How to stay crypto safe & secure

Lesson 8

How to stay crypto safe & secure by The Gem Hunters

Crypto can be a scary place, especially for new comers, everywhere you look there’s reports of scams, hacks and malicious activity! One of the key roles TGH has played since its birth in 2018 has been to keep investors safe by helping them take precautions to keep their own funds and data safe. We will start off with some basic security that everyone should follow if they wish to keep their crypto secure, stick with it as we will slowly move from basic to advanced as we progress! Don’t forget we’re here to help, feel free to reach out at any time for extra information or questions you may have! Basic security Tips

1. Never share your passwords. 2. Never reuse passwords. 3. Always use (2FA) two factor authentication when given the option and DON’T use text 2FA.

4. Back or write down your 2FA restore codes somewhere safe. 5. Never share your backup passphrase, recovery seeds or private keys with anyone.

6. Store cold storage wallets and backup wallet passphrases, in fireproof safes. 7. Don’t post your email address, home address or phone number on social media.

8. Never leave your crypto on exchanges. 9. Use smaller transaction sizes and different exchanges to cover for mistakes & hacks.

10. Always use a VPN & anti virus and keep them upto date. 11. Always backup your wallet.

12. Never open web links without checking what it is your opening first. 13. Triple check addresses before sending funds.

14. Spread funds over multiple wallets incase you get hacked. 15. Remember to only risk what you can afford to lose.

16. Never put large amounts of capital into projects that look too good to be true. 17. Maintain your privacy! 18. Avoid public WiFi.

Ok so we have shared the most basic security tips that we feel everyone should abide to, but even with the help of the TGH community we are sure we have missed a few, so if you can think of any we missed let us know on twitter or telegram! Moving on we will cover more moderate security tips which will include tips on how you can keep your funds safe and secure! Moderate Security Tips

1. Use Etherscan to check wallet addresses or contract addresses before sending or purchasing tokens 2. Test transactions before moving large funds onto new networks.

3. Use metamask to check recipient wallet addresses before sending funds from exchanges or wallets that don’t have the auto check feature.4. Use verified crypto wallets that’s have been certified safe, i.e Bitcoin core, Metamask, trust wallet, Myetherwallet.

5. You can review and revoke your token approvals using these links. & they are mainly used to disconnect from suspicious token farms or scams. 6. Don’t watch porn or open malicious sites on a device you are using to trade or access funds. 7. Don’t connect your Telegram to any airdrop bots unless your 100% sure they are legit