simply haven't got the time to trade (and millions of other reasons). Many people then look up to big whale traders and influencers, trying to figure out how they make so much money and try to copy their trades. However, if you try manually follow big/profitable wallets on Etherscan, check their buys or sells and copy, you'll quickly realise it's near impossible to follow successful wallets and be profitable, as human speed is merely not fast enough. Most of the time, price changes too quickly, and you can't copy every trade successfully. For example, by the time you see that someone you're following is dumping their bag, its usually too late and the price has already changed significantly. You would also need to consistently monitor the wallet, looking out for any changes. With the Follow Swaps bot, you unlock the opportunity to follow/copy any ETH address and even front-run them. If you pick a very good and successful wallet to copy, you can go about your day while the bot working for you.

You are working on multiple features for the bot. Can you guide us through them please and give a brief explanation of what they do and where you see their usecases?

One of the features we always wanted to add to our bot is selling before "donor" sells if a token reaches 2x, 3x profit. We then realised it's technically the same as implementing the limit order feature everyone wants to have on Uniswap. After talking to the community we decided to add limit orders in our final local version of the bot. Also, we are working on a range of filters customer can apply. For example, ignoring bytecode tokens, check an approve function, do not buy more than X amount of times And many more. I was also thinking about more use cases. Obviously, copy trading but what else? Another use case we have is if you bought a "bag"/coin but worry about contract owners to dump/sell on you.

Let's say we want to use your bot, is there a subscription or what type of payment model is it going to have?

Yes, we have subscription plans and you need to use WAPS to pay for that every month.

Tier 1

For normal copy trading where you can follow 2 "donor "wallets you need to pay 1 WAPS. You can also get this for free if you are happy to hold 10 WAPS on your wallet.

Tier 2

If you want to use front-run function where you can follow 1 "donor " wallet you need to pay 2 WAPS per month, You can also get this for free if you are happy to hold 50 WAPS. This feature is more expensive and not everyone needs it and 50% of all subscription profit in WAPS will be burnt every month.

That sounds good. Kinda similar to another trading bot project we rly like. Can you give some insights on how the set-up of the bot going to be? Would I be able to set it up without too much hassle?

Setting up your copy trading bot is simple, no coding required. Choose a wallet that you'd like to copy, input the amount you'd like to allocate, or % from donors position, customise your gas, apply filters and click Start. You'll be duplicating their positions/swaps automatically in real-time and direct proportion. There isn't a lot of hassle at all, we've also set it up so that you get all the notifications on telegram.

Let's get to the presale of your $WAPS token, which is currently active and the token itself: What are the sale metrics eg. Softcap / hardcap, initial circulating supply / maximum supply, presale price / listing price

3000 WAPS Max Token Supply

2400 WAPS Initial Circulating

1500 WAPS presale (0.12 ETH per token)

No minimum, maximum 10 ETH

720 WAPS and 120 ETH added to Uniswap liquidity pool

0.166 ETH per 1 WAPS Uniswap listing price

180 WAPS for marketing

600 WAPS currently not in circulation

480 WAPS for a team locked for 3 months

120  WAPS for future marketing locked for 3 months

*At the end of pre-sale, all unsold tokens will be burnt.

All information is available on our website

Once our presale is sold out we will add the allocated liquidity and lock the LP tokens, providing you with the Unicrypt address to verify.

Okay great, so regarding the $WAPS token - you've already mentioned that it's going to be used for the usage of the bot and also have an deflationary aspect to it. I guess we can skip the question regarding the use case then.

yes i think its pretty clear :)

Can we expect more features being implemented in the future? If so, do you have an approximate ETA for these?

yes of course

Most important next priorities are a local version of our bot (similar to TBB bot) and better user interface. We already showed our community sneak peek video on our new UI (You can find it in the announcements chat pinned message).

The first week of February is our due date for that and we are aiming to roll out limit orders and stop losses end of February.

We apreciate the Follow Swaps team coming to TGH and sharing information with our community, we look forward to following the progress of the team and project!


Welcome to the Follow Swaps LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters



January 12th 2021

Welcome to the PAID NETWORK $PAID LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

Kyle Chasse | PAIDNetwork

Thank you so glad to be here... and guys just so you have our links, here they are... Remember you must be in our telegram channel and following us on twitter to win any prizes

Absolute pleasure to have you guys here, PAID Protocol is possibly the most explosive project to hit crypto so far in 2021 and we cant wait to hear about it! So please go ahead and tell us what PAID Protocol is all about and what problems is it trying to solve?

PAID is a decentralized protocol offering users easy-to-use web and mobile apps, enabling them to do business with anyone anywhere, without the need for expensive legal services. With PAID’s proprietary SMART agreement templates, users can quickly fill in terms and execute simplified business contracts from their desktop or mobile phone. PAID removes the unnecessary complexity of creating and executing documents, as well as breaking down the borders that complicate arbitration. Through the community-governed arbitration system, disputing an agreement has never been easier or more efficient.

Check out our medium -

Great rundown and that’s some vision, now can you give us an insight into the team responsible for pursuing that vision, what are the team back grounds and experience?

The PAID Network Team consists of 19 members who bring in decades of combined experience from corporates & start-ups as well as a deep understanding of the Blockchain space. Our team has a ton of experience in the traditional corporate world as well as the crypto space… our team has experience from companies such as Huawei, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Dell, Ripple, Binance, Shell, DraftFCB, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon, Bloomberg, Amazon, Microsoft, and Kraken. We actually just posted a medium article like an hour ago covering this, check it out!

We've got to say, as soon as we saw the PAID team we were sold!

Thanks man... We know what we are doing... We know how to make our investors and token holders happy.

So we know what PAID is with regards to redefining the civil legal system with the application defi protocols, but how big is this sector, what potential has PAID got entering this industry and other potential use cases does PAID boast?

So the PAID token can be staked via smart contracts giving access to a variety of benefits and features, could you elaborate on how investors can make the most and take advantage of this service?

PAID can be “staked” (i.e locked up) within protocol smart contracts, giving access to varying levels of features and staking returns across the platform. PAID has carefully architected the following phases of staking in order to incentivize participation in the network.

After the DeFi tools have been released, the following staking levels will be available:

Participant -15,000 PAID tokens

Manager - 75,000 PAID tokens

Receiver - 150,000 PAID tokens

Professional - 250,000 tokens

Arbitrator - 1,000,000 tokens

What prior knowledge do people need to be an arbitrator? Is there a guide available to soak up the idea? What are the responsibilities of this activity? How compliant is it to traditional regulators?

PAID arbitrators will be the highest level of staking and will require a significant amount of PAID tokens at stake to qualify. We go on game theory to assume that since they have a lot of value at stake they will do what’s best for the network. We will likely also have several honorable arbitrators that specialize in different industries.

The platform is designed to provide an entirely self-sufficient alternative to the current civil legal systems, including litigation. This is the ultimate goal and SMART Agreements will not be able to be held up in court.

Your currently In the pubic sale stage, how did it go? You’ve also just secured a huge partnership with Polkastarter! Tell us about that and how its going to benefit both projects, what other big partnerships and collaborations have you guys secured and is there more on the horizon!?

PAID Network’s Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter will take place on January 20th. Since Polkastarter’s launch on December 14th, numerous projects have held sold-out token sales, including SpiderDAO, MahaDAO, and Fire Protocol.

Polkastarter leverages Polkadot’s multi-chain infrastructure to run decentralized fundraisings taking advantage of cross-chain token pools and auctions. Investors benefit from a number of additional yield-earning opportunities on the cross-chain IDO platform. After the token sale, PAID tokens will be listed on UniSwap, allowing token holders to earn yield through liquidity mining immediately as well as staking on a popular CEX.

The Polkastarter DEX brings “unrivaled liquidity” to its pools in several ways. Automated liquidity is provided to token swaps and pools through the cross-chain liquidity protocol of Orion. Liquidity providers (LPs) are further incentivized by the opportunity to earn rewards in Polkastarter tokens called $POLS.

As for the partnerships, There are so many that we don't even know yet or have thought of... There are so many cool innovations happening in crypto and so many seem to add value to what we are creating and by making these partnership it equals more value to PAID and less work for us, of course the most obvious are other projects that want to use PAID within their company/project.

Lastly, when can we expect the actual listing of $PAID and what exciting news do you have for investors who are looking to invest in a brand new project that has it all!?

The listing details have not been announced as of yet, please follow our Telegram Channels and Social media to stay up to date :).

We have lots of exciting updates lined up for the community, e.g. The PAID Network has over half a dozen new technology features coming soon. In initial test drives, users are excited about our new all-in-one Dashboard designed to enhance the user experience. When users login, they can view all their activity in the system including user agreements, the wallet balance, and token price, to list a few.

We are moving beyond providing an attorney-free and cost-friendly DApp to help businesses and individuals ensure they #GetPAID by continually adding new business services and communication tools.

More exciting all-inclusive business toolkit features are on the horizon, including:



Borrowing and lending

Reputation score — biometrics

Activity — calendar

Fine tuning UX

Contacts/sharing connections

PAID is one of the most exciting new projects for sure and we love how you, have kept the raise small, public sale was $500 per person and the initial market cap is listing at 850k, we will be following $PAID closely thats for sure! Thanks for coming today its been a pleasure to host you guys!


Welcome to the Paid Network LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters


Splyt ($SHOPX) Live AMA

February 11th 2021

Welcome to the SPLYT $SHOPX AMA with The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

You’ve explained in your whitepaper that quote “Splyt is opening doors for innovative businesses and entrepreneurial individuals to achieve their potential. The use cases for improving efficiency, transparency and security across the industry are as endless as our imaginations.” We are so excited to see Splyt innovate the space and offer individuals the opportunity to achieve! Could you please break down exactly how the splyt platform aims to provide users with the above and help them reach the outer limits of their own potential in the process?

First, we believe in putting the community and our token users first. We started first thinking about off-chain governance. We decided to become a non profit foundation so that token holders are not at odds with shareholders. This is truly a social utility meant to better society in the way we transact online. In all the decison making we take part of, there is no doubt we are doing it for our members and not to maximize shareholder profits. Because there are non - we can focus our efforts on building a healthy token project! Now users of our system can utilize our eNFT infrastrucure (more on that later) to build censorship resistant e-commerce affiliate market system in which there are no middlemen taking cuts out of every e-commerce transaction.

Everyone will have access to Splyt and they have a fair opportunity to build a product. Build a community, build a markerplace - and we band them together aka "collective commerce"  so that they can create a decentralized C2C marketplace. By connecting all of commerce via tokenized invenotry, eNFTs, we enable brands to run their business the way they see fit without any counterparty risk or centralized intermediaries taking their profits - all while still having the same benefits of selling on places like Amazon.

So could you provide us with some information on your beautiful looking team, what experience have you guys collected over the years and how did you all come to take part in creating Splyt?

This is the fabric of our culture! I was told by a wise meme (hehe) at some point - its not about the destination... it's not about the jounrey either! It's about the company that makes life fulfilling - and I am so grateful to be able to experience that with our team :)

I'll start with my co-founder Josh, We both shared the same passion of blockchain and both witnessed the DAO hack back in 2017. Both Josh and I have been in crypto since around 2014 (right after mt gox - yikes) Seems like I'm going down memory lane here haha. Josh was one of the earliest devs to start using and learning solidity since the Ether ICO. For an industry this nacesnt, having someone like him is a blessing! He used to work for Blockchains LLC, who made the blockchain city in Nevada, and he was the lead blockchain architect for all their smart contracts. He was one of the first people to build idenity on chain, DAO governacnes systems  - it was special! My background is pretty diverse, but I spent a lot of time working at Deloitte Consulting as a digital marketing and e-commerce thought leader. My team and I built and won numerous awards.

While at Deloitte, I learned about the double-sale problem - when doing affiliate sales - if you list an item for sells on mulitple sites, and it sales at two places at once, what happens? And while Josh and I discussed use cases of blockchain - it became evident we could solve a huggggge problem in the e-commerce supply chain by the same way Bitcoin solved the double-spend problem. The answer: NFTs - and Josh was the first developer I met create a NFT back in 2016, even before the EIP for the erc-721 standard was accepted in 2018!

I think we're all sick to death of Amazon and everytime i go to buy something they somehow find a way to sign me upto prime!

I know right! At least buy you a beer first or something before asking

So back to wrap up the story  - Josh and I started tinkering with NFTs since 2016 until we got it right. We were delighted to see Dieter come up with the 721 standards and bring it mainstream. We've been BUIDL'ing ever since then even through the bear market - and that's where we are now. Couple more shoutouts to the team - Lindsey Mallon, our CPO/CMO - has been such a tremendous part of our success not only because of her background in Retail supply chainf for 10 years, but because of her kindness and attitude towards life. Very grateful to have her.

And to Joseph Yoo - who used to work a Bitthumb and is heading our SK office - to being there with me througout the good and tought times - helping bring value into what we are building. His trusted advise has been invaluable in making executive decisions 🙂

And lastly - to the rest of the team Leo to helping with secuirty - Kat for learning RUST on the fly and becoming our resident Polkadot Dev, TJ for helping develop our business, and eric for CS! I love y'all.

So as we were just saying you are entering a huge space and the possibilities and opportunities are endless, could you help us fully understand how big the actual industry is that splyt is entering and how Splyt aims to take full advantage of that industry?

Yes, e-commerce is the fastest growing industry in the world! It's now evern accelerating faster because of the pandemic - set to hit 10 trillion in marketshare in a few years!

Mind blowing!

Splyt is in the position to create the NFT infrastructure to power a e-comm protocol, just like how TCP/IP is the protocol for the internet! We can power every digital transaction just like TCP/IP protocol powers the internet. Secondly, e-commerce solutions are hot. Enterprise companies hired consultants like me at Deloitte, to come in and build solutions for $200M engagements! And the reason we were able to charge so much is because there is NO standard. There is no safe way to connect our DB to another store, Splyt solves that. We create a safe and secure way to trace e-commerce transactions using NFTs - that is impervious to centralized manipulation.

It's our life! Life is built around commerce! And our society is headed digital!

We extend the supply chain beyond brand to customer. The customer will custody the NFT after purchase and they canuse that to prove they bought a real item. Hahah - this year. We have partnered with our first use case Maison Du - with the help of Lindsey - to bring the first vertical to our system. This is a bg deal for secondary market sales. Imagine buying a rolex, and being able to prove its real via a NFT that you can trace back to the OG rolex wallet address. No more dealing with pieces of paper or counterfits.

So youve mentioned that your assigning unique eNFT’s to every inventory item, brans are able to upload their own inventorys with your app through which it will automatically tokenize the asset as an eNFT on Splyts catalogue! This sounds game changing, can you please run us through how this process is really going to revolutionize the way ecommerce actually works and how it will benefit users and companies participating on the platform?

Yes! So e-commerce is so cumbersome today. In order to maximize my chances of sale, I have to post on multiple sites like amazon, ebay, my own site, CJ, affiliates sites etc. That takes time, money, and is error prone to double sales. Double sales are bad bc some buyers won't get their product even tho they are epxecting it. This issue increases CS calls, created bad reputation, and sometimes, the reseller has to give an additonal credit in good faith to the customer, Splyt changes the game! With only a few pushed of a button inside your favorite e-commerce platforms (like Shopify, woo commerce, etc) you can publish your inventory as an eNFT (e-commerce NFT protocol standard) that will become shoppable by any other affiliate marketplace. We run nodes, similar to MyCrypto/MEW, so no one has to use metamask. This simplifies the brands efforts, saves them time, and gives them REAL TIME inventory and sales tracking.

We turbo charge this network by letting brands assing a bounty to every eNFT and this is where it gets really exciting! The bounty will incentivize affiliates to pick up the eNFT and add it to their stores to sell and collect the bounty. Since it's all traced via eNFTs and the blockchain - all the money gets routed appropriately to the people who earned via smart contracts so their is no counter-party risk in online collaborative sales!

one thing for those that are curious how it works on Shopify, check the video below of it working LIVE and creating eNFTs on testnet 🙂 be sure to check it out!

can we please now stray onto the Token itself, inspire us into some of the tokenomics,  usecase of the token and how investors can benefit holding the $SHOPX Token?

First, the $SHOPX token is a symbol of trust and transparency! We want everyone to confidently use the token in our awesome network knowing that they are protected bc we desinged the token incentives to promote good behaviors. Its on testnet - but yeah, we are getting close! The $SHOPX token was designed after something we call TCRs. TCR = token curated registry

I first learned about it on this medium article - very good read!

So the $SHOPX token is required for brands to upload and tokenize their inventory on the blockchain. This does a few things

1) the deposit the brands put to upload their inventory will incentivize them to make sure the product is real, description is accurate, and to make a successful sale. Upon the transaction is complete without a claim  -they ge thier deposit back! This helps buyers trust the seller bc they know if they are a bad actor, they will lose their deposit

We created a inverse multiplctive function to determine a fair deposit amountsand as your reputations increases - the deposit becomes less!

This is a really good system for overall transparency and surely that will attract more businesses to use the platform right?

Yes!!! And you get your deposit back! Unline Amazon or ebay - they just pocket it themselves.

The problem in the legacy commerce system is clearly shown with Craigslist. It's free to use but you get a lot of spam bc their is no penatly. So we take the best of both worlds! 🙂 Who doesnt like getting their cake and eating it too!

Now moving more onto the reward side of the token you just mentioned that investors can stake liquidity, get purchasing rewards and we see theres all kinds of other ways investors can earn huge rewards via holding $SHOPX, can we please dig into this a bit and over how we can truly take advantage of HODLing and how we can make the most of these juicy rewards

Yeah! So parts of this design are still in design and final game theory testing - but to give sneak peak - we are rewarding holders if they help create liqudity mining pools for us like on DEXs etc. Second, we have a system where users can stake against an eNFT and take out off-chain DeFi and earn more in that way. The cool thing about what we are doing with off-chain DeFi - it;s hard to liquidate a physical item. Unitl Splyt - hehe- since we have a sales distributon system with eNFTs assigned with bounties - if a borrower default - we can liquidate the eNFT and dropship the items as a flashsale. In order to purchase items during our exclusive flash sales - you must be a token holder - so be sure to hang on to those if you wanna scoop up some good deals 🙂

By the way we cant imagine how many partnerships you have in the pipeline and a project this big needs big partners, who have you already partnered with, why and what plans do you have in future regarding partnerships!?

Yes! The response has been so exciting to see, Maison Du, a collection of almost 2k luxury brands, stylists and stockists are eager to hop onto our system. We started with the luxury market for a few reasons.

1) they are trend setters. What they do drives  awareness and new trends - and Splyt is the system they love!

The luxury supply chain is ever so broken with most of it being BM -> helping them go digital built form the ground up correctly - is going to massivly save this industry. A lot of emerging small brands were going out of business bc all their sales relied on Boutiques that are closed bc of the pandemic. However, Splyt is here to partner with them to create a supply chain to let Stylists browse ou eNFT catalog, curate their own checkout cart (Using another partnership building on top of Splyt - CartRev) so they can sell to their customer base. All seamlessly and easily - so that commerce can continue - pandemic or not. In fact, Hasaan Pierre is quoted saying this a few months ago.

With our first partnerhsip with Maison Du - we will be that catalyst! Hassan, let's dance brotha! 😎 We are nearing the final stages however, we are live on testnet - that video above can show you how it will interact with Shopify!

Yeh just watched the video, really clear and it makes sense too i must say!

Ty!! we wanted to bring blockchain technology to where people interact today.

Ok this has been a really interesting AMA and we can see how serious you guys are, to finish up, we understand your in the whitelist stage right now, when can we expect the actual listing of the Splyt token?

Thank you again for all the kind words and affirmations. It means a lot to us. Everyone one of us has been putting in 18+ hour days and to see that the community appreciates that effort - man - I can't even describe the feeling besides it's good vibes everywhere! Whitelist is stlll open and we will be sure to give back to the community to everyone in same way. As far as the token - all that is still underwraps and will be announced soon! As you can see, the product is almost reasdy and we think it's prudent to be able to use our platform soon right after.

We would like to thank Splyt for coming to TGH today, if you would like more information on Splyt check out the links below!

Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

Splyt ($SHOPX) Live AMA

Welcome to the SPLYT $SHOPX AMA with The Gem Hunters


Yield app ama

February 16th 2021

Welcome to the Yield App LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters! We would like to thank the team for coming today and sharing information with the community!

As always we would like to start off with an introduction of what YieldApp is actually all about?

YIELD App is a  FinTech company that enables anyone to invest in decentralized finance with the touch of a button! Thanks to our intuitive app and web platform, users around the world can start earning returns from DeFi products without having to go through a lengthy, complex and often costly learning process. Our users earn up to 20% APY through our DeFi strategies on the backend. On the front end its an easy to use application.

Instead of you doing all the complex things we do it for you

We are making it easy to put money on YIELD.App and your crypto will essentially be invested in dozens of high yielding and safe DeFi products through us. Invest as little as $100 on the platform. We aggregate your investment to maximize your returns and make DeFi easy, simple. Through us, eliminate the high gas fees, we have a team full time analyzing, auditing smart contracts, and searching for the best yielding opportunities.

Great approach and timing, we've seen an influx of new fresh people in crypto over the past months. To attract them it's key to make it as user friendly as possible!

I think a lot of people are still scared about DeFi and we are here to solve that!

Could we please get some details on some on the core team members and what their backgrounds are?

My name is Justin Wright. I have spent most of my career in capital markets and fund management before moving over to Fintech, this is my first venture in the crypto space. I have spent the last 6 years building out Beehive P2P, the largest SME P2P lender in the Middle East and having been introduced to DeFi by Tim and seeing the potential to really take crypto to the mainstream, I jumped at the chance to be part of the founding team @YIELDapp.

Tim Frost, Founder and CEO

Tim brings a rich FinTech, marketing, business development, and operations background. YIELD is Tim's 3rd digital bank, and he has been a key figure with many successful FinTech and blockchain companies. Specializing in early-stage growth, operations, and development. Tim was part of the founding Wirex team and supported operations, business development, and marketing for the first 18 months. Tim also joined and helped take EQIBank to market, a global digital challenger bank with an average client AUM of $250,000. Tim has helped accelerate early-stage blockchain startups QTUM, NEO, Paxful, Polymath, Selfkey, Everex, and others.

Aleksei Korobeinikov is a Blockchain Solutions Architect and R&D Engineer focused on the complex blockchain technologies. He previously contributed to Ethereum Plasma, developed payment-channels over Ethereum, Bitcoin, and cross-chain bridges. For the last 3.5 years he has worked as a Blockchain Team Lead, Solution Architect and CTO. He has built and successfully delivered 25+ projects with DLT as the core component.

You're about to launch your platform and we would like to get some more information on that. Is it going to have KYC? And how about country restrictions?

We now have the first 1200 users on the platform in a closed beta. The public launch is coming early February when its available for everyone. Now the platform is used daily with over $200k daily in AUM coming.

And yes, we do have a KYC and we are also regulated which means that we have to restrict some countries. At the moment we will not support US clients but hopefully in the future that will change.

1200 users in a closed beta is quite impressive for crypto standards!

YIELD.APP has already successfully acquired an off-shore banking license to support launch. Typically it takes time to reach multiple jurisdictional regulatory approvals, so in that respect, we are setting out our intentions from the start and will continue to add licenses as we go for all of our activities. That being said, for AML, this is a standard and minimum requirement whereby we work with industry leading reg-tech providers to strike a balance between over aggressive and cumbersome KYC and frictionless onboarding for our users. By doing things right, we can grow, outperform our competitors while keeping our customers safe.

Who do you personally see as your main competitors in the crypto space and where does YieldApp have an edge over them?

There's a market for everyone and solutions need to be deployed for the emerging markets, more specifically. About competition, we are targeting different customers, we are building a bank with fund products at the backend, we will operate a transparent model, we're building a proprietary portfolio management system. For the 1st fund, we are offering guaranteed returns. What people see now is our launch, we will grow beyond this and admire the work others have done, do they make it clear if they are neutral or have any risk exposures on directional trades, etc.? Are they building innovation around an insurance product?

Any good business will always have competition, think Starling Bank, Revolut, Monzo. Same models with different approaches and customer bases. If investors want exposure to DeFi and are worried about risk, there is a valid argument they should split their allocations across YIELD, and others, rather than concentrate it all on one platform.

So, you've already mentioned that your closed beta is currently active. Will there be other ways to test the platform before the final public launch? If so what would the process be in order to do so?

Yes, join our channel and dm anyone from our Admins. Join our telegram and make some noise and our admins will work on early access.

Now let's talk about your $YLD token. What is it's actual usecase and where can people obtain $YLD?

YLD is our utility token. Thanks to YLD, users can boost their APY, earn interest on their tokens, and support our ecosystem. At the moment, we have almost over 33% of the whole circulation inside of our web app. So the community is a strong hodler community but also is getting a nice 20% APY. You can get our YLD on the app, or on uniswap, bitmax, or Bithumb Global.

To round things up and before we open the chat for possible community questions, we would like to know what your long-term milestones for YieldApp are?

BTC And ETH funds are one our highest priorities and getting our app laucnehd!

We love to see that you have the banking services not too far away on the roadmap. I'm always looking for those.

All in motion now. It’s a gradual build out as we scale our user base. Lots of demand in the developing markets for

We would like to thank the Yield App team for attending today and wish them all the best into the future, please find more information on the website: com

Yield app ama

Welcome to the Yield App LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters


Xend finance exclusive ama

February 22nd 2021

Q1.       We would like to kick this interview off with an introduction of what Xend Finance is actually all about and what you're trying to achieve?

A- Xend Finance provides the tools and platform for a decentralized financial (DeFi) credit union, regardless of the user’s geographic location and the home country fiat currency. Members can earn multiple levels of interest on their savings by seamlessly swapping their crypto or fiat currency to stable cryptocurrencies and staking them on lending platforms through the Xend Finance DeFi platform. Xend Finance is the first DeFi for credit unions and the fastest growing blockchain company out of Africa.

Q2.       Could you please also give us an introduction of the team behind the project and what your backgrounds are?

I am Ugochukwu Aronu. I am the Founder and CEO of Xend Finance. I have an engineering background and I lead the blockchain engineering team at Xend Finance. My team has experience in engineering, marketing and community development in the crypto space. We are majorly based in Nigeria. Most of our marketing team is based in the US.
I really got to know about the blockchain when my colleague who was doing his masters in the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland told me about the blockchain technology late 2016 and that I could write code that runs on the blockchain.

I felt it was a really cool Idea to write code and deploy apps on something as complex and groundbreaking as the blockchain. I started working checking out websites that held cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and found I was developing some test DApps while also building my own Bitcoin wallet from ground up because I really wanted to understand how everything worked.

You can learn about our team in detail here:

Q3.       Now let's get to your recent fund raise before we move on to the actual product. We've heard that some of the biggest names in crypto, but also traditional corporates are backing you. Obviously that was mind-blowing news - can you tell us a bit more about that?

Xend was incubated by Binance Labs and Google Lanchpad. They were seed funders. These backings are super great. They provide great support, investments and advisory. With global presence we are also able to learn from their wealth of experience. We really feel special being backed by these great companies.  We have Tier one investors such as Binance, Google Launchpad, NGC, HashKey, AU21 Capital. We have been pushed far by these partners.

Q4. On the product side you're essentially offering high interest rates on savings and the access to loans with flexible repayment rates  - who is going to be your target customer base for that?

Our main aim in the crypto world is to bring non-crypto savvy users who are financially underserved and who have unstable economies to the global crypto money market to gain high yields and also protect them from steady currency devaluations caused by their unstable economies.

Q5. Is it correct that basically everyone will be able to participate without any restrictions?

Yes. You do not have to provide any documentation if you are using your crypto wallet directly on our protocol and you can access our smart contracts from any country. We got over 1500 users from 75 countries in less than 2 weeks of testnet launch.

Q6. 'invest on a schedule' is something we've haven't seen anywhere yet. Could you please elaborate on that feature?

This is a feature that allows you to automatically invest your savings into the Xend platform on a scheduled date and time. It is sort of like a fixed monthly planned investment.

Q7. You've currently your pre-launch program ongoing, could you please give us more information on what that actually entails and what would be the process for people to participate in that?

The pre-launch program is a way of incentivizing the early users of our Mainnet on Binance Smart Chain. We launched a Beta Version of the Xend Finance Mainnet on Binance Smart Chain and we created an incentive to reward people when they use it so they can learn how it fully works and also teach others

Q8. You are going to have your IDO on Balancer - why Balancer over other platforms / launchpads? Where do you see the benefits of running it on Balancer and how can interested investors participate in that event? Could you please also give us the key IDO metrics?

  To participate in the Balancer LBP please read the steps here:

We launched on Balancer so we can distribute tokens to the community members fairly and also discourage whales and bots. Balancer gives an opportunity for the market to determine the price of the token and gives equal opportunity for all to be a part of the token purchase.

Q9. As you know everyone values security, especially in crypto where hacks and exploits are a common occurrence. What safety / security measures are in place? Will your platform go through audits?

We are proud to have achieved our mainnet code audit even before TGE. We are very excited and can’t wait to go live.

Our contract has been audited. Our contracts are also protected by Decentralized insurance to protect assets of users. We are going to be working on our developer community where we will organize bug bounties, hackathons etc to help improve the security of our protocol.

Q10. Let's round up our interview with the question why you've decided to utilize the Binance Smart Chain as one of the pioneers on it?

We decided to build a version of Xend Finance on BSC because of

1. High speed. Block confirmations under 3 seconds

2. Cross-chain asset transfers

3. Very low fees.

4. EVM - Compatible

BSC is very important especially for users in Africa who do not always have very high income.

Xend finance exclusive ama

Hello and Welcome to the Xend Finance AMA with The Gem Hunters


Morpheus labs ama

February 22nd 2021

Welcome to the Morpheus Labs Live AMA with The Gem Hunters. We would like to kindly thank the team for coming to TGH and sharing information on $MITX with the community!

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here. Our CTO @bruceluy and CIO @dorelb will be taking on the AMA!

Its a massive honor once again guys to host such an outstanding project at TGH!

Now a lot of us have obviously heard of Morpheus Labs as you guys have been around for years, but for anyone who isn’t familiar would you kindly give us all a brief recap and introduction into this amazing project?

Thanks, let me intro Morpheus Labs and our project Morpheus Labs SEED, Morpheus Labs is a Blockchain company based in Singapore. We have created a product called “Morpheus Labs SEED”,  a BPaaS (Blockchain Platform as a Service), blockchain agnostic platform, aiming to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real world (companies, devs, students), to fast track Blockchain Adoption in the real world.

As SEED platform is blockchain agnostic we are integrating and partnering with a lot of blockchains Ethereum, Vechain, EOS, NEO, Waves, Wanchain, Tomochain, CPChain, NEM, NULS, ICON, Nervos, Hyperledger, ProximaX and many more. Furthermore, we are working closely and integrating with giants like Huawei and more to establish our second unique capability after agnosticism that is multi-cloud.

Morpheus Labs has been featured by the Singapore Government as an Enterprise and Business blockchain solution provider in 2019 and 2020, along with those technology giants (

Last but not least, for convenience, communities sometimes also refer our project or our platform as MITX, the same as the name of our utility token.

So we would love to get to know more about the team that’s behind $MITX as its got to be one of the most experienced teams we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting. Weve read the story of how Pei-Han and the founding team were in a Starbucks cafe in Singapore discussing the potential of blockchain technology which eventually gave birth to $MITX We love real stories from real people, it proves how real the project is! Please enlighten us with some details on the experience and backgrounds of some of the key team members and the journey has been so far?

Thanks. I'm Bruce, CTO and cofounder of Morpheus Labs, in software development and technology innovation for more than 20 years. Before Morpheus Labs, was with IBM Singapore for more than 10 years as a lead technology architect. From 2016 to 2017, when working with IBM, implemented a blockchain solution using HyperLedger for a world leading bank, that was the first kind of solution in the APAC region. In the years in Morpheus Labs, together with other co-founders and fellow colleagues, created a leading blockchain service platform, established partnerships with most of the significant blockchain protocol and solution providers. Now, apart from helping customers adopt the platform and blockchain technologies, I’m also focusing on on-boarding new promising technologies into the MITx ecosystem.

I am Dorel , the Co-founder and CIO and I have more than 18 years of experience in Technology Transformation in the Banking & Financial Sector, I have plenty of  interdisciplinary mix of technical and business skills. As an IT industry leader in driving organisations towards the adoption of an enterprise solution to scale their businesses, I spearheaded IT initiatives & Implementation totalizing €2B Budget, risk analysis and cost optimisation resulting in remarkable savings, and successfully implemented multi-million dollar projects, some of them were for Amundi Pioneer (ex. Pioneer Investments), National Commercial Bank, Central Bank of Libya, HypoVereinsbank and UniCredit Group. And I became passionate about blockchain back in 2016.

What im finding is all the older projects have far more experienced teams over newer projects and all the projects that have survived 3-4 years have insane teams.

Correct @BiT_SHaMaN 👍 . We spend thousands of hours in planning and our boots on the ground experience let us know what , why and how for the blockchain adoption into business . Like DeFi or other business networks.

Thanks for the introductions, now that we now have a brief understanding of the project itself and know you guys better,  we would love to get more of an understanding of the industry Morpheus Labs is targeting, we understand your focused on building, developing and implementing innovative solutions for energy trading, What industries are you targeting and how big of an opportunity do investors have putting their money on $MITX?

Pei-Han is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in business development and fundraising. Being a business veteran, he managed to expand his previous company with conglomerates in the emerging market. His involvement in start-ups varied across industries that enabled him to expand the previous businesses rapidly with his network and resources. Then he co-founded Morpheus Labs with Dorel &  myself, which is one of the fastest-growing low-code, one-stop blockchain application development platform in the market today.

The Morpheus Labs SEED platform is designed for users to implement innovative blockchain solutions across industries. Different industries have been progressing at different pace in adoption of blockchain technology. We see that Financial Services, FinTech, Energy, Supply Chain have explored and adopted blockchain to optimize business processes or create new business opportunities.

Currently, most successful use cases are those new businesses leveraging decentralized capabilities of blockchain, such as various DeFi solutions, NFT solutions, asset tokenizations. In addition, we also see many people still cannot differentiate between Bitcoin and Blockchain, awareness and basic education are fundamental for wider adoption of blockchain. Our focus at the moment are Education, Financial Services and FinTech, Supply Chain industries, furthermore, we will get more involved in supporting decentralized businesses.

From a geolocation perspective, we see that Singapore and SouthEast Asia are very open to business solutions on blockchain technology. On the other hand, blockchain has penetrated the public consciousness in China, and it has a great hold in mining, investing, and research. The state is openly funding blockchain initiatives, both within the government and private companies.

Some of our key partners have an Immersed network in China and hence this is also one of the potential markets that we are collaborating with.

With more blockchain adoption in conventional businesses, and growth in new decentralized businesses, the more demands and opportunities will be there for Morpheus Labs SEED and MITX.

We're really interested in know more about how businesses are leveraging blockchain

Now that we have a broader understanding of the industry your involved in, we would love some more in-depth information on the actual tech that you guys have been developing over the last few years, what have you achieved so far and how far have you come since 2018?

Anyone can do check out our technical roadmap:

We have integrated various blockchain protocols into SEED, constantly upgrade our development tools and building use cases on blockchain technology.

We are the only low-code end-to-end platform for both developers and enterprise clients to build and deploy blockchain-based solutions. The one-stop, low code development platform includes the AppLibrary where customizable industrial solutions are listed and showcased to the public. We just launched our AppLibrary 2.0 last November.

Its amazing what you have achieved in so little time and lowering entry barriers and difficulty of integration is a huge step, bigger than most think. so the question now is, what are you currently working on at this moment and going forward what are some of the targets and plans, what can we investors look forward to seeing in the future?

While developing new features for SEED itself, e.g. support Cross-Cloud, adding new development tools, adding more dApps in App Library, we are also in talks with more blockchain protocol and solution partners and we are evolving our current business model to be able to grow the “MITx ecosystem”, expanding it out from the current SEED platform so that MITx can potentially be used in more use cases.

I have few more points to elaborate:

a) Enterprise — Industrial implementation tighter collaboration with blockchain partners in cross-promotion and campaigns to promote their solutions within Morpheus Labs SEED platform to the public. Joint marketing efforts with industry partners and leaders in promoting implementation via SEED platform.

b) Education outreach - Working with education partners in educating students and professionals to learn the complex environment of blockchain, giving them a head start to blockchain development and propelling them into the talent-hungry blockchain development world.

c) Enterprise outreach - Working with key partners (e.g. system integrators) to reach out to their client base

d) Cross Cloud - to have SEED to run on major clouds, e.g. currently on AWS, working to implement it on Huawei Cloud, and next other major cloud providers to help reach more potential customer base.

Realistically, we hope to have as many big clouds and blockchains connected to us, where companies, students and developers can ‘use’ the platform. We focus on building the tools to develop on blockchains, while we let blockchain companies focus on improving their blockchain.

Integrating a blockchain based invoice and payment solution provider to use and incorporate it into SEED platform; integrating a cross chain solution to provide interoperability in SEED; Adding domain specific solution building blocks to support developing DeFi and NFT solutions; Spin off new projects to develop new dApps using MITx as utility tokens.

We also know your attending the Huawei webinar which is absolutely huge! What will this mean for Morpheus Labs, what will you be presenting to the world and how will this benefit the project and investors alike? Will this bring much needed recognition and exposure?

Our CEO, is not here , he will be sharing about Blockchain on Cloud: Technology for the next generation. To learn more, sign up to attend the webinar online if you are able to make it! Here’s the link for registration:

It is important to remind that the he accelerator program has its strategy itself to connect business networks, provide marketing support and mentorship to accelerate our growth. Being in the top 15 amongst more Than 500 startups globally is a great opportunity for us to gain direct access to many respectable mentors in various areas of the business. This is the time for Morpheus Labs to seek greater market validation and set foot in the emerging technology market. Getting the attention of these players would have long-term significance and may come in handy for Morpheus Labs in the near future. Whether it may be collaborations, future funding, or even becoming our customers may no longer seem a long-shot after we had been part of this program.

The collaboration with the Huawei team (of senior positions) has started. We see that there is a lot of synergy between us to move forward in the blockchain space.

I will give some keys :

a) Blockchain is one of the key national strategies for China & SG

b) To increase product offering to customers

c) ML has also shared the roadmap of SEED with the Huawei team

Morpheus Labs has recently listed on Kucoin, congratulations, this is obviously another step towards the recognition and mainstream adoption, but how will $MITX benefit from listing top teir exchanges?

Yes, listing MITx on Kucoin is a step towards increasing recognition and awareness for MITx in various communities, and this will help in wider adoption of MITx in a bigger ecosystem. With MITx from listing on top tier exchanges, it will provide more reliable financial resources for Morpheus Labs to achieve planned milestones for SEED  and help further develop and expand the MITx ecosystem. MITx token holders will benefit from more token demand in the healthy MITx tokenomics, please refer to our current MITx tokenomics. We will further evolve MITx tokenomics based on the SEED  milestone and new business and product development plan.

Link to tokenomics:

For more information on Morpheus Labs ($MITX) use the links below!




Morpheus labs ama

Welcome to the Morpheus Labs Live AMA with The Gem Hunters.


Arianee live ama

March 9th 2021

Welcome to the Arianee Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to welcome the team, in particular @LucJodet, who is going to share some information with us today on the project!

To start of this AMA lets give the audience a brief description of what ARIANEE actually is and what you guys have set out to achieve?

Of course, Arianee is the standard for product digital identity. We use NFTs to bring physical products in the digital realm and enable new features such as 1 click insurance, instant resale, digital closet and anonymous clienteling.

We managed to gather a consortium with some of the best brands in the luxury and fashion industry who are already either using the protocol or participating in its development and governance (full list here: They are all either testing, building on helping to develop the protocol. Several brands including Breilting and Vacheron Constantin, but also more up-and-coming brands such as RSVP or Satoshi Studio are already live on the protocol delivering Arianee certificates to their customers.

Now please give us an insight to who the team is behind ARIANEE ? What is their experience and tell us about yourself please Luc?

The founders are repeat entrepreneurs with several exits (Teads, Vestiaire Collective) and experience both in the tech industry and Luxury/fashion industry.

We were a fairly large group of co-founders (7!!!) but that really enabled us to bring our respective expertise and experience from Emmanuelle who was head of digital communication at Omega, to Alex who co-founded Vestiaire Collective as CTO and built the tech infrastructure from 0 to $100+M sales over 7 years to Frédéric who built the adtech comapny Teads from 0 to a 400M€ exit 4 years ago.

ARIANEE Prides itself on building perpetual relationships between brands and owners , and it states that ownership is augmented and groundbreaking feature's are added , What does augmented mean?

The digital identies we create for luxury products are like a passport. They are the key that enables enables new services such as instant resell quotes, 1-click insurance,  digital closets, in game virtualization and many many more.

Breilting for instance uses the Arianee certificate as a the entry point for their eWarranty program, Ba&Sh uses it as an entry point for their second hand resale platform.

In addition, one of the most interesting carasteristic of what we are building is anonymous clienteling. Because the certificates are NFTs, there is no need to record personal information, the way brands get in touch with you is because you can prove that you own a product. To go back to the Breilting example, when you reach out to their customer service via the arianee certificate, you start chating with a customer service without givng any info(no email, invoice, or anything). They do speak to you because they know that you are an actual owner of one of their product via the Arianee certificate. We really think that reducing the amount of personal information your share  is the way of the future and many brands are really looking to push anonymous clienteling.

That approach wouldve helped Ledger!

Indeed! Fred wrote a op-ed about the hack:

but I guess you already knew that 🙂 You do your research!

I think they only got hacked once but it’s the (sour) gift that keeps on giving. Many people receive threats via mail at their home stating that people know that they have a ledger at home…and people are suing Ledger back for damage.

With us now having a better understanding of Augmented Ownership , What are some of these groundbreaking feature's that are added?

I mentionned 1 click insurance, anonymous clienteling, seemless resale experience.

But some of the more advanced features I am intersted in is how we can use the composability of blockchain solutions to use the digital passports in other protocols.

For instance I am really interestd in the idea of being able to wear your pair of sneakers both in the real world and in virtual worlds such as fortnite or Decentrland

I am also really interested in how a real world asset such as a Rolex Daytona or a Birkin Bag which actually gain value over time, could be used as collateral on lending protocols such as MakerDAO or AAVE, etc...

Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native $ARIA20 Token and what are some of it's usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the $ARIA20 Token?

The ARIA20 is used for two main purpose:

- Staking to reserve your brand identity. This is a way for us to verify that a user is serious when they claim to be Chanel, Rokex of another brand,

- Paying for the core features of the protocol which can only be paid on chain: Generating the product passport, Adding an event to the product passport (events could be servicing your products, attending a sporting competition,etc…), sending a message to the product and by ricochet to the current product owner.

for more info on the token you can visit:

ARIANEE is open source and open service , Open Source does attract developers as stated on your website , But what additions or improvements does the team beleive developers can add to ARIANEE?

More feature! We are really interested in how people can use the base of products which are added to arianee to create new services. Some of the use cases I talked about before are not developped yet and anybody can build them! It is time to get started. We have ~200k luxury products certfied on chain at the moment but this number shoud reach ~2M by the end of the year.

And on that note what marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project?

We started the project almonst 4 years ago in late 2017. Since then our marketing plan has been almost entirely geared towards luxury and fashion executives. WE were working hard to build the tech and convince brands to use the tech. Brands are pushing the passports to their clients but now that we have now a critical mass of brands, we are just starting to reach out to the Crypto, tech and Hypebeast communites to make them discover wht the solution can do. So far only limited amount of brands already deliver Arianee certificates but we have a massive pipeline coming online throuhg out 2021. And if your favorite brand does not already deliver Arianee passports, they might soon   😉

Lastly can we talk about the Arianee roadmap, what have you guys been working on, hows the progress and what can we look forward to in the near and distant future?

The protocol launched in June 2019 so the base layer of the digital identity is pretty settled. Now a big part of what we are looking into is the how to operate in a world where layer 2s are becoming more an dmore attractive but no single one is a clear winner. In other words: how do we become a multi-chain protocol. At the moment we are exploring several chains including Lukso, Matic and xDAI. It’s a major endeavour as keeping data integrity between different side chain while maintainin a sufficient level of decentralization is not easy.

We are also in talks with some DeFi protocols but I can’t say more just yet…

We at TGH would like to thank the Arianee team for coming to TGH today and sharing information on the project with our community. For further Research check out the links below:




Arianee live ama

Welcome to the Arianee Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Polkafoundry live ama

March 11th 2021

Welcome to the Polkafoundry Live AMA Hosted by The Gem Hunters, before we commence we would kindly like to thank the team for attending and sharing information on the project with our community!

To start of this AMA lets give the audience a brief description of what Polkafoundry is actually all about and what you guys are trying to achieve?

PolkaFoundry is “a production hub for DeFi apps on Polkadot”

Take a look at this picture:

Basically, PolkaFoundry is a DeFI-friendly platform for developers to build dapps

- A blockchain with innovative features

- A set of built-in DeFi-friendly services

It is straight-forward to develop new dapps as well as migrate existing dapps from Ethereum, since it is EVM-compatible!

We've heard that the team has very impressive backgrounds. Could you tell us a bit more aboht the team behind the projects and what your actual backgrounds are?

About me first, I am the co-founder and CEO of PolkaFoundry, my name is Thi Truong (pronounced as Tee). I’ve been working in the software industry for more than a dozen years. I used to be a director at FPT Software, a 15k-developer software company in Vietnam.

We like experience, theres a lack of it atm in the start up side of the space!

I started my career in blockchain with Kyber Network 3 years ago, working as a key member of Kyber core team. It was a good time there, I learned a lot about blockchain from my Kyber fellows. A year later, I quit Kyber and founded Icetea Platform which is PolkaFoundry now. Our company is 2+ years old now, it was a great journey we went through the winter of crypto and sustain to this day.

So what motivated you to start Polkafoundry and which problems did you identify in the crypto space that you're trying to solve?

let me tell you how we form the concept of PolkaFoundry, when I was working at Kyber, I realized blockchain is very useful technology if used correctly. However, the dapps’ UX is such a hassle for normal users. Many unfamillar concepts and inconvenient steps just to get onboarding (buying coins, paying transaction, keeping private keys, and the like)...

That’s why we spent years to research about dapp UX and we came up with UX-enabling features for PolkaFoundry. Although blockchain has various use cases, finance is for sure the most important and well-fit area of application => That’s why, we focus on building and integrating services for DeFi app and because Polkadot is a thrilling ecosystem, and we decided to be a part of it. To make it easy to migrate dapps from Ethereum, PolkaFoundry is EVM-compatible! So, to sum it up, PolkaFoundry mission is to become a top production hub for DeFi apps on Polkadot, with all the necessary tools and features for DeFi experiments, innovation, and real-world solutions!

So what exactly can you build on Polkafoundry and why should developers chose to build with it?

Currently, we are discussing with projects to build or port DeFi apps in the following areas:

- Lending/Credit platforms

- Multichain DEX

- Multichain NFT Marketplaces

- Community-governed DeFi DAO

We expect several dapps of these kinds will land on our platform in the coming months. Stay tuned for announcements!

