March 21st, 2022

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Get ready for the AMA with SnowCat DAO

Welcome to TGH@PolyWantsACrackerFarm

Kurt Cobain (

Thank you!

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I will be your host today, pleasure to meet you

Kurt Cobain (

I believe @WojakHorseman has also poked his head in

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Hope you are all set with your cup of coffee ☕️

Kurt Cobain (

He wont be writing but he is here in spirit

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵

Running Beast | TGH

Let's get started with some introduction.

Please introduce yourself to the community?

Please tell us about your journey, experience and expertise in the Crypto field so far.

Kurt Cobain (

Kurt Cobain (

Hi! My name is Kurt

I've actually been here twice before haha

I've been following ETH and its tokens ever since TGH got started and i remember how integral it was to the history of defi groups

Gem Hunters is one of the oldest ICO groups

and of course we have been here multiple times before so it is a true honor to be back

we know that TGH doesn't schedule AMAs for just anyone and so we really appreciate it

We are on our 7thproject now

Running Beast | TGH

Welcome back Buddy 🙂

Kurt Cobain (

we had 4 yield farms, and now 3 DAOs

The link dump above contains most of the key info

but if you don't like to read

we also have videos

Our DAOs have included minotaur money, minipanther, and now snowcat DAO

That is a Medium article on the game theory of minipanther but snowcat is structured almost the same

so the basic idea of Snowcat is that it is a short-term financial game

the DAO can only mint new tokens for 8 days

but during that 8 days, you get an incredibly high single staking APY

Running Beast | TGH

Let's talk in detail about the project 🙂

Please give us a brief introduction about your project and what are you guys trying to showcase? What is the story behind its origin? When did you start working on the project?

Kurt Cobain (

That's a great question

we take in bonds, meaning people can mint new SCAT tokens using the interface on the left side of our site

they get a discount for doing so and 3 days vesting

so the objective is to fill up a treasury. you have to put coins into the treasury in order to mint.

Then, on day 9, 80%of the treasury besides LP tokens is used for a series of massive buybacks

So that's what motivates people and provides the intrigue to hold until day 9

We have promised that 80% of the treasury besides LP tokens will be used for buybacks on day 9,so it sets that up as a goalpost

we believe that the short-term structuring can set up a situation where the token's price action will be dictated by that and not macro price action

like, for example, if BTC is going down a few percent, will you really sell a token that's having80% buybacks tomorrow?

we think now

To directly answer your question, the idea for this structure came from an organization called snowdog dao

Running Beast | TGH

That's awesome

Kurt Cobain (

that was a DAO structured the same way as snowcat in terms of rules

they said that they would do one massive buyback but they did so on the wrong LP

so essentially everyone got rugged for $40 million

That's not a good thing

We didn't want to allow the possibility that someone like me could just take the treasury money and run some exploit to steal it

so we programmed up some custom functions that now handle all buybacks

we have a docs page on that

and a liquidation test

and we also ran the whole system in the wild once

with mini panther

so we now have pretty good proof that it works and actually empties the treasury

Running Beast | TGH

How is this project different from snowdog dao? Are they both related?

Why are you doing a giveaway for snowdog dao stakers?

Kurt Cobain (

the function that actually does the buybacks only takes a % as input

Running Beast | TGH

Okay 👍

Kurt Cobain (

so the operator triggers all buybacks manually

and there is no standard administrative treasury withdrawal function

therefore, once bonded tokens enter the treasury, or any tokens enter the treasury that match the bonds, the only way out is via the buyback functions

therefore, the difference from snowdog dao is that we do not allow for the rug vector to occur

of course,"unruggable" is a stretch because there are many things one could do with the standard DAO formula to overmint tokens etc.

