Warsinda Live AMA

April 4th 2022

Welcome to the GEMS live AMA with The Gem Hunters, we would like to thank the team for attending today and sharing information on the project with our community!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Lets start off this AMA to give the audience a brief description of what WarSindia actually is, what is the story behind the name of the project, and what are WarSindia team aiming to achieve ?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Well let me start telling you all that War Sindia is the perfect game where you can set free your creativity! Here, you’ll have the chance to create an air fortress and place your heroes in the battlefield to fight and face your enemy in the air!! War Sindia wants to achieve a wholee community, a social platform where all of our Sindia Warriors will have the possibility to socialize between each other while playing, turning leisure time into Value!! As I mentioned before this is not about just a game, we’re building a whole social platform. WarSindia will be an entertainment kingdom 😎

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Can you share some information about the team behind WarSindia, what your backgrounds are? What is your previous experience?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Well, our team has senior commercial designers and illustrators.For perfect business design, an expert team of game and blockchain developers have studied the business modem of more than 300 blockchain games! A great team with deep connections with the industry and the gaming community Who better than them to lead this incredible project? However, if you want to know more about our team, stay tuned and follow our YouTube Channel, because we will be preparing a documentary about this amazing team later on and you shouldn’t miss it!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What blockchains will WarSindia platform support and are there plans to deploy, move, support or bridge to other chains in the future?

Val/Team@WarSindia : WarSindia is currently supported by Ethereum, Avalanche C-Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. however, our goal is to absolutely support multi-chain operation in a near future!!

Archer/Team@WarSindia : Our game NFT will be multi-chain, while you mint on some chain, if you want to change your NFT to another chain. You could send back your NFT to our team, we will make a new NFT for you and the previous one will be burned.

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : Let’s take a more in-depth look at the platform itself, can you tell us in brief about the features of the game and what role do the Float Crystal play in the WarSindia ecosystem ?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Sure! WarSindia is the game where you can unleash your endless creativity, this game will give the chance to our players to use their imagination freely! 🙌 Yes!! Our warriors will have the chance to create and edit Game Maps, allowing other players in to enjoy and play, while it generates income to the creative author, amazing right? But listen, this author will also have the possibility to sell this as an NFT. WarSindia income innovation for the players is something stunning. Talking about the crystals, these ones are a critical asset. You can use these crystals to synthesize advanced props, upgrade your skills, your heroes and more!!Alpha crystals can be exchanged for limited edition NFTs! These ones are limited, and for sure they will be very expensive in the future! 💸

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : What benefits will investors have on joining WarSindia’s whitelist and buying army box at the initial prices? How can we earn in WarSindia?

Val/Team@WarSindia : Ok, listen because this is really importat!!! 🤓Recently we have launched our Whitelist Competition, this will be a race program in order to get early access to our exclusive Army Boxes Pre-Sale! These boxes contain rare items that will give you a lot of power in WarSindia Game, however there’s only one way to obtain them and it’s in the Pre-Sale event!!! These items will be incredibly valuable, and its price will increase every timeee with the demand of the game!! So they’re great for investment as well!! We also have 5,000 USDT that will go to the winners of this competition!!! 1 person will win 1,000 USDT, 4 persons will win 500 USDT each and 10 persons will win 200 USDT each. 💰💰💰 In addition, WarSindia is a pioneer in the custom editor, this allows our players to customize the game’s elements such as maps, and make an NFT to other players to further enrich the game through the player’s creativity and earn income at the same time, which is GREAT and PROFITABLE! We are turning entertainment time into money! 🤑💛

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : As we all know crypto is a huge platform and competition in crypto is increasing by the day, there’s thousands of new projects a week, what’s different about WarSindia, what do you offer that they don’t, that makes you withstand the market!

Val/Team@WarSindia : Good question!!Our main goal is to design a space, a place, a territory where our Warriors can create a way to socialize, to play games and share their time with people all over the world while they also make profit from it! Going further than that, let’s talk about the value and the experience of being here and make part of WarSindia.WarSindia is a very creative and high-quality game that will have eSports events, entertainment videos, advertisement, social contact… Endless features where you can realize that you can get everything here on Sindia, you can find it all! Plus some surprises related to film and television platforms, TV series, Internet celebrities, entertainment, social, tokens and more!

Aryan|TGH@TheGemHunterstg : We like to finish this part of the AMA session by looking at what is happening in the near term. Could you please provide us next plans or milestones on the roadmap!

Archer/Team@WarSindia : Thanks Aryan and our Sindia Queen.Well, play is important in Gamefi. For example, Axie is pioneer in 2021 and GMT now is so hot, We not only one game, in 2022, we have several good quality gamefi+social games going to Launch, we will also have Game Guide token release, WarSindia Arm Box presale is important, we will give large percentage WL of Game Guide tokens to whom have to Arm Box holders. we will care all early coming friends join Sindia Game World. And we share the profit and fun with you all.😊

Val/Team@WarSindia : Ofc!! WarSindia has many surprises, that’s what all this is about! We want to keep our game exciting and engaging for our Warriors, we want to offer something to keep looking forward and constantly achieve and surprise, without losing the interest of our players and keeping their expectations always high.Currently WarSindia is preparing everything to discuss strategic partnership with well-known worldwide drama companies like Netflix, SYFY or CW but those details will come later on… 🤭🤫

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