So you're already in discussions with multiple projects?

yes, we are!

We will port Uniswap to our testnet in the coming days!

You've multiple innovative features which aim to solve the UX issues of dApps. Could you name those features and give a bit more details on what they actually are please? Yeah, there are many, just to give you some examples:

1. Signing key:  Used in place of the private key, each signing key has an expiry time and a limited set of permissions. Thus, leaking yields much less serious consequences.

This more efficient signing process improves both dApp security and the UX safeguard the keys.

2. Flexible Payer: DApps can pay transaction fees for users in a decentralized manner.

As a result, dApps can employ much more flexible monetization strategies, such as free, freemium, pay-to-unlock, and in-dapp-purchase models. Onboarding becomes seamless.

3. PolkaID: An off-chain service that encrypts a user's key, splits it into parts, then distributes the keys to multiple independent and secure key management services.

This shifts the burden of keeping keys from users, while still preventing illegal access from any single central authority.

do you understand the above?

We think we do haha. They are quite simple but very smart. we're surprised nobody has worked on these functions yet! Especially the security improvements are amazing!

As the project name suggests we assume that your products are only for the Polkadot ecosystem is that correct, or will there be a bridging or interoperability between different chains and protocols?

Polkadot on its own is somewhat crosschain capable but I'm not sure to what extend tbh.

Polkadot support seamless crosschain between its parachains and parathreads. However, when it comes to external chains (like Ethereu, cosmos, etc.), we have to use bridges.

So yes, apps on our blockchain can:

- seamless crosschain with other Polkadot's chains

- crosschain with external chains via bridges

- or apps can be just multi-chain instead of cross chain, users can select which chain it want to interact with through the UI

Im still learning myself about the capabilities of polkadot, i think we all are right now, lookijng forward to seeing how you guys can build on it

Could you please explain to us what the usecase of your native token is and how it fits into the ecosystem of the project?

Yeah, our token $PKF has many utilities:

- Pay transaction fees

- Lend to PolkaFoundary crowdloan to auction for parachain slot and earn rewards

- Stake for collators and earn a share of to block producing rewards

- Participate on-chain governance process and earn rewards for voting on proposals

So a lot of rewards to grab. That's what I like to see!

It can also be used to pay for PolkaFoundry Platform services (PolkaID, DocuGuard, etc.)

Now before we open up the chat for Community Questions, we have one more question for you

You have certainly a very dedicated roadmap and we would like to know what the next big milestone is to look out for and if you're so far on time with the development?

yes, I can copy the roadmap here!

you guys can also see it on our website!

We will release the Polkadot testnet version very soon with some demo apps (possibly porting uniswap for demo purpose)

It was a pleasure to host the polkafoundry team and we are excited to see what the future brings, please find more research information below.




Polkafoundry live ama

Welcome to the Polkafoundry Live AMA Hosted by The Gem Hunters


Uniqly live ama

March 18th 2021

Welcome to the Uniqly Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would kindly like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information with our community!

To start of this AMA lets give the audience a brief description of what UNIQLY.IO actually is? is the first bridge between NFT and physical products, inside our ecosystem we have Marketplace, escrow, proof of ownership, a materialization of existing NFT tokens, or signing on NFT tokens. Our business model was born in response to a real market need. In my opinion NFT market deserves more than just Crypto Punks, Memes, or Pepe, that’s why we’ve created

There's been a lot of people that have wanted an nft that represents more than just a meme, that's awesome 🥳 Thats A Great Idea To Have , More Than Just Memes Is The Future Of NFTs!

To continue on that point, who is the team behind UNIQLY.IO ? And what is their experience?

Our CEO is in the crypto industry since 2016, Bitmex trader since day 1, and here's even proof of how he made 8 BTC starting from 0.1 BTC during the bear market:

He’s always on the top of all of the trends and did pretty great during the 2017 crash, and 2020-21 pump.

Additionally, he’s helping his friend at StudentCoin with strategic planning and overseeing the marketing actions. StudenCoin is in the public sale phase now, and have already collected more than 6 MLN USD.

Uniqly CTO is creating one of the biggest CEX's in Dubai, he have more than 9 years of international experience in startup and enterprise environments. Building large-scale applications in the Fintech industry for one of the largest banks - HSBC and the Biotechnology industry for PCR projects in QIAGEN. Establishing and managing multicultural and cross-functional teams for the Middle East clients as a Founder of Hubranch, blockchain enthusiast, and engineering lead.

CLO is the co-owner of the biggest crypto cantor in Poland - , a Business-oriented lawyer focused mostly on Blockchain projects, tokenization, cryptocurrency, AML, and Fintech. Mateusz is also a Managing Director in the Litpay ltd. based in Poland and Co-owner of accounting office TAXO. His main goal is to face challenges in law and technology in a practical way.

I’m personally a head of marketing, and I have a ton of experience in crypto marketing, some of the crypto firms I was associated with are:, TheCryptoApp (the biggest crypto mobile app on the market with over 1.3 MLN downloads), TeamFinance,, and many many more.

So basically was created from the best leaders in the industry, and we're looking to shake the entire NFT market.

The entire team contains additional 14 teammates - 5 developers, 5 community and social media managers, 1 accountant, 2 graphics designers, and 1 partnership manager, and we’re only growing and growing, if you feel like you can help us, please feel free to hit my DM’s and we will see how you can fit into our organization.

How does someone create an NFT on the UNIQLY platform and How does the printed QR codes work to ensure validity?

There are 2 options for creating an NFT token on our platform, one is just to create it in our generator (we will have over 50 different products available such as T-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, flip-flops, mugs, etc.) each person will be able to upload there your unique photo, and then make an NFT token from it, the second is to deposit an object already existing in the real world, such as, for example, a unique supreme mouth through our escrow. Such NFT token in our generator, each person can later burn and order an item to home, I will present it graphically:

Damn so you can get an nft, then burn it to redeem a real world clothing item?


5. You’re going for Claim tab at

6. Then you have to burn the NFT Token.

7. You’re signing your name, surname or nickname on the transaction.

8. Fill the necessary shipment details

9. And that’s it you’re the lucky owner of the unique hoodie

That's industry changing!

And here's as well our twitter meme contest for the Genesis T-shirt

Our QR codes are impossible to counterfeit, once created, they cannot be copied. Your name/surname will appear on etherscan in the transaction attributes, one attribute will be your own message, and the other will be a link to the IPFS platform (IPFS provides deduplication, high performance, and clustered persistence - empowering you to store the world's information for future generations., they have clients such as Metamask, Uniswap, Decentraland etc.). To be able to add 2 attributes to a token, we are tweaking the ERC721 interface, and it is still compatible with other marketplaces such as open sea, rarible etc.

You Have Mentioned The Escrow Services Before , But Please Repeat For Our Audience 😅

When it comes to the materialization of NFT tokens, then we will offer 2 different ways, one is that to get a crypto punk in real-life, you have to burn it with us (you can sign the transaction with your name and surname) and then we will print it via 3D technology, and it will have an NFC pin with a link directing to the burning transaction - which will show the name and surname of the current owner of the real point.

The second option does not require burning the actual NFT token, but then we’re not going to give you the option to sign the transaction. With the second option, the token exists in both the real and virtual worlds. After the materialization, we’re flagging the token so it won’t be able to be materialized multiple times. We do not limit ourselves to 3D printing, if one of you wants to materialize a meme, we will be able to print it on canvas, of course with an NFC pin which, after scanning, will transfer to the NFT token.

NFC Is Actually A Useful Feature Not Many Use, What's the NFC feature?

It's Like The Same Principle As Tap And Go Cards

So lets go into the Tokenomics of the native $UNIQ Token and what are some of it's usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the $UNIQ Token?

Right now you can only purchase UNQ from our public sale which is going to have a place on 20th of march (in 6 days). But we will enter Uniswap on 15th of april or earlier, and we’re planning to enter a few CEX’s, but I can’t disclose anything right now. Regarding tokenomics and use-cases please allow me to share screenshots from our website:

To the next question: How does UNIQLY plan to compete against established competitors like OPENSEA? Especially with whom NFT users might feel more comfortable with?

The Open sea is not exactly our direct competitor, on the marketplace you can mainly find products that are backed in real life. So basically if you want to create an NFT token on our platform, and then trade it on Open Sea - then there’s no problem at all about it, but you can’t create your NFT token outside, and then trade it on our platform. We just want to be 100% sure that everything on our platform can be any second exchanged for real physical item, that's why you can't trade items outside

But in the future there might be some changes to this mechanism so please stay tuned for the future updates. 😏

What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project?

We have on board many YouTube and Twitter influencers, and there will be much more but atm I can’t say anything because of the NDA. Right now the majority of our focus is going towards influencers, and building a strong community because we know that when we’re going to sell the tokens to anyone then we will face some difficulties with going 50x from Uniswap, but when we’re going to build strong believers around Uniqly just like The Gem Hunters have then it’s going to be much easier.

Great awnser, if not the best awnser to marketing we've had!

Like I said there's many stuff going on right now, and there will be much more, just follow us on Twitter, and join our telegram, and we won't let you down. 😏

For example yesterday we were featured on Cryptorus live 😊

Before We Move On To Our Last Question TGH Would Like To Thank The Team For An Amazing Ama

So for the last question, does the team have a roadmap in place? And if so, how has it been kept up with so far?

Yes, we have a prepared road map, in the initial assumption we had a plan to sell tokens and then wait 2 months for the entire marketplace to be finished, but 2 months in crypto is a very long time, so we decided it would be better to launch products one by one, so on the listing stage (15 april or earlier) we are going to have:

- UNIQ tokens Vesting and Staking in return for which stakers will receive NFT tokens backed by real world

- then we will start the first drop of our shirts, which 15% of the profits will go to buyback burn UNIQ tokens, and another 15% as a dividend for UNIQ top holders

- later, we launch our claim module (proof of ownership) where you will be able to burn the NFT token, sign the transaction, and receive an item in the real world with a QR code transferring to IPFS with details and with a QR code to etherscan where your details will exist forever as a surname or any nickname.

Btw. Regarding your question with the marketing, we're as well hosting a giveaway for 10 The Crypto App T-shirts and $1 000 in BTC so if that's sounds good to anyone here - you're more than welcome to participate.

We are also about to finish a review on which should be published in the next few days! Stay tuned for that review if your interested in finding out more about check out their website here:

Uniqly live ama

Welcome to the Uniqly Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Meliora Exclusive ama

March 25th 2021

1) Please give us some information on Meliora, what are you guys setting out to achieve and how did you come up with the idea?

 Meliora will utilize atomic swaps in Meli-Wallet through Hashed TimeLock Contracts. Current risks and problems of CEXs and DEXs will be not an issue in our platform. Traders’ coins, tokens never leave their wallet till the transaction is executed so it provides trustless security. When a trader wants to sell a coin for a token on an exchange should execute several trades to get the target token like coin to BTC and then BTC to the target token. However, in our cross-chain platform, traders can swap all kind of cryptocurrencies against each other.

2) Please give us some information on the team, their backgrounds and how you all met?

(Theo) I’m the project lead of Meliora. I have been into crypto since 2015. I have been an ambassador for 2 different projects for more than 2 years. I organized and ran regional campaigns for the projects. I have experienced a lot about crypto space in those 2 years. Apart from crypto, I have been teaching adults for more than 12 years. That’s all I can say for now 😊

AdHoc is the lead developer of the project. He is employed by a private blockchain solutions company. He is a web and smart contract developer. Proficient in Python, Solidity, Rust and performance optimization. We have known each other for about 3 years.

James is another developer in our team and competent in Web3, Dapps and HTLC. He has written up thesis on Atomic swaps and currently working at a University as an IT engineer. I met James at a seminar last year.

3) Now can we get a better understanding of the industry your targeting, tell us about that industry and what advantages does Meliora have against competitors?

Cross-chain is a much needed and desired technology as all blockchains stand as an isolated island. There have been some project trying to bring this to the masses, and some of them have already achieved but as Crosschain is still its infancy, they could not solve the adaptability problem. Keeping this in mind, we want to create better utilities for MORA on the platform. We believe that competitors have failed to place their tokens at the heart of their platforms.

4) Could we get a better understanding on the token itself, what kind of token are you issuing, what use case will it hold and how will it work within the Meliora Ecosystem?

MORA will be an ERC20 token till our platform is live. In fact, there will always be a certain amount of ERC20 MORA in existence for trading purposes. MORA will provide fee discount to traders on the platform. Apart from this, MORA holders will share a certain amount of the revenue generated on the platform. As a governance token, it will also enable users voting right. Therefore, MORA holders will shape the future of the ecosystem. Furthermore, we offer holders passive income opportunity, they will stake their tokens and earn up to 90% APY.

5) Now we know about the project and token, please enlighten us to why investors should invest their money, what perks do they get for investing and what incentives will new buyers and holders alike receive?

Our staking platform will go live a few days after TGE, so MORA holders will increase their holdings by staking. We have 3 staking tiers offering 50%, 70%, and 90% APY. After platform launch, holders will get fee discount on their trades and get their share from the platform revenue. I believe investing in projects at early stage is always a good idea. Our roadmap can be found on our website:

6) We hear your about to kick off the public sale, could you run through the sales metrics and tokenomics to give us a better idea, what is the hard cap and initial market cap?

Yes, Public Sale starts on 25th March at 17:00 UTC. It will take place on safuinvestments decentralized launch platform. Here is the link:

Details about the Public Sale:

Public Sale Hard Cap: 380 ETH

Token Price: 4000 MORA per ETH (0.00025 ETH)

Uniswap Listing Price: 3453 MORA per ETH (0.0002895)

Total Token Supply: 5500000 MORA

Initial Circulating Supply: 2375000 (43% of total supply upon Uniswap listing)

Market cap at launch: 680 ETH

For further details, here is our medium article:

Project Socials:





Meliora Exclusive ama

At Meliora, we’re trying to build a trading platform where no one needs anything but a wallet.



April 1st 2021

We would like to kick this AMA off with a introduction of what Superbid is actually all about and what you're trying to achieve and could you give an example, who you would consider a competitor from the traditional business world?

Great question. I love this question and we'd love to share details on this. is a social-auction app that connects influencers with their fans. Through our platform influencers, celebrities and content creators will be able to easily auction off virtual and physical items as well as experiences, e.g. users will be able to bid for an hour of playing Fortnite with your favorite Twitch Streamer, bid for a video editing course on YouTube with your favorite Streamer etc.

We are also entering the NFT space, so users will be able to auction off NFT items as well, yes, I said that right. We are going to be implementing NFTs on our platform, so that influencers / users can auction off more than just tangible items and experiences. We have already collected $250K + worth of art which we will convert to digital artwork and auction off on SuperBid. So one of our main goals is onboarding inflencers who will not only become our long term promoters but also will auction off items on the app when launched.

So far, we have Natalia Janoszchek - our first celebrity and big promoter of superbid. She’s going to be a long term partner of SuperBid and is constantly making posts about us on her instagram and on twitter. She’s actually a true member of our team. Holds an MBA and is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and expanding a business. She’ll be bringing along many more celebrities as well…

Here is some info on natalia:

We might have a surprise for you in a bit regarding this subject ^ 🙂

In the meantime, she wanted to share this message with you all!

To finish, our platform will not only be accesible to celebrities (like Natalia) and influecners. Small micro and nano influencers will be able to spin up auctions as well. In fact, you don't need to be an influencer at all. If there is demand for a certain experience or item (tangible or non-tangible such as an NFT), you can spin up an auction on the platform. So while we are an "influencer" centric platform, this is not the extent of our auctioner base.

And to add, there are no direct competitors to SuperBid that we are aware of. The closest competitor to SuperBid from the traditional business world is Cameo,  which was recently given a $1B valuation according to Bloomberg. SuperBid will have much more extensive capabilities than this, with our goal being to capture the same level of serious influencers, celebrities, artists, etc. as Cameo has a $1B valuation.... just let that sink in! As we obtain more influecners and promoters, We are currently sitting around $3M market cap!

Thank you natalia, your certainly one of the most glamorous guests we've had feature live at TGH!

Could you please also give us some information on the team behind the project and what their backgrounds are?

Our project was founded by Wojciech Sobczuk and Patrick Gajda. Wojciech, our CTO, built the first social network in Poland backed by Intel Capital, available before Facebook (over 2 million users). He also built (the solution used by H&M and over 100 talent agencies, acquired in 2015). He is now the CTO at VentureDevs (over 150 developers) and a member of the Forbes special Technology Counsel. Patrick, our CEO, is president of Escape Velocity (a space technology company also based in Luxembourg/Poland), is on the executive board of Venture Devs, and is also a member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network). The two entrepreneurs decided to start a social media / influencer based crypto project - SuperBid.

Since VentureDevs is run by Wojciech and Patrick, we will utilize their developers to build the application. In fact, these efforts are well underway. I myself am the company's COO. I am a Systems Engineer by trade, with an extensive background in risk management, program management, systems architecture development and analysis, and change control. I specialize in resolving cross-functional issues between highly technical teams, and have experience working on very complex aerospace systems.

Kinga is our CMO, she has extensive experience in managing marketing campaigns and promotions for early stage companies and startups

Jacob is one of our marketing managers responsible for community engagement, daily marketing tasks and strategic planning. And we have many more roles which we are currently trialing people for, as we are looking to expand the team signifcantly over the next few months.

Wow quite the resumes and experiences 👏

And continuing to build the team, even better

And another nice update from Natalia ❤️

If you like to see exactly what I do in my life and why I’m the first one to join Superbid check this out;)

Let's say I'm completely new to Superbid - how exactly is the process setting up a auction and can everyone do it or do you have to be sort of a certified influencer to do it? You've already mentioned that basically everyone can start campaigns, but are there actually no restrictions?

Yes. As I mentioned, anyone can set up an auction. At the beginning, obviously we will have to select which influencers are able to auction off what. We want to grow into a reputable and popular app, and the way to do that will be through very exclusive selections of who we want to partner with and who we are better off to collaborate with in the future. Setting up an auction will be simple - you’ll simply select the type of auction (physical object, if so, what type; digital asset / NFT, if so, what type; experience, if so, what type), set your initial bidding price, and launch the auction. These details are being worked out as we develop the product, so all of this stuff is going to be defined closer to our initial alpha testing phase scheduled to begin in May.

We will reserve the rights for determining exacly which items are auctioned on the platform at the begining, becuase we don't want someone auctioning off an RPG or something.

Would someone who's not familiar with crypto and blockchain be able to start a auction / bid on something?

Great question. Absolutely. Actually, the whole idea behind the app which we are trying to create will initially require no understanding of blockchain or crypto. We understand that many inflecners who partner with us may not be involved in this space, and that many of there fans may not be involved in crypto either. As these are our customers, we will be focusing on making the blockchain related aspects all occur in the background.

Thats also a great question. I was a bit into crypto but still it was like a black magic. Superbid will make crypto more available for regular people and thats one of the reasons I decided to join Superbid.

Can you share some details on your marketing approach? What are you planning to do, both to onboard normal users, but especially influencers?

Yes. Our marketing approach is 4 tiered. 1 - focus on gamer / sports market, 2 - focus on beauty / model / acting market, 3 - focus on music market, 4 - focus on community engagement and calculated pre-planned promotions. As we partner with new influencers, our framework is standard. 1 - determine 2 way value that we may provide eachother and 2 - determine the most effecitve influencer specific marketing campaign which we can launch. We are partnering with the best promoters in the world i.e. inflecners with hunderds of thousands of followers. So as we form partnerships, not only do they provide us with items and experiences to auction off. They also provide us with extensive promotions, posts on all social media channels, etc.

This is probably the most developed marketing plan I've read in a long time haha

So in summary, we are utilizing our influencer partnerships, company partnerships, internal marketing, and crypto related partnerships to propell this project forward from a marketing standpoint.

On to the next question, we've seen that you have done a Zoom community update! Is that something you do regularly and how important is transparency and communication with the community for you?

Yes, these zoom meetings are going to be regular! Obviously considering we do these zoom calls and are not anonymous, we value transparency and communication a great amount. It is extremely important that our community is engaged with us and aware of our progress! We post weekly updates for our community, hold zoom meetings, post polls in our telegram which lead to actionable updates, create shared google documents with strategic plans and our tokenomics strategy which our community can add to, edit, and provide feedback on. Since day one we have been EXTREMELY active in our community telegram constantly looking for feedback from our investors and believers as well as engaging the community. Our initial draft of the tokenomics plan was created based on feedback from our community, and the 90% token burn was as well. The community wanted to gain more confidence and trust in our team, so we also went ahead and locked the majority of team tokens in trust swap smart contracts. Recently we took a poll of the biggest reasons why people in our community do not invest or are hesitant to invest more. Based on the results from this poll, we defined our highest priority strategic goals, and the tasks necessary to meet those goals, and shared them in a presentation during our last live zoom. Here is a link to those goals:

We look forward to the next zoom and will keep you all in the loop when we do this. kinga will make sure of it 🙂

Speaking of investing, what is actually the usecase of your native token and what is its role within your ecosystem?

Everything is in a state of flux, because we are a startup and coming up with new ideas every day. We have tons of good ideas about how we want to fully utilize the capabilities of blockchain to boost efficiency on our app. To start, the $SUPERBID token will be used to power the financial ecosystem of the fully blockchain integrated version of our app.

What does this mean?

Our initial concept and idea is this (it could change as we progress) - transactions on the final version of the app will be conducted with SuperBid “points” which can be purchased on the app. Our idea is to peg the value of “points” to a percentage of the SuperBid token itself. Points will be used for bidding on auctions and raffles within the app. The reason why we want to utilize points is to attract the mainstream - instead of requiring extensive knowledge of how to acquire cryptocurrencies in general, we want a user to be able to purchase “point” packages with their credit cards. For example, I can sign up for a $10 package which will get me 100 “points'', or a 50$ package which might get me 600 “points”. Our idea is points will be associated with the token supply itself. Our app will be the perfect application of blockchain considering the amount of users that we want to attract and amount of transactions that will be conducted in micropayments out to auctioneers / influencers when a bid is placed or raffle made.

Furthermore, we are thinking about incorporating some cool features such as gamifying the app.

For example, if you hold a certain amount of points and for a certain amount of time, you might be placed in a higher bracket which could give you bonus points or priority in making bids (as a user) / being seen by fans (as an influencer). We like to think of this kind of as a google ad network where the higher bracket which you are in, the higher likelihood you have of winning an auction or going viral within the app, if you are an influencer, as i mentioned, we are working on implementing staking mechanisms through our own superbid staking portal.

This became a priority after we took a poll and realized that our community was in need of such a capability. We are also going to be using the token for governance eventually, when we actually have things to govern.  

For the last question, how is the roadmap coming along and what updates can we expect in the near future?

Great question. roadmap is going. fast. cranking out tasks nonstop. we've established an excellent framework for management using our project management tool and are exeucting to that plan. We can expect an on-time release of the testable version of the alpha, as well as significant marketing efforts. We are expanding our team and are already considering two additional employees that are currently in “trial” phases. You can expect more influencers joining our team as well. We have some exciting news TBA on this front. Working on staking, working on strategic partnerships, We had a call with Trubify this morning.

I spoke with their CEO and team. Venturedevs helped build their product. We are going to working together on the music front going forward. They bring us artists, we bring them artists, referal fees will be a huge incentive for us to cross polinate as much as possible. So you can expect more details about this partnership over the next week or so.

We would like to kindly thank the Superbid team for coming today, it was certainly an experience for us to have an actual celebrity live in our community and we are intrigued by the project you guys are building!

For more information on Superbird use the links below!

Website -

Telegram -

Twitter -


Welcome to the Superbid LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters



April 11th 2021

Welcome to the Deeper Network Live AMA with TGH, we would like to thank the team for coming and sharing info with us on the new project!  

Great to have you here tell us about deeper network, so lets start off with what you guys are building, please give us a short introduction into your vision and where your heading!

Phase 1 of our project was focused on building our decentralized private network (dpn or dvpn) as well as the enterprise grade level security our Deeper Connect hardware offers. We've already sold 10,000+ units around the world which means we have nodes currently running around the world as we speak. Here's a link to our device which is currently selling on Best Buy, Amazon, Indiegogo:

You broke quite a few records already right?

As some of you already know, we are completing phase 2 of our project which is moving into the mainnet launch. We are built on polkadot. Yes, let me send you an article which talked about our record breaking raise.

So, now with the mainnet launch, we are going to be kicking off the blockchain features of our product which includes mining of DPR tokens, as well as web 3.0 gateway!

It's very impressive how you've builT all that with 1mil in funding. As you probably know yourself, we had a ton of projects raising tens of millions and not being able to build anything with it!

So please introduce us to the team and give us an insight into their experience and where their all from?

So ok, about our team.

Our headquarters are in Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley). Most of our team members are in the US and Vancouver, Canada. We also have team members in Taiwan and China.

Our CEO Russell, based in CA, used to be the Chief engineer at Intel heading up R&D focusing on OS development and security. He led the development of the cloud firewall at Palo Alto Networks and started Deeper Network in late 2017. Our CTO Chao, used to work at Amazon as one of the machine learning scientists. He turned his research to blockchain and consensus algorithms which led him to become interested in developing a decentralized storage system from scratch. He was one of the main developers of the Harmony public chain and served as their protocol architect, until he joined Deeper Network as CTO. Cheryl Liu, our CMO was the founder of a blockchain consulting company which helped blockchain projects such as TRON and Quantum come to of its age.Me, VP of Marketing, I used to be a core member of CoinMarketCap heading up their global community and partnerships. Now I’m at Deeper Network because it’s one of those projects that has so much promise and so happy to be a part of this project!

3) Please talk us through the problems the internet is facing right now that Deeper is planning to solve? We've already heard about some of the core solutions, but how does Deeper Network provide users with extra Security and privacy etc, what other core benefits will users gain by using Deeper Network?

Yeah, as we all know all the concerns about censorship and privacy that seems to be only getting worse and worse. We have the solution to that. With our decentralized private network, users are the client and their own server. No more centralized VPN crap. No monthly fees, annual payments to use other centralized services,Instead, users in the Deeper Network create our own Deeper Network Decentralized Private Network which is currently allowing us to side step any geo censorship, great chinese firewall for instance and with everyone working from home and owning crypto and having sensitive data on their networks, our 7 layer firewall which is built into the Deeper Connect will protect everything on the network. It's plug and play and uses the first unlockable OS called AtomOS to control and protect against hacking, trackers, malware, leakage of data. built in are also features families will appreicate like parental control, ad block, etc

You can access all the data of what's been going on, on your network.

Our mining feature works in that it allows users to share their unused bandwidth to the network in return for DPR tokens. People can also purchase bandwidth to speed up their speeds via DPR as well, this is all done through our Proof of Credit consensus algorithm and our Deeper Connect only uses 15w of power. That's less than 1% of a bitcoin asics miner, fyi, mining is fair and everyone who participates in the network can take part.

We are really interested in how Deeper utilizes the blockchain itself, if we’re not mistaken there are two layers! The top layer consists of hundreds of validator nodes like any other blockchain, but the bottom layer, also called the deeper layer, consists of millions of deeper devices! How does the Deeper network utilize the second layer and whats its main purpose?

That's right, even though we won the Substrate Build, builder's program's grant for web 3.0 to build vital infrastructure for Polkadot, the Deeper Chain itself is located on the the 2nd layer. The second layer consists of deeper connect devices, the Deeper Connect Units. These devices form a p2p network where they sharing bandwidth to earn DPR token. At the same time, users and their devices can accumulate credit scores when earning DPR tokens. With enough credit score, a device can delegate its credit score to validators on layer 1 to participate in consensus. In return, it will earn block rewards according to its credit score. This way, the user will be incentivized to participate the mining process and the more devices will join the deeper layer and the more secure of the Deeper blockchain network. Incentivization is important but there's tons of other way to use DPR tokens we can talk about later. So people buy the Deeper Connect for the DPN. Others buy it for the Enterprise Grade Security. Now people are buying for the mining and staking rewards. People in the near future will be buying for the access to Web 3.0.

Please give us a run down of the tokenomics and sales metrics, why should investors hold DPR?What incentives does your token reward investors with and what's the usecase of the token?

Sure, here's our public sales landing page which shows the tokenmetrics of our project. The public sales starts on Monday!!!

All team and mining are locked, we're in this for the long haul, can somebody say Unicorn?

So, you probably know that crypto investors are always on the lookout for instant gratification and that little dopamine kick - what partnerships and listings can we look forward to short term, give us some reasons to buy DPR!

We're working on a bunch more

Those are definitely some interesting partnerships!

We would like to thank the deeper team for coming to TGH and sharing information on the project, for more information check out the links below!

Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

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Welcome to the Deeper Network LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters



April 26th 2021

Welcome to the Secure Pad Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Alright, as usual we are going to kick things off with a brief project introduction Question, tell us what Secure Pad is all about! We know any of our community members probably already know you, but for those who don't - please give us a brief introduction of what Securepad is actually all about and what you're trying to achieve? Please give us also a brief team introduction.

Yeah, let’s get into it! Secure Pad aims to be the go-to launchpad for new projects, pairing Founders with other skilled industry participants in the crypto space. Founders can fill the missing roles that will take their vision from idea to finished product. Secure Pad will be a network connecting Founders to developers, auditors, designers, marketers, advisors, or any other role a project may need to complete their team, and on the path to success. This is known as the Decentralized Incubation referenced in the medium article. A one-stop shop that helps projects plan, hold pre-sale fundraises, lock liquidity, and launch securely.

Holders of the $SEPA token will have the ability to receive staking rewards in tokens of projects launched through the Secure Pad launchpad, and receive IDO allocations. The $SEPA token has deflationary properties as outlined in the Whitepaper. Further, through the Reserve & Repay fund, investors can set up a claim in the unlikely event a project launched on the Secure Pad platform has an exploit from an outside attacker or rogue team member. *Claims are limited to a percentage of the Reserve & Repay fund, at time of incident, and are paid out partially in vested $SEPA tokens + $ETH or other reserves held in the Insurance fund, collected from projects launched through the launchpad.

The team is comprised of 10 core members & Partners. I am the Founder, though it’s simply a title, and by no means, a single ownership role. I started in crypto in late 2017, investing primarily in Alts. Got crushed in the bear market, but turned that time into a learning experience, and time to study the market and the different protocols/projects out there. I made some connections in the space and learned the ins-&-outs of what goes on behind the crypto scenes, and what goes into actually building and maintaining a crypto project. I jumped into marketing small cap coins that I invested in myself, and did giveaways to try and grow awareness for the projects I was trying to promote. After awhile, some of the connections I’d made along the way, brought me in to help out as a marketing partner for other projects. I didn’t necessarily have a lot of reach, but I was a hard worker, and knew how to get projects trending on socials. Prior to crypto and currently, my background is in project management, and Real Estate Investment. Both of those backgrounds have helped to plan, prepare, negotiate, identify value, and build a proper team like the one we have in place for Secure Pad. We’ve gotten to where we are Today, after input, suggestions, ideas, and hard work from each of the members. I handpicked the team to fill different roles to get Secure Pad funded, developed, marketed, and get us to operating level of what our launchpad sets out to do. I made sure when structuring the Team token allocations as set out on the website/whitepaper-That there was an incentive to build long term. Not a single member of the team has access to any of their tokens until 6 months post launch date. From there, 10% of their allocation unlocks monthly from months 6-15. I felt this gave us all an incentive to build a superior product. @BigDawgCrypto holds the role of Team Lead. He and I have both been in the space since 2017, and have built up a relationship of trust. I knew I would need a right-hand man for the project, and trust is most important. Big Dawg’s been involved on different levels of multiple projects, and has a lot of experience in marketing, relationships with other project founders, and communication with CEX’s for future listings. I needed developers I could trust as well. @Hilobrain is our Lead Dev, while Sherlock is our Front End Engineer. Hilo is an experienced Solidity developer that has built a prediction market, staking, and other products for projects of their own and others. Sherlock is responsible for web design, UI, whitepaper design, and future UI for the launchpad being built. 3 of the members fill Marketing Roles, and sole purpose is just to be up to speed in Real-Time on project updates/milestones, to make sure we get it out to the community in the proper way. On the website, you’ll see Pandah & Shaman, along with InfinityGainz as Marketing Partners. When picking the team, I approached both TGH & IG with the vision for our project, and they have been in the core team channels to see progress every step of the way. The Advisory roles: JR, Jay Hay, & Dan J., are all here to give input on vision for the platform, connect us with the best minds in crypto to enhance and expand our systems. They also know where other projects have failed, and have offered useful direction on how to put Secure Pad on a better path to success. The team is currently expanding as we develop the launchpad, and adding members where needed to expedite so that we can begin bringing IDO’s to market.

So what made you actually create Securepad? Was there a certain event which led you to that decision?

The team is comprised of 10 core members & Partners. I am the Founder, though it’s simply a title, and by no means, a single ownership role. I started in crypto in late 2017, investing primarily in Alts. Got crushed in the bear market, but turned that time into a learning experience, and time to study the market and the different protocols/projects out there. I made some connections in the space and learned the ins-&-outs of what goes on behind the crypto scenes, and what goes into actually building and maintaining a crypto project. I jumped into marketing small cap coins that I invested in myself, and did giveaways to try and grow awareness for the projects I was trying to promote. After awhile, some of the connections I’d made along the way, brought me in to help out as a marketing partner for other projects. I didn’t necessarily have a lot of reach, but I was a hard worker, and knew how to get projects trending on socials. Prior to crypto and currently, my background is in project management, and Real Estate Investment. Both of those backgrounds have helped to plan, prepare, negotiate, identify value, and build a proper team like the one we have in place for Secure Pad. We’ve gotten to where we are Today, after input, suggestions, ideas, and hard work from each of the members.

I handpicked the team to fill different roles to get Secure Pad funded, developed, marketed, and get us to operating level of what our launchpad sets out to do. I made sure when structuring the Team token allocations as set out on the website/whitepaper-That there was an incentive to build long term. Not a single member of the team has access to any of their tokens until 6 months post launch date. From there, 10% of their allocation unlocks monthly from months 6-15. I felt this gave us all an incentive to build a superior product. @BigDawgCrypto holds the role of Team Lead. He and I have both been in the space since 2017, and have built up a relationship of trust. I knew I would need a right-hand man for the project, and trust is most important. Big Dawg’s been involved on different levels of multiple projects, and has a lot of experience in marketing, relationships with other project founders, and communication with CEX’s for future listings. I needed developers I could trust as well. @Hilobrain is our Lead Dev, while Sherlock is our Front End Engineer. Hilo is an experienced Solidity developer that has built a prediction market, staking, and other products for projects of their own and others. Sherlock is responsible for web design, UI, whitepaper design, and future UI for the launchpad being built. 3 of the members fill Marketing Roles, and sole purpose is just to be up to speed in Real-Time on project updates/milestones, to make sure we get it out to the community in the proper way. On the website, you’ll see Pandah & Shaman, along with InfinityGainz as Marketing Partners. When picking the team, I approached both TGH & IG with the vision for our project, and they have been in the core team channels to see progress every step of the way. The Advisory roles: JR, Jay Hay, & Dan J., are all here to give input on vision for the platform, connect us with the best minds in crypto to enhance and expand our systems. They also know where other projects have failed, and have offered useful direction on how to put Secure Pad on a better path to success. The team is currently expanding as we develop the launchpad, and adding members where needed to expedite so that we can begin bringing IDO’s to market.

Guys i commend the extensive feedback, now let's speak about the listing of SEPA and the first few days. I assume it was quite eventful and exciting for the team. Did you expect such a rapid price growth & so much interest in the project?

Overwhelming to be honest. A lot of hard work and coordinating with development team, marketing team, keeping the community up to date, and reacting to issues as the arise over the last few months, but especially this last month. As a team-we don’t want to speculate on price at any given time. Price of any project prior to finished product (in this case-Launchpad going live) is always going to be speculative, and based on investor belief in future success of Secure Pad and the team to deliver. Though, from an investor/trader perspective-It’s hard ignore that we did have such rapid success on launch, and maintained the levels above early pre-sale round and list price still a week later. I believe the limits on individual contributions during pre-sale rounds, tax function that raises price floor, and locking about $800k worth of liquidity with Unicrypt prior to launch helped. To put things in perspective, all Pre-sale/Public Sale funding rounds got in at levels of roughly $4-$5.50. Uniswap list price was about $6. Some will no doubt look to the ATH and current price, and claim the sky is falling, but unless you jumped in near the top on basis of FOMO looking for extremely short term gains, or are over exposed, your upside has been/is still huge.

So you have a certain tax feature on the SEPA token, please give us a brief explanation of that and the distribution formula behind it.

Sure. The tax function is a 4% tax that is only incurred on Uniswap sells(because of routing, it also occurs during the transaction of adding liquidity to the Uniswap LP pool). The 3% of the tax is sent to the token contract. When the amount of $SEPA in the wallet reaches 100 $SEPA tokens, half is sold for $ETH, and then the other half of $SEPA tokens remaining are paired with that $ETH, and added to Uniswap liquidity, and can’t be recovered/withdrawn. You can see the balance of the Uniswap LP tokens added by tax function here SEPA_Token | 0x10994aa2fb8e6ba5d9fb2bc127ff228c4fe6167f  (

The 1% part of the tax is sent to the Insurance Fund. To date, there is over 3,200 $SEPA sitting in the Insurance Fund after 1 week of trading. That amounts to almost 1% of total supply, and about 3% of circulating supply right now. You can see the balance of the insurance Fund here SEPA_ReserveRepay | 0x290926184e8d9fd057f32f7fa36e5d2cd990a6ac (

The tax can & will be shut down when the launchpad goes live and is generating its revenue for the insurance fund and bringing buy pressure to the token though Staking for IDO allocations.

So how much did this feature forever lock in liquidity until now & how much into the insurance fund?

There’s currently over 3,200 $SEPA in the Insurance fund which is where 1% of the tax goes. The Uniswap LP add-back function is 3%, so if we multiply the 3,200 by 3, we arrive at roughly 9,600 $SEPA collected, half sold(roughly 4,800 $SEPA) for $ETH/half paired with the $ETH to lock back into liquidity. I would say we’re somewhere around 8,000 $SEPA total here, plus the $ETH locked back into the pool. Price floor continues to rise with every sell.

You've just published your article on the first payout for liquidity providers. Could you give us a TLDR on it and how much can they actually expect?

Actually, the medium article was regarding IDO allocations and our Dynamic systems. The payout for Uniswap LP providers was a planned payout to the Top 20 Uniswap Liquidity Providers as laid out in the initial Whitepaper. The idea is/was to promote building liquidity to offset/minimize large selling or buying impacts. The payout is a total of 2,500 $SEPA tokens, distributed evenly amongst the Top 20 Uniswap LP providers. This amounts to 125 $SEPA tokens per wallet that was paid out yesterday. It amounted to roughly $132k total, or roughly $6,600 per wallet at the time. It was initially scheduled to run for the 1st 6 weeks, but we’ve decided to shorten it to 4 weeks, and use the remaining tokens for vested marketing tokens for future marketing partnerships. There are still 3 more weeks to participate in the Airdrop. Snapshots of Uniswap LP list is taken at 2 random times per day-not announced when, to prevent manipulation & people jumping in and out of pool. You must appear on 10 of 14 snapshots during the week, and both snapshots on the day of Token distribution. I believe our market cap is around $6M at the moment, and we have roughly $3M on Uniswap liquidity. I believe this is a contributing factor as well.

3 million in liquidity me and panda were astonished how thats more than a lot of the existing top projects!

Everyone is eager to get some more information on your tier system. Can you shed some light on it please?

We released the medium article yesterday breaking down our IDO allocation systems. You can find it here. Prior ( to finalizing our model, there was much internal discussion, and it was decided that Tier systems can keep holders stuck at certain levels if they can’t afford to buy up to the next tier, which in turn, doesn’t bring buying pressure to the $SEPA token. Tiers with minimum amounts required to qualify also can lead to hindering the ability to participate in the IDO’s at all if $SEPA price rises to a level that prices them out. Our Dynamic system provides a way for all $SEPA holders to participate, and always gives them an incentive to add to their $SEPA stack to improve their position in the pools. Those that want to put their weight in the IDO allocation pool, will stake there, and receive an allocation amount to buy into IDO’s according to their pool weight. Others may see the IDO allocation pool as being too crowded, and use their weight in the farming pool to stake $SEPA token and be rewarded in the native token of the projects being launched, with 90 day emissions period, accrued rewards claimable at any time. And for those that want to jump in and try to snipe the listing of the projects launched through Secure Pad, they can come back and immediately stake those tokens, in the farming contract to receive rewards paid out in that project token. This essentially gives every project launched through Secure Pad Launchpad staking from the start.

Now what's actually coming next for SEPA? Can we expect sales in the short term? Will there be kyc requirements for participants & do you plan on collaborating with other launchpads for sales?

Next for $SEPA is continuing to build out the Launchpad platform. On the roadmap located on the website, you can see platform development & completion scheduled for Q2. We have every intention of meeting that deadline, and no reason to believe otherwise. We feel deadlines shouldn’t be moving targets-but should be planned for and achieved to keep investor confidence. 1st IDO’s to be launched in Q2 of this year, and we’ll coincide the launch of the platform with our first IDO. Those that have read the medium article regarding IDO allocations released a short time ago, will be able to begin staking at a time before Launchpad platform going live that will coincide with 1st IDO launch, and allow them to meet all minimum requirements laid out in the medium article. Secure Pad does not require KYC itself, but any projects launched on the Secure Pad Platform is responsible for deciding whether or not they will require it. You’ll have 3 options to participate in the IDO’s-all require staking, 2 of them do not require KYC.

The staking has more impact than simply giving you access to IDO’s-but all of the tokens staking are essentially out of circulation until unstaked. (High demand+Low Supply=Price Inflation)

1. You can stake in the IDO staking contract to receive your allocation to buy into the IDO, based on your pool weight.

2. You can stake $SEPA in the farming contract to earn rewards in the $PROJECT token being launched on the platform.

3. You can buy into the $PROJECT on listing, and stake those $PROJECT tokens to earn more $PROJECT tokens.

This also immediately gives projects launched on Secure Pad a staking mechanism-hence, locking up their own supply causing scarcity.

-There are 3 options to stake and earn tokens of the project launched...tokens can only be staked in one of those contracts at a time. This gives you more options and to put your weight where you think it will benefit you most.

One of our Advisors is working to secure a combined launch with another launchpad project for 1 or more of our 1st IDO’s. A lot of planning and development on multi-fronts at the moment. All with guaranteed success, and bulletproof execution being the focus. The team that is here was picked with experience & reach in the space in mind. Collabs are a certainty. And we can’t wait to share details when ready 😉

You are very grounded and you know the struggle, so I'm pretty sure you will do your best to bring a solid project and make sure it all goes well!

For more information on securepad use the link below.





Welcome to the Evolution finance LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters



May 11th 2021

Welcome to the Inverse Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to kindly thank the team for attending today and sharing information with the community today!

To kick this off lets get a small intro on what your trying to achieve over at inverse please, although some of us are familiar with $XIV many people would love a breif introduction into what you guys have, are and will be doing!

My name is Germaine Ifudu, I am the Co Founder of Project Inverse. Project Inverse is a counter-volatility DeFi protocol that offers users the opportunity to benefit from dips and downward moves in the crypto market.

We recently released the first edition of the Inverse platform and I am here to educate users on the platform and share the excitement.

Now everyone has an idea what the project is about lets get some information on the team please?

The dev team has been amazing.  We successfully launched the Inverse platform 30 days ahead of scedule. Mulitiple audits have also been performed on the code as well. Nothing but hard work since the private sale closed a few months back.

You guys state that if select DeFI coins or index’s listed fall below a certain % determined by User then they can earn significant rewards, what DEFI projects have you guys listed into your tracking vaults so far and how can investors fully understand, utilize and take advantage of the system? P.S can you give us any sneak peaks into upcoming projects being listed into your tracking vaults?

Great Question.  The Inverse Platform is great in that it allows XIV holders to bet against the movement of select defi coins. Coins currently listed are UNI, AVE, ETH, BTC and much more. If prediction is correct you can earn up the 3X your staked amount.

Excellent hedging tool as well

You also have staking pools available for XIV holders, tell us a bit about how that works and what other use cases does the $XIV token have?

We have very exciting liquidity staking pools for the Inverse Platform that users can take advantage of.  The LP gives XIV Holders access to  profit sharing from the platform and combined with 36% APY rewards. To find out more please read below:

You’ve made quite a few nice partnerships over the last couple of months with Ferrum and DAO Maker to name a couple, how do these partnerships benefit Inverse and what other partnerships are you working on at this moment in time?

Our aim in  partnerships is to  provide substantial value for both the XIV holders and the Project Inverse community at large. We have partnerships with Ferrum Network, TLG Ventures, Sefa Foundation, X21, Rocket Vault, Polkabridge and much much more.  Please visit our website for more.

We will be debuting our Flash Vault very soon that allows your favorite defi and nft projects to be listed on the platform for heding and betting.

Lastly we would love to know more about how your progressing with your roadmap, what has been achieved so far and please give us all a taste of whats coming short, medium and long term?

We're ahead of schedule. Our platform is already live. We have not made an official announcement yet, but we are happy to say The In-line platform is live,. Inline Lets you hedge and bet on the positive movement of Defi Coins, if prediction is correct XIV Holders can make up to 3X their staked amount.  More coins will be added to the vaults this quarter as well.

For more information on Inverse check out the links below!





Welcome to the SPLYT $SHOPX AMA with The Gem Hunters



May 16th 2021

Welcome to the AIOZ NETWORK LIVE AMA with TGH, we would like to thank the team for attending and sharing information with the community!

We have been looking forward to getting you guys on TGH for an AMA and cant wait to hear more about AIOZ Network, to start off lets give the community a brief understanding how you guys are completely revolutionizing the streaming and content industry! Give us a brief rundown of what your building please!?

My name is Erman Tjiputra, Founder & CEO of AIOZ Network, AIOZ is a DeepTech company in Artificial intelligence and Blockchain. AIOZ Network lifelong vision and mission is to build an interconnected mesh network of edge nodes on Blockchain

to power the next generation of digital media applications. Lets compartmentalise  two main stakeholders in our AIOZ Network Ecosystem: Edge nodes

AIOZ Network has built a user friendly easy to user AIOZ Network edge node application for user to download, install and run. The Edge node application will utilize the compute resources of

- CPU/GPU for transcoding.

- HDD/SSD for storage

- Bandwidth for delivery

These three compute tasks are the basic tenets of any Content delivery Network Architecture.Transcoding is a process of converting an input digital media  ( i.e. audio, video)  from one encoding format to a variety of compatible formats to adapt to users' on-the-fly streaming status. Simply, without transcoding, users will not be able to listen watch audios videos as intended due to the fragmented nature of the digital media formats. i.e. Google Chrome - VP8, VP9 and Safari - h264,h265. AIOZ Network Blockchain is based on Cosmos Tendermint framework ensures accountability , transparency and micro transactions for the computational tasks performed on the edge nodes.

