Naramunz Live AMA

March 10th 2022

Welcome to thee Naramunz Live AMA with The Gem Hunters, wewould like to thank the team for attending today!


Running Beast | TGH

Let's get started with some introduction.

Please introduce yourself to the community?

Please tell us about your journey, experience and expertisein the Crypto field so far.


Ake | Naramunz

Hi Everyone! My name is Åke André. I'm based in NorthernSweden in a city called Umeå. I’m an old-school gamer of Diablo and Starcraftand used to play the later on a professional level. Now I have the greatprivilege to be the CEO of a really cool game studio called Crypto Rogue Games.


I’ve been anentrepreneur better part of my adult life and launched several companies andbeen successful with some of them. I spent about 20+ years in the onlinegambling vertical and seen an unregulated market become regulated. During theseyears I noticed how underserved this market was in terms of fiat on and offramp.  This led me to get more involvedwith Fintech to find solutions. One thing led to another, and I started toinvestigate Crypto in 2017.


I saw that Crypto was having the same issues and was justsome steps behind from the vertical I came from. I saw how I could help cryptoprojects and got involved into helping projects like Enjin, Chiliz, Binance andFreeway to mention some projects. When I helped Enjin I saw the great potentialaround NFTs back in 2018 and always wanted to do my own project related to thisgreat technology.


Here we are several years later and I am doing just that 😊


Running Beast | TGH

Please give us a brief introduction aboutyour project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behindits origin? When did you start working on the project?


Ake | Naramunz

Crystals of Naramunz is all aboutbringing old school multiplayer action RPG to crypto but to tackle thechallenges we see today with what we call GameFi 1.0. The main issues with mostGameFi projects today are that:

1. High barrier of entry. Players needssome kind of token or knowledge around crypto to play.

2. Boring gameplay. If you strip the gamesfrom crypto no one would play them.

3. Most of these games are not compliantto VASP regulation and even less so with the upcoming MiCA regulation. Thiswill cause a lot of issues for these projects moving forward.

Some of my childhood friends are alsoseasoned entrepreneurs and have ton of experience from verticals such as gamingand monetization of these games.  It’s abit funny how we as geeky nerds manage to be successful. We have always stayedin touch and always said “imagen if we joined forces today”.  Yeah we are now 40+ with kids etc but withheavy dose of experience that we joined forces we can create something reallycool.

During the pandemic (2020) we finallymanage to sync our lives and started looking at this market and saw how softGameFi was in terms of games with proper gameplay. When we looked at the teamand thought about all the games we jointly been working. Games like Pillars ofEternity, Path of Exile, Magicka 2, Stellaris to mention a few. Yeah, it’s fairto say we can bring a sledgehammer of a game to the GameFi vertical in terms ofgame play. Then we saw how badly the in-game economy was in most of the gamesin crypto, we knew we could do it better. So…we that’s we decided to do I guess😊


Running Beast | TGH

I agree with the quality of Crypto games.

Nothing so special but are cheap copiedversions of traditional games


Ake | Naramunz

I've always said if we in the cryptocommunity see games as something that can bring more mass adoption of crypto.How about we start building games that can compete among the web2 games? Youknow games that players actually want to play for the game itself.


Running Beast | TGH

There have been a number of NFT basedGameFi projects in the market. What makes Naramunz stand out and unique? Pleasetell us about Naramunz's unique Creator oriented NFTs and its benefits?


Ake | Naramunz

Maybe the most obvious one is that we arein fact building a real game.  😂 Iwant this community to understand that if you like Diablo 2 or Path of Exilethen you should have the same expectation of game play in Crystals of Naramunz.Let’s start there. The game must come first, period. I haven’t seen one singlegame in the GameFi vertical that can compete in this genre of game. This iswhat solves one of the most important issues with what we call GameFi 1.0.


Ake | Naramunz

Crystals of Naramunz solves the highbarrier of entry issue. Players won’t need to know anything about crypto inorder to play the game. Meaning no wallet, no crypto just play the game. We aresolving this with our unique economy flow model and the in-game pool. You canread more about this in our whitepaper


Running Beast | TGH

What do think is the the major problempeople face while making a Game in the Crypto sphere? Like is the codingdifferent or anything else??


Ake | Naramunz

I would say that they do not understandhow to build in-game economy or have no understanding of game mechanics and howto build them properly to work with your game system.


no its just common lack of understandingwhat makes different game systems work and why the economy in certain gameswork as they do

example, take diablo 2


what is that game about in reality if youlook at the core loop of that game? Core loop is about you go to a dungeon andkilling mobs and then you sell items in town and store what you want to keep inyour stash, then repeat. But the entire game is actually built around itemprogression :) But my point with D2 is that you need to get your itemprogression system right first in order to adopt it to your characterprogression and that is what is important in the core loop of the game. If thecore loop of a game sucks...well why would anyone play it?


Running Beast | TGH

People are going crazy with the NaramunzRPG Adventure game. Please tell us about it and when will it be available forthe public?


One of them. The other things I guess weare different is that we focus on the legal aspect a lot more than you see inGameFi today.


