AiRight Live AMA

January 12th 2022

Welcome to the aiRight live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So to kick of the AMA, could you give a summary of what aiRight is all about? What’s the vision behind the protocol?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : Let me share the idea of aiRight creation. aiRight is a complete system for NFT management built on our native network, Oraichain mainnet. We launched Q3 2021 and spent the first six months setting the foundation for a flexible, cross-chain, AI enhanced NFT X DeFi platform. In short, the stage is set for a mainnet populated with a new generation of machine learning enhanced dApps. aiRight is only the first of many AI enhanced dApps to be released in the coming years. The primary use of machine learning on aiRight is NFT authentication functionality.Our data crawler compiles an index of NFTs from multiple networks to create a database by which originality can be measured. Each NFT in the database is labeled via Oraichain’s Data Hub to identify its unique features. This is accomplished through both crowdsourced and AI-assisted annotation. When a new NFT is minted, it is compared against this database to identify potential plagiarism. Each NFT receives a similarity score with the ultimate goal of only allowing original work to be minted as a non-fungible asset.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : So before we learn about your goals for 2022, let’s get to know the team! Can you give us some background on yourselves, and what inspired you to come together to create aiRight/ORAI?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : Sure, aiRight team is lead by Dr. Chung Dao, he is the CEO and Co-founder of Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains and also directly manage aiRight – the first DApp running on Oraichain mainnet. He received Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2017 and also is a co-founder of Rikkeisoft, a top-10 software development company in Vietnam. I’m Tyree Robinson, 2010 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Chief Strategy Officer for aiRight. I spent the better part of the past decade in the entertainment industry, focusing in TV & music, working with some real legends along the way. I’ve been with aiRight since the beginning and plan to be with the project long term! Love working with this team.

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : I’m Mohammed Badat, engineer for 32 years and have developed in many spheres. I currently own and run a Software development consultancy for the past 20 years as well as a Wireless ISP for the last 8 years. I am the founder of DCRC RaceX on the Avalanche network. Very happy to join the aiRIght to bring our game engine to Oraichain mainnet.

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : I’m Linh Phan, aiRight Head of BD, I’m the former Head of BD of Oraichain and now I’m focusing on the development of the first AI enhanced DApps on Oraichain. We also have 10 devs in the development team and this number will growing further. With the coming of NFT on the mainstream in the cryptoworld, we all realize the potential of NFT and have the same vision of “Creating an All-in-one platform for NFT creation and copyright management”. Taking advantages of each core member, we are confident that we can build a solid platform in all aspect: Excellent dev team, CSO with the intensive experience and network in the entertainment industry and supported by a strong community which continues to grow organically.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The AIRI token is a crucial aspect of the aiRight ecosystem; can you break down the tokenomics, and share what the utility of the AIRI token is? What separates AIRI from other tokens on the BSC network?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : ye, AIRI is the token for the aiRight platform and now on BSC. We are going to announce the new tokenomics on January for more sustainable development, with a significant movement of allocations out of Farming and into Ecosystem and Marketing to incentivize contribution to the platform, ensuring exposure and long-term sustainability. AIRI token will be released on the Oraichain mainnet and become a payment token on the platform. The AIRI Utilities includes: 1/ Payment token: some services such as NFT marketplace, in-game token for the NFT games running on Oraichain Mainnet, gallery creation and farming fee will require AIRI tokens for payment. This is a rational choice to build an internal economy within the aiRight system. We are also looking closely at add deflationary element . 2/ Governance: AIRI holders have the right to participate in governing the policy decisions on aiRight platform that include the service fee rate, buyback and burn policy, farming rewards, profit sharing, as well as all future utility integrations. 3/ Farming: AIRI tokens are the rewards for yield farming on aiRight.

Tyree/Team@aiRight : It’s also worth noting: Since aiRight is on Oraichain mainnet, native $ORAI token is a major piece of our ecosystem and currently used for all marketplace transactions until we open the bridge to bring $AIRI to mainnet. Since Oraichain is an AI enhanced layer 1, users will continue to need $ORAI for transaction fees even once $AIRI is available on mainnet.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : The year 2022 has been regarded as a year of huge potential for crypto; what plans does AIRI have moving forward, and what should people be looking out for next?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : As we move towards completion of all core functionalities for aiRight, 2022 is going to be a very busy year for our team. Here is an overview of our 2022 Roadmap! 💎 Q1: New Tokenomics and More open Gateway to access aiRight platform; New Tokenomics, NFT Staking Program, Fiat payment integration, Discord Member verification bot for Private NFT Communities, AIRI on Oraichain mainnet supported by ORAIDEX, 3D galleries functionality .💎 Q2: Improving the authenticity verification protocols and providing features to support Wen Lambo on Mainnet; NFT audit service, Content authenticity verification , Wen Lambo on Mainnet Launch , NFT Rentals Feature , Listing on CEX, Mass NFT minting, Mystery Box NFT Infrastructure. 💎 Q3: Launchpad for artists with fully supports ; Crowdsourced fundraising or NFT launchpad for artists, Generative Engine For Artists, NFT bridge completion, Integrating originality protection for other NFT projects, Generative models for metaverses , DeFi for new artists, Composition tools integration 💎 Q4: aiRight Mobile app and scaling up to be an all-in-one cross-chain NFT management platform; Shophouse/3d gallery on other metaverses, aiRight mobile app, Cross-chain platform and apply Oraichain Protocols to NFTs on other chains. In the short term, we are most excited about our partnership with DCRC RaceX and the upcoming game Wen Lambo. DCRC is currently building the first race2earn metaverse game on AVAX.

