January Alpha

January 2, 2023

TGH January Alpha:

DAO - After the resounding success of 2022, proving that The DAO Maker is the single best launchpad in crypto, the next goal is adoption to non-natives. Development on in-house wallet tech has just started, iwth the plan to make it so even your grandparents can easily use the dapp.

XCAD - Watch to Earn has officially launched to the masses on 12/22/22, and there is also an upcoming XCAD Android App! It's already been submitted to Google Play on the 28th of December, and is now waiting for approval.

INJ - Wormhole, Sommelier, and White Whale integration in December. New website has launched for Injective, and Frontrunneryxyz has raised $4.75m for sports betting directly on INJ.

DXP - Beta has been live for two months now; have really enjoyed testing the beta. Public beta to be announced later this month! $5.5m market cap, massively undervalued vs GNS and GMX.

SAMA - Carnage is still every Sunday! Come join in on the fun! There's also been development with Gromlin Kart, and integration on Multichain so you can easily bridge from other chains just like you would with Eth, Polygon, BSC, etc.

ARBI - Adoption, transactions, and volume have all literally gone parabolic. 2023 is the year of L2's.

ZKsync - In preparation for the Full Alpha Launch of zkSync 2.0, multiple security audits, internal and externa, are being performed. Once audits are done in Q1, it will be open sourced and bug bounties will start. This is all in pursuit of launching the Full Launch Alpha in Q2 for users.

Defi Llama - Launching their Meta DEX aggregator to get the best price from 8 other aggregators. Quotes and gas costs independently verified, private mode to avoid leaking IP, approval controls, and available across 22 chains.

FRM - The Ferrum Bridge is officially live to Algorand! Yet another integration as Ferrum keeps building out their main net tech.