Before COVID19, there has been a tectonic shift of viewership habits. Cord Cutting is a worrisome trend that has been accelerating over the years for content owners and cable operators. Subscribers are pivoting towards OTT ( Over The Top) based solutions deliver digital media content through the internet without the need for users to subscribe to traditional cable or pay-TV services. The cord cutting trend continues to this day and onwards. Hollywood are no longer on the sidelines, taking actions by launching streaming platforms - Disney +, Paramount +,  AMC+, Apple TV + to adapt to the change and embrace the inevitable. The Global Video Streaming Market Size is currently at estimated $60 billion in 2021 and expected revenue forecast to $225 Billion in 2028. The CDN expected revenue forecast to $26 Billion in 2025. The increase in streaming platforms have increase the demand for Content Delivery Network,in summary

Now we know more about the project, we would love to get to know who you guys are! Tell us about the team building and running Aioz Network!

AIOZ is a Deep Tech Company, AIOZ  is self funded 7 years and AIOZ  has been developing and continuously developing AIOZ Network over 3 years. We are a team of highly talented Blockchain back end engineers, front end developers and AI scientists with academia collaborations with top universities in the world. We  have written technical white papers that are accepted in Rank A conferences. These conferences are highly coveted and  AIOZ Is recognised for her contributions towards academia. In order for our whitepapers to be in  acceptance by peers, one needs to be novel and to be novel, our whitepapers are patentable. In the spirit of academia, we publish our latest techniques for the world to use.

You're going to publish in academia?

An example of a conference we attended in 2019, pre COVID, the Bigggest Tech companies descend on this conference. All the best of minds from the big Tech convene together to collaborate.

we are proud  that our latest white paper is accepted in CVPR2021

"Graph-based Person Signature for Person Re-Identifications", to be published in CVPR 2021

in the journey of our development of AIOZ Network, we file patents PTC related to blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence Proof of Transcoding: “METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VIDEO CONTENT VALIDATION



International Filing Date for the patents was in  07/27/2018 which also validates AIOZ has been developing AIOZ Network over 3 years.

AIOZ file for PTC Patent  applications to show the world that.

AIOZ team is novel, inventive and have blockchain applications and depending on one's POV , patents can be a boon or bane. AIOZ's Point of View on Patents are clear, AIOZ is not a patent troll. AIOZ will not be pursuing further claims related to AIOZ's PTC Patents, Patents are a bane to blockchain. Patents are not in the spirit of decentralisation, patents will not stop AIOZ in any form , shape or size to consistently innovate and constantly create value for all stakeholders.

So theres obviously Problems With Traditional CDN and as you say youreself “Internet traffic is blowing off the capacity of traditional CDNs that work based on the centralized cloud dominated by three key players, leaving us the problems” So our question is what solutions and benmefits does the AIOZ Blockchain-based CDN bring to the table and how easy is it for users to gain access to the network?

So theres obviously Problems With Traditional CDN and as you say youreself “Internet traffic is blowing off the capacity of traditional CDNs that work based on the centralized cloud dominated by three key players, leaving us the problems” So our question is what solutions and benmefits does the AIOZ Blockchain-based CDN bring to the table and how easy is it for users to gain access to the network?

- Scalability is a property of p2p therefore the higher the nodes participate, increase in scalability thus decentralising the point of failures.

- instant cost savings for digital media platforms,because of the nature of p2p edge nodes, compute tasks of delivery using bandwidth  storage using HDD/SSD

transcoding using GPU/CPU are distributed.

- edge to edge devices locations allows reduced latency therefore greater viewing experience. and truly  Milliseconds matters for any CDNs

AIOZ Blockchain with smart contracts allows transparency, accountability and micro transactions,for users to participate in AIOZ Network, is as easy as 1,2,3.

1.  One downloads the AIOZ Network application depending on the Operating system of the device from

2. One installs AIOZ Network Application

3. One runs AIOZ Network application

As George foreman says so eloquently : “set it and forget it”

The node now powers the dApps in the AIOZ network ecosystem and rewarded with $AIOZ for the compute tasks

Currently the dApp is on testnet, is an example of how a dApp will function on our AIOZ Network edge nodes with her own monetisation techniques.

AVOD- Ad Supported Video on Demand, TVOD- Transaction Video on Demand ( similar to pay per view videos). is a showcase and in future when on Mainnet, will be revamped into v2

fyi, the AIOZ Network edge node and are all on test net.

AIOZ Network will have its own layer1 blockchain. However you decided to launch the $AIOZ token on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in order to build up our community and to create early adoption and liquidity incentives. Could you run us through the actual usecase of the $AIOZ token and how it works within the eco-system and how investors can fully utilize it please?

very nice ! Thank you for using our, in the test net envionrment, we are made aware of certain exploits, test net tokens being farmed on and bad actors maliciously attacking using variety of vectors.  in extreme cases, demanding ransom money. I share with you the above because behind AIOZ Network nodes and  are a team. Team of individuals, individuals working endlessly, coding tirelessly,developing constantly, to make everything AIOZ Network right. in preparation for Mainnet Migration. AIOZ Network is our love, AIOZ Network is our life.

ref: TestNet Tokens currently $AIOZ Testnet tokens are only functional within the testnet environment of AIOZ Network. $AIOZ Test net tokens cannot be exchange into any value or ratio for $AIOZ ERC20 or $AIOZ BEP20. the $AIOZ Test Net rewards on Edge nodes are dependent on dApps being deployed the more dApps are deployed in our AIOZ Network ecosystem , the more media activities AIOZ network nodes will work, the more rewards $AIOZ nodes receives.

Only $AIOZ Test Net tokens on Edge nodes are taken into consideration for Mainnet Tokens, the final ratio for $AIOZ Test Net Tokens on Edge Nodes into $AIOZ Native Tokens will only be finalised at Mainnet. AIOZ Network Mainnet requires CEX listings for $AIOZ native tokens.

Your roadmap is packed until 2022 and we can already see the AIOZ Tube testnet is up and running, so you have done a considerable amount of work already! Can you run us through the roadmap and give us some insights into what you’ve already done and what your working on short, medium and long term?

Firstly I like to add more color to the $AIOZ IDO on 2nd April 2021 achieving 2 primary objectives:

1. fund raise for continuous development of AIOZ Network

2. liquidity event for $AIOZ ERC20 and $AIOZ BEP token holders participation in the future of AIOZ Network

in the short term,

CEX listings and Mainnet are in the horizon. applications are underway for CEXs.

in the medium term,

Technical road map implementations which includes WebRTC, Live Streaming , NFTs , AIOZ DEX and decentralised file sharing  like Dropbox on blockchain.

in the Long term,

A Launchpad for Digital media platforms to launch IDO/ICO using our AIOZ DEX to create stickiness within AIOZ network ecoystem thereby increasing utility for $AIOZ

Developing hard ware based nodes acting as settop boxes i.e AIOZ Network version of Sling Box

-consuming our digital media partners' content

-powering our digital media content partners

-be rewarded with $AIOZ

One of the greatest achievement in AIOZ Network's vision will be

-mobile Android based nodes to join our AIOZ Network Edge nodes

(fyi, we have already started technical works and will be releasing when ready)

Concurrently, I am working on onboarding digital media content partners constantly.

" News is only New now. the news one second ago is no long New. therefore the news  value decays in time. Let AIOZ Network handle your News Media and our edge nodes will work to delivery digital media content to your platform.  Reward our nodes with $AIOZ. "

For more research check out the links below!





Welcome to the AIOZ AMA with The Gem Hunters


May 19th 2021

Welcome to the Icarus Finance Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information with the communtiy!

We would like to start the AMA off with a brief introduction of what Icarus is actually all about and what you're trying to achieve?

icarus finance is a decentralized crypto mining protocol that combines traditional mining with defi applications, Both $ZETH and $ZBTC are hashrate tokens in our ecosystem that allow users to take part in Ethereum and Bitcoin mining respectively, claiming mining rewards in the process. It basically it makes you the miner without the need for hardware! By staking ZETH / ZBTC, holders of the tokens will receive not only ETH /BTCB respectively, but also ICA distributions that correspond to the mining power staked, actually, this interoperability between Mining + DeFi + Governance is what makes the ecosystem unique!

Damn that's pretty cool 👀 I've never had any mining equipment but now I could start 😎

Exactly, and if you ever wanted to stop mining you wouldn't need to get rid of update your mining rigs, you'd simply sell the tokens back to the open market

anyone in the world can join the mining movement now!

Could you please also give us some information on the team behind the project and what their backgrounds are?

That’s a very timely question actually, we just solidified who the full team is going to be moving forwards, including community moderators etc. But anyway, I’m Tom, this is JX, and together we are a team of 11 at Because of the nature of our project, the team is actually larger as we have overheads due to our mining facility, but yeah, 11 of us! The team has a combined experience of around 20 years revolving around developing, project & account management, marketing & design, as well as customer support. What we all have in common is that we love Crypto and have been in this space for a while now! We all have  different backgrounds at _Everywhere team, each person with their own role. We consider everyone who works with us as part of “our family”.

Wow 20 Years Is A Long Time , Gives Investors Confidence To See Experience.

You love to hear it, experience is the best teacher, congrats on getting the team finalized 🥳

Devs (front and back end), project managers, technical writers, designers, etc. All done now, and we couldn't be happier with the final team!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork 🍻  love it

So how did Icarus come to be? You guys have been in the crypto space for a long time, what inspired you to build?

Well, it all started because we already knew each other quite frankly. We talk a lot about crypto between us, it’s pretty much the topic of a lot of our conversations since we just love it! We’ve always wanted to start a project because we knew we had the ability to do it, we just had to set the wheels in motion and create a solid action plan. Before that we brainstormed ways to provide real value to users, but what we definitely didn’t want to do was to fork another project without any innovation or real value to the user and the space (BSC).

i knew JX when we we're 7 years old, became best friends instantly!

Nothing Like Growing Up And Starting A Project

And yep! We already knew that mining crypto assets had been a profitable venture for over 10 years and will continue to do so, and we knew that the mining projects currently in the market leave a lot to be desired.

good code + real use case + community = unlimited potencial unlocked

True, not really accessible for anyone that can't buy the equipment themselves

If you look at similar projects, you will actually find that they’re very repetitive: Purchase hashrate token, stake, and mine, full stop. They typically offer 1 asset to mine and that's it! We decided to improve on this substantially by not only offering multiple mineable assets, but to also introduce DeFi applications that allow users to exponentiate earnings by providing liquidity on profit earnings in our ecosystem. Once we realised the potential with this idea, there was no going back. Less than 2 months later, here we are!

Now that we have some background, could you tell us about the tokeomics for Icarus? We've read you have 3 tokens in the ecosystem, how do they each play a part, and how can an investor take part in each?

Definitely! And correct we do have 3 tokens in our ecosystem. Ok, so both ZETH and ZBTC are our hashrate tokens. They can only be issued in accordance to the project’s mining power (i.e. our mining facility / factory). In a nutshell, our hashrate tokens are tied to how much our project can actually mine.

Yep! Our project’s mining power currently represents a total limited token supply of 1M ZETH and 1M ZBTC. The last token remaining is $ICA. This is our governance token, also used in DeFi applications. ICA is a deflationary token with a total supply of 10M, which is currently being minted over a 2.5 year period. ICA emissions are decreasing gradually over time, you can check our whitepaper for the specific numbers on this by the way.

Yeah! And you should also know that a proportion of 20% of the ETH and BTCB pools will also be used to buy-back and burn $ICA (market making pool) depending on market conditions. These 2 factors combined make it a deflationary asset.

So you mentioned you have your own rigs, what's the process for running and maintaining your mining rigs? I assume that maintenance plays into the profitability as well?

Absolutely, 10% of the mining pools are used for this very reason, as well as to cover any potential disaster, power shortages, etc. You never know! This also covers electricity costs and everything else that comes with it. The process itself consists of having a team working at the mining facility overseeing the operation as there is a lot that goes into this. We need to ensure consistency with no downtime whatsoever. This includes tasks such as cleaning the graphic cards and asics miners to ensure no dust or overheating, and not just the graphic cards themselves but also the entire facility and sockets (to simplify the wording). The team also ensures network stability at all times and that all cards are operational 24/7, As soon as one becomes faulty, it gets fixed or replaced the very same day (usually under 24h).

You guys are running full steam, wow

Thanks guys, only getting started too 😊

Big props for the 10% set aside, always gotta be prepared

With some of the highest average mining difficulties in history right now, how do you plan to keep pace in an ever evolving market? Will you eventually need to upgrade, or completely overhaul, if the difficulty gets too high? I Assume The 10% Covers This?

Yes this was discussed at the very early stages of the project before we even started as mining difficulty is definitely a factor here (a lot of us were already mining ourselves with our rigs by the way) To counteract this we only use the best cards for ETH mining (RTX 3070 and some GTX 3090ti) so we don't see any need to update these anytime soon as they’re still very much profitable. The team has actually been mining for over 10 years now (i.e. including before icarus finance). We use our own mining software, own pool, and we build our own ASICs BTC mining machines. And while mining difficulty affects everyone, it affects individuals the most. In our case, it affects us less because we industrialise and optimize our operation!

And everyone can join at Icarus

Absolutely, and we hope to see you on our TG channel too! Always happy to answer your questions. You will find that we're always available and always happy to answer questions. We're building a community too!

To the next question, one of the top priorities for investors is security and peace of mind, is Icarus audited? Are there any risks that investors should be aware of?

As it should be, safety and peace of mind should definitely be top priority! Especially in a project that’s here for the long run, nobody mines for a few days and stops right? This is a longer term, safer investment option so peace of mind is super important. We got our 1st external audit report from and you can access it here

We won’t stop here of course, and will provide another external audit in the near future.

Great stuff, solidity does really good audits from what I've seen

In the topic of safety, we also  want to work with full transparency, and you will see further updates from us in the upcoming weeks to this end. As an example, we’re working on integrating visibility of the actual BTCB & ETH pools in our web / dApp, and you don’t see this often in similar projects!

Before We Move On To Our Last Question TGH Would Like To Thank The Team For An Amazing AMA 😎

In all honesty, you just kinda have to hope that what’s being mined is what’s actually being distributed. But we have nothing to hide and you will see this, just give us some time! We believe this is an area that’s currently lacking in this space, there’s too much guesswork, we want to remove all of it, full disclosure.

So we can mine straight from our phones 👀🔥

Absolutely, you can already do it in our dApp! 💪🏼

Do you have a link to the dapp?

educational videos on how to use the platform incoming!

Lastly, do you all have a roadmap to share, as well as any upcoming events/integrations for us to watch out for? Maybe new tokens to mine? is moving faster than we’ve anticipated actually, we feel very fortunate to have such committed and experienced team members! In our short existence we’ve been able to deliver already: 3 tokens - > $ZETH, $ZBTC, $ICA, 1 external audit, New website and dApp

Official partnership with DHM

You guys don't stop wow 🚀

In the following months you can also expect from us:

- Governance platform

- Verified Launchpad (with KYC)

- Star Cluster

- Yield Hubble

- Magnetar Lending Platform

- Learn & Earn

Looking Forward To It

Well, if you follow our community channels you'll realise we release a new update pretty much on a daily basis! We want to keep our icarians up to date with everything we do, Grow together 💪🏼

We would like to thank the team for attending once again and wish them the best of luck on their journey to becoming a fully fledged decentralized crypto mining protocol. For research please check out the links below!





Hello and Welcome to the Icarus Finance AMA with The Gem Hunters



June 5th 2021

Welcome to the Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, it's a pleasure to have you here today!

To start off this AMA, could you give the audience a brief description of what is and what the project is about?

CryptoArt.Ai is Asia’s largest NFT encrypted art trading platform, allowing any users to create and display their own works. It is committed to cultivating emerging artists, empowering art with blockchain technology, exploring the possibility of interaction between contemporary art and digital media. The platform integrates casting, sales, and collection of NFT encrypted artwork.

Now that we have some background on the project, who is the team behind What kind of experience does the team have?

The team composition of CryptoArt.Ai is very diverse, and all team members have rich experience in related fields. The team members' technical strength, branding experience, artistic taste, and deep understanding of blockchain and crypto art all make CryptoArt.Ai possess excellent genes. Which also makes the platform developed rapidly after only 7 months of launch. The founder of the team, Qin Jianxin, has rich experience in many fields. He not only has experience in promoting top global brands, he is also a young artist and curator. The CryptoArt.Ai team is committed to research on the combination of art and blockchain.

Now you're not the first to build a marketplace for art on the blockchain - what is your difference compared to other platforms?

Combining traditional art, the CryptoArt.Ai team creatively achieved breakthroughs such as non-physical rights confirmation, trading, certification, and circulation, and platform created a fair and free ecological environment for artists, and allow truly valuable works to be recognized.

We're more focused on art itself. we want provide high quality NFT artworks and we believe cryptoart should be ART first!

Depending on the blockchain a buy or sell of NFT-art can be very expensive. On which chain is build, and what costs in pure transaction fees should a customer expect?

CryptoArt.Ai innovatively combines DeFi (high liquidity) + NFT (high value capture) dual mechanisms to promote value circulation through liquid mining pools. Based on the reliable equity attributes of NFT and its unique and indivisible characteristics, the program can be identified NFT confirms the user's authority, and NFT can also become a token for the confirmation of the information world. NFT collectibles have a complete, transparent, reliable, low-cost and high-efficiency secondary market. Thanks to the data openness of the blockchain and the programmable asset attributes of the token, users can conveniently trade and transfer NFTs on CryptoArt.Ai

Collectibles can be auctioned at a very low cost, which helps the market to be active, and it is easier to realize the value discovery of collectibles in the active transaction flow.

which chain will you be using sorry? i.e ETH or BSC?

ETH for now and BSC by end of this month! CryptoArt.Ai platform is based on the ERC-721 protocol, it uses specially developed smart contracts to enable users to create, purchase, transfer and trade unique digital art, which can then be visualized on the website and users can interact with the website. As for costs, users can directly bid with artists, or directly purchase according to the bids. Artists can control the pricing model and can also give users NFTs. Each creator's work is cast by their own blockchain smart contract. As for the circulation of artworks on CryptoArt.Ai, thanks to the data openness of the blockchain and the programmable asset attributes of the token, users can conveniently trade and transfer NFTs on CryptoArt.Ai. Collectibles can be auctioned at a very low cost, which helps the market to be active, and it is easier to realize the value discovery of collectibles in the active transaction flow.

What are your plans to onboard artists, - but also buyers to use your platform? Are there any reward programs in place to incentivise adoption?

Yes we have a full reward plan for our buyers and all the tool will come out on our next product update. NFTs are igniting a digital art explosion, it has become one of the most popular subdivisions in the entire cryptocurrency world. The performance of NFT encrypted art market indicates that it is about to rapidly growth in a short time. With the rapid growth and attention paid into NFT market and also digital art, massive artists and buyers will be attracted into the field. CrypoArt.Ai could make the artist's artistic achievements more tangible and valuable, because the uniqueness, rarity and originality of art can be easily confirmed. Many artists from several influential countries outside have joined Cryptoart.Ai. There are currently 767 artists in residence from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and the sold-out rate of works exceeds 60%.

Lastly before we open the chat for Community questions - do you have a target market based on regions, and expansion plans according to it?

CryptoArt.Ai is expanding on a global scale and our platform will always open to all people who are interested in crypto art. We aim to empower art with blockchain technology, solving scarcity problem of digital art, exploring the possibility of interaction between contemporary art and digital media. Hence, we will introduce more famous IP and celebrities into our platform, such as the collaboration between the famous British singer Jessie J and PAK. We will increase the exposure of CryptoArt.Ai through the hype the IP market and events through the functions of the V2 version. At the same time, CryptoArt.Ai will also promote the market height and popularity of the platform through exhibitions, offline roadshows, etc. On May 29, 2021, the world's first crypto art exhibition "A Realistic Shocking of the Virtual Authenticity" and a seminar are held in Shanghai to increase CA's exposure and academic status in the market.

We would like to thank the team for attending once again, please use links below for further research.





Hello and Welcome to the CryptoCartAI AMA with The Gem Hunters



July 22nd 2021

Welcome to the Radix Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing informatin on the project with the community!

To kick this ama off, we’d love to hear an overview of Radix and what you guys are all about!

Radix is a layer 1 protocol built specifically to serve DeFi. We like to say it is layer 1 DeFi done right. This is because Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

Next, could you share some info on the team behind the project? What kind of experience do you all have prior, and what inspired you to come together to build Radix?

Absolutely - our team comes from a wide range of leading companies, including Microsoft, YCombinator alumni, Concensys, Visa, T-Mobile, NVidia, Texas Instruments, NEM, IBM, and UBS to mention a few.

Dan, the Founder of Radix, started working on the issue of scalable public networks way back in 2013 after building both the technology found in NFC payment terminals, and helping T-Mobile launch their first mobile internet platform. I joined in 2017, having exited from my YCombinator company that focused on building blockchain technology for insurance companies. I joined Radix simply because it was the most game changing technology I had seen in the space, and the vision and relentlessness of Dan executing towards that vision was something I wanted to be part of.

Radix' native token, (once mainnet launched) XRD, is the centerpiece of  the ecosystem; could you break down the tokenomics and the incentive structures? What kind of utility will XRD offer to its holders?

Radix is a layer 1 protocol that is secured by Proof of Stake. In our case, the model is a form of delegated proof of stake that means you can either choose to run a node yourself or just delegate to one of the hundreds of Node Runners planning to be running nodes on the Radix network. Delegation is done directly from the Radix wallet, and is a super simple process of a couple of clicks to both stake and unstake. There are around 300m XRD available as staking rewards every year to people who stake to secure the network. Or about $36m at today's token price. The token is also used to pay the transaction fees on the network, either to send tokens around the network, or to create/deploy smart contracts. On Radix all transaction fees are burnt (100%).

DLT is a term with which some might not be familiar - could you give a brief explainer of what it actually means and how Radix sets itself apart from other DLTs? What are your flagship features?

Sure - DLT stands for either "decentralised ledger technology" or "distributed ledger technology" - it is basically the catchall term for the technology that makes layer 1 protocols possible. It's sort of geeky and not really that important what the distinction between the two is, but we fall very much on the decentralised rather than distributed side of the fence. Our main competitor is Ethereum, since that is where the majority of DeFi lives. There are some interesting new entrants (Solana, Avalanche etc) to the race, but really, traction wise, Ethereum is the only game in town. Radix sets itself apart in three ways:

1. 10x DeFi Developer Productivity.

2. On ledger royalties for DeFi developers.

Right now the community that contributes code to making it possible to build DeFi doesn't see much of the rewards. That is typically captured by a small % of projects, and little of the benefit flows back to the community that made it possible. To improve this, Radix has a system of on-ledger royalties that will reward those that contribute dApp code to the ecosystem.

3. 1000x DeFi Scalability

We all know Ethereum sucks because of the gas fees. Things like layer 2 networks are merely sticking plasters to the problem. Radix delivers a consensus algorithm that will provide unlimited scalability without breaking DeFi composability. This is huge for the industry (although also quite geeky and complex!)

DeFi developers currently spend 90% of their time securing their code instead of writing functionality. Despite that there have been over $285m worth of hacks in the last two years. Radix provides a purpose built DeFi programming environment that will enable fast AND secure development.

There has recently been a guest on the DeFi download podcast that Piers hosts that you might find interesting then :)

Very accessible interview to learn more about yield farming:

You're calling yourself 'The platform for smartmoney' and 'a place where DeFi can thrive'. Are DeFi applications the main focus of Radix and could you give some insights on those?

100% the focus. DeFi is clearly going to eat the world of finance, but the technology in the market (Ethereum, Solidity, the EVM) is so far from suitable that it just isn't funny.

We aren't pre-guessing what innovation DeFi will bring to the space, so we aren't trying to focus on any particular area, instead we are focusing on building the tools to make it possible to build any type of DeFi.

We've done everything we can to make things like our DeFi developer programming language (which will be released at the end of this year) as intuitive to build DeFi securely as possible. It takes implementing things like UniSwap from a multi-week project to something you can do in a weekend. Similar for things like Aave. The thing that really excites me then is the developer incentives. If a developer can implement a clone of Uniswap on Radix in a weekend, AND get a royalty on other people building using their code, it's a complete no brainer. I think we will reach feature parity with Ethereum very quickly as a result.

This is a great article that covers all of this in much more depth:

The Radix mainnet launch is in just over a week from now - congratulations it's a huge step. What exactly will come with the mainnet launch? What will it mean for investors and potentially developers?

We're super excited to get the technology out. Each of our releases are named after the seven ancient wonders of the world, with the release next week being Olympia.

Olympia is the first of several releases we are making that take each important stage of the Radix technology and test it in order. The starting point is our security model and our consensus. This means Olympia doesn't have smart contracts, just transactions and staking.

From a developer point of view, the first release of importance is our Alexandria release at the end of this year. This will be when we launch our DeFi programming language, Scrypto, and let people start building in a sandbox environment for the first time.

Our big DeFi release will be Babylon, which will happen next year, when people can start deploying DeFi applications to the Radix network. And then lastly Xi'an which adds sharding to the Radix mainnet and delivers the linear scalability.

We are releasing in the order of Security -> Usability -> Scalability

Olympia = lighting the way forwards

Alexandria = the way to write the library of Radix

Babylon = the launch of an ecosystem of DeFi

Xi'an = (terracotta army) a sharded yet co-ordinated whole

For those of you who are history geeks :-D

For more information on radix check out the following links:





Welcome to the Radix LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters



August 4th 2021

Brilliant intro, lets jump in!

To start this AMA off, we’d love to hear an overview of Sekuritance and what you guys are all about! What’s the vision behind the Sekuritance protocol?

Before I get to that I will briefly introdue myself to give the community a better idea of where we are coming from and where the idea stemmed from

i'm a software engineer by profession and built several companies in the past in various verticals including pubblic sector, oil&gas, gaming, etc - but always on the software side of things

been in the fintech space for 14 years now and blockchain for 5

my other enterprises all focus around banking facilities, credit card acquiring solutions, credit card issuing solutions, etc always on the fintech side of things -

to keep those companies always above board and in compliance, loads and loads of internal checks and balances have to be done consistently and in real time -

that is where the idea of Sekuritance came along - and the team working with my on Sekuritance are seasoned professionals with varying skillsets

my right hand man - Mr. Jan Gatt is our CTO and we have worked together for years on various solutions - we have our own internal blockchain legal associate, MLRO for risk and compliance and a full development team amongst others.

In our other solutions, we needed to build and use so many different solutions each time to fight fraud, check for money laundering concerns, checks whitelists, blacklists, pep, sanctions, screening, 3D secure, check ETH address for mixing and privacy, etc. and so many rules on the transaction itself — it was crazy.

Crazy but super important to keep a business afloat, regulated and compliant with the guidelines issued by the various authorities. So Sekuritance was born out of a need to streamline these solutions and help businesses and projects around the world who will face these issues now and in the near future for sure – especially with the way things are going in this space.

I imagine doing the checks and balances and ledgers by hand would be a pain 😅😅


Next, could you share some info on the team behind the project? What experiences do you have prior that shows you can achieve the goals you’ve laid out? You already introduced yourself and your CTO, anyone else you want to introduce before we go on?

I am very happy with the core team that started all this journey and with the specialised talent we have been adding laong the way. we are a fully audited company, non-anonymous team an very transparent of our resources. Since our launch we have brought onboard top talent but not only in the blockchain space - but also from other traditional markets. We have a full suite of C-level indivuduals driving the organisation forward and also double checking each other and also a number of other individuals contributing with their skills - such as backend developers, devops, frontend, business analysts, compliance officers, strategy and partnership management, sales executives, marketing specialises, finance personnel and many more.

We are a full compliment of 19 individuals right now and we believe that we will be around 23-24 within the next 9 months.

You guys have a full squad wow haha and continue to grow which is even better 🍻

over and above we have contracted various service companies to assist in our growth - from communiyt management - to helpdesk personell, content writers, graphic designers - i meant the reality is that there is soo much that goes into a project and a company - and it is not only the products it gives out but also everything else that supports that eco-system and i am grateful for each one of our members that contribute their family time and skills and dedication to this vision and project.

Really well said 💎 teamwork makes the dreamwork, everyone working together 👌

So let’s jump into the platform itself, your whitepaper describes the protocol as the only Multi-Vendor, Multi-Developer Reg Tech simple API. Could you break down what this means to the average user, and for the industry? Is anyone else doing this?

Of course - very good question

we acknowledge that there are other players inthe regtech and risktech industry thoughout the globe but we also know for a fact that they are not going after the planet acquisition 😉 they are focussed on their area of expertise - which is great. BUT that means that if a company is operating globally and need to comply to various regultions and do various checks it needs to integrate the same thing over and over again with different suppliers and noone was bringing all that regtech and risktech under one roof - well - noone until Sekuritance 🙂

This is a really good point, hadn't thought about that!

So we actually invite all our "module competitors" to bring their service to us - we integrate and we offer consolidated UI and API offering to our merchants and individuals to have 1 point of contact and integeation and obatin a higher level of service and consolidation for their global operations - with everything else that goes with it and the power of the SKRT and blockchain economy to drive it, which is a whole oher topic in its owrn right and a lengthy one. 🙂

An important part of any cryptocurrency is the token itself, can you describe the tokenomics of the SKRT token, as well the utility behind it? In other words, what does SKRT do?

A very good and timely subject actually as we literally just launched our SKRT Loyalty Levels a few days ago - and lots happening on that front - but first things first

Our total supply is a fixed 818,202,997. The token enables the sekuritance identity management solution, the speedy token launch onboarding and the individual KYC/KYB personalised certificates amongst a plethora of other regtech and ricktech related activities. But even for non-service holders of the token itself, the benefits (which are about to be disclosed shortly) incentivise our users to hold onto SKRT itself for now or future use - they can avail of the sekuritane platform functionality at any time and also be rewarded for it - so we grow they grow with us always.

Over and above it is the only way to earn introductory and referral fees on our affiliate and partner network. We have several new fields where the token would be used and also how it is re-circled into the liquidity pools and also burnt under certain circumstances - it is an evolving process.

Also - partners and merchants also because token governors based on the individuals they accept as verified, etc - always bumping up the reputational scoring of the individuals or businesses or transactions being screened.

Important to note that there is only a limited supply in circulation right now - through our partners and initial participants, and moreover all participants were asked to vest their part for at least 6 months whilst the team for much longer.

Solid summary, like you said, the core of the ecosystem behind the services you offer 🍻 Having tokens vested for >6 months is really good btw

Since Sekuritance deals with private information on-chain, like KYC and AML documentation, it's crucial that the protocol be secure; do your protocols have, or plan to have, audits? What has the protocol done to ensure user privacy and safety?

Our solutions were built in layer 2 traditional technology with REST based APIs connecting to a plethora of different providers – each specialized in their niche – some kyc, some kyb, some geo-ip checking, some device-id checks, blacklists, etc.

We are focusing on our UI functionality and have a solid roadmap to bring to our users – mainly around not having to go through the laborious same KYC each and every time – sometimes 2-4 times a week and give more control back to the users in terms of where their data is going and how it is checked and by whom.

The blockchain element of it is that the network will be powered by the SKRT economy and all the sekuritance services are tokenized so you don’t only get access to service but you also get to participate in our b2b and affiliate programs by partnering up with us to either bring in additional users to the platform or even if you have a solution that you think compliments the platform and you would like to reach out to all our users and offer it through. We are a business enabler. seeing that several aspects of the chain are visible to the public, it was imperative that only referential layer information is stored on it and the rest in secure PCI audited solutions.

That last point is great, only keeping referential data on chain so as to keep personal info private.

Definitely - there is a famous saying in DSDM  ( which i like to use everywhere and in anything - let's replace DSDM with blockchain as a topic and the saying would go "You can use all of Blockchain in some instances and some of Blockchain in all instances"

Lastly, SKRT has been on the market since May; with August upon us, what are your plans moving forward? Do you have a roadmap or potential updates coming soon?

I am super proud of all the achievements so far to be quite honest. The team has worked hard for this and continues to deliver and thanks to our recent public introduction, we were able to increase the team with a lot of new talent which will help us deliver more.

To name a few:

-We are one of the very few projects who have launched into this space who not only actually has a NON-ANONYMOUS Team but also a working solution that does exactly what it says it does.

-We have been revenue generating from day 1 of our launch – unlike other projects who do not even have a product or a prototype and we are super proud of that.

-We have since onboarded thousands of members on our platform and our official UI is not even launched yet.

-We have signed up consistently new merchants every week and a ton of new ones in discussion.

-We have two new departments in our team which is focusing on selling to our customers specialized legal/jurisdictional crypto consultancy as well as a “startup token kit” such as circulating supply APIs, vaults, API integrations to beef up their offering and much more.

-We have our first official exhibition (participation) confirmed for October in Dubai.

-We have launched our loyalty tier levels on August 1st

-We announced a huge partnership with Digitabits for the AS Roma project - multi-million dollar processing project

-We have attracted new talent for the team and are undergoing HR reviews

-We have onboarded BUYING.COM

-We are onboarding loads of clients weekly

We have a solid roadmap devised quite a while ago and we are over-delivering which we are super happy about – however we continuously work with our community to amend our deliverables to reflect what the business needs.

We have just finished our community Alpha Testing and launched our new Token Investor Onboarding solution and the results are remarkable – never have I seen a product delivering what we deliver to our merchants and the feedback has been just great.

Ok wow haha you guys are working non-stop, you love to see it!

We are very passionate about the journey we are on - and yes there are material gains in it too but we are more excited about the adoption and growth and education of the market and its global community.

It was a pleasure to host Sekuritance for a live AMA for more information check the links below!





Welcome to the SEKURITANCE LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters



August 8th 2021

Welcome to the Autostake Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information with the community!

To kick this off could you please give us a rundown on what you guys have set out to achieve over at Autostake, theres a lot of staking, farming and reward eco-systems in crypto right now. Please tell us what are the key differences between what your doing over at Autostake and why it could be so appealing compared to other similar projects?

The project is split into 2 distinct phases.  Phase 1 - Staking and Phase 2 - DEX

With the staking platform we’ve fixed a number common of issues that other projects have.   The first, as the name implies, is the Autostake function.  When a user purchases the token or buys in presale, the tokens are Automatically Staked on the platform.  A little scary for some, as the tokens are not transferred to the user’s wallet, rather staked on the platform.  User’s can connect to our custom built dApp at ( and view their balance and staking rewards.  This removes a barrier to entry for some as there is no need for them to manually stake the tokens, it’s done for them.

The second issue with so many projects is pump and dumps.  Projects start off well then the presale investors tend to dump on masse, taking all momentum from the project.  Autostake features a lock-up schedule that aims to fix this.  All presale and subsequently purchased tokens enter a lock-up schedule, meaning that only 20% of those tokens can be withdrawn and sold every 7 days.  We force everyone to have Diamond hands.  So during the first week for example the only sells will be from people claiming their staking rewards (these are not locked).  We’re expecting some pretty big green candles for the first 7 days.  On that 7th day there will of course be a sell off.  But it can only be a maximum of 20% of tokens purchased.  We can therefore guarantee that after 7 days a minimum of 80% of all presale tokens will be holding strong.  Not many (if any) projects have that amount of presale guys holding strong after a week!

Thirdly, we’re completely Bot proof - any front running bot trying to buy the token in order to immediately dump on a seller is in for a shock, as the bot will have its tokens staked and locked for a least 7 days.  This should be fun!

Phase 2 is the DEX - I’ll keep this short!

The DEX is scheduled for release in Q4 and will continue to be developed after the Staking Platform has launched. Firstly users just be able to buy and sell AUTO without staking.  Fees from this will be awarded to AUTO Stakers.  We'll then be adding other tokens like ETH, USDT, ADA, etc to build it up into a full DEX - again the fees from these being awarded to AUTO holders.  So, for example, when someone buys or sells ETH on the DEX, AUTO Stakers will be rewarded in ETH.  Future features will include things like Fiat on-ramping, limit orders and trade automation, chart views etc.

Now we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team, whats your backgrounds, experience and are there any other projects have you worked for or ran?

There’s me CEO - I’ve been in IT for many years in the private sector and a avid Crypto head for a long time.  My very first project was ( which was launched last year.  We were one of the first NFT project to use Lootbox tech for a fairer way to distribute NFT Art.  That project is still going strong with some great updates being rolled out including NFT Trade-up and Crypto Prize Lootboxes (little mini Loot Shill there!) More recently we ventured into more “Degen” tokens  with Hyperdrive and Cashdog.  A hyper deflationary token and a dog charity token.  We’d donated $20k so far with Cashdog and a NFT adoption feature is being worked on.  Kind of nice to give something back.

Then there’s Mr Kawdy the COO of Autostake – he’s been involved in crypto since 2015 ever since his initial investments in Bitcoin. He has an extensive background in project management and entrepreneurship. He made his name co-founding Chonker Finance and also co-founded LOOT. He’s advised for Block Duelers and is the founder of EARN Network. He also has technical experience and is the lead developer of & HyperDrive. We of course have to mention our wonderful full stack development team is Simple Breakthrough - they have built the backend for Auto plus work on NFTLootbox, Block Duelers and Stonk Swap to name a few. They are a super professional team and we’re lucky to be working with them.

The Autostake platform does what it says in the name, which is lock up and stake the investors tokens on purchase.  Could you run us through how this actually works, how long are they locked for and what APR% is issued?

I think most of these have been answered above - the APY is just a calculation of the 200,000 tokens awarded each year and the total number staked.  We’re expecting the APY to be around 30-40% but it will change depending on the number of staked tokens.  Obviously this is not as high as some other projects promise, but it will be sustainable which is far more important than eye catching APYs.

Sustainability Is Better Than Short Pump!

We agree - We're more interested in a long term project!

This is certainly an interesting feature, are you the first to implement the idea and what can we expect price wise? I.e surely it will perform well whilst no one can sell, but during unlock periods, we will obviously see some volatility, have you predicted or forecasted any figures? As far as we know we are the first the use the Autostake features.  The code is completely custom and has been developed for many months.  I’m pretty sure you’ll see some clones coming.. SafeBabyAutostake anyone? 🙂

We expect a huge increase in the first week yes, but even after that the release schedule is such that we should maintain growth for a long time.  After a certain period of time there will be a balance between the release schedule and the token buys.  At that point we should have a fair valuation for the token. As for the actual price, the market will decide.  I could say X amount but it would just be a guess.  We did some moonsheets for fun, but no one knows for sure what the price will be.  But we expect bigs things for sure!

Lets get some insight into the $AUTO token, what usecases does it boast, what are some of the basic tokenomics and how does it all get incorporated into the Autostake eco system? Tell us about the staking options, what pools will you provide, what APR% can we expect?

Sure!  First usecase is of course staking for rewards.  Future uses will be linked to the DEX - we’re looking at users being able to use AUTO as a cheaper DEX fee - similar to binance and BNB.  But holders will also be rewarded from fees collected from the DEX.  For this we’re looking at other pools users can contribute to.  One would be Auto/ETH LP pools which could offer higher rewards due to the LP being of greater benefit to the AUTO ecosystem.  But there will be others too. APY I think was covered above.

We heard your already building a Dex where the $AUTO token can be bought and sold, so this means investors tokens wont be locked for long periods and they can actually trade the token? What else will be incorporated into the DEX? Hows the progress so far, when can we expect some results?

The DEX is firmly in Phase 2 - work so far has been limited to research and planning.  But the Simple Breakthrough team are ready to begin the second the staking platform is up and running.  The DEX, in at least a simple form, will be released in Q4 as per our roadmap.  Initially it will just be to trade AUTO but will continue to be developed with more pairs and features being added periodically after the initial launch.  Eventually it will be a fully functional DEX.  We can’t wait to get started! As the DEX grows in features and volume, so the rewards for AUTO holders increase.  This makes holding AUTO a great long term investment.  The DEX will likely end up being the larger part of the overall project.  But for now it's Phase 1 full steam ahead.

It's Been Great Having Both @Chonkybob @MrKawdy Here , Before We Get To Our Last Question TGH Would Like To Thank The Both Of You For Joining Us Hete Today!

Thanks so much for having us!  Hopefully we answered the questions well 🙂

Yes , The Awnsers Have Been Fantastic

Just a reminder that our public sale is open at 6pm UTC today! And that we are launching on both ETH and BSC - so whatever your preference we got you covered.

Lastly lets get a brief overview on some of the recent and upcoming catalysts, what can investors expect to see from Autostake? How hard are you guys working? What have you done so far and when can we expect the sale and listing of the $AUTO token?

We’ve had some pretty intensive marketing, long days and late night!  The Public sale is open at 6pm UTC  as mentioned, and will run for a maximum of 72 hours.  The platform launch is due on Monday but will be brought forward is the sale completed sooner.

One of the major catalysts for growth will be the Chart.  Huge and rapid growth due to the demand and lockup periods should in itself bring a lot of attention to the project.  We expect this time next week everyone will be talking about Autostake, some wishing they’d bought sooner 🙂  We have some pretty big Twitter guys set to post before and during the sale - so don't miss out!

Great Job On The Marketing Guys 😎

We've got some YouTube coming as well and are working on onboarding some tik tok folks - the works!

We would like to thank the Autostake team for attedning the AMA with us today and sharing information with the community, please find more information below!





Welcome to the AUTOSTAKE LIVE AMAwih The Gem Hunters


Alkemi Network Live AMA

August 9th 2021

Welcome to the Alkemi live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
To kick this ama off, we’d love to hear an overview of Alkemi Network and what you guys are all about!
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Alkemi Network is all about enabling everyone to use DeFi. We are a custody-free, decentralized liquidity network that facilitates access to a professional DeFi solution… which means that we have created the technology for institutions, exchanges and individuals to earn compliant yields on their Ethereum-based digital assets.

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
Next, could you share some info on the team behind the project? What kind of experience do you all have prior, and what inspired you to come together to build Alkemi Network?
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Alkemi Network was cofounded by Ryan Breen (CEO), Ben Cooper (CXO) and myself (CSO) in 2018.

I come from a CeFi background with 10+ years of experience in capital markets and fintech and I joined up with Ryan, who had started coding smart contracts in Solidity with UX/UI designer and developer, Ben. We actually met at Techstars, where we were selected to be in the inaugaural blockchain accelerator… we had all fallen down the DeFi rabbit hole and had been evaluating some of the emerging protocols but we observed that adoption thus far had been driven by retail users, leaving a gap for institutional capital.

Meanwhile, the institutions who I was telling about this emerging fintech ecosystem (this was early… back before it was called. DeFi, we used to call it open finance ha), were unable to participate because of compliance and risk/reporting issues. There was a lot of money sitting on the sidelines that couldn’t find its way into DeFi. So, we started building Alkemi Network together, with an initial focus on bringing the wall of institutional capital to DeFi, to enable this system, that we all believed in, to grow!

And I must say, 2021 has been a rocketship year for us. It has been great to see our flagship borrowing and lending platform (Alkemi Earn) take off since going live on mainnet Q420… It preceded a flurry of activity that ended up with us being 20x over subscribed for our investment round in early spring! We subsequently launched out of stealth and our goal to come to market in a revenue generating state, live on mainnet was realized! (This was our ‘Coming out of Stealth’ article that was published on Yahoo Finance ; it gives a little more detail on the backers and Liquidity Providers who have joined us along our journey so far.)

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
You’ve just mentioned your funding round for ALK – Alkemi Networks’ native token, ALK, is the centerpiece for the ecosystem; could you break down the tokenomics and incentive structures? What kind of utility does ALK offer to its holders?
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Our token ‘ALK’ is a network utility token and will be launching later this month.

It’s primary use is for governance, so ALK holders will be able to propose and vote on decisions to determine the future of the protocol, such as setting interest rate models and fees, selecting asset markets, and updating contracts.

It’s interesting because Alkemi Network is the first decentralized liquidity network to facilitate both KYC permissioned and permissionless liquidity pools governed by one utility token (e.g. 1 network, 2 pools, 1 token), so the token is at the center of the network and will be distributed widely amongst the members of the participating community.

Also, because of our network’s massive community focus, we have dedicated our largest bucket of supply for liquidity rewards (35% of our total token supply) , so by using Alkemi Network’s protocols – such as borrowing and lending on Alkemi Earn – users become stakeholders in the network, in the ecosystem.

For more information on tokenomics, the distribution of the token on a block-by-block basis to participants in Alkemi Network and the utility for the ALK token, please see our One Pager :

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
Alright let’s jump into the Alkemi Network platform, what kind of Defi applications do you offer users? What kind of incentives are there for each dapp, and for the ALK tokens?
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Alkemi Earn ( is our flagship borrowing and lending protocol, currently live on the Ethereum mainnet. We have already received $26m+ in deposits (note that initial deposits have been capped at $500k) from 55+ institution-grade partners and users. While we have plans for other future protocols, our current focus is to keep the spotlight on our professional DeFi borrowing and lending protocol as the gateway for institutions to access compliant DeFi…. the ‘institutional beach head’ strategy as we refer to it.

Initially, we launched Alkemi Earn with our KYC approved ‘Verified’ digital asset pool, which allow users to deposit or borrow ETH, USDC, DAI and wBTC and benefit from earning ALK tokens through our Liquidity Mining program – now live.

Around the time of TGE later this July, we will launch a second permissionless digital asset pool ‘Open’, which will provide an opportunity to users who don’t wish to undergo KYC verification to participate in the protocol. These users will also be able to benefit from the Liquidity Mining program, which is set to distribute 35% of the total ALK token supply over 4 years. See our liquidity mining program for more details on how to participate:

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
Since the Alkemi Network deals largely in lending and borrowing, there is an inherent risk associated with protocol interaction. What kind of security measures have you put in place to give investors peace of mind?
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Great question. As we have positioned ourselves as a professional DeFi solution, security, stability and ease of use are core pillars to our value proposition and offering.

Prior to TGE later this month, we will be releasing an audit performed by Quantstamp (who is also a stakeholder in Alkemi Network). The audit is currently underway and covers the protocol entirely. In addition to the Quantstamp audit, we are exploring the possibility of a bounty-driven community audit to add a further layer of security to the network.

Further to the above, we have diligent internal functional testing and user acceptance testing with our many finance partners prior to every release. There is also real-time monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting for smart contracts (Tenderly) and we always make use of security-trialed, community-reviewed code libraries where available, continuously improved and tested by developers worldwide.

Lastly, we also have a security statement published on our website that we frequently update. You can check it out here:

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg :
Lastly, what can we expect from the future of Alkemi Network? Do you all have a roadmap to share, as well as any announcements we should watch out for?
Brian Mahoney/CSO @AlkemiNetwork :

Lots to look forward to 🤘you can find the roadmap here:

I will highlight a few items on the roadmap:

In addition to the Network’s TGE happening later this month (a milestone event!), we have many additional upcoming announcements planned as we head into the next growth phase for Alkemi Network. Some of the enhancements we are looking to execute on include: staking, more stablecoin markets, product feature enhancements like lowering the cost of capital, exciting announcements with centralized infrastructure integration partners, additional token utility enhancements. We have been working hard on a TON of stuff behind the scenes are excited to start sharing our work with the community as progr.essively decentralize.

