February 9th 2022

Welcome to the Live AMA with The Gem Hunters.

Running Beast | TGH

Let's start with some introduction.

Please tell us about your work and experience in the Crypto field and your role in the project.

Phil - DeFi Marketer

As to my experience in crytpo - actually Lepricon was my first blockchain role, and that was about 18 months ago. I am an experienced marketer - 30 plus years - no need to do the math - and was part of the dot com boom 20 years ago and before Crypto was actually in Luxury Travel but thanks to Covid killing the travel industry and a chance encounter with an old friend I found myself here. Obviously, the best thing that could have happened!

Running Beast | TGH

Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

I will start with the when - the project was concieved very early in 2019 and really started to move in the fall of 2019. We raised the finance (just under $4mil hardcap) early in 2020 and went TGE with our first pool on Uniswap on March 16th last year, so we are a few weeks away from our one year anniversary as a live tokenised company.

As to what we are about…

Lepricon has a few facets but they all add up to a singular intention - we believe that blockchain will be the first killer onramp for mass interaction with blockchain-based applications and our stated mission is to enable traditjonal gaming developers to start incorporating blcokchain tech in ways that make their games better. Lepricon has a few facets but they all add up to a singular intention - we believe that blockchain will be the first killer onramp for mass interaction with blockchain-based applications and our stated mission is to enable traditjonal gaming developers to start incorporating blcokchain tech in ways that make their games better. Right now we have this phenom called blockchain gaming but it is really about the NFTs and token sales, not the game. That needs to change so that is about the game and blockchain sits in the background adding new utlilty and extending the player expeience. We are creating a series of tools that enable real game development on blockchain, which will become what we call the game SDK.

Running Beast | TGH

What makes Lepricon stand out and unique among so many projects in the market? Please tell us about Lepricon's unique gas less blockchain mechanism. How are you going to achieve this?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

We’re developing this on three tracks:


Unity engine (C#)

Unreal Engine (C++)

And all three tracks include deployable blockchain tech that is either gas free or has the ability to gamify the validation - for example mining in game commodities by validating nodes - integral wallets for inclusion in compiled game code. marketplaces (thnk the auction house in World of Warcraft) and token and NFT batch minting.

We do create our own games but their primary purpose is to showcase tehcnical capabilties - for example. our first game, Lucky Wheel - which is a wheel of fortune type game - demonstrated zero gas transactions, and our recent game Gachapon demonsrated our batch compossed NFT minting and the ability to access blockchain from within the Unity 3D Engine.

As to our origin…

Lepricon came about because an interesting group of people game together, notably our CEO - Josh Galloway - who was 20 years in the mainstream video game industry - he was actually a producer on Max Payne back in the 90s! So our gaming DNA is real!

We stand out because we have genuine video game DNA. We know all the heads of all the major studios and are talking to them all the time. Publicly a lot of game companies are worried about blockchain because the blockchain industry has managed to put the mainstream off rather than attract them. But those connections are what enable us to focus on building solutions that actually work. To explain that - it is the blockchain - the proof you own it - that matters. DeFI is an application stack built on that. Gaming applications have to rebuild on the blockchain from scratch - it’s not about adapting DeFi. And this is what we understand and are doing.

Leprichain - this is our Ethereum compatible side chain that runs with zero gwai. Gas is one of the frictions that makes sense in DeFi but no sense from a UX perspective for games if it means constantly interrupting the player asking for permission to transact. The chain has gas because it is an ethereum chain, but it is a meaningless token that you cannot transact or bridge to another chain. We just feed it with loads of chain coin and then set the recommended gwei for wallet transactions to zero.

Running Beast | TGH

Now that we have a little info on the project let's hear about the Lepricon team. How many members is your core team made of? What's their backgrounds, and experiences? How long have you been working together?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

The core team is 10 or so. Mostly in HK but a couple overseas like the US anda lot of close partner companies in Asia and Europe. Most have been here a year or so although we are recruiting again o build a new tech unit due to a recently announced partnership to build the blockchain integration for a AAA game in Unreal Engine 5 called Towers Gate. This project is so large we need to expand our team to build a dedicated unit.