But we have made it so that the buybacks must occur on the correct LP

Running Beast | TGH

Will buyers be indirect control for their funds

Kurt Cobain (

Well, this gets at the definition of bonding/minting

When you mint here:

you can get SCAT tokens using any of those payment tokens

at that point, there is 3 day vesting

the protocol unlocks the purchased tokens linearly for 3 days

so at that point, people are not in full control of their funds

however, once that vesting period is up, or if you buy from the market, there are no restrictions on buying or selling

there is now a pre-swap period when people cannot trade also

at this point people have only PSCAT which will never have liquidity

we have a swap to SCAT that opens 3-23 at 8pm gmt

at that point, people get control back

Running Beast | TGH

Community members mark the date and time

Kurt Cobain (

our presale is sold out

and we have a full schedule of upcoming events here

3/22 9pm GMT: Liquidity added

3/23 8pm GMT: Swap from pSCAT (presale token) to SCAT (protocol token)

Send pSCAT to the contract at our Presale Page

3/25 8pm GMT: First reward epoch begins, bonding begins

3/26 0000 GMT :First rebase rewards drop

4/2 8pm GMT: Buyback date

so trading begins today

and the trading link is

however, my advice is that the best time to buy is 3/23 at 8pm gmt because that is when presalers gain access to coins

anyway getting back to the snowdog DAO comparison

why would we care about this?


Snowdog DAO actually reached and captured the imagination of tons of people

people really liked the concept of snowdog dao, it seemed almost fantastical to people

Running Beast | TGH

Definitely people will be buying because of FOMO

Kurt Cobain (

the concept of massive buybacks is just so powerful in peoples minds

they visualize themselves being the one to cash out at the very top and getting all the money

or dueling it out with others for the money

it makes people experience mooning in their mind over and over again

it was almost crazy how many people were involved and how much were putting into snowdog

but everybody kinda already knew that the team was shit bags and the concept of a 100% buyback never made any sense to me

Running Beast | TGH

Yeah, that's the crazy part

Kurt Cobain (

In my opinion, the only reason anybody would ever promise a 100% buyback is to rug it

but still, people went along with snowdog

so we know that they were getting at a very powerful concept

and minipanther showed us that the concept is really powerful

we have run basically this whole system before with a few changes

on fantom

what is different this time?

well, first we will have a lot more liquidity

$720,000 in total starting liquidity

whereas minipanther had only 150k on spooky and 50k on dark knight

also the length is8 days not 14

we also added in antibot

meaning we heavily tax the first few seconds after a buyback or liquidity add

and finally referral code

Running Beast | TGH

That's a great move

Kurt Cobain (

so if you think that this whole scheme would sound fun to people, you can send them your link

and that gives an extra 3% when minting to the referrer and referee

but the concept is very simple

many people are involved in long-term investments too

but many people also like short term flips

and fun games

much of what drives people is the joy of harvesting... they like to see those big rewards coming in

and so our limitation on supply expansion to 8 days lets you experience that more intensely

because there is a promise of the time limit

our starting single staking apy is going to be 291 billion lol

291 billion %

that's 1% every 4hours

and that works out to 77% over 8 days

Running Beast | TGH

[ GIF ] :D

Kurt Cobain (

but you will actually get more

because we have an8% tax on selling that is redistributed to stakers

anyway after you buy SCAT, you can stake it and it will start earning 1% every 4 hours plus tax income starting 3-25 at 8pm gmt

so i guess the main point of difference between us and snowdog lies in the protections we have put in place

but also the team's general integrity level

Running Beast | TGH

How will it be distributed? Like in what percentage?

If I stake more will I get more?

Kurt Cobain (

the selling tax redistribution is actually distributed the same way as the regular rebase APY

The taxed SCAT goes into an address along with the newly minted reward SCAT for that epoch

and then at the end of the epoch, it comes time to redistribute that SCAT according to the rebase formula

so everything that's in there, the regular reward SCAT plus the taxed SCAT, gets proportionally distributed amongst all the staked credit

so if you have double the coins i have, you get double the income

Running Beast | TGH

[ GIF ] :D

Kurt Cobain (, [3/22/2022 10:28 AM]

everybody's stack goes up by the same % each epoch

anyway the other difference between us and snowdog is one of general philosophy i suppose

the snowdog developers came up with snowdog as essentially a way of running a DAO, an ohm fork (olympus dao fork)

but we are not copypaste devs

we really bring something new to every project

so we actually took further steps to make it more secure

i can guarantee that the buybacks will be done on the proper LP, all i have to specify is what% of whats there to liquidate at which time

ready for next

Running Beast | TGH

Lets get some insight into your token,

How does it all get incorporated into the SnowCat DAO ecosystem? Please tell us about the private and public sale and how can investors participate in it?