We remain committed to our exponentially growing community and we have a lot of upcoming community events planned as well :) It’s going to be a very exciting 6+ months!

For more information on Alkemi refer to the links below:


Twitter: @AlkemiNetwork


Alkemi Network Live AMA

Welcome to the Alkemi AMA with The Gem Hunters


PolyWantsACracker Live AMA

August 9th 2021

Welcome to the PolyWantsACraker live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets kick this off with a basic description into what you guys are actually building over at Polywantsacracker, great name by the way whats the story behind that?

Kurt Cobain(Team PolyWantsACracker) : Well you can actually start out with that video before anything because that is the theme for our second farm and its a full album link. Anyway there was a different song that inspired our first name, . There was actually a friend of ours who consulted on all of our branding and aesthetics, and this was a ploy to appeal to a certain demographic really ,who may just so happen to have lots of crypto money So that actually inspired the whole title and mascot of our first farm ,me being the mascot of course. But what we are building for our second layer had been conceptualized and mostly constructed actually before our first layer was even an idea. So in our second yield farm we are going to have a new thing for yield farming which is tokenized ownership.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : We do have questions on how your impacting the space and what your doing different?

Kurt Cobain(Team PolyWantsACracker) : We had superior metrics, but what we did not tell others at first was the fact that we were coming up with the first true tokenized ownership system and i say the first true system because it actually distributes lots of money to the ownership token holders so our farm’s basic structure is described at All of our pools and farms will emit two tokens one of those will be a farming token and one an ownership token , if you participate in either the USDC or LITHIUM presale, you get both tokens in a set ratio the myfriends token will be stakeable for all the benefits you see above. We are actually dividing 75% of the deposit fees proportionally amongst the stakers of this token . So 3% of all deposits in the non-native category and we are distributing a significant chunk of the farming token’s transaction tax to the ownership token holders as well but the farming token cannot be worthless and just a pure dump because the farming token’s pools will have high multipliers and reward the ownership token so the farming token’s value will be actually denominated in ownership tokens , the ownership token contract also processes any money that hits it

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Moving on can we get a general thesis on your opinion and thoughts of the current state of the DEFI space, what trends and patterns have you noticed recently, especially in the farming aspects of DEFI and how are you intending to address some of the more problematic aspects of what is happening in the market?

Kurt Cobain(Team PolyWantsACracker) : Yeah so we have gone over this partially already. One thing we saw at the start was that there were fewer projects but they tended to be more legit. Nevertheless, there have been scam projects always. I would say the landscape has actually gotten worse in DeFi yield farming than it ever has been before because back in the day of masternode shitcoins, they might drop in value, but at least withdrawing those shitcoins to cryptopia could not drain your balance of OTHER coins.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : I think we covered a lot of the farming apects of the project but whilst were on the subject would you like to run over some of the farming metrics of polywantsacracker? What typical APR% rates are going to be upheld, what pools will be available and what are the lock up periods?

Kurt Cobain(Team PolyWantsACracker) : In terms of metrics we were extremely good for a first farm, more successful than even i could have imagined. We maxed out at over 17M TVL, we had over 2m total native liquidity (TNL) at the max, maxed out at over $4m lithium market cap, and over $3m in lithium single staking. back then we had not announced the new tokenized ownership system, it was just announced as “nexgen features that will make you shit your pants” that was literally the branding, so we have clarified what we intend to do a lot since then and indeed we have a working product ready to deliver . Anyway our first $150k presale sold out in less than 2 minutes, and that shows the community’s general desire for just a trustworthy yield farm runner but we believe that interest is significantly higher now and people are evidently making plans to buy quite quickly so people have really been rating the LITHIUM tokens with a high premium.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Moving onto your basic roadmap, hows that look? Whats actually been acheived so far and what can we expect to see the team deliver in the near future?

Kurt Cobain(Team PolyWantsACracker) : We have an official roadmap The major innovation of Layer 2 is the introduction of the dual token dividend system and the major improvements of layer 3 will be parameter improvements, adjustments to make it “optionally permanent” (with a kill switch), and OTC. We are going to have an on-chain OTC engine which is useful for lots of different purposes it can be useful for strong communities who do not want to let their shitcoins hit AMMs. So it can prevent price dumps, it can be useful for whales who have huge bags to unload them.It can be useful to creators in case they want to run like a secondary sale. It can also finally be useful for something that is busted and broken called darkpools , which if you know what they are, you probably speak about it in hushed tones, but my personal best deal ever was a dark pool deal .

For more information on PolyWantsACracker refer to the links below :

Website :

Twitter :

PolyWantsACracker Live AMA

Welcome to the PolyWantsACracker Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


NFT Company Live AMA

August 20th 2021

Welcome to the NFT Company live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s start off with some introduction. Please be so kind as to introduce yourself to the community? Please tell us about your experience and work in the Crypto field!

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes! So I’m one of five team members of NFT Company. We’ll be talking a little more about the company later, but I’ve been active in the crypto space since 2016 and have worked on blockchain teams at Fortune 500 companies and well known blockchain startups. Then decided to join NFT Co. earlier this year to start building out our new product, I’ll talk about the rest of our team a little later, but we all have pretty deep experience in the crypto space, especially across NFTs and DeFi.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s talk about the project in depth .Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : NFT Company believes in a world where people interact with the blockchain ecosystem in a much more user friendly way than the complexities that exist today through NFTs, That sounds like a pretty lofty goal, so I’ll give some background. We were actually super early when it comes to NFTs. We started the company in 2019 and have funding from Binance Labs. The first version of our product that demoed in 2019 was a gasless, no wallet required NFT minting platform. But we have since pivoted though due to the large number of NFT minting apps out there today . More recently we think the future of crypto relies upon programmable NFTs that provide utility for almost any use case (e.g. interacting with your favorite DeFi protocol). We are creating programmed NFTs, developing a product to manage them all in one place, and enabling the marketplace for people to buy, sell, and create their own.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years.What makes NFT Company stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the programmable NFTs, and could you run us through how it actually works?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yeah there are a couple different things that make NFT Co. different from other platforms. One is that there isn’t another company that’s creating programmable NFTs or a marketplace of programmable NFTs. We’re enabling those in the crypto ecosystem to interact in brand new ways . I’ll give an example, Take a protocol like PoolTogether. A no loss lottery is a great idea, but to participate in PoolTogether, firstly a person needs to know such a thing exists (discoverability problem), install a browser extension wallet (UX problem), get some crypto in it (UX problem), understand the different pools available and how the protocol works (know-how problem) and finally execute a series of transactions (UX problem). All this can be neatly abstracted away by an NFT that is programmed to work with the PoolTogether protocol. Similarly there are a lot of lending and borrowing protocols that have different UIs, but similar functionality. The goal is to bring that all together and have a user manage everything in the same place . And on top of that, we’re building a marketplace of NFTs that will allow users to easily sell, buy, and create their own programmable NFTs.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team . How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : The core team is 5 people at the moment. We have two front end developers, a back end developer, designer, and me on product / marketing. Backgrounds are from Google, Apple, and ConsenSys, as well as other crypto startups. The founder of the company is Adi Kancherla who has been working on crypto startups since 2017 after working on distributed systems at Google.
Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : You mentioned about Binance Labs, how have they helped you in the development of the project?
Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes! They’ve been super helpful. They gave us our initial funding in 2019 .The Binance Labs network has also been great. So many people and projects working together. It’s helping us develop a lot faster And will help us grow with partnerships upon our initial launch.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Right now NFTs are mostly considered as digital art. How are developers and creators going to benefit from your project apart from creating NFTs?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : First is through the different types of NFTs that can be created through the platform. We’re creating the librarie and tools that are going to enable others not just to create art, but programmable NFTs for their own use cases and protocols. Second is that in addition to creating, selling, and buying NFTs, developers and creators will be able to benefit from the success of the platform through our token and tokenomics. I can’t say too much on this yet, but there will be incentives for those who use our marketplace.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : You have not launched your token yet. What is the reason behind that? Do you have any plans to incorporate NFTs as a major transaction medium into the NFT Company ecosystem?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : The token will be launched in conjunction with the NFT Co. marketplace in the next few weeks, which will be used in fee collection / fee distribution and as a governance token. For the second part, there will be an NFT Co. programmed NFT that will be part of the ecosystem. We’re currently building this functionality as well and you’ll be able to complete certain activities within the marketplace.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell us about your Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward. Who will be the major Audience that you are focusing on? Do you have any strategies to attract non Crypto traditional investors?

Shaun Locke/team@NFTCOMPANY : Yes, so here are the next big milestones:

We’re going to launch the marketplace and token in the next few weeks

We’ll then launch our programmable NFTs and first use cases following that.

Throughout the end of 2021, we’ll be focused on building out more and more programmable NFT use cases.

Right now we’re focused on two main custmomer groups: Right now we’re focused on two main custmomer groups: DeFi protocol users & NFT collectors. As we grow, we plan to target groups that are less familiar with DeFi and crypto, but want to start off with those already invested in the space.
For more information on NFT Company refer to the links below :

Website :

Twitter :

Discord :

NFT Company Live AMA

Hello and Welcome to the NFT Company Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



September 1st 2021

Welcome to the Pocoland live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s start off with some introduction.Please be so kind as to introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and work in the Crypto field.

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : My background is about marketing and advertising. After. graduating. at RMIT majoring. in Digital Marketing, I have had experience promoting marketing campaigns, deeply researching consumer behavior as well as market analyzing. Moreover, I have been a media planner that prepares all the creative assets to go with each media platform to set up, keep track of the campaigns. After a few years working in advertising agencies and international corporations, I am currently a Business Development Manager at Pocoland that is in charge of. developing customer relationships, and expanding the partnership networks as well as addressing marketing strategies along with the marketing team. I would like to share a little bit about the co-founders of our team. They graduated university majoring in Business and Finance. After that they became traders. So it is quite easy to understand why they are bringing this project into the world.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : While they are not a new concept – having been around for few. years or so – NFTs have taken centre stage in the cryptocurrency conversations. Originally developed to be used in collectible trading-card games, NFTs can represent any unique assets whose scarcity and ownership can be proven on a blockchain. The development of the technology has since seen NFTs come to be used for a whole host of in-game assets, digital collectibles, unique artworks and so much more. Pocoland is home of the adorable Poco creatures. It. is a virtual world that supports several ecosystems of entertaining gameplay and various supporting gears. Through the acquisition of our native token $POCO in our upcoming IDO, players can participate in Pocoland’s economy, which includes the exchange of in-game NFTs for a token that provides real market value. Players also have the option of re-investing their earnings in a different game, allowing them to continue earning in our ever-expanding ecosystem. we actually started the project on July. The. ideas. have come up. from one of our co founders that. she is a. game player, has. been. playing. games. and. have. experiences. in. trading. coins for a long time.​​Poco was created aiming to expand and satisfy the growing crave for crypto gaming as well as satisfying everyone’s entertainment needs. To do so, we create a virtual world filled with adorable Poco creatures along with an entire network of supporting ecosystems of exciting gameplay, diverse range of supporting gears and equipment and real time bidding and trade environment.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years.What makes POCO stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the “Poco Crop” page. What is the function of this “Poco Crop” later?

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : For Poco, we have bigger ambitions than just building a game, but also creating a social media channel and an earning platform, available to the worldwide community to offer a chance to succeed regardless of your background. Poco crop is the Poco’s hometown, and is divided into individual plots of land which act as homes and farms for their Pocos. Plots can be improved over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients that can be found throughout the game. In addition, land-owners might find seeds on their land plots, or use the Pocos that occupy the land plot to explore resource nodes on the map. When interacting with resource nodes Pocos can find resources that can potentially be used to upgrade an individual farm or Pocos. Its function is a kind of real life petting and crop managing simulator where resources will appear in nodes in Poco Crop and will be used to upgrade both Farms and Pocos, landowners will have the primary right to all resources arising on their land. With seeds found, can be used to grow crops, and then harvest the finished product to receive tokens. Along with other resources, aesthetically, they can be used to expand and decorate the farm as well as to upgrade Poco.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Currently, there are numerous new coins, tokens on the markets that are either dying or thriving for liquidity. What are your plans to deal with this liquidity problem?

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : We have a backer team, in charge of all the investment and the market analysis. The advisor has so much experience in problem solving and business management. We also have a market maker team to. carefully. care about the liquidity . Currently, we are working with some popular market makers. The Poco team has a reserve fund that was built from the beginning to support the project if needed.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : We are all aware of the unethical activities that have come up recently.How are you going to ensure the safety of the user’s assets?Can you please tell us about the Audit and other aspects of security?

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : Recently, we’ve posted some pictures, links of groups faking our name, our profile for scamming purposes because we want our members to avoid those scammers. As you can see, we are now collaborating with Verichain – which makes audit for Poco smart contract. To ensure the safety of the user’s assets, we have 2 members in our team who specialize in digital assets security. We aim to raise people’s awareness about digital assets, how to protect them properly in case of information leakage.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token. How does it all get incorporated into the project’s ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : It all gets incorporated into the project’s ecosystem by the store of value. To be more. specific, a store of value is essentially an asset, commodity, or currency that can be saved, retrieved, and exchanged in the future without deteriorating in value. In other words, to enter this category, the item acquired should, over time, either be worth the same or more. It relates to the vesting plan to unlock the token because it won’t release much. Not only that, but prices also pushed up gradually, not under too much pressure within the first 1 year. In the future, this game will surely be an excellent piece of creativity. Players who want to join will have to hold the token to join in the game activities.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.Please tell us about your Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Ann Tran/team@POCOLAND : We have signed the agreement with major funds, over 20 partners which included GD10 Ventures, Everse Capital. We also have launched on 2 launchpads: Oxbull and Seedify. For the social platforms: we have reached over 120k members on twitter, 60k members on discord, and over 150k members on telegram. We have to say that our community activities to connect users have been improving really fast that we didn’t expect that. In September, we will launch the first demo gameplay, NFT marketplace and character and the staking and farming system. Besidess, we also have some marketing strategies to attract new users and increase the user brand awareness. For example, we may have Introducing Innovative Reward and Loyalty Programs, Improve advertising efficiency and audience selection. For the social media platforms such as Telegram group, twitter, youtube, discord, we have exclusive marketing campaigns running through these different channels. Moreover, we will display the game on Google display network. as these are perceived as trustworthy, despite these intermediaries taking up a portion of the profits. With blockchain, the reliance on these platforms will inevitably decline because the immutability of data reassures both brands and site owners. This, essentially, means a higher profit margin.

For more information on POCOLAND refer to the links below :

Website :

Discord :

Telegram :


Hello and Welcome to the POCOLAND Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



September 9th 2021

Welcome to the LIFE live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets kick this off with a brief introduction into LIFE for any people who are not yet familiar, can you please give us a brief intro into what you guys are building please?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : I’m Big Dawg Crypto @woofBIGDAWG on Twitter. I’ve been in the space for over 4 years. I was a previous community member and holder of LIFE. The token has a very interesting history where it was going to be a currency for the BVI. There was a press conference with the Prime Minister it was announced and then things fell apart. We’ve all been in crypto and seen different situations; however this was a very unique one. This was about two years ago. I stayed friends with many people from the previous community. And one thing that obviously they wanted was to see this come back. As we know when most projects fail that’s pretty much it. However there are some absolutely amazing and extremely hard-working community members that pushed this to happen. So starting end of last year we banded together to re-launch LIFE. Unfortunately things don’t always work out ironic that the name is….Life. Life is never predictable and often goes in different directions than you expected. So as far as what we’re building: We are in the process of building an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. We have an app coming out end of September. That will enable you to send crypto by username. We have an app coming out end of September. That will enable you to send crypto by username. You will just need four digit pin or a Face ID. Additionally you will be able to send ANY ERC 20 tokens to a fellow app user with no gas fees.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Great now we are familiar with the project. lets get a word from the team behind the project, tell us about yourselves, your backgrounds and experience please?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : I’ve been on several teams and advised projects, I’ve helped some pretty decent sized projects that people likely know get listed on some major exchanges but I’m not going to name those names of the projects. As it would be in confidentiality there. But those that I’ve had experience with would be pretty familiar with the stuff that I’ve done. Bottom line is negotiating and listing on exchanges is one of the favorite things that I like to do. However and I say this about anyone in the space: always look at how they treat people in DM‘s and online to get a good idea of their personality and their work ethic. The team though that is involved with this is absolutely instrumental in making all of this happen. These individuals also have a wealth of experience in the space. Anwar Kang has been in the space for years and understands and knows communities better than anyone I’ve met. Ghassub is a NFT specialist and has his project Blacklemon which will do fantastic in this space. I don’t mind mentioning another project as when you work together we’re here to build each other up and help each other out. And he does some of the best work I’ve seen on NFT’s and in general. Very impressed with him and honored to have him aboard. Nicole Franklin is our CMO. She has years of experience in traditional media digital media and crypto. I have known her for years & admired her work. And as this project progresses she is the type of person that gets us into international press – often. Also making sure that we reach the crypto space with crypto people that actually invest and have interest as opposed to some projects that don’t pay as much attention to that. Letting crypto people know what we do and what we’re about is a priority. Jabier Razak is an advisor and many people know JR is one of the most successful investors in the space. Nic Chandler has many international contacts and we look forward to sharing some of the things he’s going to do. And we cannot forget Max Tortola! Our community manager that kept our group together the most over the past couple of years fantastic guy and always accessible.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Moving into the fundamental aspects of the project, you’ve claimed that Sending cryptocurrency is generally a clunky process and touched on the fact that it can be Complicated for projects to onboard newer cryptocurrency users in the initial stages means many potential users do not get involved. How does LIFE aim to provide an easier process and solution to these issues ?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : So this is one of the main things that we look to solve. People in this group specifically understand crypto. But let’s be honest just about anybody in here could tell you that when they try to explain it to the majority of people in their lives they don’t really get what you’re talking about. I mean sure just about everyone’s heard of bitcoin and Doge. But most people don’t know the difference between bitcoin & blockchain. So when you’re trying to send someone some crypto right they don’t understand the whole long address. Within the app you’ll be able to send it just by having the username so that your Aunt let’s say who is on Facebook right, she’s posting and she has an email but she doesn’t really understand crypto. Your aunt can download the app and you can send her some crypto and she can receive it easily.Also she can send it to someone with the app just by having a username. Our mantra is “Simply for everyone.” That is the only way to have true mainstream adoption – is to get everyone into it. One of the key features though for experienced users is the ability to send ERC 20 tokens without gas fees. We do this by leveraging off chain capabilities. Which can be settled in milliseconds. And are secured by bank grade encryption within the Life app. We really plan on getting this app heavily downloaded as we would like this to be THE app that people go to.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You’re also implementing a Dapp browser interface in which users can login to Uniswap and stake on the LIFE/ETH, LIFE/USDC pool to earn APY. Tell us all about the staking process, lock up periods, rewards and how investors utilize LIFE to earn passive income?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : So staking is a major part of this project. Passive income is something that not only is big, but getting bigger.And there’s no doubt that people want successful passive income projects. Not to quote the big banks because I am by NO means a JP Morgan fan, especially when they don’t let you buy crypto right from your personal account but yet institutional will cold call your grandfather. But I digress. But they put out a report stating that they saw the DeFi space growing into a $40 billion industry. Personally I think that number is too low. So as we designed the staking and we will continue to improve upon it, we will be offering 30% APY. As we roll out the staking program during the month of September, we will introduce some serious incentives for long term holders. We have also contacted several exchanges to have deep API integration from the Life app. Really can’t say which ones as cannot disclose those now. However the exchange strategy is paramount to LIFE’s. strategy. You have to have very good liquidity to enable success. We’ve all been in projects right that couldn’t get listed on a good exchange and basically took forever to. We will start September with 4 CEX’s. That is in the first 23 days. As far as how investors utilize LIFE, the rewards for staking as mentioned will be rolled out and the incentive will be there to stake. There’s a project that I like and I’m not trying to compare but I think they’ve done a fantastic job which is VRA. We have a completely different business model for the most part ofc but I think their staking program is extremely well done. You can get inspiration from others and do things your own way. I think that’s how successful projects are built and how successful projects evolve.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You’ve also mentioned NFT subscription vaults along with integrated scripts additions for website and content pages which can be monetized. Can you expand on how this will work and how it will be advantageous and beneficial for users and investors?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : Actually spent the time thru every project on coin market cap ranked 500 to 2000. Did this about a year ago. Posted on my Twitter the ones I thought would do well. I always tell people to analyze wallets and analyze percentages and I feel our distribution is fantastic. So as we all know the NFT space is absolutely taking off. And like anything in crypto there is some hype but there’s also some very legitimate tech behind it. We will be rolling out more information to this regard as September proceeds, but think of the NFT subscription vaults as a way for not just app users to utilize and facilitate their NFT transactions, but we will also be working with businesses that want to take advantage of the NFT space but do not have the infrastructure. Those businesses will need LIFE tokens to power these transactions. There are many businesses, celebrities & artists that want to participate in the NFT space but just don’t know how to do it. The LIFE app will provide that opportunity and just as importantly the infrastructure.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Ok lets wrap up, what plans does LIFE have for other exchanges as liquidity is key in these markets, what kind of exchanges are you guys aiming to eventually list on?

Big Dawg/team@LIFE : So we have 4 CEX’S during September. US citizens will legally be able to buy Life. Like no VPN needed. 😂It’s a shame you have to say that but some projects will be like “oh US citizens can buy” and you know real well you can’t.That will not be an issue here. Of course we are a worldwide community and we want everyone to participate. Once again tthe motto. “Simply for everyone”. But per the roadmap we have 6 total CEX’s before the end of the year. And yes we will be on a major exchange. This is paramount to the success.

For more information on LIFE refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :
💎Telegram :


Welcome to the LIFE LIVE AMA with The Gem Hunters


GameFi Live AMA

September 13th 2021

Welcome to the GameFi live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Alex/admin@GameFi : I’m Alex. Doctor of economics, former investment director of asset management company and senior executive of listed company. I’ve rich experience in blockchain, financial investment and project management.We started GameFi Protocol project in March 2021. I‘m CAO (Chief Architecture Officer) of GameFi Protocol.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Alex/admin@GameFi : From March 2021 to June 2021, GameFi ushered in an explosive period. The number of daily active wallets for blockchain games increased from 51,000 to 375,000, an increase of more than 600%, and the number is still expanding. An excellent GameFi is often a complex game ecosystem, involving different public chains, wallets, single or multiple token systems, game rules, and token economic models (Tokenomics), etc. Professional players need to evaluate GameFi’s security and P2E mode in combination with the above factors, and then profit by investing in digital assets in order to participate in the game. For most ordinary players, they are limited by their own professionalism and limited time, and it is often difficult to compete with professional players in GameFi, so that the input and output are not ideal and this even causes them losses. Therefore, we started GameFi Protocol project in March 2021. We hope to build GameFi Protocol and the Platform, so that everyone who lacks time and professional skills can play and earn. We believe that GameFi Protocol, as the entrance to the Metaverse, is an important carrier for humans’ future social, entertainment and even work, and a new digital world in which everyone will participate. We’ll become a Metaverse aggregate platform and trading platform that everyone can play and earn.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team.How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our team has rich experience in game development and project operation, and strong execution. Currently about 20 members. The core members of the team include: Jess CEO ,Early investor in cryptocurrency, founder of HC Capital.Hatched Kishu, Tokau and many other blockchain projects with a market value of more than 1.5 billion US dollars.A senior community builder and manager.Ying CTO, In-depth Internet of Things enthusiast, the earliest domestic Internet of Things R&D practitioner.Head of INT China, Apache Mynewt code contributor.Alex CAO(me) Jeb CPO, Internet product expert, Blockchain believers and practitioners.Proficient in business architectureLeading multiple blockchain deposit system projects. We are also in the form of distributed office, but our work efficiency is good.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but still it is in early stages. What makes GameFi stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the first global Gamefi aggregation platform and could you run us through how it actually works?

Alex/admin@GameFi : This is a good question.GameFi Protocol is the first GameFi mining pool protocol. It aims to build a GameFi aggregation platform to provide users with a low-threshold way to invest in GameFi. In addition to the basic services of game guilds, GameFi Protocol also has a variety of innovative revenue models such as Machine gun pool,farming (liquidity mining), and Gamelist(IGO),which provide users with a wealth of value capture methods. Gamelist: The GameFi Protocol encourages outstanding GameFi teams to launch projects on Gamelist.NFT: Users can freely trade game NFT assets and get rewards.Gswap: The GameFi Protocol can help GFI holders to obtain free GFI token rewards through stake GFI or Forth in GSwap. Users can also conduct trading, farming (liquidity mining), and launchpools(Free launch of GameFi project)in GSwap.Gminer: The GameFi Protocol can help most ordinary player users who lack professionalism and limited time, as well as users who are interested in GameFi, through GMiner to efficiently configure users’ digital assets into different GameFi, and cooperate with professional players to obtain maximum benefits.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As you are creating a DeFi NFT game, with all the hacks happening at crypto space, how will you assure the stakeholders the trustworthiness of your platform?Can you explain about the “The DAO implements a democratic system of 1 vote/1 GFI” ?

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our project has passed certik’s audit.We will also establish a Risk Protection Fund to respond to emergencies.And we have also established a developer alliance: reward developers who participate in the GameFi protocol ecosystem-GameFi explorers, GameFi professional players, code contributors, bug miners, etc. The main purpose of the GameFi Protocol Bug Bounty program is to prevent the loss of user funds by focusing on smart contracts, websites and applications. The GameFi Protocol supports GFI holders to form DAO spontaneously in order to carry out the community governance of the GameFi Protocol. The DAO implements a democratic system of 1 vote/1 GFI. The DAO can be decided by voting on: 1.The rule setting of each function of Gamelist, NFT, GSwap, GMiner, 2.GMiner project’s admittance into/rejection from the pool, 3.Whether the Gamelist project should be online, 4.Whether the new gameplay of Lottery/Grab bag should be online, 5.Revision and improvement of GFI certificate economics, 6.The strategic planning of the GameFi.Protocol, 7.More modifications and improvements of rules.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The Crypto Market is still small when compared to traditional markets.Who are the major investors of GameFi? How do you plan to attract the non Crypto users, the traditional investors?

Alex/admin@GameFi : We have received equity financing from Forth Ecological Foundation, IPFS Ecological Foundation, and Evolution, as well as cryptocurrency financing from institutions such as Waterdrip, Bitrise, ChainVC, K24, Gamma, Bitwhale, R8 BLOCK, etc. As a gamefi aggregation platform, we will authorize many high-quality games to launch(IGO) on the platform. So the games launched(IGO) on our platform are not only reward based games, but also games with high playability.At present, the track is still in the blue ocean.So we have received strong support from several listed game companies and will jointly launch the popular Gamefi. And investment institutions and industrial capital provide sufficient funds for project development.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token,How can we maintain GFI price appreciation, while keeping the barrier of entry low?How does it all get incorporated into the GameFi ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Alex/admin@GameFi : GFI is the driving force behind the GameFi Protocol ecosystem:1.GFI can be staked in GSWAP to get GFI token as a reward.2.GFI can be used to purchase NFT, and participate in trading, farming, and launchpools.3.Users who participate in NFT transactions will receive GFI as a reward.4.Users can invest GFI, Forth, ETH, USDT or other tokens in different pools within GMiner to obtain GFI and Game/DeFi tokens.5.Users can use GFI to buy Lottery/Grab bag, and get bonus after winning.6.GFI will also be used to reward GameFi explorers, GameFi game guilds, code contributors, and bug bounty providers.Of course, GFI is also an important tool for GameFi Protocol community governance. GFI mainly achieves deflation through repurchase and burning, which have the following sources: 1.GMiner fund’s participation in the income of Game/DeFi projects, 2.GSWAP Tx fees, 3.Lottery/Grab bag revenue, 4.Game List(IGO)income . In general, the holding value of GFI lies in the fixed amount, continuous repurchase and a wide range of application scenarios.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.Please tell us about your Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Alex/admin@GameFi : Our plan is to launch pancakeswap on September 15th. Q2 2021 Build a core team, Set the project positioning, Determine the economic model . Q3 2021:The official website, White paper, GSWAP Farming, GSwap Stake, GMiner,Game List(IGO), Referral System. Q4 2021: GSwap trading, GSwap Launchpools, Lottery/Grab bag, Launch Bug Bounty. Q1 2022: GFP-DAO, Expand GameFi Explorer , Expand GameFi Game Guild.

For more information on GameFi refer to the links below :

💎Website :
💎Twitter :
💎Telegram :

GameFi Live AMA

Welcome to the GameFi Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



September 19th 2021

Welcome to the EQIFI live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets start off with a brief introduction into EQIFI for any people who are not yet familiar, can you please give us a brief intro into what you guys are building please?

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : EQIFI is a defi platform powered by a licensed and regulated digital bank. This allows us to offer banking products (bank accounts, cards and so forth on the same platform as yield farming, stacking and defi lending/borrowing products. Your one stop shop for all money related needs!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now we are on the team subject lets get a word from the team behind the project, tell us about yourselves, your backgrounds and experience please?

Loana Frincu/Team@EQIFI : I am an Information Engineering major. I have started my career as a Data Specialist, and then Data Engineer in the corporate world. Starting 2016 I moved to the blockchain and built amazing platforms such as and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange amongst others.I have been working together with Brad for over 4 years and we naturally started this project together with the rest of the team.

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : My Name is Brad and i have been a tech entrepreneur all my life. I love building technology so since very early age i have been programming and working on software hardware projects. I got introduced to Bitcoin in 2009 which started a lifelong love affair with crypto. after participating with Ethereum’s ICO and seeing what it can do with EVM, i started building on it and never looked back. EQIFI is my biggest and hopefully most impactful project which we started working on 13 months ago with my business partner Jason Blick and a year after the first version of the whitepaper was released we released the platform thanks to Ioana and our relentless dev team.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You state that you’re building a global DeFi alternative, delivering more products than any other decentralized system in history. Firstly can we get your thoughts on the current state of the DeFi space why you guys have set out to take on the mission of uniting so many DeFi fundamentals under one project and whats the advantage of having everything under one umbrella?

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : Well DeFi is complicated. how many here missed out on a gem because they didnt have the right wallet or the native currency to buy in on time? I am one of those people. and how many here have wanted to pull out the thousands of dollars of value they have created in this space into their bank accounts to see their accounts closed down and funds returned? we wanted to change that and make defi more accessible to people who are less tech savvy, with less time to scour the chatroom for the best gems but still be able to get access to defi, to crypto and easily transfer the value the they create to their everyday lives. we dont want to see any more bank access cut off of from our community so we created a bank! we dont want people to earn negative interest rates on the money that they worked so hard for so we created a simple access point to high yield defi products for fiat users. We want to you to be able access your crypto and LP token alongside your fiat accounts and be able to go from one to the other without and friction. That is our dream.
Loana Frincu/Team@EQIFI : As in all emerging fields, the services offered by each player are different and partially overlap at best. In addition, getting in and out of crypto is challenging for users especially due to different legislations.I personally believe that our approach, giving users the opportunity to have a one stop solution to manage their funds and benefit from high quality services.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : On that note how is EQIFI unique to existing DeFi projects and what issues does it solve and what aspects of DeFi will you offer users and investors that other projects dont?

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : Well we are unique because we are fully licensed and regulated both as a bank and. a money manager for our defi products. we are also unique that we are embracing both decentralized and centralized products on the same platform and finally we are unique because we are global. as long as you don’t live in a sanctioned country. you can access and use our products!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Moving onto the EQIFI platform itself what can we expect to see? is there a list of features you can go into some detail on about how users and investors can take full advantage of the platform and the DeFi services it offers?

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : well at this moment, anyone of your community members can go to , create an account and start using fixed and variable lending/borrowing, our yield aggregator, interest rate swap and the staking. on top of that those who want and need bank account and cards, can get a bank account in a variety of fiat currencies, credit and debit cards both linked to fiat and crypto as well as benefit from our OTC, fiat lending and wealth management products. as far as what is in the works, we always had the aspiration to be a multichain platform so you can expect to see addition of 2 more chains before then end of the year and 4 more next year. We have also heard our community say they want to be able to use the platform solely from their mobile devices so we are working on a mobile solution as we speak because we are all mobile these days and we understand people dont want to have their laptops/desktops nearby just to use our products.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : We’re super impressed by the sheer amount of partnerships you guys have already secured, congratulations on listing on Kucoin a couple of weeks ago btw also! But what really impresses us is that you’re the first DeFi project which is powered by a regulated and lisenced bank. What does this mean in simple terms for users and investors? Is their money safer, more secure and how will this impact the project moving forward, will it open more doors now that you are recognised and fully licenced?

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : what being licensed and regulated means is we are recognized by the government of our jurisdiction and the international finance and banking communities as a legitimate player in our space. By being transparent (not anonymous) we are also a safer alternative some of the more unknown and riskier defi platforms. Yes, you can ape in and make 300% in 24h with a random project but that also invites rugpulls, hacks and other unfortunate outcomes. all of our development is done with security in mind. we dont cut corners because it is our reputations on the line. we also dont cut any corners when it comes to regulation because we have hundreds of years of banking and finance experience across all team members and we want to d it right. We want you to have the confidence that regardless of the amount if you use that your funds are safe and the team takes the utmost care in their fiduciary responsibilities. This of course opens a lot of doors for us in the traditional banking and finance circles and that is why we were the first project to be listed on Bloomberg and other terminal before any other defi project in the world! That is why we have a lot of institutional interest for our platform and it is also why we invite every in this chat to come and use the products we have created without reservation.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly lets cover the $EQX token, please share some of the tokenomics and main utility’s in which the token itself holds and what role does it play, how can investors make money holding $EQX?

Loana Frincu/Team@EQIFI : Firstly, you can stake eqx to receive extra benefits on the platform.For example, EQX can be used as collateral for loans and to increase interest received on deposits. Secondly, holding above a certain number of tokens offers free bank account opening for holders 🤩

Brad Yasar/Team@EQIFI : Great question! we wanted to create a token that not only supports our community governed banking motto but also provide value to its users so everything on a platform gets better as you upgrade your token tiers. The tokens allow you to lend/borrow with better rates, have higher limits, have fees eliminated as well access to different products. our goals from the beginning was to create a platform that is useful for everyone whether or not you have tokens but to make the platform even more exciting for our token holders by rewarding them with upgrades.

For more information on EQIFI refer to the links below :
💎Website :
💎Twitter :
💎Telegram :


Welcome to the EQIFI Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Triall Live AMA

September 20th 2021

Welcome to the Triall live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : To start off, for anyone new and as a reminder, could you give a summary of what Triall is all about? What are your overall goals, and what’s your long-term vision?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : So maybe very briefly a small intro about myself: my name is Raymond van der Waal and I’m co-founder and Head of Marketing at I’ve been involved with Triall since its foundation almost 4 years ago. My background is in biomedical sciences and business management and I have previously built experience as a researcher and consultant. Triall brings web 3.0 to medical research by developing a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions for clinical trials, research studies that evaluate the safety and efficacy of new vaccines and therapeutics before these enter the market. Clinical trials have become increasingly complex, lengthy, and resource-inefficient over the past decade. As a result, it typically takes 10 years of clinical trials before a new medicine can enter the market. This is a multi-stage process that requires the close collaboration of many stakeholders, think pharma companies, hospitals, specialized service providers and of course the patient. With Triall we’re the world’s first organization that applies blockchain to:(1) promote the integrity and auditability of clinical trial operations;(2) enable secure connections between the many systems and parties involved in clinical research. We foresee a lot of opportunities to streamline and secure clinical trials and thereby accelerate the introduction of new vaccines and therapeutics into society.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Next, could you also give us an update on the team? How has the chemistry/development been these last 6 months, and have you brought anyone new onboard to assist?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : Sure, so with we bring together a group of clinical operations experts, enterprise IT specialists, and blockchain developers. Combined, we managed more than a 100 clinical trials and co-founded 20+ ventures in Life Sciences and B2B software over the past 10–20 years This experience has left us with a deep understanding of clinical trials and a wide network in the EU and US. Through our CTO Niels klomp we also have ties with various blockchain standard groups such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). These past 6 months we’re grown a lot in terms of advisors and technical partners (e.g. Zokyo, LTO Network, Ferrum Network, Faculty Group) who all have a deep understanding of the crypto space and each bring their own unique mix of expertise, knowledge, and network. As a startup, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable it is to surround yourself with a value network of synergetic partners, advisors, investors, and stakeholders. In our case this value network brings together the healthcare and crypto domains. We strongly believe that bringing all these stakeholders together in one single ecosystem will lead to synergies and network effects that go beyond our imagination.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Triall will officially be listing soon! Could you begin with the general tokenomics, and can you also you share details on the presale itself? When/where will you be listing?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : So we’re listing $TRL (at a listing price of 0,25 USD) on Uniswap and have a dual-IDO planned at and on September 28. Also working on a CEX listing. Our pre-sale is open for another 8 days. People that want to join our token pre-sale can register at. We closed our Private round almost 4 weeks ago and are currently in the midst of our Retail round where we offer TRL for a discounted price of 0,20 USD. We’re raising a total of roughly 2M USD in our Private and Retail and will have an initial market cap of around $930k.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Alongside the launch of the Triall token, you’ll also be offering staking pools to users! What kind of apy do the pools offer, and will there be any rules for staking?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : We’re introducing a staking program together with to reward early adopters and holders of $TRL, which is opening at our lauch on September 28. Our first staking pool will have an APR of 250% so we expect that one to fill up quickly. More info can be found at Good to mention that you first need to whitelist through, we’ve tried to make this into a fun experience where you learn about our project and help publicize it within your network. So everyone that comes out of the whitelisting process is more knowledgeable about our project .

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : An eye catching proposal from Triall is your eth gas fee compensation. Can you explain what this is and how it will work with regards to the Triall protocol?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : So we’ve been monitoring eth gas fees for a while now and know that these are generally high, sometimes even astronomically high…To help cover the eth gas fees associated with participating in our pre-sale, we’re reimbursing all of our Retail pre-sale round investors with a small bonus of 150 TRL (worth $30).

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So lastly, Triall has made huge steps by partnering with LTO! What is LTO, what kind of benefits does this partnership bring, and how will it support the Triall ecosystem?

Raymond vd Waal/Co-founder@Triall : Yes, 2 weeks ago we announced a big strategic partnership with LTO Network, one of Europe’s leading blockchain platforms. We will anchor research data on their blockchain platform to secure the integrity of clinical trials, incl. a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, This will be the world’s first COVID-19 clinical trial to be anchored on the blockchain. In the near future, we’re also collaborating to bring decentralized identities to the Triall ecosystem. These decentralized identities can be used to integrate the severely fragmented landscape of systems and stakeholders we’re currently witnessing within clinical research.

For more information on Triall refer to the links below :
💎Website :
💎Twitter :
💎Telegram :

Triall Live AMA

Hello and Welcome to the Triall Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Warena Live AMA

September 25th 2021

Welcome to the Warena live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Jolie Tran/Team@Warena : I’m Jolie, Marketing Specialist with 7 years of experience. I have only 1 year experience in crypto but find it very interesting. Looking forward to learning more from everyone.

Minh Doan/Team@Warena : Hello everyone, my name is Minh Doan and I’m from which do investing and incubating – GB was founded by me and 2 others team members from Harmony ONE (Chao Ma and RJ) – Warena is the first project GB is coleading, investing, and advising. I’m currently running – before that i was a cofounder of harmomny ONE – i also spent 5 years working at Google (Mountain View) as a tech lead.

Sandy/ Team@Warena : Hey! My name is Sandy Tran, and I am the Marketing Manager at WARENA. Although young, I have a wealth of experience in marketing, tech and the gaming industry. I’ve already worked for 3 years on High-Tech/ Blockchain projects, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Finance and Master of Science in Marketing Analytics. My career goal is to leverage creativity and art and instigate meaningful lessons & conversations with our community.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Jolie Tran/Team@Warena : Inspired by Blockchain Technology and capturing the global NFT trend, WARENA is an ingenious combination of the two latest gaming developments: Play-to-Earn and Metaverse. Anyone in the WARENA ecosystem can enjoy countervailing strategy gameplay within our vast, super-realistic Metaverse, earning at the same time, digital incomes. Tokens collected during the gameplay contribute to the WARENA ecosystem, and these tokens can later be converted into NFTs. Using AI-Personalization technology, WARENA allows players to create their own unique characters, and is customizable to a deep level, including character avatar, warrior attributions, munitions, gear, and skills. This provides a highly realistic experience throughout one’s adventures. Within the WARENA Metaverse, players also can meet, interact, and battle with other characters from other ‘Universes’ such as Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet, Cat Gunner, and much more. WARENA is not your typical NFT game. Our players get to immerse themselves in their character and engage in thrilling action-survival gameplay. The Warena NFT game will be released in two phases. Phase 1 will take place in Q3 of 2021 and will see the launch of the 2D tower defense game. It’s a survival, player-vs-environment game that will require players to defend against the oncoming army of zombies. Phase 2 is set to launch in Q2 2022 and will unlock the full force of the Warena metaverse with player-versus-player features. We inspired by Solo Leveling and Sword Art Online. An inspiration on Sword Art Online with this it would be like transferring character from SAO to ALfheim Online to Gun Gale Online and Accel World.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What makes Warena stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the unique, metaverse game and could you run us through how it actually works?

Sandy/Team@Warena : WARENA shows its uniqueness in many ways, including:✨ Innovative combination between Play-to-Earn and Metaverse built cleverly upon an engaging story and plot.✨ AI personalization tech allows users to upload their photos and create unique digital avatars.✨ There is the ability to engage with crossover characters from other universes such as Axie Infinity, Cat Gunner and My Defi Pet.✨ Warena NFTs are created across different blockchains such as BSC, Polygon, Near, and Solana to name a few…Warena features thrilling action-survival gameplay where human and zombie teams face off against each other in a zombie apocalypse scenario. Players can choose to inhabit different lands, trade warriors & NFTs, battle against each other, and play in tournaments.To start playing the game, a player can buy warriors from the Warena marketplace or rent one from another player at an agreed-upon price. aracters they own. They will constantly upgrade the characters’ power through completing tasks, winning PvP (player vs. player) battles, while also applying in-game items. There will be 2 main currencies in Warena Universe, including: 👉🏻 WARE token – the main in-game currency. It will be used for trading, exchanging, and improving one’s warriors including their special qualities. WARE tokens provide the economic incentives which will be distributed to encourage users to contribute and maintain the ecosystem on WARENA👉🏻RENA token – an ERC-20 governance token for the WARENA Universe. RENA holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn RENA tokens when they play various games within the WARENA Universe and through user-generated content initiatives.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the team.How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Jolie Tran/Team@Warena : We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences in many fields: blockchain, games development, art, and marketing, etc. We team up together to create Warena – a project that highlights the advent of a new era of gaming. With the help of blockchain technology, gamers can finally enter a symbiotic relationship with the games that they participate in. Some prominent members of the team can be mentioned here:Minh Doan – Blockchain Advisor, Warena’s Blockchain Advisor/Incubator Cofounder of MassBit, GP at, Ex-cofounder of Harmony ONE, Google Tech Lead , Phd Candidate in Computer Science. Vu Hoang – Project Tech Lead, Manage and join develop some project game/NFT game like:Robot Defense, Cat Gunner, Warena. Lam La – Game designer, Having experiences as Game Designer on serveral projects in Japan and Korea market: Marvel: War of Heroes (Card battle game of DeNA x Disney), Sangokushi Royale (Card battle game of DeNA with Three Kingdom theme), Drift Spirits (Car racing game from BANDAI NAMCO), Blade II: the Return of Evil (ARPG game published by Kakao), And now, happy to be a part of Warena. Dallin Nguyen – Senior Unity Game Developer :Being game developer for quite a long time, Started using unity since 2012, then many other game engines, Have an overall background knowledge of many platforms, front end to back end, but still, unity is the framework used the most.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The Crypto Market is still small when compared to traditional markets.Who are the major investors of Warena? Can you tell us about the Integration to Binance Smart Chain?

Vu Hoang/Team@Warena : We got backed by Genesisbuilders, Master Ventures, Dao Maker, M6, Animoca,. They are all well known in the crypto market where Dao Maker and Paid Network are very selective to pick projects to launch IDO. (harmony ONE team members) has had a lot of experience in building blockchain. M6 ha the reputation of promoting good projects. Animoca is the leading investor of gamefi. As of BSC integration, all WARE and RENA Tokens will be deployed in BSC; the NFT can be deployed in BSC and other blockchains.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you tell us about the Character Personalization and Cross Over feature of the project? How will you differentiate between the two?

Sandy/Team@Warena : 🌟 Personalize in-game characters: Warena use AI personalization technology to allow a user to upload his/her own photo to create a unique digital avatar for his/her character. This allows Warena to bring the most genuine and drastical gaming experience for everyone.🌟 Cross-over feature: Ability to interact with crossover characters from other universes such as Axie Infinity, Cat Gunner and My Defi Pet etc. (Phase 2). We create a mechanism to model characters from their base datasets in affiliated NFT games, which then syncs into WARENA’s ecosystem to ensure stable interaction in the metaverse.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you explain about the features of the game, the different modes that will be available and how it proves to be the x-factor of your project?

Vu Hoang/Team@Warena : One of the game’s main features is a virtual marketplace where players can buy, sell or rent land, warriors, and other in-game items, such as houses, fences, production accessories, robot accessories, munitions, etc. The WARENA marketplace operates 24/7. In addition, we also have✨Phase 1: Game features includes: battle: After a PvP battle, warriors will be named and ranked in the hall of fame. After finishing each story map, a character will receive rewards according to their corresponding level , daily quests: Warriors will have to perform daily quests to upgrade their strength, rank up and receive valuable items. random events: Random dungeons will open during this phase to release valuable items✨Phase 2: This is our x-factor. Open world and design by community. You can experience your metaverse – which always in your imagination. Each land in Warena Metaverse will have its own unique characteristics that is created by our players based on their needs, ideas, interests; for example: farming, fighting, battle, exploring…

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : How can we maintain token price appreciation, while keeping the barrier of entry low?How does it all get incorporated into the Warena ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Jolie Tran/Team@Warena : As we are designing this game as long-term project the token from private sales will have a longer locking schedule (6 months) in the new token metrics (will be updated soon) which is is designed by the team and advisors. With that, the traders will have the confidence to hold the tokens while the game will evolve over 2 phases (2d game and metaverse). We are designing a great token economics to make sure to have the best burning mechanism to make sure play-to-earn token high enough to have the gamers keep playing to earn. Currently, we’re holding a campaign called WARENA PROMOTIONAL MARATHON in which the winners have chance to win slots in private sale of our project, please see this document for more details:

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : How are you gonna get a hold on long time investors?

Sandy/Team@Warena : Warena is a long-term project with a solid roadmap for developing the game in both 2D and 3D Metaverse, which is going to be developed by our experienced team and is advised by blockchain experts in the field. Warena project receives many long-term investments from big names like DAO Maker, Animoca, Polygon and much more.

