March 15th 2022

Welcome to the GEMS live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : First of all could you give us a quick introduction into what you guys have been building over at KOMPETE?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : KOMPETE is a multiplayer all in one sports game.Sports include: basketball, battle royale, kart racing, and golf! More to be released in the future as we grow and update the game.We are a traditional game that also includes a cryptocurrency ethereum on our PC game build. We will release KOMPETE with cross platform play on PC, XBOX, Playstation, Android, and iOS.Keep in mind, cryptocurrency (ethereum) is only offered through our PC private build! We can’t put cryptocurrency on those other platforms until they allow. Just want that to be clear 🙂 It’s our goal to make games accessible to everyone. The game is created by a real game’s studio that i founded 18 months ago cause I got salty at AAA gaming. We have been working on KOMPETE for 18 months. It’s built on Unreal Engine 4. I have built a full development and marketing team for the game. We have ~15 developers working on the game. It depends on the week as some people come in and out. Nontheless..Just want to let you all know there’s a large amount of power behind the game. Also…I self funded the game for 18 months. I have invested ~$900,000+ in the game to get to this point. We are in our “last push” here where we integrate game asset ownership (cryptocurrency) and we port KOMPETE to work with XBOX and Playstation. Right now KOMPETE currently is a functioning game! I have shown a bunch of footage in our telegram. Be sure to join! We already have 3 out of the 4 game modes working (not ready for players yet!). Also the game works on PC, Anroid, and iOS with cross platform play already! So that means someone on iOS can play with someone on PC. ok! I think that’s what KOMPETE is all about and where we are at :) The idea is to offer all these game modes for free and at a really high quality so that people don’t have to go purchase that $70 a year sports games like NBA2K, FIFA, PGA2K, NHL, MADDEN, ETC…It’s really unfair IMO that if you and I want to play a basketball game together on multiplayer we are both gonna have to buy NBA2K…KOMPETE solves this cause we’re free and of a substitutable quality to these games.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Secondly can you introduce us to the KOMPETE team itself, tell a bit about yourselves, experience and backgrounds please!

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Yes! We have a large team so I’m gonna keep it general and geared to the leadership. I’m Justin Meister and I’m leader. I’m from La Jolla, California. I used to run a successful marketing and counseling business. I decided 18 months ago that i was going to allocate all my resources, staff and attention to creating the world’s next biggest video game.Ethan Jablonowski is also from La Jolla, California. He used to work with me in my marketing business and is now the chief of operations for us.Both of us went to college at UW-Madison together and have known each other for a long time. As for the rest of our team…We have 2 marketers on our team working full. Then we have ~10–12 developers working on the game. There are programmers and artists who all know how to use Unreal Engine 4. I’m an ex-pro gamer in NBA2K, Madden, and Fortnite. I used to compete and qualify in tournaments for money. I would win money and would play these games for 8 hours a day. I have developed a bunch of in-house proprietary software for our marketing and counseling business but I have never developed a game. I’m aware of this haha! So I went out and hired literally the best guys money can buy to make sure we can deliver the tech. Our tech lead, Alex Arzhanyi is one of the most experienced Unreal Engine developers in the world. We also have a technical artist, Konstantin Pupin who ensures the game looks real good and doesn’t run shitty. If you notice when you watch all our footage..The game runs at a super high frames per second and is super optimized! That’s how we can have the game run on PC + Mobile and have it look real good. It’s because of these 2 guys. ^^^ Also. We have a yung stud game designer and programmer named Adam Bari. Who is cracked at all multiplayer games. He is the reason that the games are able to achieve such detailed quality. We have some backend programmers to handle all monetization + servers. We have a junior programmer for prototyping. A lead character artist to create amazing characters. A bunch of modelers to make the art. A UI/UX designer. An audio engineer as well.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : How long have you been developing so far and what kinds of games and metaverse can we expect to see KOMPETE delivering?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : 18 months and running :) At launch we’re going to have Basketball, Battle Royale, Kart Racing, and Golf. We have a surprise that I have not announced yet! We have a game mode that very metaversy and it’s called KOMMUNITY! This is where you will spawn into a neighborhood with your house and be able to play with all your game assets that you have earned and purchased in KOMPETE. Envision Decentraland but with realistic art, i’m not saying we are going to do the same exact stuff as decentraland! Players will own a house with a plot of land. They can upgrade their house, invite friends over, and play with their friends in the neighborhood. All of our game modes are accessible in the KOMMUNITY. So you can invite your buddies and be able to play each other in basketball 1v1.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you tell us what the actual usecase of the KOMPETE token will be and what part it will play within the metaverse?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Definitely :) The use case is KOMPETE Token is that it is used for ethereum players to transact on our secondary marketplace so if you want to buy/sell any items on the secondary marketplace you need KOMPETE Token. it’s how you trade/buy/sell with people in the game on Ethereum and on our PC crypto game build.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : I see you guys also have a 12% buy and sell tax with the tax funds going towards the marketing wallet. Marketing is like a catalyst for every project,so can you tell us what plans you have for marketing and what sort of area are you targeting?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : We’re a business and we always will be. This 12% tax is revenue for the business. It funds the game and marketing. Without it, we would not be creating revenue and would not be able to do any marketing. Yes we have huge plans for marketing! Unlike most other crypto games, our game is really far long. Also, keep in mind I paid close to 1 million out of my own pocket before launching any token. This means that a lot of work is done that we don’t need to develop. We can now use those funds for marketing. This is good news for all holders because you know most gaming tokens need to take like 2/4 of their funds and go develop the game. We don’t need to do that. I’m also continually investing in the game still myself out of my own pocket (not the marketing wallet). This is huge for holders because again…that means we’re gonna go spend the marketing wallet not horde it myself lol. To answer your last part…We have a marketing campaign starting this week. We have multiple AMAs lined up. We will have ads go out and targeting twitter specifically. There’s a bunch of influencers who are NATURALLY picking us up as well because we have a cool and unique project. These are all people that money cannot buy and other projects dream about being able to have. Because we have a cool project, they are shilling our token without me even messaging them. This is really important because it means we have support from huge influencers and they don’t have any allocation!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Any plans for partnership.. alot of people in crypto space love to see projects partner with each other as it shows the team are active and broadening their network. Is this in the pipeline?

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : I would love to partner up with anyone who helps with our vision, goals or has a shared audience that we both can beneft from. I can’t announce any potential partnerships. But there’s a lot of people in my DMs. But yeah of course we’re going to do partnerships if it’s fair :) I’m not gonna allocate tokens to people though guys. Cause i’m not gonna have our holders get dumped on from allocated supply.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : When do you believe the project/game will be fully finished and be playable for people to play?Could you please provide us your next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Justin Meister/Founder@KOMPETE : Quick answer = we’re aiming for later 2022. But there’s no scheduled official release date and this date is subject to change. Why? because game development + blockchain technology is relatively hard. AAA gaming companies can’t even get their game working nicely after saying they are gonna release it for 5 years. The game needs to be 100% working on all platforms and then we will release. But! If you are a holder of the KOMPETE Token at some point before release, all holders will get to access the game and play. There’s not set time frame for that, but we are working efficiently as possible to make this happen. Here’s our todo list: 1.NFT Minting on our website, 2. Secondary marketplace with KOMPETE Token, 3. Port the game to XBOX + Playstation, 4. QA Testing, 5. Continue to grow Mahzookoo Island (our environment)

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