Kurt Cobain (

Well first of all,in case you didn't see it before, here is our link dump

Kurt Cobain (, [3/22/2022 10:31 AM]

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵

and in case you don't like to read, here are our videos

The snowcat main token is SCAT

and the token tha tyou get when you stake is xSCAT

so when you stake our token, you get another receipt token on a 1:1 basis

Running Beast | TGH

Community members follow them to be eligible for the rewards.

Kurt Cobain (

the token that you actually get more of when you stake is xSCAT

so you can transfer staked credit between wallets by sending xSCAT

but if you want todo something like bridge xSCAT or stake it somewhere else, you would need to wrap it which we also have an interface for

so that's a fun fact kinda

each OHM fork(olympus dao fork) has 3 tokens

which work together to represent who has the credit for staking, and also who receives the rewards at rebase time

Our presale info is here:

Unfortunately it's sold out now, but there's a schedule there too!

we have the schedule of upcoming events: liquidity addition, swap from PSCAT to SCAT, and the beginning of rewards

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

So the next opportunity to buy is 3-22 at 9pm GMT

that is when we will add the $720,000 in total liquidity on trader joe

so it will be pretty healthy in terms of price impact

if you want to, you will be able to get a decent bag size without changing the price that much

but the next real call to action is 3-23 at 8pm gmt

because that is when PSCAT can be swapped to SCAT

that is a very important concept that i should spend a minute on

because a lot of the supply wont be trading at first

so if people have reserve funds and want to buy, my recommendation is to wait until 3-23 8pm

Running Beast | TGH

That's different, can you please tell us a bit more about that.

Kurt Cobain (

that is probably going to be the best floor sweeping opportunity

when you participated in our presale, you didn't get SCAT, you got PSCAT

and again, PSCAT isn't going to be tradeable on its own, it has no liquidity

if you want to trade, you have to trade SCAT after liquidity is added

There is an unlock time when presalers get access to all SCAT

there is no further vesting, they get it all at once

so once again, my recommendation is to buy at that time, 8pm gmt on 3-23

Then, at 8pm gmt on3-25, the bonding begins

again bonding is the same thing as minting

doing bonding actually mints new tokens when you do it

the protocol then releases those tokens to you steadily over 3 days

so in effect, bonding offers a chance to buy tokens at independent pricing

we say "discount rate" but the discount can be negative

really the bond prices fluctuate using their own gauges

time makes the mint price go down and minting makes it go up

and there is a control variable

so there will be 5days of bonding

and then 3 days to just claim

then 1 day o fbuybacks

its like a whole project wrapped up into a vacation

then what happens? do SCAT tokens become worthless after that?

well. no

SCAT will then be a meme token

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

and SCAT will last forever in that state

some aspects of the protocol facilitate the transition

as soon as all supply expansion stops, we cant have regular rewards

but we can still have staking tax redistribution rewards

so we will still have staking

the DAO will still have tokens as well

which it may be able to trade for benefits

and in general people like meme tokens

we have seen with our experience in MiniPanther that a higher than expected number of people want to keep the tokens

we gave MiniPanther MP holders a chance to swap their tokens for some SCAT

so we give like a passageway between layers

but a shockingly high number of people instead chose to keep MP tokens

and actually right now MP is sitting at about presale price if you factor in the staking index

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

like it may be$4.50 now but that's $10 when you adjust for staking

so why do people like meme tokens?

well, you tell me


I cant tell you why people like meme tokens

I can just tell you that a higher than expected number of people seem to choose having them