For more information on Warena refer to the links below :
💎Website :
💎Twitter :
💎Telegram :

Warena Live AMA

Hello and Welcome to the Warena Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



October 10th 2021

Welcome to the Star Atlas live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets kick this off with an introduction as per usual. Introduce yourself and tell us what did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : Greetings community. My name is Santi, I’m Head Community Lead at Star Atlas. I have been in crypto full time since 2019 and managing communities since 2017. Star Atlas for me has been a mind-blowing experience, every single thing I read, share, and communicate with the community gets me excited and makes me want to do more. Thus, I left college and started working full-time for a while now. So I am here.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now can we get a brief introduction to Star Atlas itself for anyone whos not yet seen our previous AMA’s with you guys?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : Star Atlas is an ideal product to emerge from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies. Basing the Star Atlas universe in a Grand Strategy multiplayer genre creates engaging, long-term gameplay as factions battle it out in a universal spacescape under a constant state of flux. Players stake assets with real-world value to grow their ingame corporate empires, discover unique and distant alien worlds, battle in high stakes combat, and shape the game’s features and future with earned political influence. Star Atlas’ cinema-quality graphical technology utilizing Unreal Engine 5 is beginning at a state that no other competitors in this space have yet had the luxury to adopt. To bring all these enabling technologies together presents a unique opportunity for the future of finance, video games, entertainment, real-world professions and blockchain where people can make money and have a lot of fun doing it. All in the familiar frontier of outer space, where exploration is both terrifyingly cold and simultaneously full of unrelenting optimism.Of note, every asset that can be owned within the game is done so entirely on chain. Ships, crew, components, modules, permits, licenses, land, buildings, etc. are all held individually by the player as a non-fungible token. The result is that players truly own the assets they have purchased or earned through gameplay. We believe this transformative model of Play-to-Earn is the future of gaming.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : So how does StarAtlas’ contribute to the adoption of Blockchain Technology into the Gaming World?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : We are one of a kind. Looking into traditional game studios that are capable of delivering the quality and experience that we are building, none to our acknowledge have expertise through crypto, blockchain and financial expertises that we are developing across the Star Atlas model. Star Atlas is a pioneer and leader at the intersection of top tier gaming and blockchain integration. Replying to the developing gamer and crypto enthusiast that wants as well to have fun while they make money or vice versa.We are just in the year 0 of this new revolution. Thus there is still more to be seen. We are already seeing a lot of people who are doing their first crypto experience with Star Atlas, we even had to plan a lot of 101 guides :)

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : What sets Star Atlas apart from the competition?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : Well, it was kinda answered in the previous question but we think that what sets us apart are the quality and the ambitions. we know we are building something huge.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : What are factions in the game?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : There are 3 factions in Star Atlas: MUD, ONI and USTUR. Mud is an is an acronym , Manus Ultimus Divinum, The Last Divine Hand, a spacefaring faction of humans originating from their home planet of Earth. After uniting under a common cause inspired by a benevolent photoli scout, humans harnessed Earth’s resources to set off for the stars.Under the contemporary leadership of Charon Gotti Jr., MUD Territory was established as the only legitimate human faction in the Council of Peace. Despite the dramatic losses in the Convergence War decades prior, MUD emerged as an industrial powerhouse in the region by securing diplomatic relations through fair trade with ONI and Ustur.MUD controlled space provides proximity to raw materials that serve a core purpose in the component manufacturing process for distant astronautical travel and ballistics technology. Join MUD to ensure the perpetual fair and powerful leadership of humankind .Ustur cybernetic sentient beings have an origin shrouded in complex mystery. One legend tells of a Dyson sphere-powered supercomputer harnessing the energy of a magnetar class neutron star. The energy throughput allowed the installed AI to advance beyond its physical location and withdrew from the parent machine without a trace.A millennium later, the Ustur appeared in a physicalized form through advanced softform robotics. However, none of them are able to recall their origin. But it is thought that their individual bodies contain a sliver of the original parent AI in pursuit of transcendent awakening and experiencing the universe through an organic medium.Become a part of the Ustur Sector to also form your own path in this physical universe and ascend the ranks of every observable spiritual plane. Receive access to rare minerals vital in the formation of highly nimble thruster tech and top tier hull reinforcing pipelines.The ONI faction is a harmonious consortium of diverse species. The people of the Om sector, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems collectively set aside their differences in the hopes of a more bountiful life in space.After the near total wartime extinction of the Sogmian race, the Mierese, Punaab and Photoli united firmly together under a strategic military pact to save their desperate ally. Through this pact, a breakthrough weapon of war was constructed. Before retaliation took hold to destroy the region’s life force, a truce was soon declared for the betterment of all factions and peace settled throughout.The benefits of joining the ONI Region lie primarily in access to densely clustered raw materials within their controlled space. These materials are highly coveted in the crafting of advanced stealth and radar technologies lending to the discovery of even greater breakthroughs for all sentient life.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Is it possible to change factions after the game has started ?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : Faction selection is permanent. This means that the (Solana) account you use to register will not be able to be registered to a different faction later on.So I hope you guys take the time to think which one you would be!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : How do the faction security zones work ?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : New players choose a faction and start in a faction-secured safe zone. This allows the player to explore all the basic functions of the game except destructive based gameplay loops such as rescue, combat and salvage. Once the player is sufficiently confident enough to venture out, there is a medium tiered safety zone that is secured by mercenary groups. Combat is now allowed but your assets will be reset if destroyed. The final distant zone of Star Atlas is a wild frontier where full combat and the destruction of assets is a permanent event. However, only a portion of assets in combat are destroyed permanently. For example, the results of a destroyed ship in combat is that the ship asset is decimated into components, scrap, escape podded crew members, and a certain amount is lost forever.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : What role do the tokens $ATLAS and $POLIS play in the Star Atlas ecosystem?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : POLIS is the governance token used at each level of governance, representing financial stake in the game, voting power in the DAOs where it is staked, and control of the Treasury. It has a fixed supply that will not grow (unless a decision to the contrary will be made by governance down the line)ATLAS is the payment token used as a medium of exchange.It is inflationary, aiming to match the growth of the in-game economy and provide a solid monetary base for in-game economic interactions and onramps to enter the game.As an asset, POLIS is a low-velocity, long-term store-of-value that incentivizes governance of the ATLAS economy for its long-run production. The POLIS DAO is tasked with the minting, distribution, and redistribution of ATLAS within the ATLAS treasury, and earn portions of the returns in ATLAS to the developments they vote to fund.With a long-term perspective, DAO governors will ultimately be able to drive the direction of Metaverse development. Even to the extent that the founding Star Atlas development team could be voted out as the primary vendor for game assets and game design. Other areas of more immediate focus include: economic revisions, feature releases, asset release schedules, and optionality to incorporate player-created content. The total supply of POLIS is permanently fixed and does not increase.The total supply of the POLIS token is 360,000,000,POLIS can be acquired in the following ways : Primary Issuance: The Star Atlas team may directly sell POLIS tokens to potential governors Secondary Markets: Can be bought and sold on secondary markets, but come with a finite variety of lockup/vesting schedules In-game Rewards: Completing certain missions in-game Metagame Rewards: a. Actively attracting new users that stay for some amount of time or generate some amount of value b. Organize existing users into guilds/factions and more, based on what these guilds/factions produce c. Guilds/Alliances will be rewarded with an amount of POLIS based on how long they have actively participated in the universe. The reward structure will be calibrated to disincentivize churn Governance Participation: Staking in the DAO and being active Meta-economics Rewards: Liquidity provision on AMMs and other DeFi entities.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : When do you plan on launching the game and can you give us any teasers to close this AMA on a high?

Santi/Team@StarAtlas : We currently are not giving any specific date. We release information of every step of our roadmap and changes through official announcements, and simultaneously on the Star Atlas Communities on Discord, Telegram Server, Twitter and other channels. These announcements include public news releases on our Medium Blog and website. We also announce and make information available in the Star Atlas Community weekly Town Hall events with the C-deck, which includes a Q&A session. telegram and discord where we do our official announcements. This week we started the opening of the mini game with faction Selection.

For more information on Star Atlas refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :


Welcome to the Star Atlas LIVE AMA wih The Gem Hunters


Heroes & Empires Live AMA

October 2nd 2021

Welcome to the Heroes & Empires live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : First of all, let’s kick off the AMA with a brief introduction of what Heroes & Empires actually is all about and what you guys try to achieve?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : So, when we started the concept for a GameFi project back in July, we saw a life changing opportunity for crypto practitioners, a new career that can bring stable income to those whose lives are affected by the pandemic. In order to turn the concept into a actual product, we were going out looking for the right gaming studio to partner with. When we discussed with Imba Games, they were pretty excited about our vision and shared with us their games library. We looked through some titles and immediately fell in love with I am Hero (the ancestor of Heroes & Empires). This game has everything we need to make a great GameFi, from the popular RPG genre, auto-chess style, comprehensive gameplay to high-end 3D graphics and unique Heroes designs which most NFT games are lacking. The game follows a fantasy world where you can summon your own NFT Heroes and form a team to compete in pve and pvp for rewards. H&E has 74 unique Heroes from 8 Races and 7 Classes. If you have played LoL Chess before, you might notice the resemblance, which H&E was inspired from. Unlike other blockchain games, H&E also focuses on entertainment, which actually allows users to have fun playing the game. To make the game enjoyable, the team develops many features within the game such as different pve game modes (Madness Tower, Dungeon Trial, Bounty Hunter, etc), competitive pvp (Clan War, Tournament, Grand Tournament) and an endless campaign (currently 33 chapters, each contains 20–40 stages). Beside the gameplay, our team also focuses on the Play-to-Earn element, which allows users to earn $HE rewards from completing quests or winning a match. Users can also make profit from trading NFT Heroes/Gears on the Marketplace. Our model is designed in a unique way that new users must buy NFT Heroes from the Marketplace, not from the dev to join the game.

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Can you give us some more information on who the team behind Heroes & Empires is and what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : Let me introduce myself first. I’m Shin, CMO at Heroes & Empires and co-founder at I joined the crypto space back in 2017 when Bitcoin started to bloom, and have been an investor ever since. But in 2020, we realized that solo investors could not access the early sales, so we co-founded Megala Ventures to establish a bigger fund with a registered business in Singapore to invest in notable blockchain projects such as Casper, Persistence, A0, Subquery, etc. Now in 2021, we see the huge interest in the GameFi projects, starting with Axie Infinity. So, we leverage our resources and experience in the blockchain industry to develop Heroes & Empires. Our core team consists of co-founders from Megala Ventures, CryptoViet Labs (the creator of and Imba Games (a veteran gaming studio in Vietnam who is behind many 500k+ downloaded games such as I am Hero, Kawaii Mansion, Overleaque, Kawaii Puzzle, etc). For more information about our team members, please visit: Web: . Medium:

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You had already mentioned some parts regarding the gameplay, but In your own words – how would you briefly describe the gameplay and is there any Blockchain related game or traditional game that has a similar playstyle?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : Heroes & Empires presents a unique gameplay with the combination of idle RPG element with the tactics of auto-chess teamfight, epic heroes and monsters. Regarding the gameplay, I’ve discussed in the first question. So, I’ll include some details about our game features below. Play 2 Earn: •Send your army of heroes to the victory and earn valuable rewards.• Thousands of the best levels and kingdoms with more added every 2 weeks. Complete them to get rewards and tokens .• Finish daily, weekly quests to get tokens. Idle RPG System: •Collect and upgrade 70+ legendary heroes from different Races and Classes. Each hero has unique abilities and traits.• Power up your heroes with thousands of magical gears, signature items, and skins!• Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle. Auto battler Gameplay: • Each hero you recruit can form unique synergies. Stacking your team with allied heroes will unlock powerful bonuses that can crush your rivals.• Combine and setup the formation for different synergies and tactics. •There is no limit for you to build your own tactics with dozens of hero traits: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Warlock, etc. Base-Building (future update) : Rebuild an immense war fortress, where you can recruit, train and gear up your army!• Collect materials from battles and craft useful items to give your Heroes an edge in battle!• Harvest food, mine metal and research to unlock new heroes and new gears. Battle It Out : Outplay and outlast your opponents by building an elite squad of epic heroes ready to conquer the world• Put forth your best heroes to do battle in different arenas. Climb the leaderboards for the best rewards at the end of the seasons.• Join multiplayer clan boss battles and lead your clan to supremacy!

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You claim to unify all of the currently hot topics in crypto such as NFTs, Play to earn and also free to play:Could you further elaborate what the utility of in-game NFTs would actually be, and share an example with us?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : H&E is a GameFi project, where we bring the characteristics of NFT into the game such as indivisibility, scarcity, uniqueness, ownership, transparency, interoperability, etc. These characteristics help shape H&E and make it profitable and secured. In the game, all Heroes and Gears are made NFTs from the moment players acquire or summon Heroes/Gears. This gives users freedom to do whatever they want with the NFTs, either use them to participate ingame activities or trade on the Marketplace for profit.

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : How would players be able to earn money from playing Heroes & Empires?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : We want to make it simple and straightforward with the p2e model. So, there are two ways a player a can earn from H&E: 1/ Ingame activities: like other games, players will compete in pve and pvp activities to earn rewards from winning the match. During that time, players can also complete tasks in the Quest system to earn Daily/ Weekly/ Progress rewards. 2/ Trade NFTs on the Marketplace. Our game is designed so that new player must buy NFT Heroes on the Marketplace to join the game. This ensures the NFT market is always active and balanced in supply/demand.

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : With what you just mentioned in regards to NFTs, would Heroes & Empires sort of require a upfront investment to get started or could anyone start playing completely for free?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : Good question! I think some projects are starting to offer the Free2Play option, like giving starting Pets or Heroes. But in reality, it’s more like a trial, which doesn’t yield profit, or the characters are too weak to progress further. It’s a good way for new player to test out the game. We are also thinking of a similar option. But to seriously play the game and earn from it. There is an entrance fee. In the beginning, we will hold an IGO (ingame asset offering) since there is no NFT Hero yet. The price for one NFT box is $200, which gives 3 random Heroes ingame. After that, new players will have to buy NFT Heroes from existing players on the Marketplace. So the sooner you start, the more profit you can earn.

Pandah|TGH/Co-Owner@TheGemHunterstg : In which development phase is the game currently? Could you share some game footage, and when will it be available to the public to try out?

Shin/Team@Heroes & Empires : Currently, we are working on the blockchain integration and p2e economy. The Beta version for public will be released in early October with full features including testnet token, testnet NFT Box, p2e model, and rewards for top leaderboard. Please follow our channels for the announcement.Game trailer: . I would say already 80% completed for the blockchain integration. So the mainnet will be released not long after the community Beta version.

For more information on Heroes & Empires refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

Heroes & Empires Live AMA

Welcome to the Heroes & Empires live AMA with The Gem Hunters


GaleonCare Live AMA

12 October 2021

Welcome to the GaleonCare live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s kick off with some introduction.Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Dr Loic Brotons/CEO@Galeon : I’m Loïc, medical doctor in Anesthesiology and intensive care and CEO of Galeon. I’m specialized in medical data science since. 6 years and i code some solidity too

Matthieu/COO@Galeon : I’m Matthieu, COO and Co-Founder of Galeon. I’m in Crypto space since 2012, was trying to mine some bitcoin in early days 🙂 I’m Digital Expert, previously I was working with Top-Notch company in France and I was responsible of their communication/marketing with my own company. I’m holding some crypto for few years and with Loic, we are investing in some good ICO/project as private investors !

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Dr Loic Brotons/CEO@Galeon : Galeon is a Health Data Blockchain Research Network, where hospitals, patients, caregivers and innovators are working together for the good of humanity We have created a new kind of Electronic Health Record with Top Quality structured medical data using Blockchain. At Galeon we are specialized in the structuring of medical data. This data is the oil of health innovations: medical research, artificial intelligence, discovery of new treatments, cancer detection algorithms…Galeon is a French / Swiss company created in 2016, we already have some University Hospitals as clients in France and we are a team of 5 members that is growing rapidly.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the Galeon team.How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Matthieu/COO@Galeon : We are 5 team members with complementary skills. As we said, Loic and I managed the whole company and especially business side. On the technical side we have Peter our CTO that was Lead Dev at Sony. We have Frederic our CTIO, he is responsible of the whole infrastructure and its scalability to run hundreds of hospitals ! Frederic previously worked as IT and securirty Architect for French Army and some French banks. And we have Richard, our Back-End dev and solidity Smart Contracts master, he is specialized in security and worked previously for Avast antivirus. We are working together for more than 5 years and we are going fast !

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but it is still in early stages.What makes Galeon stand out and unique among so many projects in the market?

Matthieu/COO@Galeon : We have seen in Crypto that many project raised money with just an idea or just a copy of another idea without any working product. At Galeon, we are here since 2016 and we generate revenues, we have a strong use case as Structured Healthcare Data are the New Gold. We are specialized in data structuration, that’s what makes Galeon stand out from other IT Healthcare companies. 2,500,000,000,000 of Healthcare Data are produced every year but 80% is unstructured (poor quality) and 100% are in silos, very hard to manipulate. On the Blockchain side, Galeon will store consents of Patients in order to have transparency and accuracy and allow them to decide what will be done with those proceeds. Let’s take an example : Pfizer want to study his new treatments about lung cancer. They spent 1 000 000 $ to buy data set and use it. We are the middleman that will connect Pfizer to hospitals that have structured datas by using our Galeon platform. Let’s say 3 hospitals want to participate to the study of Pfizer, we will re-distribute the value of this study : – 40% will be shared through Hospitals (400,000$) , 50% will go to our Galeon DAO (that represents patients and give them the right to decide the future non-profit researches that will be funded by Galeon DAO) (500,000$) , 10% will go to Galeon Operations to develop the product and maintain infrastructure. (100,000$)

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please tell us about the unique Galeon Healthcare and Blockchain collaboration and could you run us through how it actually works?

Dr Loic Brotons/CEO@Galeon : Basically, Galeon is hosting medical data of our network of hospitals that are using Galeon software Thanks to blockchain we will allow patients to store their consent for sharing medical data and create a DAO organisation where patients and token stackers will decide which medical research will be founded for non profit medical research now is doomed by only private companies that don’t focus on some important diseases because they don’t make any money with that ,we plan to change that.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What are the track records of Galeon Company?There are various entry barriers plaguing the Crypto market. How are you going to tackle this along with illiquidity, fragmentation, and high gas fees. Please share details of the economy of Galeon.

Dr Loic Brotons/CEO@Galeon : We have more than 85 000 patients records on our healthcare platform and already 60 000 patients have used our patient portal. Thats represents a lot of high quality data!We are already working with an University Hospital in France that make a lot of medical research and we continue to deploy hospitals in the country. We know that crypto is international, that’s why we want to bring this French innovation to the world, Galeon is ready to scale and coded in English to be able to tackle new countries. We will use Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart chain as Ethereum is inevitable for its community and BSC for its low fees and fast transactions. We will also make a bridge between those 2 blockchains BSC will allow our users to use a low gas fee blockchain until eth 2.0 will be available Most of the transactions will be for : stacking tokens, cex & dex exchanges, farming, and voting for the DAO found. We have already some smart contracts and token deployed on testnet, we are. working with some famous audit company for smart contract auditing

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token,How does it all get incorporated into the Galeon ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Matthieu/COO@Galeon : $GALEON token is at the heart of the platform. It’s the key for Galeon DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 50% of each data transaction will be transferred to Galeon DAO. Galeon DAO will be dedicated to fund Non-Profit research & projects in Healthcare and Climate change. Galeon DAO is a way to redistribute the value for non-profit research. For profit companies who want to access medical data will settle agreements with Galeon DAO. Those proceeds will be re-distributed to the community: – Hospitals : 40% Galeon DAO fund : 50% , Galeon Operations : 10 %. Non-profit institutions will have an easier access (free to use) to those data regarding specific conditions (open sourcing the result). All of those actions will be transparent, powered by smart contracts on blockchain. Patients and Tokens Stackers will be able to decide each of them will have dedicated voting rights : 50 % Patients , 50 % $GALEON Token Stackers. Each project should lead to concrete and measurable results. Example : Finding a new cure for a disease, reduce carbon footprint etc… Proceeds from those research projects have to be open sourced and free to use for humanity.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.Please tell us about your Upcoming ICO, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Dr Loic Brotons/CEO@Galeon : Currently we are running actually our Seed Round and we have planned our ICO by the end of this year.There is still some slots for the seed / strategic round there Is a dedicated form on our website: now we. are preparing all stuff for our ICO. We are supported by Quentin Herbrecht, CEO of Markchain, Global Marketing Agency that has already make successful moves with Startup like Pokmi that raised +10M$.We are in touch with some famous Exchanges for a possible IEO directly on the exchange instead of ICO, we can’t tell too much about this now.In 2022 We are deploying more and more Hospitals and we plan to deliver the DAO platform by end of 2022 in Beta. Our whitepaper will be released soon with more details about the roadmap and tokenomics

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GaleonCare Live AMA

Welcome to the GaleonCare live AMA with The Gem Hunters


SubMe Live AMA

30th October 2021

Welcome to the SubMe live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : To kick off the return of SubMe, and to let any newcomers know, could you start by providing a summary of what you guys are all about, and a recap of how your last months have been?

Diego de la Vega/Team@SubMe : Our project is called Subme and we are developing a platform & application which will serve as a marketplace for subscriptions, where you will be able to manage all of your subscriptions in one place, be it subscriptions of real and online goods and services. Our application will get those items purchased by you on a recurring basis delivered straight to your home and each time you make such a purchase you will be granted a cashback. You can learn more about us simply by visiting our website: and through joining up our main Telegram group In the recent months we have been able to get listed on the PancakeSwap and BitMart we started running the farming, our app is in advanced development stage with sellers testing it out and introducing their services to it, and soon we will also let the first users (buyers) test it out as well.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Subme’s Motto is “Subscribe Everything”, what kind of services will people be able to subscribe to with you? What have you planned for the future?

Diego de la Vega/Team@SubMe : We are also intensively working over the partnerships with. both from the crypto and non-crypto side and within the week we have begun collaborating with and Terra Land. With our collaboration involves cool NFTs Gloves with their physical manifestations in the form of signed by Jan Błachowicz gloves – UFC star.

MD Subme/Team@SubMe : They will be able to hold subscriptions of real and online goods and services, there are actually no limitations when it comes to the services or goods they would like to subscribe to. Sky’s the limit. They can even subscribe to saving up their own funds for holidays, future retirement or even purchasing real estate such as their own house or flat.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Subme’s protocol revolves around the Subme token; what’s the utility of the Subme token within the ecosystem, and which chain does Subme operate on?

Diego de la Vega/Team@SubMe : Our token, called $SUB, is a BEP-20 based token. You could call it a lifeblood of the whole ecosystem and Subme platform. Our token, called $SUB, is a BEP-20 based token. You could call it a lifeblood of the whole ecosystem and Subme platform. Our users will be able to get with it discounts in our app and also to pay fully for the goods and services, exchange it to other cryptocurrencies (swap), get neat cashbacks with it, sell back or hodl for its value to increase or the $SUB could be simply treated as loyalty points for our users. $SUB operates on the BSC chain.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Partnerships in the Crypto space can be game changing, especially for a protocol like Subme’s. Have you been able to work out any kickass partnerships and if yes, could shed more light on one of them?

MD Subme/Team@SubMe : The Terra Land project is a global transaction platform designed with selling entire real properties or their parts in mind, based on the blockchain technology. Fractionating the real estate market keeps investors interested in the geographical diversification of their real property portfolio, particularly for those with fewer funds. Our projects would like to form together a special DCA strategy for investing in Real Estate markets or simply by creating subscriptions for your future house or flat that you would own after saving up enough funds. Right now there is an ongoing IDO on the side of the Terra Land project, which is a perfect chance for you to invest in one of the most promising future industries. What is more, you can participate in the IDO through the Subme as we have very competitive entry conditions for our community members and also for you. To know more about them, kindly check out this medium article: On our side we have 200 allocations available for you with worth of $500 each for users who will want to get Terra Land allocation with our help, which means they are worth $100.000 in total. The terms as you can see in the medium article are very attractive and there is no catch to them. All you need to do is to lock your liquidity for short and to get whitelisted, wait for the announcement of results and voila! Well, that’s all about it. We are a damn hot rocketing heading straight to the moon! 😎

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, can you share your Roadmap and how you’ve followed it so far? What’s next for us all to watch out for?

Diego de la Vega/Team@SubMe : According to the roadmap we have been able to follow all what has been laid out in it. At the present time there are no delays and we intend to release our app this month as planned together with introducing to it basic services and products. Next year though we have planned quite big gigs – expanding to more markets, establishing fulfillment centers first in Europe, later all around the world, introducing more industries to our platform.

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SubMe Live AMA

Welcome to the SubMe live AMA with The Gem Hunters


DAOLaunch Live AMA

9th November 2021

Welcome to the DAOLaunch live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : To kick this AMA off, can you start by giving us some background on the DAOLaunch protocol? What’s the primary issue you’re trying to address, and what’s your solution?

Reza/Team@DAOLaunch : Currently, pretty much every start-up in the crypto space are launched through a combination of VC, seed, private funding.Is there any more democratic ways to raise fund ?Yes, there is Fairlaunch.However, We don’t think “Fair Launch is not a practical method” to release a token, let alone fund a business. Because what VC provide today is not only funding, but also advice, connections, Human Resources and marketing.Can startups really expect adoption from mass-retail investors and for them to provide those things, which is core part of VC offering today ? We have to change our approach.If you don’t want to be one of crowd who seeking around small allocation of usually launchpad provide, you need to think what value can you as individual provide to startups, as investors.This is how Sakuro came up with “decentralized Venture capital” concept.The DVC offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable since all negotiations are all on-chain. Any Investors on DAOLaunch, can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists, and much like traditional VCs they can negotiate more favorable investment terms. DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Before jumping into the details, who’s the team behind DAOLaunch? What do you each bring to the table, and will the team grow in the future as the DAO grows?

Sakuro/Founder@DAOLaunch : Sakuro-Founder, and Shu -Co Founder, involve in crypto since 2015, Shu has 20+ years alone as a Software Engineer with 5 years in blockchain coding, while Sakuro is a Blockchain Lecturer at the prestigious Meiji University (Like Harvard in Japan). Kaletso Phiri- Head of marketing & PR. Worked at top brands such as viacom and MTV. Kaletso has the perfect mix of skills of web 2.0 + web 3.0 which support DAOLaunch in it’s quest to decentralise venture capital Abdullah- head of investments. Abdullah worked for many years in dubai as a VC and he’s seen it all. Rug pulls, scams, pump and dumps you name it. Abdullah has a great mindset when it comes to investing and im confident in his ability to pick great projects for daolaunch community Reza- A true defi native and curious thinker, started crypto in 2017 and volunteered as a community manager gaining exprience. Made the full time switch about a year ago and I love defi/ crypto. Worked all around the industry in L1 blockchains, stable coins and data marketplaces. Japan, UK, Dubai, Southafrica, vietnum, and india ,international team hehe.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Integral to the DAOLaunch protocol is the DAL token, and with it, the DVC-NFT. So what is the usecase of DAL, what’s the setup for your Initial Buy-Back Offering (IBO), and how do the DVC-NFTs come into play?

Reza/Team@DAOLaunch : The token behind DAOLaunch is DAL. DAL has a very specific use case where it is used to mint a DVC-NFT at a ratio of 1DAL:1DVC-NFT. When minting the DVC-NFT, the DAL will be burned, inherently decreasing the supply and making DAL more valuable. DVC-NFT stands for Decentralized Venture Capital – NFT; by owning a DVC-NFT, you are given the following: governance rights to vote on future IBOs, the power to negotiate sale/allocation prices,All DVC-NFT negotiations are kept on chain; this means that by investing in successful projects, you increase VC power! This is important because higher VC power grants you more favorable allocations and better prices, similar to VC’s today! You can also create your own token index portfolio as an DVC-NFT. Users can deposit their seed tokens in the contract, turn into like a holding VC series itself as NFT. Trade or Lend your VC series on the NFT marketplace, earn more capital or interest without losing ownership of it !! Until now, the funds invested into startups could not be used effectively until the lockup period was over. But with the DVC-NFT, even when the token is locked you can make a profit by trading or lending the DVC-NFT itself. Let’s create your own VC series with NFT, trade and lend them on DAOLaunch’s frontier & innovative market !! We also have the IBO SYSTEM.DAOLaunch grant system called the IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering) is a brand new concept of supporting startups.Most voted startup from DVC, their native tokens are directly purchased through a Buy-Back system from DAOLaunch, after they’re listed on the market using our allocated grant.The tokens purchased through our Buy-Back grant are automatically burnt.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : DAOLaunch also plans to provide tools for projects so they have smoother, more successful launches. What kind of products will you be creating, and what’s the edge that DAL gives over other launch protocols?

Sakuro/Founder@DAOLaunch : For startups: create tokens/NFTs, professional tokensale pitch screen, secure liquidity/tokenomics with smart contract, easily build NFT farming pool/store for their tokenholders, IBO, Initial Buy-Back offering for most voted startup from DVC. We are not only offering a place for protocols to raise funds, we will also be throwing their full support behind each of the projects, offering advisory services,DAOLaunch aims to be as influential throughout the crypto space, and with the potential of anyone entering the DVC, branding as investors.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Since becoming a Decentralized VC is quite literally a first of its kind, what kind of partnerships and marketing plans do you have to increase awareness and to grow DAL’s ecosystem?

Reza/Team@DAOLaunch : we have a number of really great partnerships, ZBS Capital (cryptodiffer), X21, Shiden/ Astar Network, BSC Station, Trust pad,, Meridian Capital, Onebitventures. Recent development also includes the Partnership and Integration with Shiden! Shiden is the 3rd parachain on the Kusama network, and there’s over $2M worth of SDN in DAL staking already. Regardless crypto/non-crypto, We guide them into Crypto-secure IDO market.Gaming, Anime, Professional NFT Art, E-sports, Vtuber, Entertainment, Model, Donation, Music Jazz Concert, University, Professional athlete, Sports Club, Traditional craft. You can check more on we have just finished our first daopunks campaign and will be starting another one shortly. These will function as genesis DVC-NFT with a whole bunch of utiity to be announced later.See 1st campaign here Will be announce 2nd DAOpunk campaign, make sure to follow our twitter or join on telegram !!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So lastly, what does the future hold for DAL? Do you have a roadmap/timeline to share with us, and what would you say is first on your To-Do-List from here? The token listing is approaching quick!

Sakuro/Founder@DAOLaunch : The future is very exciting, we have our ido on the 17th & 18th Trustpad &BSCstation, with token listing on the 19th at !! This is our technical roadmap. Q4.2021: Main2.0 Ver release, DAL token Listing, Build NFT Farm, NFT drop Promote features, Farm/Trade NFT marketplace. Q1.2022: Main3.0 Ver release, Decentralized Venture Capital NFT(DVC-NFT, IBO(Initial Buy-Back Offering) Grant system, Decentralized Voting features, Negotiate favorable investment terms on-chain functions. Q2.2022: Seed token portfolio NFT creation, Auction/Lending market for NFT portfolio

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DAOLaunch Live AMA

Welcome to the DAOLaunch live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Defactor Live AMA

4th November 2021

Welcome to the Defactor live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So to kick off the AMA, could you provide the community with a summary of Defactor? What’re the problems you’re trying solve?

Ernesto Vila/Team@Defactor : Our aim with Defactor is to give traditional businesses the ability to access DeFi as a viable alternative to traditional financing The platform allows companies seeking finance to tokenize their assets, use them as collateral and obtain funding from DeFi liquidity pools To put it simply, Defactor is doing what the banks won’t. We are helping small businesses to get funding backed off their assets At a macro level we’re giving businesses an alternative to traditional finance, we’re helping nurture new business models that have sprung up from the growth of DeFi and at a micro level we’re building the tools that mean that real world assets can be deployed into DeFi liquidity pools at scale All of this will help the DeFi ecosystem grow, we don’t believe that the current focus on digital assets and high yields is sustainable. DeFi needs real world assets in order to become a true alternative to traditional finance

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So before getting into the ecosystem, could you provide a background for yourselves and the team? What experience qualifies you for this large venture?

Bhairav/Team@Defactor : I’ll start first seeing as Ernesto took the last question My name is Bhairav Patel, I’m the tech lead at Defactor I’ve been working in tech for over 20 years and have been in the FinTech space for close to a decade, or maybe it is a decade, I’m old now Over the years I’ve been the. CTO for a number of companies across the globe, including one specialising in supply chain finance that hit the Forbes FinTech 50 list and it was there that my blockchain journey began Back in 2016/7 we were exploring ways of using blockchain technology to disintermediate the banks but the technology wasn’t mature enough then, it is now and that’s one of the reasons I’m now working on the Defactor project Things have moved on so much and we see a great opportunity to bring DeFi to traditional businesses

Ernesto Vila/Team@Defactor : My name is Ernesto Vila, I was born in Cuba and lived most of my adult live in the US, where I have founded several Technology center companies with focus on Logistics, Supply Chain Management and International Trade One of those companies I co-Founded is Consol Freight, an early adopter of DeFi in the International Trade Finance sector At Consol Freight we were the first Real World Asset originator to work with Maker Dao and Centrifuge Today I am the commercial Lead of Defactor where we will be onboarding multiple and diverse assets originators into DeFi

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : At the core of the Defactor ecosystem is the $FACTR token; what are the tokenomics and what’s the utility for holders?

Ernesto Vila/Team@Defactor : The $FACTR token will be required by real world asset originators to access the Defactor platform and obtain financing. As more asset originators sign up and more assets flow through the system there will be an increasing demand for the token and our Buyback and Make model will ensure that there is always buy pressure for the token FACTR also acts as a governance token. In order to participate in the governance of the Defactor ecosystem, token holders must stake their $FACTR tokens in order to vote on new initiatives. Through community based governance $FACTR holders can influence changes to the tokenomics, the protocol fees and they can even influence the types of asset classes that can be accepted by Defactor.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : On the Defactor website, an eye catching quote is to “reduce the barriers to entry for Real World Asset Originators”. What do you mean by this, and what kind of tools will you offer to reduce this barrier of entry?

Bhairav/Team@Defactor : As Ernesto mentioned earlier, we have been doing this a while and so we’ve seen first hand the barriers that are encountered when trying to access DeFi liquidity If you are a traditional business looking to get into the DeFi space you have to undergo a series of hurdles: long wait times to be accepted by liquidity pools, setting up your own blockchain infrastructure i.e. setting up wallets and if you want to scale, setting up your own nodes Then you have the problem of accounting and reporting on the funding you’ve received All of this is time consuming, complex and ultimately costly. Imagine trying to do this for multiple liquidity providers! We built Defactor as a way of helping other traditional businesses get into DeFi in a much more straightforward manner We’ll conduct our own due diligence on asset originators in a much shorter timescale, fast tracking them into liquidity pools We will take care of the blockchain infrastructure and offer APIs and portals that will allow businesses to easily place their assets onchain Crucially we’ll be building the integration into multiple liquidity pools so our asset originators will be able to choose from a range of funding offers in the DeFi space On top of all of this we’re helping them with their own internal and external reporting and help them manage their money movements in and out of the crypto realm We are also quickly developing a strong ecosystem that will offer additional tools and services to our asset originators

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Providing simple yet effective connections from legacy systems to defi will require collaboration on many scales; what kind of partnerships and marketing plans do you have to expand and support the ecosystem?

Bhairav/Team@Defactor : This team has a long history in the blockchain space so over the past months we’ve been working on a number of on-chain and off-chain partnerships The most important on-chain partnership we have is with Centrifuge, who is the first liquidity pool that we are working with to bring real world assets to DeFi. We are a pipeline to Centrifuge, tokenizing assets that will be funded via their Tinlake protocol We’ve recently secured a grant from The Graph and with that we will be indexing DeFi transactions in order to simplify the reporting process for asset originators and to give our own community better insights into how the platform is working We have recently announced a partnership with Chainlink, which we hope will be a two way street. We want to provide a feed of data from our platform out to liquidity providers and financial institutions to enhance the value we bring to our asset originators. We also want to ingest information from oracles that can enhance our credit risk and KYC / AML processes From a marketing perspective we are putting more and more efforts behind there – we’re actually currently hiring more members to our team and we will be releasing more job descriptions on our website and through other channels so there may be an opportunity for anyone out there that’s interested in the project We know that we cannot just be marketing to blockchain communities and so after our launch our focus will shift slightly to marketing to traditional businesses to support our sales process We already have a number of asset originator partners on board and those watching the project should see as steady onboarding of businesses over the next 6 months

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, let’s hear about the future of Defactor. Do you have a roadmap to share with the community, and if you have any last updates you’d like to share now, please do 🍻🍻

Ernesto Vila/Team@Defactor : We’re about to announce the launch of Springpad a place where asset originators can try out the DeFi funding process, that is very exciting and will help us get an insight into the types of companies seeking finance by walking businesses through the DeFi finance life cycle at a small scale i.e piloting new businesses For the dev team our focus at the moment is completing the onboarding of our first asset originator ConsolFreight, the team is hard at work hooking everything together with the aim that we have them set up before the end of the year, and we will also start bringing on board our second asset originator which is another company specializing in trade finance. We are in parallel working on bringing the second asset class – luxury goods – onto the platform However the main thing we’d like to announce is our TGE that is happening next week We will be on Polkabridge on the 8th ( MantraDAO on the 9th ( TrustPad on the 10th (

For more information on Defactor refer to the links below :

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Defactor Live AMA

Welcome to the Defactor live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Torum Live AMA

10th November 2021

Welcome to the TORUM live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So to start! To remind everyone, and for all the new folks, can you start by giving us some background on what Torum is, and just what is SocialFi?

Jayson/Team@Torum : Torum is a SocialFi ecosystem that is specially designed to connect cryptocurrency users. The SocialFi ecosystem consists of 4 main components: Social – the social media platform with over 120K users DeFi – the first social-integrated yield farming platformNFT Marketplace – An marketplace for crypto artists to mint, collect, trade and showcase NFTs all in one placeAvatar NFT – the first PFP Avatars, integrated in a Social Metaverse On the other hand, SocialFi could be a tricky question Purely because different people might have a different understanding of what constitutes SocialFi Especially since there aren’t much SocialFi projects in the industry There is not much healthy comparison for us to do . On Torum, we believes that SocialFi refers to “Web2.0+3.0 ecosystem that is built on top of a social media platform, integrated with all the blockchain innovations in the industry”

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Next, let’s get to know the team that’s built Torum! Can you introduce both yourself and the rest of the team? Why did you start Torum together?

Jayson/Team@Torum : A close friend of mine reached out to me and said “Look, I got an idea about a social media platform that is specially designed for the crypto space. An ecosystem where everyone talks crypto and gets all crypto-related stuffs, all in one place”A safe, open and interconnected social ecosystem That’s how Torum was conceived. In Nov 2018, I co-founded Torum, together with 4 childhood friends. In 18 months, we managed to release the beta version of our social media platform. We built the product and raised our seed funding alternately during this 18-month period. Got to say that it takes a lot of guts and stupidity to make a social-based project, because no one really cares about social Trends shift from ETH killer to DeFi, NFT, GameFi

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The XTM token is the token that runs the Torum ecosystem; what tokenomics/utility does the token possess, and how can users earn the token on Torum itself?

Jayson/Team@Torum : Earning token from the platform isn’t really a focus of Torum. We feel that “Interact-to-earn” is a broken model. But, other SocialFi projects might disagree with me. As for token utility, there is a lot to cover, so I will only state the few most important utilities. 1. Social Tipping: Torum users will need to use XTM to purchase gifts (tip) to other users on the platform. The bigger the amount of gifted amount, the higher the upgrade that a person can receive when doing liquidity staking on Torum DeFi platform. 2. NFT Trading: XTM is integrated as the sole native token of Torum NFT Marketplace (upcoming) where each NFT trade is carried out using XTM. 3. Social Voting : Projects will need to use XTM as a form of voting power to pass on community listing proposals to activate CoinGecko pricing tag integration to the tokens of the winning project. 4. Metaverse Identity: NFT enthusiasts will need to use XTM to build their Torum Metaverse Avatars. The XTM is used to purchase and unlock the Avatar NFT Blind Box that provides an Avatar component to the holders. The players can accumulate these components and freely customize their Avatars, which acts as a manifestation of their digital identities in the Metaverse. As Torum grows bigger, the project will design new utility gamification for XTM, such as an Ads system that requires bidding with XTM (akin to Brave). With the number of users that Torum possess, any utility implementation is going to be huge

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : With Torum being live for many months now, what kind of achievements have you made along the way, and what differentiates you from your competitors? November has been incredible so far 👏

Jayson/Team@Torum : We started from <1,000 users until today, we got over 120,000 users. I think it’s a commendable achievement as not every project is able to demonstrate a solid user base like Torum Another thing is the investors lineup of Torum. We got a strategic investment from the investment arms of Huobi and Kucoin

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So how would somebody get started connecting to, and taking part in, the Torum ecosystem? Is it a simple sign up?

Jayson/Team@Torum : You can start with creating an account and be one of the first people to hop on the SocialFi trend: If you have been following carefully, then you know that SocialFi is not something you should be missing out Or follow our Twitter account and participate in our weekly giveaway events for a chance to win an exclusive Genesis Avatar Blindbox worth of $100:

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Speaking of the SocialFi aspect, Torum is also diving into the NFT sector! Can you share some details on the Avatar NFT sale coming up and how we can take part?

Jayson/Team@Torum : Everyone basically started with buying “Genesis Avatar NFT Blind Box” with $XTM, the native token of the Torum SocialFi ecosystem. So each Blind Box will get you one NFT parts. There is a total of 2,994 limited edition NFTs for you to get your hands on. These are part of Torum Genesis Avatar series, so once they are fully minted, there will no be additional supply Collectors can then get these body parts (6 types in total) and build the Avatars that represent themselves in the Metaverse We got 21 sets of Genesis Avatar themes to release. The Avatar is fully customizable with body parts from different Avatar sets. So, you can almost guarantee that you are going to get your own Avatar that is truly unique in this Metaverse

For more information on Torum refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

Torum Live AMA

Welcome to the TORUM live AMA with The Gem Hunters


ThorWallet Live AMA

16th Nov 2021

Welcome to the ThorWallet live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So to kick of the AMA, could you share some background on what ThorWallet is and the goals that you’re aiming to achieve? What market problem inspired TGT’s development?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : Thorwallet is the official native iOS and Android wallet for the Thorchain Community. We aim to become the Robinhood app for cross-chain DeFi. A native one-stop shop DeFi App we’re a non custodial mobile wallet that offers much more than the wallets your’ve been using so far. Since we integrate all the functionalities Thprchain offers. Our users will be able to swap swap native coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum fully decentralized, earn passive income by providing liquidity on THORChain, tap into borrowing/lending facilities or trade THORChain-based synthetics that can even be locked in a cross-chain savings account, all directly from out of the wallet. The easiest way is actually to test it out yourself. The public beta for iOS is already out.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Next, let’s get to know the team behind ThorWallet. Storing funds on any wallet obviously requires a great level of trust in the protocol, and the people who built it. Could you introduce yourself and the team, and what experiences you have prior that show you’re up to the task?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : My name is Marcel and Im a seasoned entrepreneur with background in Banking & Finance from the university of Zurich. I also started a Phd in IT. Im currently also a course director at the university of applied siences Lucerne for two further education courses the CAS (Certificate of advaned studies) in Blockchain and one in Crypto Finance those are 3–4 months deep dive coureses in the said topics . I’m further a Co-Founder & board member of the DEC Institute which is an online examination and certification platform for digital assets specialists, backed by leading blockchain universities. They do like the internationally acknowledged Chartered Digital Asset Analyst Exam. I also recently had the chance to join the Crypto Valley Association as a board member – one of the biggest blockchain related associations worldwide. In a previous role I was also Head of SEBAveristy of Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA one of the first fully licenced banks worldwide concentrating on digital assets. Before that I acted in award winning (tech) startups in various roles from founder, early management member or angel investor. The other co-founders are also very experienced, especially when it comes to venture building.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So, with many wallets coming out recently, all seemingly on different chains, what chains will be available for ThorWallet users, and do you plan on adding others?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : So right now we offer all chains THORChain is supporting, which is btc, ltc, eth, bch, binance chain. Obviously they are all ready for native swaps We will of course add different chain support in the wallet as well. And once they are added by thorchain, they will be also available for swaps (and not just storage) thats like terra, polkadot, cardano, doge, binance smart chain.. they want to have them ready by the end of the year and we will ahve them too and those APYs are not generated from lending and borrowing, but trading activity in the pool, hence more resistant = less volatility in the APY yeah, so fees are basically the onchain transaction costs (not fees actually) and then we charge a 0% – 1% affiliate fee on top, depending on your tier and you get into the tier with our TGT token 🙂

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Alongside being able to swap natively between ETH and BNB (and the others on ThorChain at present), what other tools will ThorWallet offer to its users? What gives it the edge over the competition in the market?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : as mentioned before to swap native coins means there needs to be a pool of native tokens too. This means for the first time you can get an attractive APY on your native coins definitely a competitive edge so 1) APY on native coins but also 2) synthetic assets such as synth.btc will allow you to trade at a higher speed and lower fees. 100% backed by real btc in the LP. Still fully defi. thats being implemented by TC right now 3. lending and borrowing on native L1 4. which enables self paying loans basically you can borrow fudns and since your collateral is in a pool that generates APY, it is paying back itself.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : A major event for the protocol is the IDO which will be happening soon! Can you give some details on the IDO and how users can take part? What are the tokenomics behind the TGT token and why should people enter; what perks does the TGT token offer?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : So actually phase 1 of our IDO happened yesterday, we launched on thorstarter and had to increase the allocation twice as demand was so big in the end we had over 5700 allocations and the FCFS part was sold out in under 2 minutes now we will have phase 2 on thorchain itself. We will release the date soon, as the nodes are in maintanance there is a how to article, let me quickly share it TGT is a multi-utility token that can be staked in order to enjoy premium features within the THORWallet ecosystem. It will also serve as governance token and is at the heart of our gamified community features whcih in the form of missions allow users to earn TGT tokens such as, do a swap and provide LP with volume 1000$ and get extra reward TGT has a total supply of one billion, of which 40% will be given back to the community over time. 50% of the fees generated in the wallet, will also be used to buy back & burn TGT, in order to accrue even more value to the token holders (can be increased later) We have some nice infographics regarding the utility as well as the premium features, met me post them quickly.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So as mentioned prior, any wallet needs to have security in order to attract users. Since you’re creating a first of its kind DEX for native coins, does ThorWallet have an audit completed, and is your code public for the community?

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : So it is firstly important to distinguish between Thorchain – the blockchain and our interface, the THORWallet Thorchain has a top core dev team and recently beefed up security a lot also the caps are raised slowly which shows the sentiment of not quick bugs but long term project that will stay now thorwallet (our product) , all on-chain contracts are audited (on github) our app itself has also the crucial part audited, as example the key storage enclave was also used for a swiss private bank and audited. so no worries there.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, the future of ThorWallet! After the IDO, what is your timeline for the release of the mainnet wallet, and could you share your roadmap? Also, if you have any last second announcements to share with us today please do 🍻

Mazze/Team@ThorWallet : Yeah maybe first some important milestones we have to celebrate. – like the community grant we got from the official treasury of thorchain – the successful private rounds at 25m , 40m and 75m valuation with some great VCs as well as the TC treasury itself – a successful launch of the public beta app with >500 testers – Our limited THORWallet NFT series that give also access to premium features Soldiers are sold out and currently trade at around 0.3 ETH Upcoming: -IDO of course 😄, - Setting the iOS app in the app store to “live”- The android version will follow later this year, The web-based trading interface , - Several premium features for the app, - And much more

For more information on ThorWallet refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

💎Discord :

ThorWallet Live AMA

Welcome to the ThorWallet live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Outrace Live AMA

24th Nov 2021

Welcome to the ThorWallet live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast | TGH:

Let’s kick off with some introduction.Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.