Ake | Naramunz

The team behind this project is workingwith the financial authorities in how our economy model is working. This is tomake sure we are staying compliant to the VASP and MiCA regulation.  We have separated the fiat and crypto economyin the game to stay compliant. You will not be able to find NARZ in the gamethat you can withdraw to the wallet. This is a huge mistake in todays GameFi.Not only are you creating massive sell pressure on your token, but your game isin fact a VASP. Most of the GameFi project has zero understanding around AntiMoney Laundry issues when your game mixes economies or your game acts as aVASP. Just to understand how serious we take this to make the game compliantand legit one of our advisors in the team is a former tax judge for the Swedishtax court. I think this is a very important one if you ask me :)


Well building a game like this takestime. We started real development early Q3 2021 and we are aiming for apre-alpha launch in Q2 this year. We will select some of our community membersand invite them in to try it out. Then we have different levels of alphareleases throughout the year and aiming for Beta in 2023 and full release ofthe game in Q4 2023.


Running Beast | TGH

Please tell us about the audit of theproject and the legal/regulation aspect of crypto/gamefi on which Naramunz isbased?


Ake | Naramunz

We used Hacken to do our audit and youcan find the audit here.

Important to highlight when you look at aproject audit of a token is not everything you should look at. You should alsosee if the team has any understanding around multiplayer security intraditional web2 games. It might be overkill, but we have a guy who hasexperience of doing penetration checks for banks and on military graded security.Only reason we manage to get this guy is cause he is an old university friendof mine 😊

Hacken (


I’ve addressed it earlier. We focus a loton making sure the game is VASP compliant. We also look at how our NFTs willbehave. We are mindful around making them a security. I’ve mentioned it for thepast year that many NFTs that are used in games are in fact securities. It wasno surprise that SEC woke up and started to point a fingers at NFTs. There istoo much wild west going on in crypto and if you want to do something properthen do it right. Don’t just wing it


Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token, howdoes it all get incorporated into the Naramunz ecosystem? Please tell us aboutthe private and public sale and how can investors participate in it?


Ake | Naramunz

Okey this one needs some time to explainlets show some in game screenshot and it will help to the community understandhow it works.



In the game NARZ is reflected as crystalsin the game. These crystals work as battery for your character. When you useskills like throwing a fireball that drains mana. In order to regenerate thatmana game checks how many crystals your character can carry for its currentlevel. Then how many you have in your in-game crystal wallet. This impacts yourregeneration rate of mana.



With progression of your character, youwill unlock different skills which will then drain more mana cause they aremore powerful. This will in turn require you to have more crystals etc. Thenthere are airships and sky island that will require NARZ in order to operate orto produce things your character might need.


If you find a rare item in the game thatyou want to turn into NFT that will require a small fee of NARZ. Again a wayfor our to monetize their game time 😊



One thing that is important to explain inthe NARZ economy is the in-game pool. When the game is launched 30% of all thecirculating supply of NARZ will be in a specific pool. The game will check howmany NARZ is in that pool and then know how my Crystals can be found in thegame. These crystals can NOT be withdrawn from the game. They are there sotraditional non-crypto players can use crystals in the game. They can drop frommobs but they are obviously a bit rare. If you are tired of grinding for these crystalsyou can buy NARZ from the open market and connect your wallet to the game.


Those in the community who has playedPath of Exile know about seasons and how there is a reset every third month.Meaning that there is an update something new cool that is launched with thatexpansion. When there is a reset, all characters start at level 1. The onlything that is persistent between these seasons are NFTs and NARZ that a playeris holding a wallet. The in-game pool of NARZ will reset (re-populated).Meaning that players will want to create NFTs of items they want to use in thenext season.


Some of the items dropped in one seasonwill never drop again. Meaning they become limited and only those players whohave them as NFT can now enjoy these items. Hope that gave somewhat of anoverview 😉


Oh I almost forgot the IDO for NARZ isplanned for Q2.


Ake | Naramunz

Follow our social media to stay up todate if you want to get your hands on some early NARZ









Running Beast | TGH


Ake | Naramunz

Lastly please tell the community aboutyour plans ahead. Which is the next big thing coming up, you just did anairdrop campaign. Please tell us about it and the Roadmap ahead?


Community is important to us, and we wantto gamify their interaction with Naramunz. The alpha I can drop to thiscommunity is you really want to check out our twitter and telegram early nextweek. Maybe there are NFTs involved…maybe not… who knows. 😉

Meanwhile you wait for next week, you can always enjoy our current ongoing campaign

Roadmap wise its full steam ahead of game development to get the game ready for pre-alpha in Q2. We have most of the important systems like item, skill, inventory, level and combat implemented. Next, we need to get our Quest system in and doing polishing around the crystal wallet and some UI modifications. Then we will do a whole bunch of internal game testing and that’s what’s happening game wise the upcoming months.

I mentioned earlier up IDO in Q2 and then through out the year we have different NFT drops that relevance to different version of the alpha that we have in our roadmap throughout the year. We want to make sure that community members that follow our project early on are rewarded in different ways.

If you want to know more about the roadmap I suggest you check out

We wish you all the best for your upcoming campaign, thanks for coming today!