How to use metamask

Lesson 9

How to use Metamask (MM) on your PC:

1.    Goto

2.    Clickthe “Download now” button

3.    Dependingon your Operating System, choose “Download for X”. Metamask is alsointeroperable with Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

4.    Youwill be redirected to the Browser Extension webstore for whichever browseryou’re using, for Google the link is here: ensure it is the correct Metamaskwith 10,000,000+ users.


5.    Afteradding Metamask to your browser, you can open your Metamask in the top right ofyour browser similar to any other browser extension.

6.    Fromhere you can choose to either import a wallet, or create a new one. Metamaskgives very explicit instructions on how to import or create a new wallet, so ifyou just follow the prompts you’ll have no issues.

How to download Metamask for mobile:

1.    Repeatsteps 1-3 except instead of choosing for a browser, simply choose for iOS orfor Android. You’ll be redirected to whichever App Store is available for youroperating system. Simply download Metamask like you would any other app.

2.    Afterdownloading, simply open Metamask and you will be prompted to either import orcreate a new wallet.



Metamask functions:

·       Store, transfer, and tradecryptocurrency

·       Use other chains that are EthereumVirtual Machine (EVM) compatible

·       Take advantage of Dapps and Defi

·       NFTs



1. How do I add BSC to Metamask?


2. Howdo I add other chains to Metamask?

-Repeat the steps from the previous question, but usethe information on this site for whichever chain in question

3. How do I use dapps on mobile?

-        Simplyclick the three little bars at the top left of the app, and then selectBrowser. This Browser allows you to connect to websites that have a web3.0connection capability through the Metamask app itself.

4. What do I do if a transaction is stuck?

-        Thereare a few options: you can either wait to see if the transaction will gothrough, or, you can go totransaction history and trying clicking “speed up”, or, you can resend the transaction with the same nonce and highergas.

5. How do I resend a transaction with thesame nonce?

-        Goto Settings in Metamask, then Advanced Settings, then Nonce Editing, and turnthat function on. Once turned on, go back and repeat the exact same transactionthat is stuck. However, before confirming, when you are prompted to enter thegas, go to advanced gas editing, you will be given an option to edit the gweiand the nonce. Set the gwei higher than the average market price, and set thenonce as the same nonce that is stuck. This should unstick your transactioneasily.