December Alpha

December 5, 2022

TGH December Alpha:

DAO - Best launchpad hands down, incubating Muon at present, with 4 more protocols TBA

XCAD - Watch to Earn has been live for a few months now, over 10,000 downloads, 105 content creators integrated, with 545m+ subscribers combined

INJ - Hosting a treasure hunt to celebrate 1 year of main net! INJ will be giving away 9 Ninja Passes in cooperation with Wavely to celebrate!

DXP - Beta has been live for approximately one month; as testers, we can attest that it's quite clean. Will fit the 'real yield' narrative with fees going back to the protocol. $4.5m market cap vs $120m mcap for GNS and $300m for GMX

FRM - Have been developing towards releasing their main net Ferrum Chain that will use the Ferrum token for gas. With zero exposure to leverage or the recent market collapse, and legitimate revenue from their SaaS, FRM is an easy long term choice at $3.3m.

SAMA - Khaos is here! The SAMA token is live and the Khaos marketplace is officially live as of today! If you want to join TGH in Carnage on Sundays, check out moonsams and exosamas!

GNS - Running on the narrrative of real yield, still sitting at $120m mcap vs GMX at $300m.

ARBI - Airdrop is essentially just waiting to be released. Who knows when. Just keep making transaction in our opinion, at this point it's extremely fast and extremely cheap, with lots of great plays, so there's really no point in not using it.

ZKsync - Alpha Baby Test Net is live now, planned for limited main net release for pre-existing protocols that applied prior (~165 atm). Also airdrop is tentatively in Q2 2023, definitely recommended trying out the chain on main net before the full ZKevm goes live.

YFI - Looks like Maker DAO is going to be depositing $1B in TVL to YFI to make their ecosystem more transparent, and all on chain. YFI won't be bought directly, but will bolster the narrative for on chain money management vs using cex's.

Defi Llama - Not an actual token, but a protocol worth using for anyone that needs info on yields or liquidity. In recent weeks, yields have definitely started to decrease as volume has dried up.