Running Beast | TGH

Because they are for, with and by the community

Kurt Cobain (

right! so the teami s very closely connected to the community

Running Beast | TGH

No middle man

Kurt Cobain (

I spend hours a day every day keeping in touch with the community

and I'm also the contract admin

I am also the guy pressing the buttons during the buybacks haha

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

So if there is something the community needs to help the meme token aspect, we are always willing to facilitate

like if the community needs administration, or additional technical things set up, we are very capable and willing to do it

like with minipanther we have outside partnered staking with dark knight

and so we can maybe try to do things like trade our DAO scat tokens for outside pools

we are also gonna release Snowcat NFTs that we charge only SCAT tokens for to reduce the supply

so the team is doing a lot of things to help out the meme status

we will have community NFT avatars almost on day 1

so we are actually excited about working with the community to do meme token things

and so one other thing i want to say is

one of the reasons that these short term daos, minipanther and snowcat, are exciting

is because you get to choose your own adventure

like if you think the token is pricey 5 days before buybacks, you can just sell

but some people prefer the excitement of riding out the buybacks

and some people just want the meme tokens

there is no wrong answer really

with minipanther, you could hold all the way until meme token and actually come out with a profit

you could make dark knight staking money plus now sell the tokens for what you paid in presale

so at least minipanther was a pretty good experience in terms of whichever strategy you took as long as you didnt buy the pico top

even now you could sell minipanther presale tokens for full  presale price and then keep your staking income on the side

so we feel that this short term dao idea really does have legs and community interest

when we took a vote on whether to have a second short term dao, we got 250 yes votes in less than24 hours

and our whitelist interest was just out of control

hundreds of requests

and we are the only ones besides snowdog who have done this

I'm really not sure why

but it seems that the bad experience of snowdog left everyone scared to touch the concept again

except for us because we knew we could fix up the security

Running Beast | TGH

And lastly, please tell the community about your plans ahead.

which is the next big thing coming up, you just did an airdrop campaign.

Please tell us about it and the Roadmap ahead.

Kurt Cobain (

well, those who bought minipanther NFTs know that we are working on FarmerLand

[Forwarded from Snowcat DAO - Announcements]

🧑‍🌾 Announcing FarmerLand 🧑‍🌾

🚜 A Play-to-Earn NFT game on the ETHblockchain

🐮 Collect Farmer, Land, and Tool NFTs to farmWHEAT tokens!

🌻 Pair NFTs and gain levels to maximize yield!

🌾 NFTs cost less ETH and more WHEAT as thegame progresses!

💰 One complimentary game NFT per MiniPantherNFT owned at the time of the upcoming claim! Get them before they sell out!

⏰ FarmerLand is coming soon!

🎮 Discord:

🦤 Telegram:

So we are awarding our NFT holders with new game piece NFTs in farmerland

and that's going to be a major project

but we are also working on more

we also still have minotaur money on cronos

that's our long term dao and it will remain our only long term dao

so we have more projects coming out as seed projects from that

we are working on some innovations to the tomb fork model which i think can fix the whole thing

we are working possibly on a solidly fork with improvements

Running Beast | TGH

That's great, it will be beneficial for the investors.

Kurt Cobain (

and we have another top secret project that is going to make you shit your pants

which is an NFT project

but ill discuss that when the info is released

Running Beast | TGH



Kurt Cobain (

That's true we just did an airdrop to the snowdog DAO stakers

if you have a wallet that staked in snowdog DAO, you can claim 2 SCAT free there

Running Beast | TGH


Kurt Cobain (

and of course the next thing for us is Snowcat

we are now focused very strongly on that

but yes we have all those other projects coming out too and I'm really excited for those. especially the shit-your-pants project

but id recommend staying tuned to snowcat

because it really is exciting

the buyback plan really sustains the plot

we did 14 days of minipanther, and it was great for narrative but we decided to shorten it even more

so now it should be a very concentrated narrative

we cant wait to see how the unique changes for snowcat (antibot, referral code, shorter time, more liquidity) play out

Running Beast | TGH

Thanks, that's all for round 1 today.

Now we move on to the live AMA questions

Are you ready?