Yes of course.

My name is Troy Denia. I’m the current Chief Operations Officer of Outrace. I’ve been in crypto since 2017 out of curiosity until I further researched its potential not only individually but also in broader terms. I also met our CEO on 2017. We were investing in some ICOs and trading coins/tokens at that time. I’ve been mostly as Community Managers/Bounty managers while being an Investor and Trader at the same time and that’s why I’ve come to study different kinds of projects as well.

Running Beast | TGH:

that’s great, thanks for the brief introduction, lets talk in depth about the project. Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?


Outrace is a racing-themed NFT game insprired by the many racing games we had in the past and current NFT trends that we have these days.

The story behind is actually simple. We wanted to provide a blockchain-based-income-generating NFT game for the community with less the problems most NFT has nowadays. We started conceptualizing Outrace around 7 or 8 months ago as we have already noticed some problems with the current NFTs at that time and we wanted to improve it and provide a better outcome for the community of gamers.

Running Beast | TGH:

the NFT trend has given a huge boost to the crypto marketThere has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but it is still in early stages.What makes Outrace stand out and unique among so many projects in the market?Please tell us about the unique Outrace Game and its different modes and could you run us through how it actually works?


Yes, indeed and we wanted to provide a better experience.

Running Beast | TGH:

i love racing games


yeh we’ve all said we’re interested in playing Outrace the community reception has been amazing too!


We’d love to cater as many as possible.

Basically, it’s a racing game and it has 3 types of races: one against AI, one against multiple real players and a 1v1 where winner takes all.

Conqueror Mode, Sprint Race Mode and Pink SLip Race. We also have the manufacturing option where players gets to produce their own cars or car parts.

What sets Outrace “VERY” different from the many NFT games we have today are these:

1. Limited NFT (car) usage — Every car has a mileage and it determines how long a car can be used to race. It is initially set to 150,000 kilometers.

2. Different wallets for Crew Racers and Crew Leaders — This prevents malicious acts from the manager’s side preventing profit lost for our crew racers.

3. High initial manufacturing requirements — this promotes more token burning mechanism.

4. Fibonacci sequencing — It provides difficulty for NFT printing and prevents upsurge in NFT production.

We get these uniqueness as we witness some difficulties other NFT games are experiencing right now. We have to do this as a long term project.

Running Beast | TGH:

What are the track records of Outrace?

There are various entry barriers plaguing the Crypto market. How would your project secure an upper hand over the most similar contender in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?


We have just basically launched our IDO 2 days ago and it has been a success o far. Plus, with the stated uniqueness above, there will be a mutual benefit both for the Crew Leaders and Crew Racers without the added risk.

If one has financial capability, he can chose to race for himself or help others earn as well. And if one has no financial capacity, being a crew racer is the best choice.

We’ll have to improve as time goes by especially as we increase in users and it is very important for us to do so.

Running Beast | TGH:

where did you have the IDO, can you please share about the experience?


We had it on SparkPoint and on the second part, it was sold out ultimately fast. If I’m not mistaken, the total sale was 93 bnb

Running Beast | TGH:

Lets get some insight into your token,

How does it all get incorporated into the Outrace ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token in the long run?


This is a great question actually.

$ORE is the native currency of Outrace Play To Earn and it will be used to reward racers as well. Basically it will also be used in buying cars in the marketplace and upgrading garage. The native token will be used both in-game and outside of the game ( staking and others)

Running Beast | TGH:

would be great to see it implemented in the game.

And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.

Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.


We have several plans for the community as we move forward into improving the game. We are anticipating plenty of inconsistencies or bugs that will appear in game and we have to settle it as fast as possible.

Aside from racing, manufacturing and selling cars or car parts, there’ll be plenty activities outside the game and we wanted to surprise the community for these activites.

As much as I’d like to reveal much as early as now, but we’d love to bring excitement to our users/players

We’ll also have our listing on Pancakeswap on Nov 26. Time will be TBA.



💬 — Official Telegram:

📢 — Official Announcement Channel:

📢 — Official Twitter Account:

📢 — Official Facebook Page:

💬 — Official Discord Channel:

Outrace Live AMA

Welcome to the Outrace Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Syscoin Live AMA

25th Nov 2021

Welcome to the Syscoin live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets kick this off with a general introduction into Syscoin, tell us all about what you guys have been working on and are continuing to build!?

bstr156/Team@Syscoin : Elevator pitch (ELI5): “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Bitcoin’s strong network secured everything you can do on Ethereum, and scaled smart contracts to billions of users in metaverses, smart cities, and beyond? It will! That’s Syscoin!”There is nothing else like Syscoin’s design. To elaborate a bit more…Imagine a large sphere (Syscoin). Within that sphere are two smaller spheres beside each other (Bitcoin model, Ethereum model). Those two inner spheres remain appropriately separate, but relate to each other trustlessly through something we call protocol adaptation. The two spheres leverage each other’s strengths in unique ways to offer users of Syscoin, and devs, some new game-changing capabilities and characteristics that otherwise would be impossible if one were simply using Bitcoin or Ethereum on their own, without this proper coordination.Syscoin has properly evolved into *the* blockchain “SYStem of systems”. This evolution took place over the years, mostly quietly, towards this apex of an ideal coordinated financial computing platform that can serve future needs indefinitely. Our upcoming NEVM (an EVM smart chain, aka our “Ethereum sphere”) will allow you to implement the latest cryptography advancements, particularly Zero-knowledge Proofs and ZK-Rollups, and secure all of that using an L1 that is merge-mined with Bitcoin providing PoW that is very powerful and proven, yet green.There is much more to be explained, all those capabilities and characteristics, but that’s the high-level summary!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now we have a general overview lets get some info on the team itself, tell us a little bit about your backgrounds please!

bstr156/Team@Syscoin : I’m Bradley Stephenson, a board member of Syscoin Foundation. I first learned of Bitcoin back around 2011, and began paying more attention to it circa 2014 when I understood its implications better. I’ve been on the Syscoin Foundation board since 2018/2019. My background involves 20+ years data infrastructure and enterprise database dev. What drew me to Syscoin was its long-range vision, and the developers’ design methodology and philosophy. And I’m very happy to say we’re about to accomplish a huge part of that vision!Syscoin Foundation is a registered nonprofit based in The Netherlands. We have board members in Australia, Canada, USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. Our partners, and the Syscoin network itself, are geographically diverse, from Brazil to South Korea. Our community very much has a global mindset.

Jagdeep Sidhu/Team@Syscoin : I am Jagdeep Sidhu (Jag). President of Foundation and CTO of Blockchain Foundry (BCFN:CSE) as well as core developer of Syscoin. I got involved around 2013 into crypto mostly through coding and bitcoin/altcoin development and before that was a software engineer for 15 years and traded in equity markets for about 10. My focus was on gaming, AI, Image/sound processing, client/server computing mostly. I have a mix of economics/financial background through trading, a mix of computer science through developing for over 20 years and a mix of crypto-anarchism through searching for ways to make software that becomes autonomous and finding that with blockchain.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You’ve just created the #NEVM smart contract layer #EVM which utilizes the security of Bitcoin and adds #UTXO as an asset layer with #zkrollup scaling the entire process! Will Smart contract scaling occur on L2 w/ zkRollups faster than Polygon’s current system?

Jagdeep Sidhu/Team@Syscoin : If you mean polygon’s PoS system? No the zkRollups will blow it out of the water but if you mean their zkRollup then it will be similar but note: They are all interoperable; the rollups that are deployed on SYS can be deployed on Polygon, the shared EVM logic ensures that it will work seamlessly, letting us leverage the work of others and others leveraging our work. The benefit of our solution is that we settle with bitcoin security while other systems settle on inferior security models. whoever creates web3/evm/solidity compliant zk rollups will win at the beginning we are like the guys paving the roads and laying the foundations of city and buildings for the car companies and real estate developers to build on

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : So on that note regarding another aspect of Syscoin and its payment system, what other solutions or alternatives are currently on the market that compete with Syscoin’s Z-DAG UTXO solution for fast payments and why is the Z-DAG UTXO solution so unique?

bstr156/Team@Syscoin : First let me say our main focus right now is on NEVM and ZK-Rollups for scaling EVM. That said, Z-DAG is a very important innovation we have contributed to blockchain tech that will take its rightful place once the industry catches-up and recognizes the value of UTXO tokens for secure simple value transfer. There’s really nothing else like Z-DAG. There are of course DAGs, and there are “fast payment solutions”. They all seem to veer away from Bitcoin’s model. Some of them use a subset of validators to accomplish speed, sacrificing Bitcoin’s proven path of validating with all full nodes then trusting. We were able to design and implement a solution that stays within the boundary of the Bitcoin model and codebase, using Bitcoin mempool code, to create a system that offers interactive and probabilistic security prior to on-chain settlement for incredible speed and throughput. It is the infra that enables streaming payments for retailers accepting stablecoins, etc. It is decentralized yet faster than VISA network and other “fast payment” solutions, is far more secure, and is compatible with advancements that emerge from Bitcoin’s massive intellectual capital such as Lightning Networks. Z-DAG fills a very important gap for Lightning Networks. With Z-DAG, Lightning Networks have a cost-effective resilience fallback. With it, LN can serve global demand and user-experiences appropriately. Without it, LN ultimately cannot.You can learn more about Z-DAG here: Z-DAG is also compatible with our Notary Oracle capability. That enables token projects to opt-in to having token transfers checked against business rules and compliance rules, if they need that… e.g. a stablecoin that wants users to be able to spend it at retailers, etc. That Notary. Oracle will also work on ZK-Rollups through a system called Peregrine. It all enables compliance while remaining non-custodial… making the idea of trading TSLA/SYS on a DEX an actual possibility technically speaking.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Regarding the L1 blockchain side of things, we all know that eventually its going to come down to the survival of the fittest. But how well is the Syscoin and its eco-system going to to compete with other blockchains and why will it stand the test of time? You state that Syscoin is a has. a hashrate second only to Bitcoin, how is this accomplished?

Jagdeep Sidhu/Team@Syscoin : It is 100% correct, there will only be a few chains standing at the end and ones that are modular at heart have the best chance of being long term infrastructure for our financial autonomous world of tomorrow (compared to monolithic L1s). We are merge-mined with Bitcoin so we share the work without adding any carbon imprint on the world ourselves. If we want to solve the problems of scalable infrastructure we must start with security and then offer scalability. Any system that is the MOST secure and the MOST scalable will be standing in the end as the preferred choice for hedge funds/family office settling and HODLing large value but also businesses and enterprises building their web3 tech stacks.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now moving onto the platform itself, how can users and investors fully utilize the platform, what does it offer and how can they profit from using the Syscoin platform?

Jagdeep Sidhu/Team@Syscoin : DeFi/Metaverse/AI/IoT/AMM – DEX/DAO type plays today as we launch zkRollups, but as we scale up every 10x we get 50x new use cases like those. We are about to scale up the industry by 100–1000x so what does that tell you about opportunity both from developers/entrepreneurs as well as investors? Will have a launchpad as well where investors can jump in on the new projects building on top

bstr156/Team@Syscoin : FYI, all Ethereum smart contract types are 100% compatible with NEVM. Same tooling, and also works with Metamask and other Web 3.0 wallets from the Ethereum sphere. They can just move over Our NEVM testnet has been running since early/mid October.. I’ll provide a link to details in a bit.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly moving into the ecosystem, tell us all about the $SYS token and the role it plays within the ecosystem itself. Also integration of the new smart contarcts.

bstr156/Team@Syscoin : Syscoin is the native utility coin of the Syscoin network. Upon release of NEVM, SYS tokenomics will shift to be based on EIP-1559, similar to ETH, which is ideal for a perpetual economy of utility. SYS is used to pay settlement fees on the Bitcoin-based chain and used on the EVM chain as gas. This works much better for utility than attempting to use a “store of value” oriented coin for gas like when Rootstock tried using wrapped Bitcoin to pay gas fees for smart contracts. People don’t want to spend a store-of-value on gas, they want to use a utility coin.SYS also serves as collateral for those wishing to receive incentives for operating a full node. Our network is “open participation” meaning anyone with 100,000 SYS can operate an incentivized full node. They are very instrumental to the network as they are used to establish quorums that create chainlocks on L1 to mitigate and resist MEV attacks on DeFi – something other smart chains lack. They also represent a horizontally and vertically scalable component that can be used for things like decentralized Web 3.0 providers, which Syscoin is expecting to provide in the near future. This is in contrast to Ethereum’s Infura which is largely centralized and considered almost a “single point of failure”.All smart contracts that work on Ethereum are fully compatible with Syscoin NEVM, and can be easily ported over. The toolsets that Ethereum developers enjoy and are familiar with will also be available for Syscoin NEVM. It will be fully compatible with Metamask from Day One.Our NEVM testnet, called Tanenbaum, has been up and running since early/mid October. You can configure your Metamask to use it. There is also a testnet faucet available. Learn how to access Tanenbaum here: By the way, our NEVM goes mainnet on Syscoin around December 6th! The deployment will be a phased approach. December 6th is when we roll-out the L1. ZK-Rollups and Validium will follow after… ZK-Rollups Q1 2022, Validium after that. We’ve already got a number of DeFi protocols waiting in the wings to make the move or deploy on NEVM Pegasys, Mute, Gold Standard DAO, and another we just announced today called Equalizer (Flash Loans) They are all forward thinking projects that are aimed to harness ZK-Rollups. Those are the main kind we look for.

For more information on Syscoin refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

Syscoin Live AMA

Welcome to the Syscoin live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Merkle Network Live AMA

26th Nov 2021

Welcome to the Merkle Network live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets kick this off with an introduction into Merkle Network, enlighten us all into what youre building please!

Samdev/Co-founder@Merkle Network : I am Sam, co founder of Merkle Network. We are building layer zero interoperability protocol that connects all major blockchains and allow transfer of data and assets between these chains. In essence, Merkle Network is the Internet of Blockchains which allows all these chains to connect and communicate with each other including Ethereum, BSC, MATIC, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, Cosmos and the list goes on We launched the token this month and the testnet is also launching on 30 Nov So we are just a week away form the testnet launch

Sohail S/CMO@Merkle Network : Hello every! Thanks for inviting us! Sohail here, working as a CMO for Merkle Network! Just to add, Merkle Network stands at the cusp of cross-chain infrastructure facilitating data, information, and assets transfer between different blockchains.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the Merkle team. How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Sohail S/CMO@Merkle Network : Currently, we are team of 15+members and core team consist of 4 members. In total blockchain experience of 5 years average. And we are now looking to get more people onboard! Personally, I have been working for the last 6 years as a marketing professional. And currently, working as a Merkle Network’s CMO! Have been associated with various projects right from multi-chain DEFI platform, gaming NFTs, predictive gaming, layer 1 solutions, and a few more on the marketing, communication, and branding front!

Samdev/Co-founder@Merkle Network : My background is in blockchain development and I have worked on blockchain projects in various domains including Edtech, Metatransactions, Gaming and Metaverse before starting Merkle Network.Alex is the other co founder who is an amazing coder and was the brain behind Telegram trade bots and over 40 projects are using his bot in their Telegram including AMPL, Trustswap etc.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but it is still in early stages. What makes Merkle stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about the unique Merkle Bonding and staking and could you run us through how it actually works?

Samdev/Co-founder@Merkle Network : Firstly, we are a first mover in this space. There has been an exponential growth in the ecosystems and users on multiple blockchains but there is a massive gap when it comes to connecting all these ecosystems. The way chainlink entered in the oracle space by bringing off chain data on chain, Merkle Network is entwering early on with even bigger use case of connecting all chains together. So first mover advantage with a complete functioning product is going to give us the edge. We will announce the details about staking and reward structure in Merkle Network after the testnet as we progress towards the mainnet. Next target is to enable developers to start building cross chain products using Merkle Network after the testnet launch

Sohail S/CMO@Merkle Network : Right now, there isn’t any protocol that’s offering the kind of infrastructure that we are offering. We are more than any traditional interoperable protocol that exists in the market. We will be providing an infrastructure that facilitates not just price feeds but all kinds of data and assets movement between different chains. Be if DeFi, or Gaming or any other blockchain category, everyone will be able to become a truly interoperable project in future, with Merkle Network!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : What are the track records of Merkle? There are various entry barriers plaguing the Crypto market. How are you going to tackle this along with illiquidity, fragmentation, and high gas fees. Please share details of the economy of Merkle.

Samdev/Co-founder@Merkle Network : Merkle Network has been sucessfully tested in alpha testing and we shared the transactions with the community as well. Infact, we announced our IDO only after we successfully demonstrated the implementation of Merkle Network by sending data between Ethereum and Binance smart chain. As for the barriers to entry, we are operating in a blue ocean where there is a significant need for this product and not any viable solution for the applications. We are solving gas issue by minimising the number of on chain transactions needed to complete a transaction. What some cross chain products are doing in 4 steps can probably do the same thing with Merkle Network in 1–2 steps. This will improve the user experience and save the gas fees. Also, applications can run on a different chain to where asset exists.For example, you have an NFT on Ethereum but you can play a game on Solana at very low cost and unlock features in a game on Solana for the NFT you hold on Ethereum.Things like these have never been possible for decentralized applications. Even Metaverse projects will benefit highly from this besides other traditional projects.

Sohail S/CMO@Merkle Network : Right now fragmentation is a big problem amongst blockchain because it restricts data information and assets to flow from one blockchain to another. however, Merkle will remove all such barrier and let the assets and data flow seamless within multiple blockchain. and that’ll give enough power to developers to create much better product and users to experience frictionless services!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token, how does it all get incorporated into the Merkle ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Sohail S/CMO@Merkle Network : To give an insight on the tokens and how does it work in the ecosystem. $MERKLE is going to be our native tokens. Merkle tokens will be rewarded to the Node operators for transferring data from the source blockchain to destination blockchain. Also, it’ll be used for transaction. / gas fees, staking, rewards, token burn from the fees. It’ll be a deflationary token as and when the adoption grows for the platform. Interoperability is something for the future, cos when we look at the future, we’ll live in a multichain world. And the way we are progressing as of now, it is not an apt way for industry to progress, because of fragmentation. and on a long term horizon, MERKLE will enable a truly interoperable world. And that’s why we are looking at this protocol, which will gain a wide spread adoption in the coming days.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Samdev/Co-founder@Merkle Network : Some of the upcoming milestones:Testnet Lauch – 30 Nov, Bug bounty – Week 1 December, Audit – Week 1 December, Mainnet launch – Around 3rd week of December, Interoperable token launch – Mid December And there are tons of partnerhips and marketing planned. We have officially received grants from some major blockchain foundations which we will share jointly with them

For more information on Merkle Network refer to the links

below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

Merkle Network Live AMA

Welcome to the Merkle Network live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Plunge Pad Live AMA

28th Nov 2021

Welcome to the Plunge Pad live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets start off this AMA to give the audience a brief description of what Plunge Pad actually is and what you are aiming to achieve?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : Plunge Pad is the first and the fairest platform for launching projects on Arbitrum, where all token holders receive a guaranteed allocation into IDOs launching on the platform. If I may add, so we are not only are we the first launchpad for Arbitrum, but we are also the first-ever fair launchpad where each token holder can participate in the token sale and receive a guaranteed allocation of tokens.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you give us some information on the team behind Plunge Pad and what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : Sure thing, so we are 3 members in the core team, myself, @Crypto_blokks and one lead cyber security expert, then we have extended team of business development, web developers and marketing professionals. So I am Sam, the co-founder of @plungepad , I have worked in the cryptocurrency sector for five years and have invested in and helped raise funds for several tier 1 projects. Previously, I worked in investment banking for ten years and am very well connected in the real world financial industry.

Crypto_blocks/CTO@Plunge Pad : I am a lead software engineer for a high-end company in europ, and the CTO of @plungepad also a blockchain enthusiast and have assisted various crypto projects technically in the past few years.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that TGH got an overview on your project, let’s take a look at a more in-depth look at the platform its self, you claim that Plunge Pad is the first and the fairest launchpad for launching projects on Arbitrum please give us a rundown of how the platform operates?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : Like I said earlier, our platform is not only the first launchpad for Arbitrum, but it is also the first fair launchpad within the launchpads sector, where all token holders will be able to participate in the token sale and receive a guaranteed allocation.On our platform, there is no minimum requirement for staking, so you can stake even a single token and receive a proportionate allocation in the IDO. We must accommodate small investors as well in order to achieve a fully decentralised system. At present, the requirements for staking on almost all other launchpads are such that if you are not a whale you will not be guaranteed an allocation. Our guaranteed allocation staking starts with as low as 1 PLG, and it stops at max 1 million PLG.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What blockchains will the plungepad platform support and are there any plans to deploy, move, support or bridge to other chains in the future?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : So we will launch on Arbitrum, but since Arbitrum is new to many people, we will also launch on BSC. We decided to provide BSC users with exposure to Arbitrum by trading on both Uniswap and Pancake Swap. and yees, we will develop a bridge to BSC and other chains in the near future, not only the bridge, but we are also building a native DEX for the arbitrum ecosystem.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As we all know crypto is a huge platform and competition in crypto is increasing by the day, there are many other launchpads now and thousands of new projects a week, whats different about plungepad, what do you offer that they dont?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : The core feature areas are what make us different from other launchpads, as I mentioned earlier. 1) Launchpad on Arbitrum – Cheap and extremely fast transaction, Arbitrum backers are top notch investors and influential people, it has extremely bright future. 2) Some of the top investors and backers that believe in what we aim to achieve 🙂 3) We are not such a launchpad, but are developing a native arbitrum launchpad that will be interconnected with other chains. 4) As I mentioned, we are also planning to build a DEX for Arbitrum’s ecosystem The most important feature of Plungepad is that every token holder will receive a guaranteed allocation, because to achieve a fully decentralized system, we all must cater to the needs of small investors

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What role do the token “PLG” play in the Plunge Pad ecosystem ? Please explain us about your staking mechanism!!

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : In order to participate in the IDO funding raising, users must stake the PLG token. The Plunge token facilitates the platform’s operation. In the governance process of the platform, one PLG token represents 1 vote. The more tokens you hold, the more voting power and influence you have over the proposals. With staking in place, holders can earn rewards consistently. Unlocked/vested tokens will be automatically staked, generating rewards and allowing participation in IDOs. And above all, PLG will also be used as the native token for Plunge Pad Arbitrum DEX in the near future 🙂

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : We like to finish this part of the AMA by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us your next plans or milestones on the roadmap and tell us about the whitelisting and upcoming IDO, when is it?

Sam/Co-founder@Plunge Pad : So the future plans are 1) Conduct the IDO, 2) List on DEX – Uniswap and pancakeswap and then on a CEX, 3) Deliver on the remainig roadmap, bridges and DEX on arbitrum Right now we are whitelisting for IDO that is planned for 30th Nov the forms are still open for submission, there has been a huge interest and it looks like we will not be able to give allocation of our token to everyone so we will randomly choose the winners. We aim to launch on the DEX within 1 week of IDO

For more information on Plunge Pad refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

Plunge Pad Live AMA

Welcome to the Plunge Pad live AMA with The Gem Hunters


MilestoneBased Live AMA

29th Nov 2021


Welcome to the TGH Live AMA with milestoneBased! We'd like to thank the team for attending and sharing info with the community today 😄


To get started, let's hear what milestoneBased is all about! What are the goals for your ecosystem, and what inspired it all?

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased


Love the video intro, really well said

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

It's just coming from my head, so if something is unclear, dooo let me know, I will elaborate! It is a complex project, so you may not understand everything right away. We say it with confidence, because we presented it to silicon valley investors, and they absolutely LOVED the concept, more over, if you guys are in crypto long enough, in 2018 Vitalik had a DAICO conccept, which is basically what milestoneBased is, but we have a product! 😅


That's the ringer right there, but we have a product, love it haha

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Actually we are starting mB with crypto startups and crypto VCs because this area needs it at the moment the most. But further down the road we see application of mB with conventional world as well.


The team behind milestoneBased has members with impressive experience in crypto already; could you introduce the team and your backgrounds, as well as what brought you all together?

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

There is Andrew Zubko, he is CTO at milestoneBased and he is also CTO at Applicature, which is incubating company. Actually Andrew is a guru of smart contracts and crypto industry pioneer with significant achievements in this field


Wan coin lmao Applicature and Gamestation is dope tho, really huge experience there!

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

yeah, I felt it in my gut that it was a scam, even though I knew nothing about crypto back then!

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

There is Victoria,, she is like a god mother of mB. She is engaged with the product since 2018, from the very roots of the platform.


🍻🍻🍻 amazing you guys have been developing for 3 years now, longer than many protocols have even been alive 😂

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

And we are all currently in Dubai for the strategy session!

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

I can show you the views 😅

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

There is myself, I am doing all the marketing, buidling relations with influencers, and all the stuff to raise awareness about the product.  Since we are getting of the stealth mode now you'll be hearing about us more and more.

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

I am also engaged with and we have Ferrum Network with us and Ian Friend as advisor! Hartej Sawney from Zokyo as advisor.


Legendary view, wow, that's incredible mate!

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

And Ian Arden, he is a co founder and CEO at Applicature. I know Ian for 8-9 years already. He’s a passionate technologist and engineer, a  visionary  that has contributed to hundreds of blockchain projects and scaled multiple companies.


😄 incredible, love that you guys came from all over the crypto sphere, good meld of skills


MilestoneBased at its core is trying to make the world of Blockchain easier, more accessible, and more equitable for business and startups. What kind of tools have you created to help developers get started, and what advantages does the milestoneBased protocol have over existing competitors?

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

hm hm hm - the question should be how many times per day you are visiting =)

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Sergio Karavanets

So milestoneBased is a platform to help startups and VCs. Developers will use it as a part of startup's team ( if I understood your question correct)

VCs and early-stage investors achieve greater capital efficiency, collaboration, security, transparency, and data-driven insights.

Startup teams become more motivated and milestone focused for strengthened performance.

As of tools:

milestoneBased uses DAO and escrow smart contract tools, to automate and improve roadmap management. An ability to make governance by community via proposals and voting in combination with milestone management is something that has never been done before thus it's going to bring capital efficiency to the next level.


If I understand right, the community actually votes on the next goals and the next milestones, (like dates, funds management, etc)?

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Absolutely correct! Yeah, it is about aligning the interests of the community, investors and the team!


Next let's dive into the token behind the milestoneBased protocol; what are the utilities/tokenomics of the token, and when will the token go live? Is there a sale that users can take part in?

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

This is where I will write, cause you need to be able to revisit this easily!

1. Yes, there will be a token launch, because it is a fundamental project in crypto.

2. There is no pre-sale, seed or private sale, because, we are well-funded internally by our founders, whose tokens are locked for years. And we don't want the sell pressure from private investors.

You will be able to buy tokens when we list it straight on DEX, best is to follow the channel, cause the earlier you buy, the better price, since no dump possibility. It is close to Fair Launch. But it is not a Fair Launch as BTC had, cause we have some tokens for the team and advisors and value add, which of course have lock ups and vestings.

Sergio Karavanets

we will release the Power Launch manifesto shortly

Ihor | CEO milestoneBased

Not regarding the token real quick. Here are the main utilities:

1. Commission payments within the system (discounted if paid in our tokens)

2. Tiered based access to features

3. Governance of our project and other projects - if you want to influence any project on our platform, you need our tokens

4. Liquidity mining

5. Staking

6. Rewards for value adding

Also, we take design thinking approach towards identifying the utility. Besides the items on our roadmap will introduce an opportunity for even more utilities.

Our roadmap is till 2028 btw and that is only on our website!


Never seen one past 2024-ish

Sergio Karavanets

Let me add to vision a bit! Imagine the world with inexpensive and efficient capital. The world where CEOs and founders focus on the transparent management of their companies instead of constant chase for funding. The world with infinite liquidity where companies get funded based on their past performance and predictive analytics. Imagine that the funding process is based not on the relations and parties thrown, but it’s automated and designed based on an AI machine learning algorithm that knows just fair data points.

and for those who just joined us

Welcome to milestoneBased

🎯 What's mB?

We are a technology platform that revolutionizes milestone collaboration and the funding process between investors and startups using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts.

🚀 What's the vision?

Creating a world where decentralized networks fuel the next generation of startup growth, making business and society better.

mB project summary:

▪️ Industry: VCs and startups

▪️ Established: 2018

▪️ Product stage: testing/DEMO on the other projects by our incubating company Applicature

▪️ Token launch: Q1 2022

▪️ Launch strategy: Power launch

Website (

Platform (

Twitter (

Tg group (

Tg channel (

Medium (


Brilliant website work btw, you can obviously tell you've been developing for awhile, the graphics and examples are super clean!


Considering your goals, mBT needs to be both secure and well connected in order to succeed. Can you share with us some of the partnerships you've created, and how they'll help mBT in the long run. You mentioned Ferrum and Zokyo and Applicature, but for those unfamiliar with what they do?

We are excited to announce another Strategic Partner - Ferrum Network  🔥

'Having such an experienced partner at our side helps us quickly test hypotheses and receive informed feedback. And recent news about getting its own category on CoinMarkeCap makes us super proud to be associated with Ferrum' - Says Ihor Savchuk, CEO @milestoneBased.

It's going to be legendary 🎇

👉Read more:

Help us to spread the news on Twitter:


and this one

🔥 One of the leading smart contract auditors in the space joins #milestoneBased family. 🔥

Welcome our partner Zokyo aboard.

'We are happy to have our smart contracts backed by Zokyo. They have proved the top quality of their work over the many years in collaboration with Applicature, so we are confident that the future of milestoneBased is in safe hands.’- Ihor Savchuk, CEO at

👉 Read more:

Help to spread the news on Twitter:


Sergio Karavanets

And of course there is Leading blockchain development agency. They've incubated milestoneBased.

We're definitely familiar with Ferrum that was a great move imo, and then props on the Zokyo score btw, 99% audit score 💎

We have also got a number of MoUs signed with projects that are eager to utilize milestoneBased. So we are keeping these announcements for our commmunity=)

Aside of strategic ones we've gotten around 25 MoU signed with plenty of crypto startups that are willing to utilize our platform for future roadmap management. The announcements are coming shortly


Lastly, what would you say is your highest priority going forward? With an impressive roadmap underway, (and 3 years of development already!) are there any updates we should keep an eye on soon, or any updates you'd like to share now?

Sergio Karavanets

Currently we are finishing with testing/DEMO stage with several products by our incubating company Applicature. After making sure the platform has passed all the essential tests we are moving to the Beta launch. Next phase is a Beta version which will be run in the closed invite only mode to learn the functionality needs of certain business segments and add them to the product roadmap. It's a classic product-market fit stage. In the meantime, we’re preparing for the utility token launch. milestoneBased token is designed to be utilized within the system as a means of payment for platform usage by VCs and startups.

We would like to finish the AMA by thanking the MB team for attending and sharing information on their new project, for more information on Milestonebased, please find the links below!

Website (

Platform (

Twitter (

Tg group (

Tg channel (

Medium (

MilestoneBased Live AMA

Welcome to the TGH Live AMA with milestoneBased


WallStreetNinja Live AMA

December 5th 2021

Welcome to the WallStreetNinja live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : To kick off the AMA let’s get an introduction to Wallstreet ninja, what have you guys been building!?

WSN F| : We have been building a fully decentralized ecosystem accessibility platform which is Unstoppable. Which basically means users are able to access various decentralized ecosystems without intervention by tech giants and the big banks. No browser plugins (e.g. Metamask) or Smartphone apps (e.g. Trust Wallet) are necessary to access the various networks we support, rather this is completely browser based and non-custodial. Furthermore, there is a high level of data privacy unlike other technologies.You can actually checkout the alpha release

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now we have a better idea on what the project actually is, let’s get some information on the team itself! Who are you guys, tell us little bit about your backgrounds and experience?

WSN H| : Our team is made up of a group of blockchain engineers, project managers, crypto marketers, community managers and experienced finance business operators who run as an anonymous collaboration. We are here to deliver a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation owned and governed by the token holders, known as WallStreetNinja.In the fast paced world of decentralization, where rules and regulations differ across the globe for the sale, purchase and handling of cryptocurrencies, personalities can only get in the way of operating in a truly decentralized fashion.The team has taken the initiative to undertake KYC via industry leader Solidproof in order to demonstrate the legitimacy of the project and team.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now let’s cover the actual product itself, tell us how and why users and investors can and should use the product itself and how is the progress so far what stage are you actually at?

WSN F| : In short, WallStreetNinja (WSN) is a complete decentralized accessibility solution, where users can access decentralized ecosystems of their choice, in a more simplistic manner, broadening accessibility and fostering mainstream adoption.Users and investors should be interested because this project has a compelling use case and clear USP in the market. Primary Token Use:Decentralized Projects. will be required to make payment in $WSN tokens for whitelisting their applications and tokens in the WallSteetNinja ecosystem.Revenue model:Revenue will be generated through commissions gained via decentralized trading

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : So how is WSN different to the centralised competitors such as centrally controlled and big tech invested solutions like Metamask and Trust Wallet don’t already?

WSN H| : We use a completely decentralized tech stack, which mitigates intervention of influential centralized parties. For instance our tech stack is made up of: Network Relays: Pocket Network. Computing: Internet Computer and StackOS. Domain: ENS. Unlike bigtech WSN does not record your IP address or store your data for analysis or sale. Many people don’t realise metamask relays through infura, which records all your data. The big banks are now backing metamask through investment into ConsenSys.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now let’s talk about the $WSN token, tell us about some of the fundementals, what part does it play in the wallstreetninja ecosystem and how can investors benefit from holding. token?

WSN F| : Projects within the decentralized ecosystem will be required to make payment in $WSN tokens for whitelisting their applications and tokens within the WSN. This is a model that was successfully pioneered by TrustWallet. The WSN tokens from these payments will subsequently be used in the various token utilities such as burning, rewards, staking and referrals.As projects begin to onboard into the WallStreetNinja ecosystem the demand for $WSN will increase exceptionally.As the $WSN value increases, token holders will be able to stake and increase their holdings yields.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly what catalysts and events can we all look forward to in the new year especially Q1 & Q2 in terms of exchange listings, partnerships and the product development side of things?

WSN F| : Q1 will be an exciting time for WallStreetNinja!! Top tier CEX listing! 🎉,Product Stable Release🔥, Stream of partnerships from projects joining our Unstoppable Ecosystem ⚔️ . Product Development Deliveries, Q1 WalletConnect Integration, Internet Identity Sign-on Integration, Farming, Product Launch (Stable Release) Q2 Smart Contract Security Dashboard, Web3 Referral Dashboard

For more information on WallStreetNinja refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Telegram :

💎Twitter :

WallStreetNinja Live AMA

Welcome to the WallStreetNinja live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Solidus AI-Tech Live AMA

December 12th 2021

Welcome to the Solidus AI-Tech live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s kick off with some introduction.Please introduce yourself to the community?Please tell us about your experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Paul/Founder@Solidus AI-Tech : Hi I’m Paul Farhi & one of the founders of Solidus AI-Tech. I have very high standards in everything I do. My main focus was property and fine art untill I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015. Since then I have build a strong network in the cryptocurrency sphere and secured the partnership between Solidus Technologies and Soft Galaxy International. I am a forward thinker and identified very early on that Ethereum would be moving from proof of work to proof of stake meaning that Ethereum mining for Solidus Technologies would no longer be possible in the near future. I then studied Artificial Intelligence at the London business school & identified key areas that would be significant for the Solidus AI Tech project.

Anurag Yadav/Team@Solidus AI-Tech : Hi All, Anurag here. I’m the Advisor to Solidus AI.Background-wise, I’m an Entrepreneur, sit on the Advisory Board of several Blockchain companies, consult on implementing emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, and am a regular Keynote speaker at Global Technology Conferences. Have over 19 years of experience, have led Global Organizations.I’m the Co-Founder & CEO of PrimaFelicitas, a Bleeding-edge end-to-end Blockchain Technology Solutions Development Company, based in San Francisco, London, and New Delhi. I’m the Ex-CEO of BarterTrade, a Crypto Exchange based in Dubai.I’m an Engineering Graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and hold a Master’s in Business from Stanford University.Nice to connect with you all here.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Paul/Founder@Solidus AI-Tech : 👋 Welcome to Solidus AI TECH *Solidus Technologies established 2017 as an Ethereum mining organisation are now launching Solidus AI Tech*Solidus is finalising the internal build of their Eco Friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre & Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs & Professionals will be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence services seamlessly using the worlds first AI utility token (AITECH)* Solidus is a strong supporter of the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ which is focused on decarbonising the cryptocurrency industry *Current partners include:*✨Government organisations within the defence sector ✨Microsoft ✨Soft Galaxy International ✨Optoelectronica *Artificial Intelligence Solutions for:*✨Self Driving Cars ✨Face & Voice Recognition✨Medical Industry✨Health Care ✨Recruitment✨Sales Automation & Lead Generation✨Virtual Assistants✨Traffic Congestion / Smart Cities✨Border Control / Secure Societies✨Agriculture – Greenhouse Automatio*Building Blockchains for Governments:*✨Asset Management ✨Smart Contracts for Health Care ✨Voting ✨Taxation ✨Supply Chain Traceability ✨Land Registration ✨Identity Management & Process Automation .Coming Soon ☄️Launch – 18th of November 2021💰Staking💸Airdrop Lottery🔥Burn program*Pre-register your interest at*

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : There has been rapid development in the Crypto field in the past few years but it is still in early stages.What makes Solidus stand out and unique among so many projects in the market?Solidus is a strong supporter of the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’. Please tell us in detail about this and how will it prove to be beneficial?

Anurag Yadav/Team@Solidus AI-Tech : Solidus is also a strong supporter of the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ which is focused on decarbonising the cryptocurrency industry by 2024. Our data center will also run 40% more efficient compared to industry standards due to our IP & evaporating cooling methods, evaporating cooling is 80% cleaner then traditional air conditioning methods. The electricity costs in Bucharest are also cheaper & internet speeds are faster than most countries in the EU meaning we can operate at lower costs and also in a more Eco friendly way then our competitors.

Liam/Team@Solidus AI-Tech : We are the worlds first AI utilities token to be used to purchase AI services via HPC centres like we have built. Our IP allows our hardware to operate not only faster but also more efficiently by using less electricity – this is patent pending We use evaporating cooling systems which are around 80% cleaner then traditional Air conditioning Crypto Climate Accords main objective is to decarbonise the global crypto industry by prioritising climate stewardship and supporting the entire crypto industries transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040This will be highly beneficial for the entire crypto industry.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the Solidus team.How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Liam/Team@Solidus AI-Tech : 14 core members although there are others who have helped to get were we are today , Adrian Stoica : Founder & Head of International Operations, Adrian is our tech genius who is CEO of Soft Galaxy international, he coordinates the entire tech side of our AI data center. Alexandra Galusca: Chief Strategy Officer, Retired Brigadier General with extensive military background, respresentive of NATO and EU. Heads up Security side of the business.Marius Opran: Tech Advisor, Board of Directors, Chief Scientist Defence, Security + much more .Please see our website.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets get some insight into your token,How does it all get incorporated into the Solidus ecosystem? How will you stimulate the users to hold your token. in the long run?

Anurag Yadav/Team@Solidus AI-Tech : The AITECH Token is the primary way to get access to most of the core services on our platform by holding the Tokens. These benefits are otherwise available to general users. So, in essence, the Utility Token unlocks a lot of value for it long-term and loyal users. In addition the Platform will offer Staking Rewards. The token is Deflationary in nature and therefore the Price increase benefits, among others will accrue to the holders.We have a total token supply of 10 billion, out of which we are selling 4 billion in our crowdfunding campaign. The remaining tokens are dedicated to the project with the majority being development, marketing, community building. The tokenomics incorporates a deflationary mechanism and includes buyback and burning to support the overall token growth with time.

Running Beast|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead. Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Paul/Founder@Solidus AI-Tech : Q1 2022: AITECH token distribution to all ICO investors Staking platform live, Lottery Airdrop for everybody who decides to stake their AITECH tokens, First order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials, Power grid upgraded to support HPC, Ventilation upgraded to support HPC, Software development commenced for customer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portal, Software development commenced for Enterprise Blockchain , Token listing on Exchanges. At the end of Q1:Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, First quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, First AITECH token quarterly burn. Q2 2022: Second order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials, All hardware and GPU clusters set up, Software optimisation for hardware set up, Hardware monitoring tools set up , Cybersecurity policies implemented, Tier 4 Data Centre requirements implement, Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges. At the end of Q2: Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH Tokens, Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, AITECH token quarterly burn. Q3 2022:Third order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials, Customer IaaS portal finalised, Enterprise Blockchain for Governmental Authorities finalised, AI infrastructure services marketing campaign commenced, Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges.At the end of Q3: Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, AITECH token quarterly burn. Q4 2022: Forth order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials, Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges. At the end of Q4: Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens, AITECH token quarterly burn

For more information on Solidus AI-Tech refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Telegram :

💎Twitter :

Solidus AI-Tech Live AMA

Welcome to the Solidus AI-Tech live AMA with The Gem Hunters


BloxMove Live AMA

December 22nd 2021

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Ok so first of all, let’s kick off the AMA with a brief introduction of what BloxMove is actually is all about and what you guys are trying to achieve?

Sophia/CEO@BloxMove : As you said, we are bloXmove, founded this year in May, with headquarters in Ireland and Germany. Our product the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform was incubated by Daimler Mobility (the parent company of Mercedes) and this is also the background of our founders and board. in a short sentence: bloXmove is a decentralized mobility blockchain platform that connects all different mobility service providers in one global alliance: from cars and taxis, scooters and bikes to buses and trains. And we merge mobility with green energy – thats the 2nd product case we developed

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Can you give us some more information on who the team behind BloxMove is and what your backgrounds are? What are your previous experiences?

Sophia/CEO@BloxMove : I have the honor to be the CEO of that great team, my background is in psychology and worked for Daimler in the automotive industry, over more than 7 yrs. I had several different leadership positions in innovation and transformation spaces. I set up a start-up scouting and investment unit for Daimler Mobility. I am a mentor for female founders and #womenintech #womeninmobility and wrote my first book this year: about “digital mindfulness” Bernd is our 3nd founder and CFO, as you could see in the slide, he is expert for all numbers, and eMobility as well as fleet management ,he has many years of experince, the team brings all skills from development and programming, analytics and data/AI towards – sales and customer relationship management… because at the end we are a business to businness / business to government company – means we need to understand how industrial partners think, act and which language they speak…

Silverlynx/CTO@BloxMove : ‘m the CTO, Harry, a.k.a. #silverlynx Have a background in software, software and software, with both a Masters and a PhD in applied AI 2015 I joined Daimler Financial Services in China where in 2017 I became in charge for IT for mobility, car2go and digital finance. That’s where I put my know-how in blockchain together with the business of mobility and asset finance and proposed to Daimler to build a decentralized platform for the future of mobility – based on the thesis that the future be decentralized! We incubated this over 3 years within Daimler and with the collaboration of startups such as Riddle & Code, Ontology, evan network, 51nodes and Spherity in May this year we decided to spin it off and now it has become bloxmove

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : 2021 was a massive year for you, and we would love to get some more insights on which milestones you were able to tick off the list. Also, could you please elaborate what ‘BloXmove’ and ‘Power meets mobility’ actually is and how it works?

Sophia/CEO@BloxMove : We enable individual companies to collaborate and scale together: this is the power of decentralized platforms vs. centralized monopolists such as UBER, DIDI, and Amazon. These centralized platforms provide service to the end customer but take all the value added and leave very little to those who deliver the service. If you look at your smartphone, you’ll see an average of 20–30 different mobility apps. And when you spontaneously need e.g. a scooter at the train station, you notice that you don’t have this app installed on your device. we solve the problems of fragmentation and friction for the mobility providers as well as for us – the end user on the streets in the cities…We are not the next aggregator app; we offer a software infrastructure based on distributed ledger technology and digital identifiers. With this we create one big “mobility alliance”. Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Decentralized Identifiers (DID) are two suites of cryptographic protocols which open new horizons for the automation of transactions, transfer of value, and financial settlement. at the end our big vision is, that every human gets a decentralized identity, and with that mobility pass we ROAM through a global ecosystem of mobility

Silverlynx/CTO@BloxMove : The concept is based on the simple recognition that an electric vehicle is not only a means of mobility – but also, especially when connected to a charging station over vehicle-to-grid technology a live device on the power grid And this device is both a producer AND a consumer or prosumer in short (a word very often used in the new energy sector) What we work on with 50Hertz (one of Germany’s four power grid operators) and the Energy Web Foundation is to build the exchange infrastrcture to identify devices and provide the mechanisms for them to conduct verified and billable transactions with full proof of providence, identity and billling records We apply this to two major use cases 1. Flexibility: aggregating fleets to provide rolling bateries to balance spikes in the power grid 2. Seamlesss roaming: i.e. you drive up to any charging station and receive power from the power operator YOU have a contract with (as opposed to whoever is operating the charging station)

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Everyone in the world knows Daimler / Mercedes, so we would love to get some more information on your affiliation with them.

Silverlynx/CTO@BloxMove : Well: the whole idea and shape of this software came about by looking at mobility and automotive finance through the eyes of a company that not only invented the car in 1886 but also car sharing: car2go being the first car shring app ever and also mobiluty as a service: moovel, then Reach Now and now mobimeo being the first multi-modal app for mobility as a service Within Daimler we recognized that we need a “balanced strategy” to bridge the classic innovator’s dilemma: i.e. invest into the future with radical and disruptive approaches which are not measured by day to day financial KPIs while continuing the core business where the actual day-to-day revenue comes from. We – Sophia and I – were on the “invest into the future with radical and disruptive approaches” side and the mission which we had and fulfilled was: show us how decentralized tech such as blockchain , smart contracta nd DID can be applied to the electric mobility as a service of the future. Once we delivered this as production-ready software – the question was how to take this to market on the mooon and beyond? And that is where yet again everybody left their comfort zone and we decided that a spin-off into a fully independent startup is the most promising way. So now we are independent – but still count Mercedes and Daimler and Athlon among our customers. The best of the two worlds- I would say!

Sophia/CEO@BloxMove : As Harry said, it was a strategic decision to spin-off, and I can tell you we are more than happy.. because we could accelerate the business with a different speed and racidalness …and we could use the full potentials which DLT have, since the management buyout, we are independent, but we run joint projects with Mercedes, we build a mobility budget solution and we plan a joint hackathon series as of Feb 2022 , so there are many joint ideas and projects in the pipeline..