As I mentioned, our CEO is from the games industry although later he went into blockchain as a VP at a VC fund. Our COO, Stephen, is a blockchain native having worked on tokenising several companies - and he used to be a criminal barrister! The team is a varied mix of people (by experience and nationality) and includes people from game studios (our lead game producer is ex Zynga) and blockchain/DeFi companies.

Running Beast | TGH

People are going crazy with the Lepricon NFT Platform and Lepricon City. Please tell us about it and how can investors participate in it?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

Ok. So, Lepricon City ( is our home for casual games and there are two there right now - Lucky Wheel and Gachapon. Their primary purpose was to demonstrate the underlying technology (gas less side chain, unity engine blockchain access etc) but they do have charms of their own - especially Gachapon - you win an NFT with every go, containing one of our Chilli bottle NFTs and some Polygon USDT (from 50 cents to US$125)

To play the games you need to own L3P (buy on Pancake swap on BSC is better for gas but you can use Uniswap as well or and then you need to bridge that to Leprichain so you can play. Right now the token price is low - the market was not patient for a game-related company that measures dev in years not weeks but now we are coming out with the tech and making major announcements so we are very confident that will change - and we are exceptionally well funded so we are not going anywhere. If you prefer yield to games you can stake Pancake Swap LP tokens on MANTRA DAO right now for 160% APR. We have to do both - we buld the tech but we are a token so we have to provide an option to encourage long term holding and we have new staking options about to come out.

Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token. How does it all get incorporated into the Lepricon ecosystem?

Phil - DeFi Marketer

On BSC and Etheruem it is L3P but when you bridge to Leprichain it becomes SL3P - we call it that because just by sitting on chain it earns a daily yield of 7.7% and yet is fully liquid and usable. One benefit of gas having no meaning….

On Leprichain right now games are played in SL3P and either pay back SL3P or in the case of Gachapon you win NFT packs that contain other NFTs and USDT on Polygon. L3P will also be the payment system for a soon to be released pack gneerator product which enables anyone to batch mint composed NFTs (containing other assets) on the Polygon and Etheruem networks. There are third parties right now building for Leprichain and some will default to L3P being the payment currency. New gamified staking optons coming where success in other activities earns you SL3P and new staking options where you stake SL3P and earn other tokens across a variety of chains (as long as they are 0x chains) tons of utllity in the piple line

And did I mention you can earn 160% APR staking BSC LP tokens on MANTRA DAO?

Later when we start offering validation for nodes to extend the network, rewards will be in L3P but as it is proof of authority it is not about competing for transactions in the usual sene

Running Beast | TGH

Lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead. Please tell us about your Upcoming events, Roadmap, milestones and potential updates moving forward.

Phil - DeFi Marketer

Ok - next game in dev is a racing game and owning the Chilli bottle NFTs (which you get by playing Gachapon) will give you access to unique features and skins - but as we are a game company - you don’t need them to play.

Video link -

This was recorded today by our primary coding genius... Built in Unity, (I will probably get in trouble for that) I have alreaady mentioned the SDK and how the games add to that - and we expect to have V1 of the complete kit in the late summer. FansPredict our peer to peer gamiified predicton platfform is in alpha and will launch mid to late March. That will use L3P on Leprichain and was bullt in partnership with BePro - the brains behind Polkamarkets. We are about to lauch the first deal on the L3P club - people who hold 100,000 L3P or above can get access to private pre-sale tokens!!!!! We are incubating two companies - one a long-standing game dev with 10 years of product for steam, PS and Switch who are adapting one of their IPs to blockchain - the other a platform for architeccts to design PROPER buildings for lareg Metaverse land plots. And we just announced we are working with Hayabusa Studios to build the blockchain component of a massive trans-media franchise called Tower’s Gate - unreal 5 PC game, mobile commodities game. and later animated movies and TV. Seriously exciting.

Running Beast | TGH

All the best for your upcoming campaign and events, thanks for coming today!

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