Kurt Cobain (

Snowcat DAO (🐆,🐆)

🌐 Website:

✈️ Twitter:

📢 Telegram:

🎮 Discord:

🐆 is an exciting short-term financial game with unique incentives and rules! 🐆

🐶 Giveaway to wallets that staked in SnowdogDAO - 2 SCAT/wallet, limit 3000 wallets! 🐶

💰 Snowcat is a DAO that allows supply expansion for only 8 days 💰

💸 On day 9, 80% of the treasury besides SCAT-DAI LP will be used for buybacks 💸

⚒ Buybacks controlled by custom functions - admins have no treasury withdrawal ability ⚒

🎉 Buyback code battle tested by the team's first short-term DAO, MiniPanther DAO 🎉

💲$30,000 in tokens to give away this week! 💲

💵 New referral code! 3% Bonus! 💵


yes ready

Running Beast | TGH

Community members join the channel

Let's go

Sipaling ngentot

Hi @PolyWantsACrackerFarm

I see a lot of interest in the subject of fees but very little is said about the rights of artists over their content, can you explain to us what actions on your platform seek to promote "copyright" issue protection? How do you plan to avoid plagiarism, copying and falsification of content that could be monetized? Do you do some kind of KYC to the artists involved?

Kurt Cobain (

Hey, this is kind of off topic but I just want to say, we grant commercial rights to those who buy our NFTs

Adit Yoo°

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of the project's success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have any special plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience??

Kurt Cobain (

So actually we recently upgraded our community engagement through contests

we are super engaged with the community always

but we just improved our contests a lot

so that helped get more people involved on the grassroots level

we just announced even more contests too

we are having 3kdai in contest giveaways this week

last week we gave away a ton

so please join up if you like contests

we have really fun ones like meme contests


How do you plan to onboard the initial liquidity needed for your pools and what benefits if user want to be liquidator or provide liquidity?

Kurt Cobain (

So we are lucky about this

this question about liquidity is my favorite

I think this one actually wins the prize

because we have360,000 DAI we raised from the public that we are putting in as liquidity

we raised 600k DAI in the presale total and we are providing two halves of the liquidity worth$360k each

so $720,000 in total liquidity

and that is completely crowd sourced from our presale funds

also, your other question is great too

what incentivization is there for people to provide liquidity?

well, in many setups they have farms

so that LP provides a token directly

but in DAOs, we have protocol owned liquidity

so in snowcat, you would form liquidity on our website's helper and then use it to mint new scat tokens

that actually moves the LP tokens to the treasury

so this protocol owned liquidity system makes it so that customers cant pull liquidity lol

it makes our liquidity permanent

LP isn't liquidated when we buy back

so that also helps the meme token status the liquidity is permanent

so the meme token will really be tradeable forever

thanks for the question


Almost 80%investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?


Kurt Cobain (

I agree that short term focus is prevalent amongst investors

and snowcat is one of the only projects that admits, yeah, we are short term focused!

we advertise ourselves as a short term financial game

so we embrace that aspect of investor psychology

but once again we also facilitate the long game by becoming a meme token when the buybacks are done

and with minipanther, we gave a swap to SCAT tokens

so those who held all the way through got a very generous compensation plan at the end

so we help people to move on to the next project

we actually always do that

it's like our tradition

we often leave open the possibility of moving our tokens over to the next project

and our team has been doing this long term so that's a long term plan

we started this last July

and we are now 7projects in

so if you stick with our organization long term, we promise lots of opportunities

Raden | TKSR

Do you think thatDecentralized Finance (DeFi) will disrupt the existing financial systems? What is the unification approach towards the DeFi sector?


Kurt Cobain (

Actually no lol

so in my opinion tradfi is all about leveraged borrowing

but in defi, borrowing is overcollateralized unless its flash borrowing

so basically tradfi is like taking out a giant flash loan to buy the world

but it's long term


but I don't think defi can replace tradfi

because defi wouldn't let you do what tradfi does

it's too broken


Many Project talks only about their Strengths, Can You talk about the weak point that You project is Currently Dealing With?

Kurt Cobain (

yeah sure

there is a weak point in terms of administrative handiwork required

the way the bond prices fluctuate often requires me to be there turning knobs

like if one person shows up and bonds, it can change the bond price too far from the spot price

the formula that determines the actual mint prices is a bit primitive

and it is not anchored to the spot price

so I have to change it lol

I am pretty good at changing those prices

but it does require manual labor and I sometimes sleep

Running Beast | TGH

@PolyWantsACrackerFarmplease select the best question

Kurt Cobain (

For the best question, let’s go with the person who asked about how customers provide liquidity

anyway thanks again so much

I really appreciate the gem hunters and sorry if I was a bit slow at first

I took a nap right before this lol

but we are really incredibly excited about snowcat