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now let’s get to your native token $BLXM – could you give us more insights on its role within your ecosystem? How is it going to be utilized? Are there any ways to stake the $BLXM token?

Silverlynx/CTO@BloxMove : Hearing and seeing that the demand by the community for rewarding bith liquidity and also staking grew really stromg, we acted and will provide, first: rewards for liquidity staking which will kick off Jan 2nd, 2022 “Simple” staking will follow in February. Both rewards pools will be generously stocked and what should be noted too – as our tokenomics where sometimes questioned: we have decided to commit ca. 25% of the foundations freely vested tokens to stricly rewarding the community. i.e. all of the rewards for liquidity as well as staking come straight out of the fully vested pool belonging to the foundation treasury.The purpose being that the foundation rewards the community as one of its top and first priorities – in addition to fundung development and green mobility initiatives. On the utility part: that’s straightforward: BLXM will be the token to utilize for mobility and charging services on the platform.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The year 2022 is right around the corner – can we expect a roadmap which is as packed as the one you had for 2021? What does BloXmove have in store for the coming year?

Sophia/CEO@BloxMove : As we said, this year was about the foundation… set the base for further growth…so 2022 is for: growth and delivery…we will kick off our urban mobility pilots with TIER (scooter), flixbus (bus) and regions like dutch Maas, and the south of Germany (B2G) we will set up the entire Go to market strategy for the energy use case and hired an energy expert that will join as of Jan… We will boost our token marketing and the sales activities and bring it to a next level… and we plan to realize our series A end of 2022 so it will be busy and exciting… but really I can tell you – we have the best talents in the team to deliver…so no doubt – the ambition is big, but we will face the challenges…

Silverlynx/CTO@BloxMove : On the crypto side: 1) main net launch Q2-Q3 2022 , 2) Interoperability with Ontology Q2 2022 , 3) Deploment on Energy Web Foundation Q3/Q4 2022 .Also first Power & Mobility Use Case live April 2022 And most of all we will publich regular and continous updates for each of the above mentioned milestones on a biweekly or monthly basis starting January.

For more information on BloxMove refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Telegram :

💎Twitter :

BloxMove Live AMA

Welcome to the BloxMove live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Naramunz Live AMA

March 10th 2022

Welcome to thee Naramunz Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, wewould like to thank the team for attending today!


Running Beast | TGH

Let's get started with some introduction.

Please introduce yourself to the community?

Please tell us about your journey, experience and expertisein the Crypto field so far.


Ake | Naramunz

Hi Everyone! My name is Åke André. I'm based in NorthernSweden in a city called Umeå. I’m an old-school gamer of Diablo and Starcraftand used to play the later on a professional level. Now I have the greatprivilege to be the CEO of a really cool game studio called Crypto Rogue Games.


I’ve been anentrepreneur better part of my adult life and launched several companies andbeen successful with some of them. I spent about 20+ years in the onlinegambling vertical and seen an unregulated market become regulated. During theseyears I noticed how underserved this market was in terms of fiat on and offramp.  This led me to get more involvedwith Fintech to find solutions. One thing led to another, and I started toinvestigate Crypto in 2017.


I saw that Crypto was having the same issues and was justsome steps behind from the vertical I came from. I saw how I could help cryptoprojects and got involved into helping projects like Enjin, Chiliz, Binance andFreeway to mention some projects. When I helped Enjin I saw the great potentialaround NFTs back in 2018 and always wanted to do my own project related to thisgreat technology.


Here we are several years later and I am doing just that 😊


Running Beast | TGH

Please give us a brief introduction aboutyour project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behindits origin? When did you start working on the project?


Ake | Naramunz

Crystals of Naramunz is all aboutbringing old school multiplayer action RPG to crypto but to tackle thechallenges we see today with what we call GameFi 1.0. The main issues with mostGameFi projects today are that:

1. High barrier of entry. Players needssome kind of token or knowledge around crypto to play.

2. Boring gameplay. If you strip the gamesfrom crypto no one would play them.

3. Most of these games are not compliantto VASP regulation and even less so with the upcoming MiCA regulation. Thiswill cause a lot of issues for these projects moving forward.

Some of my childhood friends are alsoseasoned entrepreneurs and have ton of experience from verticals such as gamingand monetization of these games.  It’s abit funny how we as geeky nerds manage to be successful. We have always stayedin touch and always said “imagen if we joined forces today”.  Yeah we are now 40+ with kids etc but withheavy dose of experience that we joined forces we can create something reallycool.

During the pandemic (2020) we finallymanage to sync our lives and started looking at this market and saw how softGameFi was in terms of games with proper gameplay. When we looked at the teamand thought about all the games we jointly been working. Games like Pillars ofEternity, Path of Exile, Magicka 2, Stellaris to mention a few. Yeah, it’s fairto say we can bring a sledgehammer of a game to the GameFi vertical in terms ofgame play. Then we saw how badly the in-game economy was in most of the gamesin crypto, we knew we could do it better. So…we that’s we decided to do I guess😊


Running Beast | TGH

I agree with the quality of Crypto games.

Nothing so special but are cheap copiedversions of traditional games


Ake | Naramunz

I've always said if we in the cryptocommunity see games as something that can bring more mass adoption of crypto.How about we start building games that can compete among the web2 games? Youknow games that players actually want to play for the game itself.


Running Beast | TGH

There have been a number of NFT basedGameFi projects in the market. What makes Naramunz stand out and unique? Pleasetell us about Naramunz's unique Creator oriented NFTs and its benefits?


Ake | Naramunz

Maybe the most obvious one is that we arein fact building a real game.  😂 Iwant this community to understand that if you like Diablo 2 or Path of Exilethen you should have the same expectation of game play in Crystals of Naramunz.Let’s start there. The game must come first, period. I haven’t seen one singlegame in the GameFi vertical that can compete in this genre of game. This iswhat solves one of the most important issues with what we call GameFi 1.0.


Ake | Naramunz

Crystals of Naramunz solves the highbarrier of entry issue. Players won’t need to know anything about crypto inorder to play the game. Meaning no wallet, no crypto just play the game. We aresolving this with our unique economy flow model and the in-game pool. You canread more about this in our whitepaper


Running Beast | TGH

What do think is the the major problempeople face while making a Game in the Crypto sphere? Like is the codingdifferent or anything else??


Ake | Naramunz

I would say that they do not understandhow to build in-game economy or have no understanding of game mechanics and howto build them properly to work with your game system.


no its just common lack of understandingwhat makes different game systems work and why the economy in certain gameswork as they do

example, take diablo 2


what is that game about in reality if youlook at the core loop of that game? Core loop is about you go to a dungeon andkilling mobs and then you sell items in town and store what you want to keep inyour stash, then repeat. But the entire game is actually built around itemprogression :) But my point with D2 is that you need to get your itemprogression system right first in order to adopt it to your characterprogression and that is what is important in the core loop of the game. If thecore loop of a game sucks...well why would anyone play it?


Running Beast | TGH

People are going crazy with the NaramunzRPG Adventure game. Please tell us about it and when will it be available forthe public?


One of them. The other things I guess weare different is that we focus on the legal aspect a lot more than you see inGameFi today.


Ake | Naramunz

The team behind this project is workingwith the financial authorities in how our economy model is working. This is tomake sure we are staying compliant to the VASP and MiCA regulation.  We have separated the fiat and crypto economyin the game to stay compliant. You will not be able to find NARZ in the gamethat you can withdraw to the wallet. This is a huge mistake in todays GameFi.Not only are you creating massive sell pressure on your token, but your game isin fact a VASP. Most of the GameFi project has zero understanding around AntiMoney Laundry issues when your game mixes economies or your game acts as aVASP. Just to understand how serious we take this to make the game compliantand legit one of our advisors in the team is a former tax judge for the Swedishtax court. I think this is a very important one if you ask me :)


Well building a game like this takestime. We started real development early Q3 2021 and we are aiming for apre-alpha launch in Q2 this year. We will select some of our community membersand invite them in to try it out. Then we have different levels of alphareleases throughout the year and aiming for Beta in 2023 and full release ofthe game in Q4 2023.


Running Beast | TGH

Please tell us about the audit of theproject and the legal/regulation aspect of crypto/gamefi on which Naramunz isbased?


Ake | Naramunz

We used Hacken to do our audit and youcan find the audit here.

Important to highlight when you look at aproject audit of a token is not everything you should look at. You should alsosee if the team has any understanding around multiplayer security intraditional web2 games. It might be overkill, but we have a guy who hasexperience of doing penetration checks for banks and on military graded security.Only reason we manage to get this guy is cause he is an old university friendof mine 😊

Hacken (


I’ve addressed it earlier. We focus a loton making sure the game is VASP compliant. We also look at how our NFTs willbehave. We are mindful around making them a security. I’ve mentioned it for thepast year that many NFTs that are used in games are in fact securities. It wasno surprise that SEC woke up and started to point a fingers at NFTs. There istoo much wild west going on in crypto and if you want to do something properthen do it right. Don’t just wing it


Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token, howdoes it all get incorporated into the Naramunz ecosystem? Please tell us aboutthe private and public sale and how can investors participate in it?


Ake | Naramunz

Okey this one needs some time to explainlets show some in game screenshot and it will help to the community understandhow it works.



In the game NARZ is reflected as crystalsin the game. These crystals work as battery for your character. When you useskills like throwing a fireball that drains mana. In order to regenerate thatmana game checks how many crystals your character can carry for its currentlevel. Then how many you have in your in-game crystal wallet. This impacts yourregeneration rate of mana.



With progression of your character, youwill unlock different skills which will then drain more mana cause they aremore powerful. This will in turn require you to have more crystals etc. Thenthere are airships and sky island that will require NARZ in order to operate orto produce things your character might need.


If you find a rare item in the game thatyou want to turn into NFT that will require a small fee of NARZ. Again a wayfor our to monetize their game time 😊



One thing that is important to explain inthe NARZ economy is the in-game pool. When the game is launched 30% of all thecirculating supply of NARZ will be in a specific pool. The game will check howmany NARZ is in that pool and then know how my Crystals can be found in thegame. These crystals can NOT be withdrawn from the game. They are there sotraditional non-crypto players can use crystals in the game. They can drop frommobs but they are obviously a bit rare. If you are tired of grinding for these crystalsyou can buy NARZ from the open market and connect your wallet to the game.


Those in the community who has playedPath of Exile know about seasons and how there is a reset every third month.Meaning that there is an update something new cool that is launched with thatexpansion. When there is a reset, all characters start at level 1. The onlything that is persistent between these seasons are NFTs and NARZ that a playeris holding a wallet. The in-game pool of NARZ will reset (re-populated).Meaning that players will want to create NFTs of items they want to use in thenext season.


Some of the items dropped in one seasonwill never drop again. Meaning they become limited and only those players whohave them as NFT can now enjoy these items. Hope that gave somewhat of anoverview 😉


Oh I almost forgot the IDO for NARZ isplanned for Q2.


Ake | Naramunz

Follow our social media to stay up todate if you want to get your hands on some early NARZ









Running Beast | TGH


Ake | Naramunz

Lastly please tell the community aboutyour plans ahead. Which is the next big thing coming up, you just did anairdrop campaign. Please tell us about it and the Roadmap ahead?


Community is important to us, and we wantto gamify their interaction with Naramunz. The alpha I can drop to thiscommunity is you really want to check out our twitter and telegram early nextweek. Maybe there are NFTs involved…maybe not… who knows. 😉

Meanwhile you wait for next week, you can always enjoy our current ongoing campaign

Roadmap wise its full steam ahead of game development to get the game ready for pre-alpha in Q2. We have most of the important systems like item, skill, inventory, level and combat implemented. Next, we need to get our Quest system in and doing polishing around the crystal wallet and some UI modifications. Then we will do a whole bunch of internal game testing and that’s what’s happening game wise the upcoming months.

I mentioned earlier up IDO in Q2 and then through out the year we have different NFT drops that relevance to different version of the alpha that we have in our roadmap throughout the year. We want to make sure that community members that follow our project early on are rewarded in different ways.

If you want to know more about the roadmap I suggest you check out

We wish you all the best for your upcoming campaign, thanks for coming today!

Naramunz Live AMA

Welcome to the Naramunz Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Warsinda Live AMA

April 4th 2022

Welcome to the GEMS live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets start off this AMA to give the audience a brief description of what WarSindia actually is, what is the story behind the name of the project, and what are WarSindia team aiming to achieve ?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Well let me start telling you all that War Sindia is the perfect game where you can set free your creativity! Here, you’ll have the chance to create an air fortress and place your heroes in the battlefield to fight and face your enemy in the air!! War Sindia wants to achieve a wholee community, a social platform where all of our Sindia Warriors will have the possibility to socialize between each other while playing, turning leisure time into Value!! As I mentioned before this is not about just a game, we’re building a whole social platform. WarSindia will be an entertainment kingdom 😎

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you share some information about the team behind WarSindia, what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Well, our team has senior commercial designers and illustrators.For perfect business design, an expert team of game and blockchain developers have studied the business modem of more than 300 blockchain games! A great team with deep connections with the industry and the gaming community Who better than them to lead this incredible project? However, if you want to know more about our team, stay tuned and follow our YouTube Channel, because we will be preparing a documentary about this amazing team later on and you shouldn’t miss it!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What blockchains will WarSindia platform support and are there plans to deploy, move, support or bridge to other chains in the future?

Val/Team@WarSindia : WarSindia is currently supported by Ethereum, Avalanche C-Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. however, our goal is to absolutely support multi-chain operation in a near future!!

Archer/Team@WarSindia : Our game NFT will be multi-chain, while you mint on some chain, if you want to change your NFT to another chain. You could send back your NFT to our team, we will make a new NFT for you and the previous one will be burned.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s take a more in-depth look at the platform itself, can you tell us in brief about the features of the game and what role do the Float Crystal play in the WarSindia ecosystem ?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Sure! WarSindia is the game where you can unleash your endless creativity, this game will give the chance to our players to use their imagination freely! 🙌 Yes!! Our warriors will have the chance to create and edit Game Maps, allowing other players in to enjoy and play, while it generates income to the creative author, amazing right? But listen, this author will also have the possibility to sell this as an NFT. WarSindia income innovation for the players is something stunning. Talking about the crystals, these ones are a critical asset. You can use these crystals to synthesize advanced props, upgrade your skills, your heroes and more!!Alpha crystals can be exchanged for limited edition NFTs! These ones are limited, and for sure they will be very expensive in the future! 💸

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What benefits will investors have on joining WarSindia’s whitelist and buying army box at the initial prices? How can we earn in WarSindia?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Ok, listen because this is really importat!!! 🤓Recently we have launched our Whitelist Competition, this will be a race program in order to get early access to our exclusive Army Boxes Pre-Sale! These boxes contain rare items that will give you a lot of power in WarSindia Game, however there’s only one way to obtain them and it’s in the Pre-Sale event!!! These items will be incredibly valuable, and its price will increase every timeee with the demand of the game!! So they’re great for investment as well!! We also have 5,000 USDT that will go to the winners of this competition!!! 1 person will win 1,000 USDT, 4 persons will win 500 USDT each and 10 persons will win 200 USDT each. 💰💰💰 In addition, WarSindia is a pioneer in the custom editor, this allows our players to customize the game’s elements such as maps, and make an NFT to other players to further enrich the game through the player’s creativity and earn income at the same time, which is GREAT and PROFITABLE! We are turning entertainment time into money! 🤑💛

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As we all know crypto is a huge platform and competition in crypto is increasing by the day, there’s thousands of new projects a week, what’s different about WarSindia, what do you offer that they don’t, that makes you withstand the market!

Val/Team@WarSindia : Good question!!Our main goal is to design a space, a place, a territory where our Warriors can create a way to socialize, to play games and share their time with people all over the world while they also make profit from it! Going further than that, let’s talk about the value and the experience of being here and make part of WarSindia.WarSindia is a very creative and high-quality game that will have eSports events, entertainment videos, advertisement, social contact… Endless features where you can realize that you can get everything here on Sindia, you can find it all! Plus some surprises related to film and television platforms, TV series, Internet celebrities, entertainment, social, tokens and more!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : We like to finish this part of the AMA session by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Archer/Team@WarSindia : Thanks Aryan and our Sindia Queen.Well, play is important in Gamefi. For example, Axie is pioneer in 2021 and GMT now is so hot, We not only one game, in 2022, we have several good quality gamefi+social games going to Launch, we will also have Game Guide token release, WarSindia Arm Box presale is important, we will give large percentage WL of Game Guide tokens to whom have to Arm Box holders. we will care all early coming friends join Sindia Game World. And we share the profit and fun with you all.😊

Val/Team@WarSindia : Ofc!! WarSindia has many surprises, that’s what all this is about! We want to keep our game exciting and engaging for our Warriors, we want to offer something to keep looking forward and constantly achieve and surprise, without losing the interest of our players and keeping their expectations always high.Currently WarSindia is preparing everything to discuss strategic partnership with well-known worldwide drama companies like Netflix, SYFY or CW but those details will come later on… 🤭🤫

For more information on WarSindia refer to the links below :

Whitelist Competition:

Official Website:

Telegram Channel:

Telegram Group:



YouTube Channel:


Warsinda Live AMA

Welcome to the Warsinda Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


Carbon Reduction Initiative Live AMA

January 14th 2022

Welcome to the Carbon Reduction live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : To kick this off could you give us and introduction into Carbon Reduction, what have you guys set out to do?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : Carbon Reduction Initiative is the world’s first carbon credit generating blockchain. We move transactions off Bitcoin, onto a more energy efficient network and generate carbon credits based on the difference in the amount of CO2. produced using a unique methodology being approved by Verra (a leading Carbon Credit Certification NGO based in the USA). These carbon credits will be sold and half of the revenue will be awarded to CARI Eco-node holders, so if you hold CARI, you will not only be rewarded with CARI, but in $ from Carbon Credit Sales as well. Each BTC transaction off-set will generate about 0.5 Carbon Credits and each carbon credit could sell for around $10. TLDR; Carbon Reduction Initiative is the world’s first carbon credit generating blockchain. So investors will receive an external stream of income from the sale of carbon credits.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now we know a little about the project could you now tell us a little about the team? Who are you guys, whats your backgrounds and experience?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : Chair, Adam Cayley: Adam is a Programme Management expert with over 20 years experience delivering complex programmes of work, primarily in government and healthcare industries. He has significant experience investing in startup companies and blockchain technologies. Adam is a non-executive Director of CRI responsible for holding the CRI management team to account, on behalf of investors. CEO, Mark Moores: Mark qualified as a chartered accountant over 20 years ago with Grant Thornton in London. He has worked for all sizes of business from multi-billion listed global groups to micro-startups. Last 10 years he has worked for cutting-edge technology start-ups as CFO and as a consultant. Carbon Methodology Consultant, Sue Hall: Sue provides world-class carbon thought leadership. She pioneered the first carbon market innovations and remains at the cutting-edge of carbon methodology development. Chief Strategy Officer: Our CSO has specialised for over two decades in creating and growing online business to the point of sale. His experience in identifying and capitalising on opportunities in the market has been fine-tuned through numerous successful businesses. He has been deeply involved in blockchain projects over the past 5 years and has sat on the Board of other blockchain projects. He is responsible for communications, growing the community of cryptocurrency users and scaling adoption of specific use-cases. Chief Operations Officer: Our COO has 15 years experience in managing software projects, and a strong technical background in software development and data analytics. His key interests in the cryptocurrency space have been in automation and management software for Masternodes. He leads the cryptocurrency development team and ensures accountability on other project work plans through project management. Chief Innovation Officer: Our CIO has 15 years of experience with adapting technology to people’s needs, primarily through assessment of interfaces or functional approaches to find more efficient ways of performing tasks and managing data, including back-end processing used for tens of thousands of leads and millions of dollars of transaction flow per day. He is responsible for practical use cases for adoption, developing partnerships with relevant organisations and is currently also developing features for CARI. Chief Solutions Officer: Our CSolO is a multi-disciplined Solution Architect with a wide range of accolades spanning a career of over 20 years. From developing and implementing sophisticated global business reporting and auditing tools in the telecoms sector to managing development teams across multiple time zones and engaging in effective outcome based solutions. Despite a technical background in software engineering, he has a remarkable creative characteristic that sees him flourish as an artistic designer. He contributes to cryptocurrency development and leads CRI’s branding and design efforts. TLDR;Chair, Adam Cayley – Government & Healthcare programme management expert with MSc in Environmental Science;CEO, Mark Moores – Chartered Accountant with MBA experienced in both large, listed companies and startups; Consultant, Sue Hall – World-class carbon methodology consultant ;CSO – Serial web entrepreneur, built and scaled numerous businesses; COO – Software project management, software development and data-analytics; CIO – UX, interfaces, data management, software development ;CSolO – Solution architect, project management, design and branding.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Before we get too carried away can we give the community a brief insight into what carbon credits actually are and what benefits and problems they and the project itself solve?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : Carbon credits represent a tonne of carbon dioxide either removed from the atmosphere otherwise prevented from polluting the atmosphere. They can be traded and their price ranges from $2-$30 The market is forecast to increase 15x by 2030 to approx. $30bn . Recently Bitmex bought $100k carbon credits at $14 to offset their carbon emissions. FTX exchange have their own climate division and bought $1m this year. They could have bought CARI instead, I am sure they will in future to get recurring carbon credits annually. How did the project get started… well…. We are all in blockchain because of Bitcoin, when Mark first heard about it in 2013 he was immediately intrigued. PoW is the most battle-tested consensus mechanism, it works. We admire Satoshi’s vision but, and its a big but, I don’t think Satoshi thought about power consumption at the current rates as an unintended consequence. Today Bitcoin uses about 0.5% of the world’s electricity, which might not be a problem if the World’s energy consumption was sustainable, but its not – we are still building fossil fuel power stations. It’s a serious problem. We care about Cryptocurrency and the environment, we want cryptocurrency to be sustainable because we have children and want to pass on to them a better world. TLDR; Bitcoin uses 0.5% of the world’s electricity, hence it has a huge carbon footprint.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So we know what you guys are building but lets talk about what you guys have been working on, what have you achieved so far?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : Founded the Company in April 2020 as a UK Limited company so you can check the details at UK Companies House.Blockchain running smoothly for over a year. CRI team has secured approval from HMRC for SEIS (huge tax break for UK investors)Verra (Carbon Credit Certification body) Executive accepted CRI “Concept Methodology Note” in December 2020. Finished Carbon Credit Methodology in June 2021.Received Verra’s final queries in December 2021. Bootstrapped with investment from “Friends and Family” still time to get in before VCs . 2 years in development before launching, we have done the work rather than taking cash upfront. Working on decentralised governance through our wallets so the community can decide their own direction.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So we know what youre currently working on, but what are the next steps, what can we expect so see into the not so distant future, when will we see the project start to materialise?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : We are looking to influence the crypto market in a greener direction and the carbon credit market in a crypto direction. We want CARI to act as the green store of value in an eco-crypto network of projects that are trying to help the world as well as making their investors rich. We will build an exchange and website that independently assesses projects for their relevance to the UN’s sustainable development goals – so if investors buy into those projects they know they are not just speculating financially but helping the planet too. We will also set up our own charity to invest in specific environmental projects too. CARI will generate carbon credits, but there is a lag – due to the traditional carbon credit auditing regime between the credits being earned and the credits being verified and issued. This is a problem for the whole market. We will mitigate this problem by tokenising the carbon credits we know have been earned on our blockchain, but not yet issued. So these tokens will represent the right to a future carbon credit, issued at a discount, with a maturity of a year at which point they can be sold back to a smart contract for cash. If you are into DeFi, you will realise this is an excellent way to improve liquidity in the marketplace not just for us but for many other carbon credit projects across the world.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly please share with us your ultimate vision, what can we expect to see long term?

Xanadan/CEO@Carbon Reduction : Our ultimate aim is to become a trusted source for cryptocurrency and tokenisation advice to the world’s main carbon credit certification bodies, Verra and the Gold Standard. At the moment they are reluctant to tokenise their carbon credit registries but over the next year as we continue to engage with them, we think they will see the value in decentralisation. If we tokenise these registries we can devise a consistent classification of tokenised carbon credits that would allow for the creation of a unified, tokenised worldwide decentralised carbon credit exchange. The carbon market is large and expected to grow over 15x by 2030 to $30bn. Experience of trading in other markets implies that the traded value in the market would be at least 10x this, so $300bn+ That is a huge potential marketplace. This is the future but it could be sooner than you think!

For more information on Carbon Reduction refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Discord :

Carbon Reduction Initiative Live AMA

Welcome to the Carbon Reduction live AMA


Spintop Live AMA

January 6th

Welcome to the Spintop live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : To kick this off lets get an intro intro into the project itself, give us an introduction into what you guys are building please?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : We think there are too many barriers in blockchain gaming for the moment such as the whole ecosystem being scattered, or the gaming NFTs being out of budget for someWe designed the system with two main objectives; Making the blockchain gaming more accessible, and the WAGMI mindsetSo to answer your question in a nutshell, we are building a blockchain gaming hub which grows together with its users and partners by sharing within the ecosystem

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Now that we have a brief understanding of the project itself, lets get some background info on the team, whats your backgrounds and experience , where are you all from and how did you all come together?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : I’m Sinan Gülfidan. An Industrial Engineer for 10+ years. Father, husband, entrepreneur and a gamerOur CTO is Batu Dal, he’s a true tinker. Loves to build systems from scratch. Aside from his family businesses, he’s managing a web3 agency that he’s really enthusiastic about. Genius mind talented on both design and web3 developmentOur CMO is Alemşah Öztürk. He’s the man. CEO of the largest and most influential digital agency in Turkey 4129Grey, acquired by Grey International. He’s a man thinking and living outside the boxHonored by awards and invited juries at Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest, GoldenDrum, D&AD, Webby, NYC Festivals, and more. Acknowledged as entrepreneur and model angel investor of Turkey by current POTUS Joe BidenOur CSO is Kaan Kayabalı an award-winning serial entrepreneur and electronics engineer. Founded digital media, IoT, ecommerce, and mobile gaming businesses with over 500 employees across offices in Turkey, the US, UK, Dubai, Belgium, and Singapore.And our recent Strategic Advisor Deniz Güven. Deniz is an internationally recognized leader in the banking and fintech industries bringing new banking experiences globally.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Ok moving on, Spintop is essentially a hub for GAMEFI projects and blockchains like you said before, but Spintop has an array of other fundamentals and utilities, more than most projects actually! From Gamepedia, Spindex, Guildmaker and an NFT market place can you please tell us how the above fit into the ecosystem and work on a fundamental level?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : In Gamepedia we will list blockchain games as in Steam and let people rate it, write comments about it. We will add good quality content on each listed game. We will include in game visuals, in-depth gaming guides and real time token metrics data taken from Coinmarketcap APIs. Users will be able to discover games on their tastes, genres and development statusesSpindex is the liquidity solution for GameFi projects. It includes liquidity pools of gaming tokens and SPIN pairs, liquidity farming to incentify liquidity provision, singe staking pools to increase both SPIN’s and also partnered projects’ token.Moreover the Spindex Wallet. using liquidity pools inside the DEX to create a seamless conversion of SPIN to the game token played inside the game. Spindex wallet will utilize the liquidity pools inside the Spindex3rd product: Guild Maker will be our biggest innovation!Meeting grounds for play-to-earn sponsors and scholars. Sponsors can burn SPIN and create their own yield guilds, recruit scholars and compete with each other.In this product we will join the play-to-earn movement. We’re not a guild! But a factory for Guild creation. Trustless, permisionless, governed with smart contracts without any human interaction. Guilds are welcomed to open up their own NFT pools in the Guild Maker! We will wrap NFTs in our contracts and assign users to them for 8 hours of humane periodsGuild Maker will keep track of 2 MMR ratings : one for the NFT (It’s average yield per period), other for the Scholar (comparing NFT’s average yield with the actual yield made). Those 2 MMRs will create free market conditions. Thus, the invisible handWe limited borrowing time of any NFT to 8 hours. Also this 8 hour borrow time will optimize NFT yield. It will be used for 24 hours by 3 scholars whereas if you lend them for a greater time period the scholar would need to basic human needs as sleeping and socializing. And at last the NFT Marketplace , Players, developers, investors and guilds will be able to list their gaming NFTs there to sale and rent. We will just list gaming NFTs so the users wont get overwhelmed as in OpenSea.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : You’ve just released farming and staking last week and the staking TVL is already 7.5 mill which is insane if I say so myself! Please tell us how users can farm or stake, what are the rewards and lock up periods?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : There are no lock up periods. Users are free to stake and unstake as they wish. Farming and staking tutorials are available on our twitter. This is farming tutorial Staking:

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Moving onto the $SPIN token itself, please give us an overview of the tokenomics and utility of the token, what incentives do investors have to hodl $SPIN? P.s regarding the pre-sale just to get this clear how big was the pre-sale and how have the funds been allocated to the team and project?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : Will donate %20 of it to the charities to be chosen by our community.Our largest allocation is for liquidity incentives for Spindex. 39% of total allocation for 60 months linearly,Team’s got 12% .We didn’t sell to VCs, We declined about 40+ of them.They just dump on other people,Thats why we did 64x during this month.So we have public sale 3%,seede sale 2.5%,Strategic 1%,Our treasury 30% and Markerting 10%.Yeah we’re long term entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts.Let me explain utlilities first,Our utilities are: Burn SPIN to create custom yield guild, Burn it to wrap NFTs to make them lendable, Stake it to create a profile (a minimal sum) and apply for scholarships, Stake it in Spindex Pools to earn SPIN and partnered tokens, Stake in Yield Farms to earn more SPIN tokens.

BiT_SHaMaN|TGH/Owner@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly what catalysts can we expect during Q1 and Q2 of 2022? You’ve got a huge roadmap lined up, what are you currently working on and what can we expect to see launching in the not so distant future?

Sinan Gulfidan/Team@Spintop : We will start with launching Gamepedia which is actually around the corner now.We have been simultaneously working on the Guild Maker so you can expect the launch around the second half of Q1. The marketplace will be launched on Q2.We will also be focusing on profiles during this period. We want our platform to be social, working in a hive mentality.Other than the ones above, we will be working on partnerships, cross-chain implementations and new central exchange listings.Stake SPIN earn other token pools alongside with Stake SPIN/Partner LP to earn SPIN will be launched pretty soon on Spindex.

For more information on Spintop refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Telegram :

💎Twitter : Spintop (@SpintopNetwork) / Twitter

Spintop Live AMA

Welcome to the Spintop AMA with The Gem Hunters



March 15th 2022

Welcome to the GEMS live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : First of all could you give us a quick introduction into what you guys have been building over at KOMPETE?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : KOMPETE is a multiplayer all in one sports game.Sports include: basketball, battle royale, kart racing, and golf! More to be released in the future as we grow and update the game.We are a traditional game that also includes a cryptocurrency ethereum on our PC game build. We will release KOMPETE with cross platform play on PC, XBOX, Playstation, Android, and iOS.Keep in mind, cryptocurrency (ethereum) is only offered through our PC private build! We can’t put cryptocurrency on those other platforms until they allow. Just want that to be clear 🙂 It’s our goal to make games accessible to everyone. The game is created by a real game’s studio that i founded 18 months ago cause I got salty at AAA gaming. We have been working on KOMPETE for 18 months. It’s built on Unreal Engine 4. I have built a full development and marketing team for the game. We have ~15 developers working on the game. It depends on the week as some people come in and out. Nontheless..Just want to let you all know there’s a large amount of power behind the game. Also…I self funded the game for 18 months. I have invested ~$900,000+ in the game to get to this point. We are in our “last push” here where we integrate game asset ownership (cryptocurrency) and we port KOMPETE to work with XBOX and Playstation. Right now KOMPETE currently is a functioning game! I have shown a bunch of footage in our telegram. Be sure to join! We already have 3 out of the 4 game modes working (not ready for players yet!). Also the game works on PC, Anroid, and iOS with cross platform play already! So that means someone on iOS can play with someone on PC. ok! I think that’s what KOMPETE is all about and where we are at :) The idea is to offer all these game modes for free and at a really high quality so that people don’t have to go purchase that $70 a year sports games like NBA2K, FIFA, PGA2K, NHL, MADDEN, ETC…It’s really unfair IMO that if you and I want to play a basketball game together on multiplayer we are both gonna have to buy NBA2K…KOMPETE solves this cause we’re free and of a substitutable quality to these games.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Secondly can you introduce us to the KOMPETE team itself, tell a bit about yourselves, experience and backgrounds please!

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Yes! We have a large team so I’m gonna keep it general and geared to the leadership. I’m Justin Meister and I’m leader. I’m from La Jolla, California. I used to run a successful marketing and counseling business. I decided 18 months ago that i was going to allocate all my resources, staff and attention to creating the world’s next biggest video game.Ethan Jablonowski is also from La Jolla, California. He used to work with me in my marketing business and is now the chief of operations for us.Both of us went to college at UW-Madison together and have known each other for a long time. As for the rest of our team…We have 2 marketers on our team working full. Then we have ~10–12 developers working on the game. There are programmers and artists who all know how to use Unreal Engine 4. I’m an ex-pro gamer in NBA2K, Madden, and Fortnite. I used to compete and qualify in tournaments for money. I would win money and would play these games for 8 hours a day. I have developed a bunch of in-house proprietary software for our marketing and counseling business but I have never developed a game. I’m aware of this haha! So I went out and hired literally the best guys money can buy to make sure we can deliver the tech. Our tech lead, Alex Arzhanyi is one of the most experienced Unreal Engine developers in the world. We also have a technical artist, Konstantin Pupin who ensures the game looks real good and doesn’t run shitty. If you notice when you watch all our footage..The game runs at a super high frames per second and is super optimized! That’s how we can have the game run on PC + Mobile and have it look real good. It’s because of these 2 guys. ^^^ Also. We have a yung stud game designer and programmer named Adam Bari. Who is cracked at all multiplayer games. He is the reason that the games are able to achieve such detailed quality. We have some backend programmers to handle all monetization + servers. We have a junior programmer for prototyping. A lead character artist to create amazing characters. A bunch of modelers to make the art. A UI/UX designer. An audio engineer as well.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : How long have you been developing so far and what kinds of games and metaverse can we expect to see KOMPETE delivering?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : 18 months and running :) At launch we’re going to have Basketball, Battle Royale, Kart Racing, and Golf. We have a surprise that I have not announced yet! We have a game mode that very metaversy and it’s called KOMMUNITY! This is where you will spawn into a neighborhood with your house and be able to play with all your game assets that you have earned and purchased in KOMPETE. Envision Decentraland but with realistic art, i’m not saying we are going to do the same exact stuff as decentraland! Players will own a house with a plot of land. They can upgrade their house, invite friends over, and play with their friends in the neighborhood. All of our game modes are accessible in the KOMMUNITY. So you can invite your buddies and be able to play each other in basketball 1v1.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you tell us what the actual usecase of the KOMPETE token will be and what part it will play within the metaverse?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Definitely :) The use case is KOMPETE Token is that it is used for ethereum players to transact on our secondary marketplace so if you want to buy/sell any items on the secondary marketplace you need KOMPETE Token. it’s how you trade/buy/sell with people in the game on Ethereum and on our PC crypto game build.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : I see you guys also have a 12% buy and sell tax with the tax funds going towards the marketing wallet. Marketing is like a catalyst for every project,so can you tell us what plans you have for marketing and what sort of area are you targeting?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : We’re a business and we always will be. This 12% tax is revenue for the business. It funds the game and marketing. Without it, we would not be creating revenue and would not be able to do any marketing. Yes we have huge plans for marketing! Unlike most other crypto games, our game is really far long. Also, keep in mind I paid close to 1 million out of my own pocket before launching any token. This means that a lot of work is done that we don’t need to develop. We can now use those funds for marketing. This is good news for all holders because you know most gaming tokens need to take like 2/4 of their funds and go develop the game. We don’t need to do that. I’m also continually investing in the game still myself out of my own pocket (not the marketing wallet). This is huge for holders because again…that means we’re gonna go spend the marketing wallet not horde it myself lol. To answer your last part…We have a marketing campaign starting this week. We have multiple AMAs lined up. We will have ads go out and targeting twitter specifically. There’s a bunch of influencers who are NATURALLY picking us up as well because we have a cool and unique project. These are all people that money cannot buy and other projects dream about being able to have. Because we have a cool project, they are shilling our token without me even messaging them. This is really important because it means we have support from huge influencers and they don’t have any allocation!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Any plans for partnership.. alot of people in crypto space love to see projects partner with each other as it shows the team are active and broadening their network. Is this in the pipeline?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : I would love to partner up with anyone who helps with our vision, goals or has a shared audience that we both can beneft from. I can’t announce any potential partnerships. But there’s a lot of people in my DMs. But yeah of course we’re going to do partnerships if it’s fair :) I’m not gonna allocate tokens to people though guys. Cause i’m not gonna have our holders get dumped on from allocated supply.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : When do you believe the project/game will be fully finished and be playable for people to play?Could you please provide us your next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Quick answer = we’re aiming for later 2022. But there’s no scheduled official release date and this date is subject to change. Why? because game development + blockchain technology is relatively hard. AAA gaming companies can’t even get their game working nicely after saying they are gonna release it for 5 years. The game needs to be 100% working on all platforms and then we will release. But! If you are a holder of the KOMPETE Token at some point before release, all holders will get to access the game and play. There’s not set time frame for that, but we are working efficiently as possible to make this happen. Here’s our todo list: 1.NFT Minting on our website, 2. Secondary marketplace with KOMPETE Token, 3. Port the game to XBOX + Playstation, 4. QA Testing, 5. Continue to grow Mahzookoo Island (our environment)

For more information on KOMPETE refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :


Welcome to the KOMPETE Live AMA with The Gem Hunters


AiRight Live AMA

January 12th 2022

Welcome to the aiRight live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So to kick of the AMA, could you give a summary of what aiRight is all about? What’s the vision behind the protocol?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : Let me share the idea of aiRight creation. aiRight is a complete system for NFT management built on our native network, Oraichain mainnet. We launched Q3 2021 and spent the first six months setting the foundation for a flexible, cross-chain, AI enhanced NFT X DeFi platform. In short, the stage is set for a mainnet populated with a new generation of machine learning enhanced dApps. aiRight is only the first of many AI enhanced dApps to be released in the coming years. The primary use of machine learning on aiRight is NFT authentication functionality.Our data crawler compiles an index of NFTs from multiple networks to create a database by which originality can be measured. Each NFT in the database is labeled via Oraichain’s Data Hub to identify its unique features. This is accomplished through both crowdsourced and AI-assisted annotation. When a new NFT is minted, it is compared against this database to identify potential plagiarism. Each NFT receives a similarity score with the ultimate goal of only allowing original work to be minted as a non-fungible asset.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So before we learn about your goals for 2022, let’s get to know the team! Can you give us some background on yourselves, and what inspired you to come together to create aiRight/ORAI?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : Sure, aiRight team is lead by Dr. Chung Dao, he is the CEO and Co-founder of Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains and also directly manage aiRight – the first DApp running on Oraichain mainnet. He received Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2017 and also is a co-founder of Rikkeisoft, a top-10 software development company in Vietnam. I’m Tyree Robinson, 2010 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Chief Strategy Officer for aiRight. I spent the better part of the past decade in the entertainment industry, focusing in TV & music, working with some real legends along the way. I’ve been with aiRight since the beginning and plan to be with the project long term! Love working with this team.

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : I’m Mohammed Badat, engineer for 32 years and have developed in many spheres. I currently own and run a Software development consultancy for the past 20 years as well as a Wireless ISP for the last 8 years. I am the founder of DCRC RaceX on the Avalanche network. Very happy to join the aiRIght to bring our game engine to Oraichain mainnet.

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : I’m Linh Phan, aiRight Head of BD, I’m the former Head of BD of Oraichain and now I’m focusing on the development of the first AI enhanced DApps on Oraichain. We also have 10 devs in the development team and this number will growing further. With the coming of NFT on the mainstream in the cryptoworld, we all realize the potential of NFT and have the same vision of “Creating an All-in-one platform for NFT creation and copyright management”. Taking advantages of each core member, we are confident that we can build a solid platform in all aspect: Excellent dev team, CSO with the intensive experience and network in the entertainment industry and supported by a strong community which continues to grow organically.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The AIRI token is a crucial aspect of the aiRight ecosystem; can you break down the tokenomics, and share what the utility of the AIRI token is? What separates AIRI from other tokens on the BSC network?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : ye, AIRI is the token for the aiRight platform and now on BSC. We are going to announce the new tokenomics on January for more sustainable development, with a significant movement of allocations out of Farming and into Ecosystem and Marketing to incentivize contribution to the platform, ensuring exposure and long-term sustainability. AIRI token will be released on the Oraichain mainnet and become a payment token on the platform. The AIRI Utilities includes: 1/ Payment token: some services such as NFT marketplace, in-game token for the NFT games running on Oraichain Mainnet, gallery creation and farming fee will require AIRI tokens for payment. This is a rational choice to build an internal economy within the aiRight system. We are also looking closely at add deflationary element . 2/ Governance: AIRI holders have the right to participate in governing the policy decisions on aiRight platform that include the service fee rate, buyback and burn policy, farming rewards, profit sharing, as well as all future utility integrations. 3/ Farming: AIRI tokens are the rewards for yield farming on aiRight.

Tyree/Team@aiRight : It’s also worth noting: Since aiRight is on Oraichain mainnet, native $ORAI token is a major piece of our ecosystem and currently used for all marketplace transactions until we open the bridge to bring $AIRI to mainnet. Since Oraichain is an AI enhanced layer 1, users will continue to need $ORAI for transaction fees even once $AIRI is available on mainnet.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The year 2022 has been regarded as a year of huge potential for crypto; what plans does AIRI have moving forward, and what should people be looking out for next?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : As we move towards completion of all core functionalities for aiRight, 2022 is going to be a very busy year for our team. Here is an overview of our 2022 Roadmap! 💎 Q1: New Tokenomics and More open Gateway to access aiRight platform; New Tokenomics, NFT Staking Program, Fiat payment integration, Discord Member verification bot for Private NFT Communities, AIRI on Oraichain mainnet supported by ORAIDEX, 3D galleries functionality .💎 Q2: Improving the authenticity verification protocols and providing features to support Wen Lambo on Mainnet; NFT audit service, Content authenticity verification , Wen Lambo on Mainnet Launch , NFT Rentals Feature , Listing on CEX, Mass NFT minting, Mystery Box NFT Infrastructure. 💎 Q3: Launchpad for artists with fully supports ; Crowdsourced fundraising or NFT launchpad for artists, Generative Engine For Artists, NFT bridge completion, Integrating originality protection for other NFT projects, Generative models for metaverses , DeFi for new artists, Composition tools integration 💎 Q4: aiRight Mobile app and scaling up to be an all-in-one cross-chain NFT management platform; Shophouse/3d gallery on other metaverses, aiRight mobile app, Cross-chain platform and apply Oraichain Protocols to NFTs on other chains. In the short term, we are most excited about our partnership with DCRC RaceX and the upcoming game Wen Lambo. DCRC is currently building the first race2earn metaverse game on AVAX.

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : Yes sure, Wen Lambo features a play-to-earn ecosystem with highly customizable vehicles and multiple race modes tying the real and virtual world together for a true metaverse experience. Minting for NFCars is ongoing for their game on Avalanche, you can read more about it on our website. DCRC is the game studio behind Wen Lambo on Oraichain mainnet, which is slated for release Q2 this year. Early presale for aiKeys is currently open on Oraichain mainnet for ~$100 each in native $ORAI.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : aiRight is also hosting a presale for WenLambo, a PvP racing game built on Oraichain! Could you share some details on both the game and the presale? Also, what are the perks of the aiKeys during the presale?

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : To participate in the early presale round, please follow directions here: You will need to purchase a “Pit Pass” in order to claim your aiKey at floor price. There are only about 150 left in this round. The next round of presale will take place on Feb 9, 2022. The sale will be in BNB, AIRI and fiat via CC for around ~$200 Value (1500 Available). No matter which payment method you choose, you on Oraichain mainnet.

Tyree/Team@aiRight : Here is the link to purchase your pit pass directly with $ORAI token. Less than 150 left in the early presale… .We’re really focusing in bringing users into the Oraichain ecosystem from where they are without to many intermediary steps. Think this will be quite successful for us in the next presale round.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Speaking of the launch, what advantages does Oraichain offer to both developers and players? This is the first dapp on Oraichain developed by an outside dev team right?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : To build the partnership with DCRC, each party play their key role on the game development. The DCRC team will focusing on buidling the engine and concept of game, and Oraichain will collaborate to apply them to our Mainnet, support from the blockchain and marketing side for the game to attract users. Wen Lambo will take the advantage of Oraichain mainnet, that the very quick and low transaction fee, aiRight also provides AI Oracle services for NFT Authenticity and Royalty protocol, as well as aid in the implementation of Oraichain’s VRF 2.0. In long term, both parties will also work together to tailor a custom AI Oracle, via Oraichain’s Data Hub, relating specifically to car modifications and performance enhancements in order to promote a fair and transparent gaming environment.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What are the features of WenLambo that make it stand out compared to other projects, and what made AIRI choose WenLambo as their first launch?

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : We are truly working towards a unique game environment for Wen Lambo. Not pay to earn, but truly play to earn. We are confident of some following ecxiting points of game to give players deeply enjoy in racing: Various race modes with other level of risks: Challenge mode: “High Risk”. You could win the whole pot or lose the whole pot, so it’s important to evaluate your risk tolerance and the match-up with your competitor before making/accepting a challenge. Group mode: “Medium Risk”. The rewards pool here is distributed amongst participants based on standings.DeFi Season Mode: “Low Risk”. AIRI and LP tokens are deposited into a 30 Day locked vault, utilizing existing farming vaults to generate rewards for the pool. All participants are guaranteed to earn some passive yield from playing, but top winners have the opportunity to win big.We also have some “free” modes that will only require vehicle ownership/rental to earn XP. Practice Mode: Practice mode is used to increase driver skill and unlock XP through hands on driving experiences. This XP can be used to unlock and claim car customization kits which can be resold on the secondary market. – The Car customization: Players will be required to actively participate in practice and race modes in order to earn experience points (XP) and unlock vehicle mods at floor prices. New and upgraded elements can be purchased in the parts store and added to cars in each user’s garage. Players can also choose to resell their parts on the secondary market, allowing other users the chance to purchase parts kits without earning XP. Performance modifications include:Engine, Turbocharger, Exhaust, Brakes, Tires and Wheels, Intake and Filters, Suspension, Shocks and Stabilizers.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, how can players earn in the WenLambo game, and what’s the best way to get started?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : First off, users can earn revenue in our Race Modes above. Besides playing there are some awesome opportunities to earn revenue including: Marketplace Opportunities: Car owners can earn from buying and reselling their vehicles on the secondary market. Vehicles that have been upgraded through unlocked parts and customization kits will have added value, so users can create their own strategy and businesses in this ecosystem. Parts and customization kits unlocked are also issued and claimed as NFTs. This is an opportunity for new buyers to purchase upgrades from players who have earned them, short cutting the time consuming process of earning XP to unlock customizations of their own. This is another opportunity for users to establish their own business model in this game. NFT Rental Marketplace: After the game is launched, we will also offer an NFT rental marketplace, giving users a low cost opportunity to borrow vehicles for races safely to participate in races. This is also a great opportunity for vehicle owners to earn revenue from the vehicles they have purchased and customized without losing custody permanently.