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : Yes sure, Wen Lambo features a play-to-earn ecosystem with highly customizable vehicles and multiple race modes tying the real and virtual world together for a true metaverse experience. Minting for NFCars is ongoing for their game on Avalanche, you can read more about it on our website. DCRC is the game studio behind Wen Lambo on Oraichain mainnet, which is slated for release Q2 this year. Early presale for aiKeys is currently open on Oraichain mainnet for ~$100 each in native $ORAI.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : aiRight is also hosting a presale for WenLambo, a PvP racing game built on Oraichain! Could you share some details on both the game and the presale? Also, what are the perks of the aiKeys during the presale?

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : To participate in the early presale round, please follow directions here: You will need to purchase a “Pit Pass” in order to claim your aiKey at floor price. There are only about 150 left in this round. The next round of presale will take place on Feb 9, 2022. The sale will be in BNB, AIRI and fiat via CC for around ~$200 Value (1500 Available). No matter which payment method you choose, you on Oraichain mainnet.

Tyree/Team@aiRight : Here is the link to purchase your pit pass directly with $ORAI token. Less than 150 left in the early presale… .We’re really focusing in bringing users into the Oraichain ecosystem from where they are without to many intermediary steps. Think this will be quite successful for us in the next presale round.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Speaking of the launch, what advantages does Oraichain offer to both developers and players? This is the first dapp on Oraichain developed by an outside dev team right?

Linh|ORAI/Team@aiRight : To build the partnership with DCRC, each party play their key role on the game development. The DCRC team will focusing on buidling the engine and concept of game, and Oraichain will collaborate to apply them to our Mainnet, support from the blockchain and marketing side for the game to attract users. Wen Lambo will take the advantage of Oraichain mainnet, that the very quick and low transaction fee, aiRight also provides AI Oracle services for NFT Authenticity and Royalty protocol, as well as aid in the implementation of Oraichain’s VRF 2.0. In long term, both parties will also work together to tailor a custom AI Oracle, via Oraichain’s Data Hub, relating specifically to car modifications and performance enhancements in order to promote a fair and transparent gaming environment.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What are the features of WenLambo that make it stand out compared to other projects, and what made AIRI choose WenLambo as their first launch?

MoBoosted/Team@aiRight : We are truly working towards a unique game environment for Wen Lambo. Not pay to earn, but truly play to earn. We are confident of some following ecxiting points of game to give players deeply enjoy in racing: Various race modes with other level of risks: Challenge mode: “High Risk”. You could win the whole pot or lose the whole pot, so it’s important to evaluate your risk tolerance and the match-up with your competitor before making/accepting a challenge. Group mode: “Medium Risk”. The rewards pool here is distributed amongst participants based on standings.DeFi Season Mode: “Low Risk”. AIRI and LP tokens are deposited into a 30 Day locked vault, utilizing existing farming vaults to generate rewards for the pool. All participants are guaranteed to earn some passive yield from playing, but top winners have the opportunity to win big.We also have some “free” modes that will only require vehicle ownership/rental to earn XP. Practice Mode: Practice mode is used to increase driver skill and unlock XP through hands on driving experiences. This XP can be used to unlock and claim car customization kits which can be resold on the secondary market. – The Car customization: Players will be required to actively participate in practice and race modes in order to earn experience points (XP) and unlock vehicle mods at floor prices. New and upgraded elements can be purchased in the parts store and added to cars in each user’s garage. Players can also choose to resell their parts on the secondary market, allowing other users the chance to purchase parts kits without earning XP. Performance modifications include:Engine, Turbocharger, Exhaust, Brakes, Tires and Wheels, Intake and Filters, Suspension, Shocks and Stabilizers.

COMRADE KEEGAN|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lastly, how can players earn in the WenLambo game, and what’s the best way to get started?

Tyree/Team@aiRight : First off, users can earn revenue in our Race Modes above. Besides playing there are some awesome opportunities to earn revenue including: Marketplace Opportunities: Car owners can earn from buying and reselling their vehicles on the secondary market. Vehicles that have been upgraded through unlocked parts and customization kits will have added value, so users can create their own strategy and businesses in this ecosystem. Parts and customization kits unlocked are also issued and claimed as NFTs. This is an opportunity for new buyers to purchase upgrades from players who have earned them, short cutting the time consuming process of earning XP to unlock customizations of their own. This is another opportunity for users to establish their own business model in this game. NFT Rental Marketplace: After the game is launched, we will also offer an NFT rental marketplace, giving users a low cost opportunity to borrow vehicles for races safely to participate in races. This is also a great opportunity for vehicle owners to earn revenue from the vehicles they have purchased and customized without losing custody permanently.

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