For more information on aiRight refer to the links below :

💎Website :

💎Twitter :

💎Telegram :

AiRight Live AMA

Welcome to the aiRight live AMA with The Gem Hunters

2022 Live AMA

February 9th 2022

Welcome to the Live AMA with The Gem Hunters.

Running Beast | TGH

Let's start with some introduction.

Please tell us about your work and experience in the Crypto field and your role in the project.

Phil - DeFi Marketer

As to my experience in crytpo - actually Lepricon was my first blockchain role, and that was about 18 months ago. I am an experienced marketer - 30 plus years - no need to do the math - and was part of the dot com boom 20 years ago and before Crypto was actually in Luxury Travel but thanks to Covid killing the travel industry and a chance encounter with an old friend I found myself here. Obviously, the best thing that could have happened!

Running Beast | TGH

Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

I will start with the when - the project was concieved very early in 2019 and really started to move in the fall of 2019. We raised the finance (just under $4mil hardcap) early in 2020 and went TGE with our first pool on Uniswap on March 16th last year, so we are a few weeks away from our one year anniversary as a live tokenised company.

As to what we are about…

Lepricon has a few facets but they all add up to a singular intention - we believe that blockchain will be the first killer onramp for mass interaction with blockchain-based applications and our stated mission is to enable traditjonal gaming developers to start incorporating blcokchain tech in ways that make their games better. Lepricon has a few facets but they all add up to a singular intention - we believe that blockchain will be the first killer onramp for mass interaction with blockchain-based applications and our stated mission is to enable traditjonal gaming developers to start incorporating blcokchain tech in ways that make their games better. Right now we have this phenom called blockchain gaming but it is really about the NFTs and token sales, not the game. That needs to change so that is about the game and blockchain sits in the background adding new utlilty and extending the player expeience. We are creating a series of tools that enable real game development on blockchain, which will become what we call the game SDK.

Running Beast | TGH

What makes Lepricon stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about Lepricon's unique gas less blockchain mechanism. How are you going to achieve this?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

We’re developing this on three tracks:


Unity engine (C#)

Unreal Engine (C++)

And all three tracks include deployable blockchain tech that is either gas free or has the ability to gamify the validation - for example mining in game commodities by validating nodes - integral wallets for inclusion in compiled game code. marketplaces (thnk the auction house in World of Warcraft) and token and NFT batch minting.

We do create our own games but their primary purpose is to showcase tehcnical capabilties - for example. our first game, Lucky Wheel - which is a wheel of fortune type game - demonstrated zero gas transactions, and our recent game Gachapon demonsrated our batch compossed NFT minting and the ability to access blockchain from within the Unity 3D Engine.

As to our origin…

Lepricon came about because an interesting group of people game together, notably our CEO - Josh Galloway - who was 20 years in the mainstream video game industry - he was actually a producer on Max Payne back in the 90s! So our gaming DNA is real!

We stand out because we have genuine video game DNA. We know all the heads of all the major studios and are talking to them all the time. Publicly a lot of game companies are worried about blockchain because the blockchain industry has managed to put the mainstream off rather than attract them. But those connections are what enable us to focus on building solutions that actually work. To explain that - it is the blockchain - the proof you own it - that matters. DeFI is an application stack built on that. Gaming applications have to rebuild on the blockchain from scratch - it’s not about adapting DeFi. And this is what we understand and are doing.

Leprichain - this is our Ethereum compatible side chain that runs with zero gwai. Gas is one of the frictions that makes sense in DeFi but no sense from a UX perspective for games if it means constantly interrupting the player asking for permission to transact. The chain has gas because it is an ethereum chain, but it is a meaningless token that you cannot transact or bridge to another chain. We just feed it with loads of chain coin and then set the recommended gwei for wallet transactions to zero.

Running Beast | TGH

Now that we have a little info on the project let's hear about the Lepricon team. How many members is your core team made of? What's their backgrounds, and experiences? How long have you been working together?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

The core team is 10 or so. Mostly in HK but a couple overseas like the US anda lot of close partner companies in Asia and Europe. Most have been here a year or so although we are recruiting again o build a new tech unit due to a recently announced partnership to build the blockchain integration for a AAA game in Unreal Engine 5 called Towers Gate. This project is so large we need to expand our team to build a dedicated unit.

As I mentioned, our CEO is from the games industry although later he went into blockchain as a VP at a VC fund. Our COO, Stephen, is a blockchain native having worked on tokenising several companies - and he used to be a criminal barrister! The team is a varied mix of people (by experience and nationality) and includes people from game studios (our lead game producer is ex Zynga) and blockchain/DeFi companies.

Running Beast | TGH

People are going crazy with the Lepricon NFT Platform and Lepricon City. Please tell us about it and how can investors participate in it?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

Ok. So, Lepricon City ( is our home for casual games and there are two there right now - Lucky Wheel and Gachapon. Their primary purpose was to demonstrate the underlying technology (gas less side chain, unity engine blockchain access etc) but they do have charms of their own - especially Gachapon - you win an NFT with every go, containing one of our Chilli bottle NFTs and some Polygon USDT (from 50 cents to US$125)

To play the games you need to own L3P (buy on Pancake swap on BSC is better for gas but you can use Uniswap as well or and then you need to bridge that to Leprichain so you can play. Right now the token price is low - the market was not patient for a game-related company that measures dev in years not weeks but now we are coming out with the tech and making major announcements so we are very confident that will change - and we are exceptionally well funded so we are not going anywhere. If you prefer yield to games you can stake Pancake Swap LP tokens on MANTRA DAO right now for 160% APR. We have to do both - we buld the tech but we are a token so we have to provide an option to encourage long term holding and we have new staking options about to come out.

Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token. How does it all get incorporated into the Lepricon ecosystem?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

On BSC and Etheruem it is L3P but when you bridge to Leprichain it becomes SL3P - we call it that because just by sitting on chain it earns a daily yield of 7.7% and yet is fully liquid and usable. One benefit of gas having no meaning….

On Leprichain right now games are played in SL3P and either pay back SL3P or in the case of Gachapon you win NFT packs that contain other NFTs and USDT on Polygon. L3P will also be the payment system for a soon to be released pack gneerator product which enables anyone to batch mint composed NFTs (containing other assets) on the Polygon and Etheruem networks. There are third parties right now building for Leprichain and some will default to L3P being the payment currency. New gamified staking optons coming where success in other activities earns you SL3P and new staking options where you stake SL3P and earn other tokens across a variety of chains (as long as they are 0x chains) tons of utllity in the piple line

And did I mention you can earn 160% APR staking BSC LP tokens on MANTRA DAO?

Later when we start offering validation for nodes to extend the network, rewards will be in L3P but as it is proof of authority it is not about competing for transactions in the usual sene

Running Beast | TGH

Lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead. Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Phil - DeFi Marketer

Ok - next game in dev is a racing game and owning the Chilli bottle NFTs (which you get by playing Gachapon) will give you access to unique features and skins - but as we are a game company - you don’t need them to play.

Video link -

This was recorded today by our primary coding genius... Built in Unity, (I will probably get in trouble for that) I have alreaady mentioned the SDK and how the games add to that - and we expect to have V1 of the complete kit in the late summer. FansPredict our peer to peer gamiified predicton platfform is in alpha and will launch mid to late March. That will use L3P on Leprichain and was bullt in partnership with BePro - the brains behind Polkamarkets. We are about to lauch the first deal on the L3P club - people who hold 100,000 L3P or above can get access to private pre-sale tokens!!!!! We are incubating two companies - one a long-standing game dev with 10 years of product for steam, PS and Switch who are adapting one of their IPs to blockchain - the other a platform for architeccts to design PROPER buildings for lareg Metaverse land plots. And we just announced we are working with Hayabusa Studios to build the blockchain component of a massive trans-media franchise called Tower’s Gate - unreal 5 PC game, mobile commodities game. and later animated movies and TV. Seriously exciting.

Running Beast | TGH

All the best for your upcoming campaign and events, thanks for coming today!

For more information on use the following links:



Telegram: Live AMA

Welcome to the Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



March 21st, 2022

Running Beast | TGH

Get ready for the AMA with SnowCat DAO

Welcome to TGH@PolyWantsACrackerFarm

Kurt Cobain (

Thank you!

Running Beast | TGH

I will be your host today, pleasure to meet you

Kurt Cobain (

I believe @WojakHorseman has also poked his head in

Running Beast | TGH

Hope you are all set with your cup of coffee ☕️

Kurt Cobain (

He wont be writing but he is here in spirit

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵

Running Beast | TGH

Let's get started with some introduction.

Please introduce yourself to the community?

Please tell us about your journey, experience and expertise in the Crypto field so far.

Kurt Cobain (

Kurt Cobain (

Hi! My name is Kurt

I've actually been here twice before haha

I've been following ETH and its tokens ever since TGH got started and i remember how integral it was to the history of defi groups

Gem Hunters is one of the oldest ICO groups

and of course we have been here multiple times before so it is a true honor to be back

we know that TGH doesn't schedule AMAs for just anyone and so we really appreciate it

We are on our 7thproject now

Running Beast | TGH

Welcome back Buddy 🙂

Kurt Cobain (

we had 4 yield farms, and now 3 DAOs

The link dump above contains most of the key info

but if you don't like to read

we also have videos

Our DAOs have included minotaur money, minipanther, and now snowcat DAO

That is a Medium article on the game theory of minipanther but snowcat is structured almost the same

so the basic idea of Snowcat is that it is a short-term financial game

the DAO can only mint new tokens for 8 days

but during that 8 days, you get an incredibly high single staking APY

Running Beast | TGH

Let's talk in detail about the project 🙂

Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did you start working on the project?

Kurt Cobain (

That's a great question

we take in bonds, meaning people can mint new SCAT tokens using the interface on the left side of our site

they get a discount for doing so and 3 days vesting

so the objective is to fill up a treasury. you have to put coins into the treasury in order to mint.

Then, on day 9, 80%of the treasury besides LP tokens is used for a series of massive buybacks

So that's what motivates people and provides the intrigue to hold until day 9

We have promised that 80% of the treasury besides LP tokens will be used for buybacks on day 9,so it sets that up as a goalpost

we believe that the short-term structuring can set up a situation where the token's price action will be dictated by that and not macro price action

like, for example, if BTC is going down a few percent, will you really sell a token that's having80% buybacks tomorrow?

we think now

To directly answer your question, the idea for this structure came from an organization called snowdog dao

Running Beast | TGH

That's awesome

Kurt Cobain (

that was a DAO structured the same way as snowcat in terms of rules

they said that they would do one massive buyback but they did so on the wrong LP

so essentially everyone got rugged for $40 million

That's not a good thing

We didn't want to allow the possibility that someone like me could just take the treasury money and run some exploit to steal it

so we programmed up some custom functions that now handle all buybacks

we have a docs page on that

and a liquidation test

and we also ran the whole system in the wild once

with mini panther

so we now have pretty good proof that it works and actually empties the treasury

Running Beast | TGH

How is this project different from snowdog dao? Are they both related?

Why are you doing a giveaway for snowdog dao stakers?

Kurt Cobain (

the function that actually does the buybacks only takes a % as input

Running Beast | TGH

Okay 👍

Kurt Cobain (

so the operator triggers all buybacks manually

and there is no standard administrative treasury withdrawal function

therefore, once bonded tokens enter the treasury, or any tokens enter the treasury that match the bonds, the only way out is via the buyback functions

therefore, the difference from snowdog dao is that we do not allow for the rug vector to occur

of course,"unruggable" is a stretch because there are many things one could do with the standard DAO formula to overmint tokens etc.

But we have made it so that the buybacks must occur on the correct LP

Running Beast | TGH

Will buyers be indirect control for their funds

Kurt Cobain (

Well, this gets at the definition of bonding/minting

When you mint here:

you can get SCAT tokens using any of those payment tokens

at that point, there is 3 day vesting

the protocol unlocks the purchased tokens linearly for 3 days

so at that point, people are not in full control of their funds

however, once that vesting period is up, or if you buy from the market, there are no restrictions on buying or selling

there is now a pre-swap period when people cannot trade also

at this point people have only PSCAT which will never have liquidity

we have a swap to SCAT that opens 3-23 at 8pm gmt

at that point, people get control back

Running Beast | TGH

Community members mark the date and time

Kurt Cobain (

our presale is sold out

and we have a full schedule of upcoming events here

3/22 9pm GMT: Liquidity added

3/23 8pm GMT: Swap from pSCAT (presale token) to SCAT (protocol token)

Send pSCAT to the contract at our Presale Page

3/25 8pm GMT: First reward epoch begins, bonding begins

3/26 0000 GMT :First rebase rewards drop

4/2 8pm GMT: Buyback date

so trading begins today

and the trading link is

however, my advice is that the best time to buy is 3/23 at 8pm gmt because that is when presalers gain access to coins

anyway getting back to the snowdog DAO comparison

why would we care about this?


Snowdog DAO actually reached and captured the imagination of tons of people

people really liked the concept of snowdog dao, it seemed almost fantastical to people

Running Beast | TGH

Definitely people will be buying because of FOMO

Kurt Cobain (

the concept of massive buybacks is just so powerful in peoples minds

they visualize themselves being the one to cash out at the very top and getting all the money

or dueling it out with others for the money

it makes people experience mooning in their mind over and over again

it was almost crazy how many people were involved and how much were putting into snowdog

but everybody kinda already knew that the team was shit bags and the concept of a 100% buyback never made any sense to me

Running Beast | TGH

Yeah, that's the crazy part

Kurt Cobain (

In my opinion, the only reason anybody would ever promise a 100% buyback is to rug it

but still, people went along with snowdog

so we know that they were getting at a very powerful concept

and minipanther showed us that the concept is really powerful

we have run basically this whole system before with a few changes

on fantom

what is different this time?

well, first we will have a lot more liquidity

$720,000 in total starting liquidity

whereas minipanther had only 150k on spooky and 50k on dark knight

also the length is8 days not 14

we also added in antibot

meaning we heavily tax the first few seconds after a buyback or liquidity add

and finally referral code

Running Beast | TGH

That's a great move

Kurt Cobain (

so if you think that this whole scheme would sound fun to people, you can send them your link

and that gives an extra 3% when minting to the referrer and referee

but the concept is very simple

many people are involved in long-term investments too

but many people also like short term flips

and fun games

much of what drives people is the joy of harvesting... they like to see those big rewards coming in

and so our limitation on supply expansion to 8 days lets you experience that more intensely

because there is a promise of the time limit

our starting single staking apy is going to be 291 billion lol

291 billion %

that's 1% every 4hours

and that works out to 77% over 8 days

Running Beast | TGH

[ GIF ] :D

Kurt Cobain (

but you will actually get more

because we have an8% tax on selling that is redistributed to stakers

anyway after you buy SCAT, you can stake it and it will start earning 1% every 4 hours plus tax income starting 3-25 at 8pm gmt

so i guess the main point of difference between us and snowdog lies in the protections we have put in place

but also the team's general integrity level

Running Beast | TGH

How will it be distributed? Like in what percentage?

If I stake more will I get more?

Kurt Cobain (

the selling tax redistribution is actually distributed the same way as the regular rebase APY

The taxed SCAT goes into an address along with the newly minted reward SCAT for that epoch

and then at the end of the epoch, it comes time to redistribute that SCAT according to the rebase formula

so everything that's in there, the regular reward SCAT plus the taxed SCAT, gets proportionally distributed amongst all the staked credit

so if you have double the coins i have, you get double the income

Running Beast | TGH

[ GIF ] :D

Kurt Cobain (, [3/22/2022 10:28 AM]

everybody's stack goes up by the same % each epoch

anyway the other difference between us and snowdog is one of general philosophy i suppose

the snowdog developers came up with snowdog as essentially a way of running a DAO, an ohm fork (olympus dao fork)

but we are not copypaste devs

we really bring something new to every project

so we actually took further steps to make it more secure

i can guarantee that the buybacks will be done on the proper LP, all i have to specify is what% of whats there to liquidate at which time

ready for next

Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token,

How does it all get incorporated into the SnowCat DAO ecosystem? Please tell us about the private and public sale and how can investors participate in it?

Kurt Cobain (

Well first of all,in case you didn't see it before, here is our link dump

Kurt Cobain (, [3/22/2022 10:31 AM]

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵

and in case you don't like to read, here are our videos

The snowcat main token is SCAT

and the token tha tyou get when you stake is xSCAT

so when you stake our token, you get another receipt token on a 1:1 basis

Running Beast | TGH

Community members follow them to be eligible for the rewards.

Kurt Cobain (

the token that you actually get more of when you stake is xSCAT

so you can transfer staked credit between wallets by sending xSCAT

but if you want todo something like bridge xSCAT or stake it somewhere else, you would need to wrap it which we also have an interface for

so that's a fun fact kinda

each OHM fork(olympus dao fork) has 3 tokens

which work together to represent who has the credit for staking, and also who receives the rewards at rebase time

Our presale info is here:

Unfortunately it's sold out now, but there's a schedule there too!

we have the schedule of upcoming events: liquidity addition, swap from PSCAT to SCAT, and the beginning of rewards

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

So the next opportunity to buy is 3-22 at 9pm GMT

that is when we will add the $720,000 in total liquidity on trader joe

so it will be pretty healthy in terms of price impact

if you want to, you will be able to get a decent bag size without changing the price that much

but the next real call to action is 3-23 at 8pm gmt

because that is when PSCAT can be swapped to SCAT

that is a very important concept that i should spend a minute on

because a lot of the supply wont be trading at first

so if people have reserve funds and want to buy, my recommendation is to wait until 3-23 8pm

Running Beast | TGH

That's different, can you please tell us a bit more about that.

Kurt Cobain (

that is probably going to be the best floor sweeping opportunity

when you participated in our presale, you didn't get SCAT, you got PSCAT

and again, PSCAT isn't going to be tradeable on its own, it has no liquidity

if you want to trade, you have to trade SCAT after liquidity is added

There is an unlock time when presalers get access to all SCAT

there is no further vesting, they get it all at once

so once again, my recommendation is to buy at that time, 8pm gmt on 3-23

Then, at 8pm gmt on3-25, the bonding begins

again bonding is the same thing as minting

doing bonding actually mints new tokens when you do it

the protocol then releases those tokens to you steadily over 3 days

so in effect, bonding offers a chance to buy tokens at independent pricing

we say "discount rate" but the discount can be negative

really the bond prices fluctuate using their own gauges

time makes the mint price go down and minting makes it go up

and there is a control variable

so there will be 5days of bonding

and then 3 days to just claim

then 1 day o fbuybacks

its like a whole project wrapped up into a vacation

then what happens? do SCAT tokens become worthless after that?

well. no

SCAT will then be a meme token

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

and SCAT will last forever in that state

some aspects of the protocol facilitate the transition

as soon as all supply expansion stops, we cant have regular rewards

but we can still have staking tax redistribution rewards

so we will still have staking

the DAO will still have tokens as well

which it may be able to trade for benefits

and in general people like meme tokens

we have seen with our experience in MiniPanther that a higher than expected number of people want to keep the tokens

we gave MiniPanther MP holders a chance to swap their tokens for some SCAT

so we give like a passageway between layers

but a shockingly high number of people instead chose to keep MP tokens

and actually right now MP is sitting at about presale price if you factor in the staking index

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

like it may be$4.50 now but that's $10 when you adjust for staking

so why do people like meme tokens?

well, you tell me


I cant tell you why people like meme tokens

I can just tell you that a higher than expected number of people seem to choose having them

Running Beast | TGH

Because they are for, with and by the community

Kurt Cobain (

right! so the teami s very closely connected to the community

Running Beast | TGH

No middle man

Kurt Cobain (

I spend hours a day every day keeping in touch with the community

and I'm also the contract admin

I am also the guy pressing the buttons during the buybacks haha

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

So if there is something the community needs to help the meme token aspect, we are always willing to facilitate

like if the community needs administration, or additional technical things set up, we are very capable and willing to do it

like with minipanther we have outside partnered staking with dark knight

and so we can maybe try to do things like trade our DAO scat tokens for outside pools

we are also gonna release Snowcat NFTs that we charge only SCAT tokens for to reduce the supply

so the team is doing a lot of things to help out the meme status

we will have community NFT avatars almost on day 1

so we are actually excited about working with the community to do meme token things

and so one other thing i want to say is

one of the reasons that these short term daos, minipanther and snowcat, are exciting

is because you get to choose your own adventure

like if you think the token is pricey 5 days before buybacks, you can just sell

but some people prefer the excitement of riding out the buybacks

and some people just want the meme tokens

there is no wrong answer really

with minipanther, you could hold all the way until meme token and actually come out with a profit

you could make dark knight staking money plus now sell the tokens for what you paid in presale

so at least minipanther was a pretty good experience in terms of whichever strategy you took as long as you didnt buy the pico top

even now you could sell minipanther presale tokens for full  presale price and then keep your staking income on the side

so we feel that this short term dao idea really does have legs and community interest

when we took a vote on whether to have a second short term dao, we got 250 yes votes in less than24 hours

and our whitelist interest was just out of control

hundreds of requests

and we are the only ones besides snowdog who have done this

I'm really not sure why

but it seems that the bad experience of snowdog left everyone scared to touch the concept again

except for us because we knew we could fix up the security

Running Beast | TGH

And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.

which is the next big thing coming up, you just did an airdrop campaign.

Please tell us about it and the Roadmap ahead.

Kurt Cobain (

well, those who bought minipanther NFTs know that we are working on FarmerLand

[Forwarded from Snowcat DAO - Announcements]

🧑‍🌾 Announcing FarmerLand 🧑‍🌾

🚜 A Play-to-Earn NFT game on the ETHblockchain

🐮 Collect Farmer, Land, and Tool NFTs to farmWHEAT tokens!

🌻 Pair NFTs and gain levels to maximize yield!

🌾 NFTs cost less ETH and more WHEAT as thegame progresses!

💰 One complimentary game NFT per MiniPantherNFT owned at the time of the upcoming claim! Get them before they sell out!

⏰ FarmerLand is coming soon!

🎮 Discord:

🦤 Telegram:

So we are awarding our NFT holders with new game piece NFTs in farmerland

and that's going to be a major project

but we are also working on more

we also still have minotaur money on cronos

that's our long term dao and it will remain our only long term dao

so we have more projects coming out as seed projects from that

we are working on some innovations to the tomb fork model which i think can fix the whole thing

we are working possibly on a solidly fork with improvements

Running Beast | TGH

That's great, it will be beneficial for the investors.

Kurt Cobain (

and we have another top secret project that is going to make you shit your pants

which is an NFT project

but ill discuss that when the info is released

Running Beast | TGH



Kurt Cobain (

That's true we just did an airdrop to the snowdog DAO stakers

if you have a wallet that staked in snowdog DAO, you can claim 2 SCAT free there

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

and of course the next thing for us is Snowcat

we are now focused very strongly on that

but yes we have all those other projects coming out too and I'm really excited for those. especially the shit-your-pants project

but id recommend staying tuned to snowcat

because it really is exciting

the buyback plan really sustains the plot

we did 14 days of minipanther, and it was great for narrative but we decided to shorten it even more

so now it should be a very concentrated narrative

we cant wait to see how the unique changes for snowcat (antibot, referral code, shorter time, more liquidity) play out

Running Beast | TGH

Thanks, that's all for round 1 today.

Now we move on to the live AMA questions

Are you ready?

Kurt Cobain (

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵


yes ready

Running Beast | TGH

Community members join the channel

Let's go

Sipaling ngentot

Hi @PolyWantsACrackerFarm

I see a lot of interest in the subject of fees but very little is said about the rights of artists over their content, can you explain to us what actions on your platform seek to promote "copyright" issue protection? How do you plan to avoid plagiarism, copying and falsification of content that could be monetized? Do you do some kind of KYC to the artists involved?

Kurt Cobain (

Hey, this is kind of off topic but I just want to say, we grant commercial rights to those who buy our NFTs

Adit Yoo°

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of the project's success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have any special plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience??

Kurt Cobain (

So actually we recently upgraded our community engagement through contests

we are super engaged with the community always

but we just improved our contests a lot

so that helped get more people involved on the grassroots level

we just announced even more contests too

we are having 3kdai in contest giveaways this week

last week we gave away a ton

so please join up if you like contests

we have really fun ones like meme contests


How do you plan to onboard the initial liquidity needed for your pools and what benefits if user want to be liquidator or provide liquidity?

Kurt Cobain (

So we are lucky about this

this question about liquidity is my favorite

I think this one actually wins the prize

because we have360,000 DAI we raised from the public that we are putting in as liquidity

we raised 600k DAI in the presale total and we are providing two halves of the liquidity worth$360k each

so $720,000 in total liquidity

and that is completely crowd sourced from our presale funds

also, your other question is great too

what incentivization is there for people to provide liquidity?

well, in many setups they have farms

so that LP provides a token directly

but in DAOs, we have protocol owned liquidity

so in snowcat, you would form liquidity on our website's helper and then use it to mint new scat tokens

that actually moves the LP tokens to the treasury

so this protocol owned liquidity system makes it so that customers cant pull liquidity lol

it makes our liquidity permanent

LP isn't liquidated when we buy back

so that also helps the meme token status the liquidity is permanent

so the meme token will really be tradeable forever

thanks for the question


Almost 80%investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?


Kurt Cobain (

I agree that short term focus is prevalent amongst investors

and snowcat is one of the only projects that admits, yeah, we are short term focused!

we advertise ourselves as a short term financial game

so we embrace that aspect of investor psychology

but once again we also facilitate the long game by becoming a meme token when the buybacks are done

and with minipanther, we gave a swap to SCAT tokens

so those who held all the way through got a very generous compensation plan at the end

so we help people to move on to the next project

we actually always do that

it's like our tradition

we often leave open the possibility of moving our tokens over to the next project

and our team has been doing this long term so that's a long term plan

we started this last July

and we are now 7projects in

so if you stick with our organization long term, we promise lots of opportunities

Raden | TKSR

Do you think thatDecentralized Finance (DeFi) will disrupt the existing financial systems? What is the unification approach towards the DeFi sector?


Kurt Cobain (

Actually no lol

so in my opinion tradfi is all about leveraged borrowing

but in defi, borrowing is overcollateralized unless its flash borrowing

so basically tradfi is like taking out a giant flash loan to buy the world

but it's long term


but I don't think defi can replace tradfi

because defi wouldn't let you do what tradfi does

it's too broken


Many Project talks only about their Strengths, Can You talk about the weak point that You project is Currently Dealing With?

Kurt Cobain (

yeah sure

there is a weak point in terms of administrative handiwork required

the way the bond prices fluctuate often requires me to be there turning knobs

like if one person shows up and bonds, it can change the bond price too far from the spot price

the formula that determines the actual mint prices is a bit primitive

and it is not anchored to the spot price

so I have to change it lol

I am pretty good at changing those prices

but it does require manual labor and I sometimes sleep

Running Beast | TGH

@PolyWantsACrackerFarmplease select the best question

Kurt Cobain (

For the best question, let’s go with the person who asked about how customers provide liquidity

anyway thanks again so much

I really appreciate the gem hunters and sorry if I was a bit slow at first

I took a nap right before this lol

but we are really incredibly excited about snowcat



Welcome to the Snowcat DAO Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



July 5th 2022

Welcome to the COTI Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank everyone who attended the live session, well this is a recap of the Live AMA session we had with COTI.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : To kick this off can we get a quick intro to COTI for anyone who doesn’t know yet please?

Yair/Team@COTI : Sure, so a quick introduction of myself, my name is Yair Testa, Head of Business Development here at COTI. I Have been in the industry since 2017. In a nutshell, COTI is an enterprise-grade layer-1 that specializes in providing a reliable, secure, fast, and cheap solution for enterprises to build payment systems on top. In regards to our technology, we built our network from the ground up (it’s not a fork of any kind of existing solutions) and it’s based on a DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) technology that is superior to current block-based architectures in many parameters such as scalability and operational costs. Actually, we are one of the few companies that are structured and designed to actually meet the enterprise’s needs and standards. COTI has a unique technology, we developed an enterprise-grade product and we offer a complete. A to Z Whitelabel commercial solution for Enterprises. When speaking about COTI technology, I personally like this video that explains our confirmation process and consensus mechanism (Proof of Trust) quite nicely:

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Now we have a brief idea what COTI is trying to achieve lets get some info on the team itself please!

Yair/Team@COTI : Sure thing, so we currently have about 40 employees working full-time at COTI. The team includes engineers, mathematicians, economists, researchers, and veterans of both the fintech and banking industries. In terms of our leadership, they are all really very talented people. Just to mention a few, Shahaf Bar-Geffen COTI’s CEO is known as the founder of the WEB3 Group and of Positive Mobile (both of which were acquired). Dr. Nir Haloani is COTI’s CTO, holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, and is the author of 14 different patents in the fields of AI and machine learning. He sold his previous company to IBM and was their Head Of Research. For the full Team list please visit here: 🙂

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : It was revealed during the Cardano Summit by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, that COTI will become the official Djed issuer of Cardano’s new stablecoin. Is coti built in a way that is able to integrate with any ecosystem fantom or ethereum? if so why the focus only on cardano?

Yair/Team@COTI : This is a very interesting question, that I personally hear a lot. So I’ll try to be as clear as possible. Basically, people sometimes get confused about why we spend resources and develop in other chains, such as Cardano, if we have our own network. Our core business is indeed developing on top of our Trustchain protocol (COTI’s native chain), and we are currently in the stage of designing and developing payment systems for enterprises on top of it. Having said that and given the expertise of our team in areas such as blockchain, banking, payments, and our company development capabilities, we also act as a technology provider and develop protocols in other chains. Always within the framework of payment solutions. In regards to Cardano specifically, we have had a great relationship with them over the last 3 years. Worth mentioning that the Cardano ecosystem venture fund (cFund) announced its first VC investment in COTI. We developed ADA Pay in 2019, which is a successful payment solution for Cardano that allows accepting $ADA as a payment method, and we are powering Djed, the first Cardano native crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin as you mentioned correctly. With this case study of Cardano, I believe we proved to the world that we are able to not only develop our own chain but also successfully develop payment systems on other chains. In theory, we can do the same for other chains as well, but we do need to have a business incentive to do so.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : COTI has just announced the release of the FoxNet version of the MultiDAG 2.0, which will allow the release tokens on top of COTI. Can you run through just how significant this is and how COTI will define a new token standard relating to the $COTI Native coin in the same way ERC20 tokens relates to $ETH.

Yair/Team@COTI : Great question! I believe MultiDAG 2.0 is one of COTI’s biggest milestones to date for us, as we are moving from a single-coin chain to a multi-token chain. Worth mentioning also that COTI’s MultiDAG is the first-ever DAG structure that allows token issuance on top of a single DAG.This achievement was made possible by combining independent DAG clusters into the overall COTI network. The COTI MultiDAG ecosystem is similar to other layer-1s, in the sense that both infrastructures act as the basis for a multitude of different tokens while utilizing one main coin for all fees. in our case, the COTI coin. In other layer-1s, token issuers are limited by the overall rules and performance of the network as a whole. On the COTI MultiDAG, token issuers retain control of their own rules, and instances are not limited by the overall performance of the network. This allows for almost limitless instances and tokens to exist without any network degradation. MultiDAG instances retain the ability to access all the overall COTI network features such as high scalability, low transaction costs and privacy.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : We know the market isn’t looking the best now, plus the economy looks dreadful with a recession looming. People don’t want to invest or part with their cash, so can you give us some insight into what else we can expect in the near future regarding upcoming catalysts and why people should chose to invest in COTI now?

Yair/Team@COTI : I understand the crypto space, and in my opinion, the world, in general, is passing through a period of high uncertainty fear, and volatility. But what I can say is that COTI as a company isn’t really affected by it. We are still growing our team and building like never before. We are confident that this will pass and COTI will come out stronger. It’s not our first bear market.We have COTI’s MultiDAG 2.0 mainnet launch this summer as well as Djed’s mainnet launch. Apart from that, we are talking with a few enterprises regarding possible collaborations. There are many exciting things that I didn’t mention, so I suggest you follow our channel to stay up to date.

For more information on COTI refer to the links below :







Welcome to the COTI Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



7th July 2022

Welcome to the AMAZY Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today!

Running Beast | TGH

Let's kick off with some introduction.

Please introduce yourself to the community?

Please tell us about your journey so far, experience and expertise in the Crypto field.

Stan | Amazy team

My name is Stanislav Zhupin. I am the CPO at AMAZY. My experience in Web 3.0 is more than 7 years.  I started getting acquainted with cryptocurrency in 2015. Then I was mining Monero. And then yet more interesting things began to appear.

Running Beast | TGH

Back then mining was the most profitable option. But now we are having an evolution in the crypto  industry and that brings us to the most hot topic in the industry now - M2E. Please give us a brief introduction about AMAZY and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start? How long have you been working on the project?

Stan | Amazy team

AMAZY is a crypto fitness app with two main courses: to Move and to Earn. Equipping users with NFT sneakers, we unite the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and profiting simultaneously. The project focuses on becoming the ecosystem, called the AMAZY Realverse. AMAZY was officially announced as a project in May 2022, and I’m happy to be its part since the very beginning.

Running Beast | TGH

Azur games have been in the industry for a long time. Hopefully AMAZY performs above our expectations.😁

Why did you decide to take a non-standard path by choosing BNB Chain? Why did you decide to use influencers for the project, and not funds?

Stan | Amazy team

In crypto projects, classical schemes for attracting users are not always suitable.

The company is trying to find itself in something new. Thanks to Sergey Kosenko, influencers can be attracted. Closer contact and a trusting attitude of users were more appealing. It is difficult for a user to make a purchase of $100 using Internet advertising. Funds can help raise money, but the main objective of the project is to reach the masses and attract 1 million users. BSC was chosen because it has the widest user base. And well represented in the market. At the same time, Solana has more bugs. And we believe in the BNB Chain.

Running Beast | TGH

There have been projects like STEPN before AMAZY. What makes AMAZY stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? What mistakes do you think Stepn team made? What conclusions did you make?

Stan | Amazy team

Often, the second or third companies become more successful than the first one, as they learn from the mistakes of their colleagues.

Firstly, the mathematics of the project was not built initially. The mint mechanic appeared after the launch of a large number of users. Late start of anti-cheat system. The restraining mechanics of activation codes turned out to be not working. Very large user growth. As a result, they allowed listing on coinbase, pump gst - pump all assets. And this great acceleration of the token could not be contained. Well, and the main problem: everything that is sold on their marketplace is an internal story, since it was not made on the blockchain. As a result, mint cannot be tracked. We're looking at Stepn's experience. This also affects the timing of the release of the project, as changes are being made. It is necessary to restrain the growth of users. We need an adequate payback model. The average payback, for example, is 90 days.

Running Beast | TGH

So, what's your plan to restrain a sudden surge of users in your app and platform. As you mentioned Activation code did not workout, Or you are ready to handle any number of users?

Stan | Amazy team

We control the amount of users to enter the app. The invitations amount will be limited for a certain period of time.

Running Beast | TGH

People are going crazy for the launch of AMAZY. But, the market conditions are vulnerable. If Bitcoin now drops below 15,000, will the project live, will it be profitable?

Stan | Amazy team

We have no connection with Bitcoin. Any market growth can trigger the growth of the token and the project. When there is a project that goes against the market, it often attracts the main attention. An example of this - Axie Infinity. When there was a market dump and Bitcoin went down, Axie Infinity gained an audience and became market independent. They got users interested, made a blockchain and grew up against the market all summer. When the market went green, Axie burst upward and showed an incredible amount of capitalization.

Running Beast | TGH

People always search for dependable projects in bear market. Would be great if AMAZY provides it.

So lets get some insight into your token, what is the difference between AZY and AMT tokens and how does it all get incorporated into the AMAZY ecosystem?

Stan | Amazy team

AMT (AMAZY Movement Token) is a utility token, the amount of which is unlimited. You can get it for walking and running.

AZY (AMAZY Token) is a governance token. In principle, the in-game token does not need an exchange. AMT token will not be on the exchange for the first 3 months or more, we have no such goal. It will be on DEX to prevent spikes in growth. Then we plan to create our own DEX exchanger inside the app. AMT token will remain an in-game token. The AZY token will go to the AMAZY project ecosystem.

Running Beast | TGH

As I know, strong backing and partnerships in the crypto market might bring huge benefits to new projects. During this point, can you tell us about the investors and partners of your project ? What benefits to the project  ecosystem do you expect from them?

Stan | Amazy team

We have partnerships with over 350 influencers around the world. You can have a look at some of them on We also talk about them in our telegram channel At the moment, we already have a partnership with Seedify, the sale went very well, and DAO Maker, the top launchpad in the crypto world. More will be announced soon.

Running Beast | TGH

What would you call the USP of AMAZY? The difference that would attract users?

Stan | Amazy team

Well, I'd point our unique economy model, focus on community, and tech part - unlike other Move2Earn projects, AMAZY is based on blockchain.

Running Beast | TGH

And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead. Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Stan | Amazy team

- July 19 - announcement of exchanges where $AZY will be listed

- July 20 - open beta test for all AMAZY NFT box owners

- July 22 - listing on two of the world's top 5 exchanges by sales volume.

- The application release announcement will also soon be unveiled.

Running Beast | TGH

Is there any Ambassador program for community members?

Stan | Amazy team

We encourage activities in our community, and used to Whitelist the most active members.

For more information on AMAZY please find links below:





Welcome to the AMAZY Live AMA with The Gem Hunters



24th April 2023

Welcome to the IDEAS live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending the AMA and sharing information on the project with our community! This is a recap of the Live session we had with team IDEAS.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you tell us a brief info about IDEAS and what team IDEAS are aiming to achieve ?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : Sure. IDEAS is an ERC20 token that has been built on the Ethereum network, and will serve as a utility token within the IDEAS Platform.Let me provide you with some information about the IDEAS Tokenomics. IDEAS is a fixed supply token of only 300 million tokens. All the tokens are minted, and we’re continuously burning tokens, which makes IDEAS a deflationary token. Currently, we have about 11% of the total supply burned, through different events and functions. IDEAS liquidity is locked for 5 years (till 2028 – able to be extended). It is deployed on Uniswap-V3, and all the liquidity rewards will be burned.Marketing and budget wallets are locked for 12 years. All the relevant links can be found on our website and Telegram channel for verification. IDEAS Goals and Vision:IDEAS aims to revolutionize fundraising and investing by creating a decentralized platform accessible to all kinds of projects, including non-crypto projects.Entrepreneurs can share their startup ideas on the platform to receive support from investors or donors. The IDEAS Platform is being built as a decentralized autonomous application platform, designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and skills in a shared space that operates using cryptocurrencies. Decentralized because we aim to make it controlled by the token holders throughout voting. No single entity will be in charge of the platform. Autonomous means that the community will contribute to the enhancements and improvements of the project. Utility:The IDEAS Platform will allow users to: 👉🏻Post their projects online to attract potential investors from all around the world. The entrepreneurs will get their projects done, and the investors will get profits.👉🏻Borrow cryptocurrencies from other users and pay them back after some time with profits.👉🏻Request donations for their causes or projects.👉🏻Post job assignments online to find suitable freelancers that are ready to work and get cryptocurrency as a payment.

While the platform is still under development, we have deployed a first version that you can all try out using this link: As an introduction to the platform, you can watch this video on our YouTube channel: v=opyEJNXJxVY&

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you share some information about the team behind IDEAS, what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : The core IDEAS team is composed of seven skilled developers with experience in programming, development, and crypto.Although IDEAS is our first crypto project as a team. IDEAS was deployed in November 2021, so it has been around 1.5 years since the project began. We share the same mentality. The team strongly believes in blockchain technology, decentralization, and the core fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.We believe also in IDEAS as our project.The team members are more than just employees; they are also IDEAS holders, and are paid in IDEAS. They have a strong faith and desire to see the project through to completion, as they are committed to its long-term value rather than seeking fast profits. Although not all members work full-time on the project, some are part-time workers, which allows us to operate sustainably over the long term.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As you have mentioned before that you want the holders to control and contribute to ecosystem so can you elaborate on how the platform’s governance model works, including the decision-making process, consensus mechanisms, and how participants can actively participate in shaping the platform’s direction?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : We are committed to building a platform that truly gives power to IDEAS token holders. In the final version, they will have control over the platform as if they were the core team. This means that if a user posts a scam project, for example, other token holders can vote to ban that user and remove the project from the smart contract and the platform.The voting power will be based on the number of tokens held by each user. There will be a rating system and a ranking system. The rating system will give users the ability to rate a certain project from 1 to 10, normally, the higher rated projects would mean better projects.To avoid scammers from elevating the rate of their projects, the ranking system is there. The ranking system gives each holder a rank, based on how many IDEAS he is holding, the higher his rank the more powerful his voting and rating power. Holders of a certain amount of IDEAS can create propositions.Whatever is that proposition, it will be subject to voting, and since we aim to make the platform autonomous and able to be improved and enhanced by its community, the result of the voting will be able to be carried on by the community members. The voting result will be considered successful if it gets more than 50% of the votes. As we work towards our vision of a truly decentralized platform, the IDEAS team will continue to oversee necessary operations until the final version is published.By that time, the IDEAS team will be part of a community that actively works on improving the project and driving its success.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What specific pain points or challenges does IDEAS aim to address in the current entrepreneurial and investment landscape? How does the platform provide unique solutions or opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and skills to collaborate and benefit from each other’s expertise?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : Most, if not all, of the crypto launchpads in the crypto space are exclusively oriented toward crypto projects. This means that they can only be used to launch crypto-related projects. Polkadots and PinkSale are an example of these launchpads. However, IDEAS offers a unique solution by allowing any kind of project to be posted on the platform, whether it be financial, engineering, or crypto-related. All projects will be funded through cryptocurrencies, providing entrepreneurs from around the world with the opportunity to find worldwide investors for their projects. This approach is new and innovative in the crypto world, and to further enhance its value, we have decided to make the platform decentralized and autonomous. Of course, there will be rules and conditions in place to protect the users’ and investors’ funds using decentralized solutions that are provided and secured by the power of blockchain technologies. Also, the use of blockchain decentralized and trustless technologies on the IDEAS platform will eliminate many of the typical repetitive procedures, unnecessary expenses, and extensive paperwork that are commonly found in fundraising and recruitment processes. This will open doors for entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled individuals to connect and build their ventures.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you provide more details on the funding process within IDEAS, including the types of projects or startups eligible for funding, the criteria for project evaluation, and the steps involved in the funding process? How does IDEAS ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability in the funding process?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : To use the IDEAS platform, you will need to create an account by providing an email, a username, and a crypto wallet. Once you have created your account, you can choose to upload your personal data to your profile or keep it empty if you prefer to remain anonymous.The IDEAS platform is divided into two separate platforms: the Investment platform and the Recruitment platform. The Investment platform is responsible for all funding operations, while the Recruitment platform handles all recruitment-related activities.In the Investment platform, there are three types of projects. The borrowing project, the donation project, and the investment project. In the borrowing project: First, you create a project and choose its category, the amount of currency you want to borrow, the profit you are offering to the creditors, the repayment period (in months), and the guarantee payment you are providing for creditors. Once your project is published on the IDEAS platform, other users can send you crypto to participate in your project and earn the specified profit.However, as a project creator, you must fulfill your payment obligations to the creditors within the specified period. If you fail to do so, you will lose all previously paid payments, in addition to the guarantee payment. This provides a level of security to the creditors and ensures that the borrowing project is a fair and reliable platform for all users. The donation project: In a donation project, there are no profits or paybacks for the donors.To create a donation project, you need to upload your project data and information and specify how many milestones your project is divided into.Additionally, you need to specify the goals to be completed by the end of each milestone.The milestone feature allows the creator to divide their project into stages, ensuring that they do not receive all the funds in one go. The funds are vested, and the creator will receive them in stages based on the progress of the project. This division of the project helps create trust between the donors and the fundraiser (the creator).At the end of each milestone, the creator must provide data to prove the completion of the goals of that milestone. If the goals are completed, the donors can donate for the next stage. If not, they will not lose all their donated money, only a fraction that goes toward the first milestone. This way, donors can donate with confidence, knowing that their funds will be used towards achieving the goals of the project. The Investment project: The Investment Project is a unique blend of the Borrowing and Donation projects described earlier. It will also be divided into milestones, with investors receiving both payback and profit. A guarantee payment will be available to protect investors’ funds.Voting at the end of each milestone will be done by the investors, to decide if they want to proceed with the project to the next milestone, or stop it, based on the uploaded data and advancements done by the creator. This innovative solution will be managed by a decentralized smart contract, which will allow for complete transparency in all transactions. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, all transactions can be tracked and verified, ensuring a high level of security and accountability.In keeping with our commitment to freedom and inclusivity, anyone can post a project on our platform without needing prior approval from IDEAS. However, to maintain a positive and respectful environment, violent or adult projects will be automatically filtered out.Please note that there will be a nominal fee for creating a project on the platform. The collected fees will be used to automatically buy back IDEAS tokens and burn them, thereby reducing the total supply of tokens and potentially increasing their value.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : How does IDEAS plan to attract and onboard entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled individuals to its platform?What are the key features of IDEAS that makes it different from other DAA platforms in the market?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : Currently, our main focus is on completing the platform and implementing all of its features.Once the platform is fully operational, we plan to launch extensive marketing campaigns and seek partnerships with other projects to reach a wider audience. We already have some partnerships in progress.In addition to our core functions, we have created a “Donation Post” feature specifically for influencers, celebrities, and movements. This allows users to post text, pictures, or videos in a section of their profiles that can be accessed on a single page without requiring a login. Influencers can use this feature to receive crypto donations from their followers and can also promote our platform by sharing the donation post link on their channels or websites.As for how we differ from other Decentralized Autonomous Applications (DAAs), it’s worth noting that each DAA has its own unique functionality. For example, Uniswap and Pancakeswap are DAAs that allow users to buy and sell crypto assets. In comparison, the IDEAS platform offers a range of functionalities that are discussed and explained in more detail in the other questions above.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What are the future plans and roadmap for IDEAS? How do you envision IDEAS evolving in the coming years and what opportunities do you see for entrepreneurs, investors, and skills in the platform’s ecosystem?

Adam/Founder@IDEAS : Our top priority right now is completing the IDEAS platform, which we’re fully focused on. Our current main focus is on finalizing the Investment Platform, followed by the Recruitment Platform, and eventually the development of a mobile application for easier access. Once we’ve finished these core features, we plan to explore the possibility of adding an NFT marketplace for projects. Given the increasing popularity of NFTs in the crypto space, we believe this could be an exciting addition to the platform. Our ultimate aim is to provide a streamlined and efficient process for entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled individuals to connect and collaborate while eliminating the typical redundancies, fees, and paperwork that have traditionally plagued the fundraising and recruitment processes. This will be made possible through the use of decentralized, trustless blockchain technology.

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